My Uncle's Team

Chap 6

"Our friends, the Demoman and Soldier." The Mercs answered.

"A demolition's man. This will be interesting." Cassidy said.

"Looks like we will have another soldier joining the group. I wonder if he's willing to trade with me some of the stories about his adventures or how he trained with his unit." Pharah wondered.

"I wonder if he is as patriotic as Soldier 76?" asked, momentarily making the Mercs NOT want to pick up Soldier. After all, he is the very definition of taking patriotism to the extreme. There was a reason why some of the Mercs initially lied to Soldier and said they were American when they were not. And while they could definitely handle his dwindling insanity and crazed personality, they were not sure if the Overwatch members were ready for him. And Heavy was the most worried out of all of them as he did not want to risk his little bear getting hurt from his brother-in-law's recklessness. That's why they want to pick up Demo first, as he could significantly help the other Mercs keep Solider in line since they were best friends.

"Uh, ahem. I think it would be wise if we first drop off some of the children back at your base." Medic nervously said.

"Hey. We're not children." pouted, causing the others to laugh.

"Why?" Soldier 76 asked.

"Uh. You're going to have to trust us. All of you will understand when you see Soldier." Sniper said, not looking forward to Soldier blowing him up or having to jump out of a once perfectly fine Orca that is now on fire and plummeting because of Soldier.

"And what of this Demoman?" Symmetra asked.

"You mean cyclops? Oh, put it simply, he is a bomb-throwing drunk." Scout answered as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"He's a drunk?" Widowmaker asked, not liking the idea of a drunk throwing or handling explosives.

"That's understatement." Heavy said.

"How so?" Reinhardt asked.

"It's a bit difficult to understand without knowing firsthand the events that forced us into the situation. But to give you the best example of how drunk Demoman can get, he once gave robots alcohol poisoning despite not having any alcohol for a week." Medic explained, shocking the Overwatch members.

"Don't forget how Demoman nearly turned his insides into distilleries." Heavy reminded.

"Ah, yes. I almost forgot about that. I'll have to examine Demoman later to see why he can, on demand, turn his insides into distilleries. And I also have to open up Scout to see what allows him to drink his Bonk without suffering any of the consequences relating to radiation." Medic said, sounding eager, now worrying the older Overwatch members while the younger looked like they were about to lose the lunch.

"Your-You're not serious, are you?" Mercy stuttered.

"Quite, fraulein."

"But, yes. That describes our teammate, the Demoman, perfectly." Spy said, hoping to calm the Overwatch members. "Despite being an alcoholic, he is a somewhat-functioning person able to do his job and knows when to get serious."

It did not.

"Well. Um. Okay." Ana said, not liking how casually the Mercs talked about their teammates.

"Yes. Let's drop off some of our younger members first and refuel the Orca. We can then head for the Soldier and Demoman next." Reaper said, internally worried for Widowmaker and Sombra.

"But who should we take with us?" Brigitte asked.

"I would say bring some blokes who can block a lot of damage and some healers. The rest is up to you folks." Sniper answered.

"Alright." Reaper said before turning to Tracer. "How much fuel do we have left?"

"That would depend on where we are going next." Tracer said.

"First to pick up Demoman. He lives in Ullapool, Scotland." Heavy answered.

"And Soldier?" Mei asked.

"He lives in castle that he turned into sanctuary in Midwest, USA."

"Why don't we go for him first before Demoman?" Sombra asked.

"Well, we need Demoman to help keep Soldier in line. They're best friends, and when they are together, there is less of a chance of all of us blowing up, or them blowing something up." Sniper answered.

"Plus, after we pick up those two, we would only have two colleagues remaining. And they are in Texas." Spy added.

"Okay, then. If that's the case, we can head back to base to refuel the Orca. And tomorrow, we head to Scotland since it's getting late." Soldier 76 said, surprising everyone. But everyone realized why Soldier 76 said tomorrow as the sun began to set. And if it were getting late here in Boston, it would be barely past midnight in Scotland, which was a couple of hours away. However, there was one thing they needed to discuss before they could leave.

