My Uncle's Team

Chap 7

"Pyro and Engineer?" Roadhog asked, confused.

"Our last two members." Heavy answered. "Names are what they do."

"So, your engineer fixes things or is in charge of vehicles?" Mercy asked, curious.

"No. Our laborer is like your Engineer, Torbjorn. He can make Sentry Guns, teleporters, and dispensers. But that doesn't mean he can't fix or build other things." Spy answered.

"If Hana was here, I'm sure she would try to make it a competition between the two engineers." Reaper whispered to Soldier 76, who let out a small chuckle.

"I know the sentry guns and teleporters, but what do you mean by dispenser?" Zarya asked.

"A machine engineer builds that provides unlimited healing and resupplies our ammo." Heavy answered.

"But before anyone says anything about us healers." Medic began. "There are caveats to the dispensers. They are stationary, and while they can heal you, they are not as efficient as us healers. Plus, they can't provide any buffs like the Ubercharge."

"Still. Another source of healing would alleviate the burden our healers feel while out in the field. And the additional ammo isn't bad either." Soldier 76 said.

"But what about this Pyro? Judging from the name, your coworker handles fire, but the question is how." Reaper said.

"Oh. Mumbles uses a homemade flamethrower and some flares." Scout answered.

"A homemade flamethrower. This can't end well." Roadhog said, worried.

"Yeah." Sombra agreed before turning to Baptiste. "Tell me you brought some equipment to treat the burns we're no doubt going to get."

"Yes. I have everything I need to handle third-degree burns." Baptiste answered.

"Uh. Snipes." Scout whispered.

"Yeah, ya hooligan?" Sniper asked.

"What burn degree would Pyro's phlog be?"

"I think maybe twelfth degree. Maybe more if it activated the special feature."

"And with the scorch shot, it can get it in no time."

"And clear out any trap one might set." Demoman added before taking a sip of his drink.

"But it's still not half as annoying as Engie's short circuit." Soldier added, earning a nod from Demo.

"Baptiste. How much do you have? I have a feeling we might need a lot." Reaper asked, discreetly eyeing the Mercs.

"Enough to treat all of us. And our other forms of healing should be enough to cover any additional burns or injuries." Baptiste answered.

"What are you thinking, Soldier 76?" Reinhardt asked when he noticed the commander rubbing his chin, deep in thought.

"While we have the means to treat the burns, we don't have anything that could stop a major fire from happening." Soldier 76 answered.

"Perhaps we can have Mei come to help." Mercy suggested.

"Don't fret, Frauline. While ze Pyro is a mumbling maniac, it knows what it's doing. So there is little chance of it causing a wildfire to break out." Medic assured.

"If it's all the same to you, we would like to bring another member here as a just-in-case precaution." Reaper said.

"Very well." Spy said.

"Who are you blokes gonna call?" Sniper asked.

"Our resident climatologist, Mei-Ling Zhou. She has the necessary equipment to put out fires." Soldier 76 answered.

"If you insist. But where should we meet? Here or with our coworkers?" Heavy asked.

"I think at your coworker's place. It would be faster and more efficient." Reaper answered.

"Very well."

"Where is your coworker's place? I need to know the name so that I can send it to Mei." Tracer asked.

"The laborer and Pyro live on a farm in Bee Cave, Texas. The farm is next to Little Barton Creek and southeast of Foxfield Cove." Spy answered.

"Alright." Tracer said as she sent the coordinates to Mei. "So, should we head there now or wait a bit?"

"We should head there now. If we arrive before the one you called, we can catch her up to speed." Medic answered.

"Okay. Be back in a sec with the Orca." Tracer said before turning to Scout and nodding. Scout nodded back before the two raced back to the ship.

"While they get the ship, is there anything we need to know about your last two coworkers?" Mercy asked.

"As in warnings, only for ze Pyro." Medic answered.

"Because of its homemade flamethrower?" Reinhardt asked. The Mercs looked at each other before Heavy and Spy stepped forward.

"Let's just say this. I fear no man. But that THING, it scares me." Heavy said with his face becoming one of sheer terror.

"Moreover, one shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask... what dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty?" Spy added.

"Are you sure we should pick them up, uncle?" Zarya asked, now worried for everyone, even Sombra. For all her life, Zarya thought of her uncle as fearless and with good reason. She had seen him, with her own eyes, defeat several deadly Omnics with his bare hands and come out relatively unscathed and unfazed. So to see him terrified like this unnerved her.

"Yes." Heavy answered.

"Are you sure? We don't have to pick them up if none of you feel comfortable." Mercy said, equally as worried.