"Uh, where should we take the children?" asked, wondering since there the orphanage was in ruins.

"I have already made a call to-," Symmetra began but stopped when the air suddenly grew thick.

"Unless you want to say goodbye to your kneecaps, you best not say the Vishkar Corporation." Scout warned, loading fresh shells into his scattergun. And he wasn't alone. The other Mercs also raised their weapons and aimed them at Symmetra, almost daring her to continue.

"Uncle?" Zarya asked, confused.

"We had run-in with Vishkar in past. Was not nice." He answered in a grim tone.

"That's an understatement." Sniper added, never lowering his rifle.

"What do you know about Vishkar?" Symmetra asked.

"We know enough." Spy answered. "Far more than they were willing to tell you, Satya Vaswani."

"Very well. I guess we can call some other organization to bring the kids to their new home." Symmetra said, slightly annoyed. While her faith in Vishkar changed considerably due to Zenyatta opening her mind and the articles Sombra showed her; she still did not appreciate people bad-mouthing the company that saved her from poverty and hunger despite it being for ulterior motives.

"Do you guys know of any?" Genji asked.

"Yes, but none of them are here. The only orphanage here in Boston was this one." Spy answered.

"So, what then?" asked. "Do we take them to another place or back to place?"

"Actually, I know of someone who could help us." Mercy answered.

Apparently, Mercy was in contact with several people that could send support to relocate the children to a safer place. However, they needed to wait for hours before the organization could arrive. And to prevent any incidents from occurring, Soldier 76 and Reaper had the Mercs wait in the Orca until everything was over. Luckily, the helpers arrived quicker than expected, and within three hours, the Mercs and Overwatch members were returning to Gibraltar Base. Although, the trip was anything but pleasant as the Mercs continued to glare at Symmetra. Thankfully, because Tracer was an experienced pilot, they arrived after two hours.

"Now, this is a base." Scout said, impressed, as everyone exited the Orca.

"What were your previous bases like?" Sombra asked.

"Shacks that were barely hospitable." Sniper answered.

"I'm honestly surprised we never died as a result from living at those bases." Spy added, remembering the times Redmond Mann had R.E.D. Team go to remote places like Coldfront and Altitude. They had to rely on Pyro's flamethrower for warmth and to cook their meals and drinks until Engineer finished constructing the necessary equipment for them to survive. And those memories were some of the more pleasant ones.

"Was it that bad, uncle?" Zarya asked.

"Worse. Be glad you have base like this." Heavy answered.

"So, uh. What now?" Scout asked.

"Get some rest since it's late. Tomorrow, we'll decide who to bring with us to pick up your next teammate." Reaper answered.

"And follow Heavy and Medic to their rooms. Your rooms will be the ones next to them." Soldier 76 added.

"Uh, Angela." Tracer said, getting her attention.

"Yes, Tracer?" Mercy asked.

"Didn't you say you were going to give the Mercs some examinations?"

"Ah, yes. Thanks for reminding me, Lena. But I'll save it until we have their entire team on base. Less trouble, and I won't have to repeat setting up all the necessary equipment."

"Uh, doc. You might want to inform their doc about our other teammate, as I doubt it will let her examine it. And I doubt Overwatch wants to be scrambling to put out a fire." Sniper whispered, so only his fellow Mercs heard him.

"Aheh. I'll inform her. But we better also tell the Engineer about that. He could calm Pyro down enough to allow Mercy to examine it." Medic answered, shuddering as memories of the first time it examined Pyro came to his mind. He was thankful the team had just received a fresh shipment of medical supplies, including a large amount of burn medication.

"Hey, Scout." Lucio said, getting the Boston Boy's attention.

"Yeah?" He asked as Lucio and Tracer came running up to him.

"We saw how fast you ran back in Boston. Care for a quick race before heading to bed?" Tracer asked.