"Don't worry, lass. Yes, we're somewhat scared of that mumbling demon. But it knows where to point its flamethrower and who to turn to ash. And Pyro will most likely leave you alone unless you provoke it. Plus, the Engineer can usually keep it calm." Demoman assured.

"Are you sure?" Mercy asked, still not convinced.



"But why do you keep calling the Pyro 'it'?" Baptiste asked, curious.

"Ah. That's because we don't know if the arsonist is male or female. Heck, we're not sure if it is even a person." Sniper answered.

"For all we know, ze Pyro could be a machine, alien, or some kind of abomination." Medic added.

"Or even worse. A hippy in need of a haircut." Soldier added, greatly confusing the Overwatch members.

"Ignore him." Sniper said. "Look. All you blokes need to know is that Pyro won't harm you unless you provoke it. Other than that, Pyro is harmless for the most part."

"Fine." Reaper said before turning to Sombra. "Send a message to Winston. Tell him to order some more fire extinguishers and medical equipment to handle burns. Also, tell him to have the others set up the remaining fire extinguishers."

"On it." Sombra said as she did so.

"Oh. Before we forget. Two things." Heavy said, getting the Overwatch members' attention.

"What is it?" Reinhardt asked.

"Two things. One. Engineer would most likely have sentries guarding his home. Don't touch them or mess with them. They will fire, and you will not survive."

"How do we make sure that doesn't happen outside of turning them to scrap?" Roadhog asked.

"And what's stopping them from firing at us once we are in range?" Baptiste asked.

"Team colours. Our uniform will stop them from firing. Stay close, and you will be fine." Heavy answered.

"Or I could just hack them like I do with Torbjorn's turrets." Sombra said, causing Spy to wince internally and begin to sweat. Luckily, his mask hid his sweat.

"Ah. Unless you want to become a campfire for the menace to use to roast marshmallows, I suggest you don't do that." Spy said, fixing his tie as the memories of Pyro burning him alive came to his mind.

"And don't even think that you could escape by turning invisible. It took me just a few seconds to find you. Pyro will know where you are instantly and will not stop until it sets you ablaze." Sniper added before Sombra could make a remark.

"Aside from setting blokes ablaze, does this Pyro have any other abilities?" Junkrat asked, curious.

"Yes. Its flamethrower has what we call a compression blast. Pyro uses it to deflect projectiles back at sender." Heavy answered.

"So, like Genji does with his sword." Mercy said.

"Yes and no. Genji can deflect anything that comes his way. Pyro can only deflect projectiles. But its compression blast can push others away or into the air." Medic corrected as the Orca landed next to them.

"OR SEND SOME OFF A CLIFF!" Scout shouted, remembering all the times the Pyro air blasted him off a cliff or hazard like the buzzsaws.

"Come on, loves. We're burning daylight. And Mei replied. She's on her way there now." Tracer shouted from the cockpit.

"Alright. We're coming." Sniper said as everyone boarded the Orca. Everyone except Soldier.

"You coming, Solly?" Demo asked.

"In a second, Demoman." Soldier said before turning to the raccoons that gathered in front of him. "Alright, soldiers. Now, I will be heading out to protect this land of liberty and kick some Talon ass. Be good soldiers and protect this sanctuary until I return."

"That's... got to hurt." Reinhardt said with a wince when all twenty raccoons jumped and bit Soldier.

"Uh, uncle, is he going to be okay?" Zarya asked.

"Yes. Soldier has been through worse." Heavy answered, remembering all the pain Soldier endured from the Blu Team, Gray Mann's robots, TFC Mercs, and occasionally him.

"Is he vaccinated against rabies?" Soldier 76 asked.

"Uh. That's tough to say." Medic answered, remembering how he used his underwear to soak any blood he found on the ground and pour it back into the Mercs. And as he told Miss Pauling once she woke up, the blood types were the least of their worries. "But I believe so."

"Lena." Mercy shouted so Tracer could hear her.

"Yeah, doc?" Tracer asked.

"Remind me to give the Mercs some vaccine shots once we return."

"Okay, doc."

"Good display of bravery, fellow patriots. I shall return soon." Soldier said as he pulled off the raccoons before jumping into the Orca. Once on board and in his seat, the doors closed with the Orca taking off toward Texas.

Ninety Minutes Later

'Okay, loves. We should be there in about ten minutes.' Tracer said over the comms.

"Okay. We went over the Pyro while at Soldier's castle. And we know what not to do. But what can you tell us about your Engineer." Reaper asked.