"Sure, what the heck. I guess I can spare a few moments to show you two how great I am." Scout said, smirking. "But you're going to have to help me find my room since I'm new here, obviously."

"Of course." Tracer and Lucio said before running into the base with Scout dashing after them.

"Is he always egotistical?" Ana asked.

"Little man is, but he is much better than before." Heavy answered.

"Indeed." Spy said, internally happy at seeing how much his son had grown since first becoming a mercenary. With that said, Spy and Sniper followed Medic and Heavy to their rooms while the Overwatch members headed to theirs. And tonight, the Mercs experienced some of the best sleep they ever had.

Next Day

6:00 A.M.

"Okay. Is everyone ready?" Soldier 76 asked as they waited for Tracer to bring the Orca around.

"You bet ya." Scout said, still half-excited at beating Lucio in the race but losing to Tracer by a tenth of a millisecond. Yet, he wasn't going to let that damper his mood.

"How are you so full of energy at this hora impía?" Sombra asked before taking a sip of her coffee. What the others learned on day one of Sombra and Widowmaker joining Overwatch was that Sombra was not a morning person.

"Our work generally required us to get up at early hours and work until midnight. So, we're used to this." Spy explained.

"Is there anything we need to know about your teammate?" Baptiste asked. After going over a few details and having breakfast, the Overwatch members decided who would be going to Scotland. They ultimately decided on Mercy, Baptiste, Reinhardt, Zarya, Roadhog, Junkrat, Sombra, Soldier 76, and Reaper.

"He's drunk, and he is good with explosives and swords. That's all you really need to know about Demoman." Scout answered.

"He knows how to use a sword?" Roadhog asked.

"Yes. Demo knows how to wield sword and take others' heads." Heavy answered.

"I wonder how they will react when they find out about the secret of Demo's sword." Scout whispered to his fellow Mercs, causing them to chuckle.

"And what of Soldier?" Reinhardt asked.

"He's a crazy rocket-hoppin simpleton." Sniper answered.

"You'll understand better once you meet him." Medic said before the Overwatch members could question further. They stilled like they were about to ask more questions but didn't as the Orca landed with Tracer blinking in front of them a second later.

"All aboard the Orca loves. Next stop, Ullapool, Scotland." Tracer said before blinking inside the ship. The Mercs and Overwatch members were about to get on but nearly jumped back in surprise when Tracer suddenly reappeared in front of them.

"Uh, what part of Ullapool, Scotland?" She asked, curious.

"Do you have map?" Heavy asked. Tracer nodded before blinking into the base and returning a second later. Heavy thanked her before opening the map and pointing toward their destination. "Here."

"Oh, he lives by the coast. Nice." Tracer said, closing the map. "Okay, loves. Get on, and we'll be off in a moment."

"So, Uncle." Zarya said, getting Heavy's attention as they boarded the Orca and took their seats.

"Yes, little bear?"

"Care to tell us the story about how your Sniper died and how Medic brought him back to life."

"Sure. It started after the Robot Wars when Gray Mann took over Mann Co." Heavy began, recalling the events. Soon, the other Mercs joined, filling in the gaps that the Heavy or Scout missed. But while the Mercs enjoyed a couple of good laughs at retelling the story, the Overwatch members were deeply concerned about their adventures, especially when they learned that their blood probably wasn't their own. And Mercy nearly passed out when Spy mentioned how Medic used his underwear as a sponge to soak up their blood before putting it back in the Mercs' bodies.

Four Hours Later

'This is your captain speaking. If you look out the left side of the ship, you will see an impressive mansion/castle.' Tracer said over the comms.

"Wow. Your friend lives there?" Baptiste asked, shocked.

"да." Heavy answered.

"Did he live here all his life?" Reinhardt asked.

"Nien. Demo grew up in another part of Scotland before moving to America. He then eventually joined RED Team. After saving up enough money, he made this place so he and his elderly blind mother could have a place to stay and not worry about anything." Medic explained.

"That's sweet. She must have been grateful to have a son that cares so much." Mercy said, smiling.