"The laborer is a soft-spoken Texan with an interest in all things mechanical." Spy answered.

"But don't let that fool ya. Engie will rip you in half if you get on his bad side." Demoman warned.

"So, friendly but will tear you apart if you piss him off." Roadhog said.

"More or less." Heavy answered.

"Would he send Pyro after someone that angers him?" Soldier 76 asked.

"Only if someone REALLY crosses a line." Medic answered.

"Anything else?" Mercy asked.

"Not really. That Hard Hat is the most normal out of all of us. Well, except for the fact that he befriended mumbles pretty easily and has eleven hard PhDs to his name." Scout answered, causing the Overwatch members to become shocked.

"ELEVEN PHDS!" They shouted, shocked.

"Yeah. Hard Hat is pretty smart."

"How did you Engineer earn eleven PhDs?" Baptiste asked. "Especially since most require four to six years of studying."

"Wait. Didn't Heavy say he and the others were over a hundred years old?" Sombra asked.

"Yeah. One hundred years would be plenty of time to earn eleven PhDs." Reinhardt said.

"Uh. No. That is, how you say, not correct." Heavy said.

"How so, uncle?" Zarya asked.

"Engineer earned PhDs before becoming mercenary for Redmond Mann."

"And since we left, I'm pretty sure that ya cactus-eatin' egghead earned himself a few more." Sniper added.

"Talk about dedication to one's education." Roadhog said, impressed that someone could commit that much to something.

"Yeah. But aside from that, you don't have to worry about the Engineer." Scout said as the Orca landed.

"Alright, loves. We're here." Tracer said as she blinked into the room.

"And it seems that Mei is here too." Mercy said as another smaller Orca landed nearby.

"How much do you want to bet Pyro and the snow chick becomes rivals?" Scout whispered to his fellow Mercs as Mei exited the Orca.

"Count me in, runt." Sniper answered.

"And us as well." Medic said as everyone agreed to the bet. Once they agreed on an amount, the Mercs exited the Orca with the Overwatch members.

"Hi, everyone." Mei greeted with Snowball floating next to her.

"Hi, Mei." Zarya said, smiling.

"Glad you could make it on such short notice." Soldier 76 said.

"Of course, commander." Mei said. "But Tracer's message didn't say why you all needed me. Or why you had Winston order a fresh shipment of burn equipment."

"One of the Mercenaries' coworkers is an arsonist and uses a homemade flamethrower and flares. They assured us it wouldn't cause any trouble or set any of us on fire. But better to be safe than sorry." Reaper answered.

"Makes sense. Luckily, I gave Snowball here an upgrade recently." Mei said before patting Snowball's head.

"Let's get going then." Soldier 76 said before turning to the Mercs. "Lead the way."

"Remember. Stay close lest you want to be blown to smithereens." Demoman reminded.

Nodding, the Overwatch members followed the Mercs onto the farm and through the field. Initially, the Overwatch members thought that the Engineer's farm would be arable or pastoral. However, while they did spot some animals and wheat crops in the distance, they primarily saw mountains of scrap and discarded inventions scattered on the fields. And it slightly unnerved them how many piles that saw. There were so many they began to think that the Mercs' coworker had an obsession with building or inventing things. And the shadows they cast didn't help the Overwatch members' nerves.

"Woah. Did a battle happen here?" Mei asked, pointing to the areas of scorched land and burning items.

"Hopefully not. But if so, hopefully, your coworkers weren't badly injured." Mercy said, worried.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist. The Engineer and Pyro were probably just doing some target practice or testing out a new invention." Sniper said.

"And besides, those two are much tougher than you might expect." Scout added.

"I doubt they were testing something. It seems like-" Reinhardt began but stopped when Sombra interrupted him.

"Did you hear that?" She asked, looking around while taking out her gun.

"Yeah." Soldier 76 said as he raised his rifle. But no sooner than he did, two sentry guns rose from the piles of scrap and aimed their barrels at the group. And if it weren't for the fact the sentries could gun them down at any moment, they would have been impressed by their design.

"Like we said, don't raise your guns." Sniper said, eyeing the sentries.

"Right." Soldier 76 said, lowering his rifle. However, the sentries did not disappear. They stayed focused on the group as they continued forward.

"Where do you think your coworkers are, uncle?" Zarya asked, her fingers twitching as she readied herself to defend the others with her shields.

"Possibly in house or out in the field behind the house." Heavy answered as the sounds of rustling and a pipe clanking alerted them.

"WHO'S THERE!? SHOW YOURSELF!" Soldier 76 shouted, doing his best not to raise his rifle.

"Something is not right." Reinhardt said while looking around, all the while ready to activate his shield.

"I feel like something is stalking us." Mei nervously said.

"I think we should form a circle." Baptiste said, sweat rolling down his face.

"Yeah. So nothing could ambush us." Mercy agreed.

"Please. Everyone. Remain calm. Nothing bad is going to happen as long as you follow us and keep your weapons lowered." Spy said, slightly annoyed.

"Maybe we should scout out ahead. Just to make sure everything is alright and no one is planning an ambush." Tracer suggested as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. One might think it was caused by the feeling of something watching them, but rather, it was from the sudden increase in temperature.

"Is it me, or did it suddenly get unusually hot?" Junkrat asked, wiping some sweat from his forehead.

"Yeah. I'm melting in this suit." Reinhardt said with a groan of discomfort.

"Reminds me of Australia." Roadhog said.


"What was that?" Baptiste asked, turning around.

"I'm not sure." Mercy said, eyes darting back and forth.

"It seems like someone found us." Spy said in a grim tone. However, had any of the others been paying attention, they would have noticed the smirk on his face. And he wasn't the only one. While the heat seemed unnatural for the Overwatch members, it was instead familiar for the Mercs. After all, they spent many years with the thing that was responsible for it.

"Perhaps Tracer should scout out ahead while I turn invisible and try to find any other traps." Sombra said as she stepped back from where the sound came from seconds ago.

"Yeah." Tracer agreed after swallowing the lump in her throat.

"I'll see everyone in a-OOF!" Sombra began before stopping when she bumped into something. Turning around, she nearly let out a gasp when she saw an imposing figure wearing an asbestos-lined suit and mask. And when it looked down at her with a noticeable rasping wheeze coming from the mask, Sombra nearly fainted. Even though she had fought far more intimidating foes in the past, something about this figure emanated death, destruction, and fear. "Um. Hola."

"Mrghfrr!" The figure said while waving at Sombra.

"Is that your friend?" Mercy asked the Mercs.

"Indeed." Spy answered.

"PYRO!" Heavy shouted, smiling, getting the pyromaniac's attention.

"MMMRPGH CRPYHA DRGHYA!" Pyro shouted before pushing Sombra to the side and running up to its former coworkers.

"Hey, hey, hey. Good to see you, mumbles." Scout said.

"Hudda hudda crpyha drghya?" Pyro asked, pointing to the Mercs and the Overwatch members.

"Uh. What did it say?" Reaper asked, confused as he helped Sombra to her feet.

"We call it Pyronese. It's Pyro's way of speaking." Medic explained.

"And Pyro basically just asked us why we are here and why we brought Overwatch along." Demoman added.

"And. You understand it?" Baptiste asked.

"It took us a bloody while to understand anything the arsonist was saying. But yeah, we understand it." Sniper answered.

"Anyway. Pyro. Where is Engineer? We'll explain everything once together, so we don't have to repeat." Heavy asked.

"Mmmphya harrgh mrgha hrghgph!" Pyro answered.

"Uh. Junkrat. Can you understand it?" Soldier 76 asked.

"Eh. I could make out a word or two. But that's it. And I'm not even sure if they are correct." Junkrat answered.

"What did Pyro say?" Reinhardt asked the Mercs.

"Pyro said that the Engineer is out behind the house working on a new invention." Medic answered.

"Lead the way then." Reaper said to Pyro. It nodded before turning around and motioning for them to follow.

"So that's the one that uses flares and a homemade flamethrower?" Mei asked the Mercs.

"Yes." They answered.

"But like we told the others, you don't have to worry about mumbles. It's harmless unless you provoke it." Scout added.

"I still don't like that it uses a flamethrower. It's harming the environment. Our world is worth protecting." Mei said, annoyed.

"That's debatable." Sniper said, recalling some of the blokes he had to kill. But he couldn't dwell on those thoughts for long as they reached the field behind the house and saw Engineer working on what looked like an artillery weapon of some kind.

"Murr hurr mphuphurrur, hurr mph phrr." Pyro shouted as they approached the Engineer.

"Pyro. Are you okay? I heard some of my sentries activate-" Engineer began as he stood up and turned around. But once he did, his worry turned to that of shock, surprise, and delight. "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. It's my old team together again. And the Overwatch group. And here I thought I would see pigs fly before both groups are in the same spot."

"Greetings, Laborer." Spy said, smiling.

"Hey there, Hard Hat." Scout added.

"Good to see you too, Snake and String Bean." Engineer said, chuckling.