"Uh, yeah. Grateful." Sniper said, recalling the few times he met Demo's mother. While she was thankful to have a roof over her head, she still berated Demo constantly and always called him a lazy sack. To this day, the rest of the Mercenaries wonder how Demo's father managed to hold down around thirty jobs and still have time for his family.

"Did something happen?" Roadhog asked.

"No, not really. Demo's mother was, how one would say, crazy and demanding. Even if you succeeded expectations, she wanted more." Heavy answered, unsure of how to explain it properly while also not wanting to give too much away as it was none of his business.

"Did it strain their relationship?" Soldier 76 asked.

"No. Despite her overbearing nature, they shared a strong bond." Spy answered.

"That's good." Reaper said as they felt the Orca land a moment later.

"Alright, we're here, loves." Tracer said, blinking into the center of the room while the Orca's door opened.

Nodding, everyone got up and exited the Orca before heading toward the mansion. Although, some of the Overwatch members became concerned by the numerous craters surrounding the property. Yet, the Mercs were unfazed as they knew what caused them. Plus, they learned from years of experience that Demoman knew what he was doing despite being an alcoholic. There was a reason why Redmond hired him. After all, if he were a bad Demoman, he wouldn't have been with them. After another couple of minutes, the Mercs and Overwatch members reached the front gate.

"So, how should we do this, uncle?" Zarya asked.

"Simple, little bear." Heavy answered before pressing a cap that the Overwatch members just realized was the button for the intercom. However, they were not expecting the voice to come out of it.


"Wow. Talk about a snorer." Tracer said.

"Now-"Roadhog began but stopped when they heard another voice coming from the intercom.


"What was that?" Reinhardt asked, unsure what to make of what they had just heard. However, he and the others became slightly confused when they noticed the Mercs were unfazed by the shouting voice.

"Figures the waste of good scotch would be drunk." Sniper said, surprising and worrying Mercy.

"Isn't it a bit early to drink?" She asked, hoping they were only joking.

"Nah. It's never too early or too late for cyclops to get drunk." Scout answered.

"Has he ever not been drunk?" Roadhog asked.

"I don't think that ever been a time he wasn't drunk. I even recall having to adjust my medic examinations to account for Demoman's drunkenness." Medic answered.

"Have you ever tried to stage an intervention for him?" Mercy asked, causing all the Mercs to laugh for a solid minute.

"So, what now? Are we supposed just to wait until he sobers up?" Sombra asked, getting impatient.

"We could, but we have a better idea." Sniper answered before turning to Scout. "Hooligan. Think you can get in and wake Demo?"

"You bet ya, camper. Be right back." Scout answered before effortlessly double jumping over the gate and running into Demo's mansion.

"Are you sure that is a good idea? Not many would be keen to have someone break into their home, regardless if it is a friend." Soldier 76 asked.

"Don't worry about it. Scout has done this before." Spy assured.

"You mean breaking and entering someone's home or waking your friend up?" Baptiste asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Waking Demo up." Heavy answered.

"It was one of the few ways we had to ensure all of us could make in time to either a battle or meeting in time." Medic added. The Overwatch members still seemed unsure, but before they could ask any other questions, a loud banging caught their attention.


"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!" A thick voice shouted.

"HA, HA! MISS ME!" Scout shouted as he came flying over the fence. The blur surrounding him told the Overwatch members he was under the effects of Bonk. "Done."


"Okay. Now done."

"What did you do?" Zarya asked.

"Don't worry about it." Scout answered.

'OI! WHO'S THERE?! SPEAK UP BEFORE I BLAST YOU INTO NEXT WEEK!' A voice demanded over the intercom.

"You're welcome." Scout said, basking in his ego.

"Demoman." Heavy answered.

'What? Is that you, you grease-drippin' pork pie?'


'Ah, keep it down, ya rusty butter knife.' Demo shouted. 'Is it really you, Heavy?'

"Да" Heavy answered.

"And it's not just him, knucklehead. The camper, snake, doc, and yours truly are here as well." Scout added.

'So it was the pint-sized mutt that woke me from me nap.' Demo said, yet there was no malice in his drunken slur. 'So, what brings you all to my home?'

"We have a mission and are getting the team back together. We will tell you all about it once you come out. That is if you are willing to join us." Spy answered.

'Bloody hell. You're kidding me. Of course, I'll join ya. EYELANDER! YAE ROOSTY WEE BOOTER KNIFE! PUT YER SHEATH ON! WE'VE GOT A JOB!' Demoman shouted with the intercom going off a second later.

"I wonder who he was talking to?" Zarya asked.

"You'll see." Heavy answered.

"Hopefully, he gets here soon. I can't wait to see what kind of explosives he uses." Junkrat cackled.

"Speaking of which, you might want to take a step back." Sniper said. The Overwatch members were confused but did so anyway. And a second later, they heard an explosion followed by someone screaming.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" The voice continued to scream. Everyone looked toward where it was coming from and noticed a figure charging through the air over the mansion. And a second later, a figure wearing clothing similar to the other Mercs but had a vest with explosives strapped on landed in front of them. "HA! HA! IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK AND SEE ME, OLD MATES!"

"Good to see you too, ya drongo." Sniper said, cackling.

"How's that landing?" Demo asked before belching.

"A ten, considering you didn't break your legs like the dozens of other times on Badwater." Scout answered as Medic healed Demo.

"Um. Are you the Demoman?" Solider 76 asked, unsure.

"Ai. Demoman, at your service." Demo answered before taking a swig of his bottle.

"Don't ya mean drunken service?" Scout mocked.

"Keep talking, peep squeak, and I'll show that wee stick you call a gun right up ya arse." Demo warned. He then turned to the Overwatch members. "What do you all want, and why are you here?"

"We came to see if you're willing to rejoin your old team, each of whom joined Overwatch, to help stop Talon from getting their hands on something called Australium." Reaper answered.

"And to stop them from recruiting others. " Heavy added. Demoman nodded, catching the hidden meaning behind Heavy's words.

"Did they get their hands on any of it?" Demo asked, becoming serious. "And do you know how much?"

"Yes. Talon already has Australium powering some of their machines. But we don't know how much Australium Talon currently has." Reaper answered.

"When did you learn that Talon has it?"

"A few days ago. We were on a mission to wipe out a Talon base when they counter-attacked with some of their new machines. Had my uncle not been nearby, I would have died." Zarya began before smiling at Heavy. "After he helped us destroy them, he went and looked through the wreckage and found the Australium."

"Then we don't have much time. We better move it." Demo said.

"So, are you willing to rejoin your teammates and help Overwatch stop Talon?" Soldier 76 asked.

"Leeeeet's do iiiiit!" Demo cheered while lifting his bottle into the sky.

"Welcome back, cyclops." Scout said.

"Good to be back, pipsqueak." Demo smirked. "Now what?"

"We board the Orca and pick up your next teammate." Reinhardt answered.

"Who are we picking up?"

"Soldier." The other Mercs answered.

"Ah, good old, Solly. It's been a while since I have seen that man." Demo said, remembering some of the fun times he had with Soldier. "Well, let's get going, lads."

"Where is Soldier, exactly?" Tracer asked.

"Midwest, USA. Specifically, Nebraska. Soldier lives in a castle he 'took over' from a previous roommate." Medic half-lied. He did not want to deal with a certain 'wizard' at the moment.

"Where exactly in Nebraska?"

"Southwest of Oglala National Grassland and northeast of Gilbert-Baker Wildlife Area." Sniper answered. "Right smack in the center."

"Now we get to see who is more patriotic. Gramps or your Soldier." Sombra said, causing Demo to freeze. Despite being best friends with Soldier, even Demoman knew how unstable Soldier could be at times.

"Right. Be back in a blink." Tracer said before blinking away, only to reappear a second later. "Care for another race, Scout?"

"You bet ya." He said before dashing toward the Orac with Tracer.

"Uh, shouldn't we-" Demo began, but Heavy stopped him.

"Don't worry. It's for best they see Solider themselves."

"Plus, that's why we came to you first. We know you can help us keep Soldier in line." Medic added.

"Fair enough." Demo said before taking another swig of his drink.

"So you're the Demolitions man." Junkrat said, getting Demo's attention.

"Ai. That's right."

"Care to show me some of your explosives?"

"And why do you have a shield and sword on your back." Baptiste added.

"I have a grenade launcher and sticky bomb launcher." Demoman began, taking out his stock grenade launcher and stock grenade launcher.

"How far can you launch the explosives?" Junkrat excitedly asked.

"I'll show you." Demo aimed his grenade launcher away from the group and fired a pill that landed about ten feet away. It exploded a second later, leaving behind a decent size hole in the ground. Demoman then used his sticky launcher. But he charged it to its max before firing a sticky grenade about thirty feet away. After a second, he manually detonated it with the sticky bomb leaving behind a hole slightly bigger than the pill.

"HAHAHA! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THOSE BEAUTS BLOW UP SOME TALON AGENTS!" Junkrat said, unable to control his excitement.

"And what of the shield and sword?" Reinhardt asked.

"Got to have something to blutter your enemies. As for the sword." Demoman said, pulling out the sword. But before he could continue, the Eyelander decided to make itself known.

'ABOUT TIME! YOU KNOW I HATE GOING IN THE SCABBARD!' Eyelanderfuriously shouted, surprising the Overwatch members.

"Did-did the espada just speak?" Sombra asked, shocked.

"Yup. This is the Eyelander. It contains the soul of a dead knight." Demo explained.

"Hey, new people. Can we take their heads?" Eyelander excitedly asked, causing the others to pale.

"How many times have I told you, Eyelander? We only take the heads of our enemies. They are not our enemies." Demo chided his sword as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

'OH, COME ON, TAVISH! I doubt anyone would notice their absence or-WAIT! DON'T PUT ME-' Eyelander began before shouting when it noticed that Demo was putting it back into the scabbard.

"Um." Mercy said, not sure what to say.

"Don't worry about Eyelander. He's more talk than cutting someone's head off. And he needs help doing it." Demo assured while ignoring the muffled screaming of the Eyelander as the Orca landed nearby.

"Well. Okay. Uh, anything you need before we leave?" Soldier 76 asked.

"Nah. I got everything I need along with a few bottles of scrumpy." Demoman answered.

"Just try to keep your drinking to a minimum or out of view of some of our younger members. The last thing we need is for them to become alcoholics." Reaper said.


"Come on, loves. We're burning daylight." Tracer shouted, slightly upset that Scout won the race this time.

"Let's go pick up our crazed Soldier." Scout shouted.

"Alright. Keep your pants on, ya twitchy hooligan." Sniper said as everyone boarded the Orca. Once on, they took their seats and buckled in while Tracer blinked to the cockpit.

"So, Demoman." Reinhardt said as the Ocra ascended and began flying toward America.

"First, call me Tavish. No need for any of that fancy formalities. But call me Demo when out in battle." Demo said before taking a sip of his scrumpy. "Second, aye?"

"Where and when did you get your sword?"

"Eyelander. I got him during the early years of working for RED Team. I found him while scavenging through some weapons I found."

"Why does your sword want heads?" Sombra asked.

"Beats me. Possibly because of how the soul of a dead knight is in it and how it might have taken heads as trophies."

"Wait. Was your sword the one who kept asking about churros?" Roadhog asked.

"Aye. Not sure how, but Eyelander can get drunk and eat churros like the rest of us."

"Does he need to breathe?" Mercy asked.

"Nah. He just doesn't like being in the scabbard. I would let him out, but I'm still punishing him for something he did a while back."

'IT WASN'T MY FAULT! SOMEONE NAMED TUCKER DID IT!' The Eyelander shouted, but it was hard to understand since the scabbard muffled its voice.

"Do you think you can teach some of us how to fight with a sword?" Baptiste asked.


"And how about a fight later on? My hammer and shield against your sword and shield." Reinhardt challenged, earning a laugh from Demo.

"You're on."

"Enough about boring old swords and shields." Junkrat said, barely able to contain himself.


"How long has Tavish been a demolitions expert?" Zarya asked.

"Demoman comes from a long line of Demolition experts." Medic answered.

"Being a Demoman is almost, how you say, in his blood." Heavy added.

"But the drinking is all him." Sniper said.

"Is that how he lost his eye?" Reaper asked.

"Uh. No. He lost it when someone threw a book at him." Scout lied.

"The book's corner hit Demo right in the eye, permanently damaging it. His parents at the time took him to a doctor where they removed it." Spy added to further cement the cover story.

"But that was back then. Technology in the Medical field has vastly improved. Perhaps I could give you your eye back, Tavish." Mercy offered with a gentle smile. However, the smile turned to shock and confusion by the Mercenaries' reactions.

"NO!" They shouted.

"I mean. I thank ye, lassie. But I'm fine the way I am with only one eye. Plus, it reminds me of my parents and what my mother once told me." Demoman lied. Truthfully, they did not want to fight another version of MONOCULUS again.

"How so?" Soldier 76 asked.

"Demo's mother once said that no Demoman worth their sulfur had eyes in their head past thirty." Medic answered.

"Why would she say or think that?" Zarya asked.

"As I said earlier, Demo comes from a long line of Demolitions experts. As such, they have weird outlooks on their job, how it's supposed to be done, and what condition they should be in by a certain age." Heavy explained.

"There was even a tradition my family followed where they abandoned their kids at an orphanage until they developed their bomb-making skills. Afterward, they come and pick up their kids. And before any of you ask, they did agree that it was a stupid and unnecessary tradition." Demo added.

"Wow." The Overwatch members said.


Three Hours Later

'Okay, loves. We' I think.' Tracer said over the intercoms as the Orca landed near a castle that appeared to be in ruins.

"Does your Soldier actually live here?" Mercy asked, worried at the possibility of disease as she watched hundreds of raccoons run out and into the castle.

"Yes and no. Soldier is the owner of this place, which the city converted a long time ago into a raccoon sanctuary. Soldier visits very often to the point one might think he lives here." Spy answered as the Orca's door opened.

"Did your Soldier fight in any wars?" Roadhog asked.

"Uh, you could say that." Sniper answered. In reality, none of the Mercs knew if Soldier fought in the war or not. All they had to go by was Soldier's stories of how he fought in Europe until he learned of the war's end in 1949, four years after its official end.

"Which one?" Soldier 76 asked.

"World War 2." Heavy answered as they reached the castle's door.

"So, how are we going to do this? Send Scout into the castle and give Soldier an impromptu wake-up call." Sombra asked.

"Nah. I got this." Demo said before activating the intercom. "Soldier. You there."

'What? Who said that? Did you say something, lieutenant bites?'

"Uh, Liuetantn Bites?" Baptiste asked, confused.

"Soldier's pet raccoon." Scout answered. "Soldier named it that after he discovered it biting his ammunition pouch."

"And he kept the filthy vermin as a pet for many years. Even after it died, he had stuffed and placed it on a stand." Spy added.

"I-is he alright in the head?" Soldier 76 asked, causing the Mercs to shift uncomfortably.

"Yes and no." Scout answered.

"Try again, Demo." Heavy said.

"Soldier. It's us. Your fellow Mercs." Demo said into the mic.

'What?! Demoman. Is that you, you Scotch Son of a Bitch?'


"Language!" Mercy chided, earning the Mercs' laughter.

'Are the other's here with you?'

"That's right, ya ploddin' potato head! We're all here." Sniper answered.

"Well, most of us." Spy added.

'Cruton. You're here too.'


'Why are you all here? This is private property. Lieutenant Bites and I were about to go out on our weekly stroll.'

"Solider." Demo said.


"We got a mission. And we're getting the team back together. Care to join us?"

'A mission, you say, son. What is it, and who are we fighting?'

"We're fighting Talon. They got their hands on some Australium. We need to take it back from them and blow them up should they try to fight us."

'Talon, you say. They could always use a proper American ass-kicking. But who else is joining us?'

"Ever heard of Overwatch?"

'Overwatch? I thought they went under for being cowards when the politicians decided to be themselves again.'

"Well, that's certainly one way to put it." Reinhardt said, sounding offended.

"Aye. But now they are back and helping us stop Talon from getting their hands on some Australium and recruiting others." Demo said.

'Good to see they finally grew some spines.'

"So, what do you say, Solly? Care to join us?"

'You making fun of me, you cyclops? Of course, I'll join you. You guys could always use some good-old American firepower. SCREAMING EAGLES!'

"That was something." Tracer said, with the others agreeing.

"It was. But you all might want to take step back now. For safety." Heavy warned.

"Why?" Sombra asked, yet doing so anyway.

"Soldier has a special way of getting around." Sniper answered.

"SCREAMING EAGLES!" A voice shouted from high above the castle. Looking toward it, they saw what appeared to be a figure sailing through the sky with explosions happening under their feet.

"What's he doing?" Soldier76 asked.

"That's called rocket-jumping. Soldier uses the explosive knockback from his rockets to propel himself into the air toward where he wants." Medic explained.

"And it has helped me kick my enemies and the enemies of America time and time again!" Soldier shouted as he landed in the center of the group with a thud. "Soldier reporting for duty."

"Good to see you, Soldier." Demo said.

"Good to see you, cyclops." Soldier said as they shook hands.

"Looks like the team is almost complete." Scout said.

"You bet you ass, city kid."

"You're Soldier, right?" Soldier 76 asked.

"Yes. A proud American Soldier." Soldier said before saluting.

"What's your name?" Reaper asked.

"Jane Doe. But call me Soldier."

"Jane Doe? Isn't that the title a female uses in court when they want to remain anonymous?" Zarya asked her uncle.


"So, why does Soldier have that name?"

"No one knows Soldier's actual name. He gave himself that name."

"But that's for women. Shouldn't he have chosen John Doe as that's the male equivalent?"

"Soldier is not so smart. And that's, how you say, is putting it lightly." Heavy explained.

"Did he suffer a head injury?" Mercy asked, moving closer to them.

"Nien. Soldier wasn't that smart, to begin with, and he was already somewhat insane. And years of drinking lead-filled water didn't help." Medic answered. "Now he's borderline functioning and a deranged lunatic."

"Great. A winning combination." Sombra sarcastically said while rolling her eyes.

"I know, right? Even better for America." Soldier agreed, not knowing it was an insult.

"So, are you willing to join Overwatch and stop Talon? Your friends already joined." Soldier 76 asked.

"Son, of course, I'll join. My launcher and I will serve you well." Soldier said before twirling his rocket launcher a few times before setting it next to him and saluting.

"That's a rocket launcher?" Reinhardt nervously asked.

"Seems like a hunk of junk you threw together." Sombra said.

"It is. I call it the Beggar's Bazooka. I made it from pipes, mismatched handles, and a filter held together with bolts, electrical tape, and various straps and belts." Soldier answered, proud of his work.

"I'm not too sure about this one." Reaper whispered to Soldier 76.

"Me neither. But the other said they could keep him in line, and they do know about the Australium Talon is using. They could be what we need to stop Talon permanently."

"Right. But I still don't like it. Plus, there is the other person they keep talking about when they think we are not listening. And for whatever reason, I feel a shiver going down my spine whenever they talk about that person."

"If that person can cause the Mercs to be on edge, we should prepare for the worst."

"So what now?" Soldier asked.

"We go pick up the rest of your teammates." Solider 76 answered.

"How many are left?" Mercy asked.

"Only two." Heavy answered.

"Who are they?" Tracer asked.

"They are the Pyro and Engineer."