"So you're the Engineer that worked alongside my uncle while working for someone named Redmond Mann." Zarya said.

"Yup. That's me. The Engineer. At your service." Engineer said while tipping his hard hat before turning to Heavy. "I didn't know you had a niece, Heavy."

"It's long story. Another time I tell." Heavy said.

"I'll be waiting. But what brings everyone here?" Engineer asked, curious. He always enjoyed seeing and talking with his coworkers. But he was wondering what brought them to his farm with the Overwatch members in tow.

"We came to get the team together." Sniper answered.


"Talon got its hands on some Australium. They're using the bloody thing to power some of their weapons. We're getting the team together to stop them." Demoman answered.

"But not only that. Those Talon blokes might hire some special help. And that help is the TFC Medic and TFC Engineer." Sniper added with the Engineer catching the hidden meaning.

"Well. That just won't do. Best we stop them before that could happen." Engineer said. "But why's Overwatch here?"

"That's another long story. But to put it simply, after Heavy saved them, they discovered the Australium. Now, we're getting everyone together to stop Talon. Overwatch is helping, and we've agreed to join them." Medic answered.

"Least for time being. We'll see what happens after." Heavy added.

"So. Are you and your friend willing to join us and defeat not only Talon but the others they might recruit?" Soldier 76 asked.

"Of course, Pyro and I will join you." Engineer answered.

"Looks like the entire team is back together." Scout said with the Mercs cheering.

"Do you need anything before we leave?" Reaper asked.

"Yeah. Just give me a few moments to rustle up a few things, and then we can leave." Engineer answered.

"Alright. Meet us out front of your farm when you're both done." Soldier 76 said.

"Alrighty then. Come on, Pyro." Engineer said before motioning for Pyro to follow him.

"Mmph mphna mprh." Pyro shouted before running after the Engineer.

"Those two seem close." Mei said.

"Yeah. You could say that about them." Scout said.

"Are they related in some way?" Mercy asked, curious.

"In a sense, you could say that." Heavy answered.

"How so?" Tracer asked.

"That grease monkey sees Smokey Joe as a child or younger sibling." Soldier answered, surprising the Overwatch members.

"¿De verdad?" Sombra asked, surprised. "¿Cómo ha ocurrido eso?"

"We don't really know. It just happened." Demoman answered.

"Well, as long as your Engineer can keep the Pyro in line, we won't have any problems." Reaper said.

"He will. Don't worry about that." Sniper assured.

"Good. Now. Let's head back to the Orca and wait for them." Soldier 76 said. Nodding, everyone made their way back to the Orca to wait for the Pyro and Engineer.

Ten Minutes Later

"Do you have everything?" Reaper asked as Pyro and Engineer approached the Orca.

"Yup. Got everything right here." Engineer answered as he lifted three duffle bags.

"Alright. Let's head back to base, then. Once you're all settled, we can go over our next course of action." Soldier 76 said as the Orcas slowly ascended into the air.

"Man. I can not begin to describe how great it is to be with my fellow mercs again." Engineer said as he and Pyro sat down next to Heavy.

"Oohthuhhumph!" Pyro agreed.

"We missed you too, Hard Hat." Scout said with a chuckle. "Speaking of which, what were you inventing back there?"

"An artillery sentry. Got to find some way to keep up the pressure when others are out of range." Engineer answered.

"Can't wait to see it in action." Sniper said.

"Which might be soon." Mercy said, sounding worried.

"What do you mean?" Medic asked.

"I just received a message from Winston. Talon is attacking Lakeway, TX."

"Hmm. No doubt in an effort to draw us out." Spy said.

"He's right. They must know that we finished gathering my uncle's team." Zarya said.

"Which means this could be a trap." Baptiste added.

"A trap it might be, but we can't turn our backs as Talon is killing innocent civilians." Reinhardt said.

"He's right. We have to stop them." Soldier 76 said.

"Stop them from attacking Americans." Soldier added.

"Right." Reaper said before turning around. "TRACER!"

"Yeah, Reaper?" Tracer asked.

"Change of course. We're heading to Lakeway, TX. Talon is attending there."

"Alright. Hang on, loves. We should be there in a few minutes." Tracer said as the Orca suddenly changed directions.

"Which should give us some time to prepare." Heavy said.

"AYE!" Demoman agreed as he pulled out his Eyelander.


"We sure are, ya poor excuse for a sword." Engineer answered.


"I still have sssssoooo many preguntas about that sword." Sombra whispered to the Overwatch members.

"Not just the sword but all of the Mercs." Reinhardt said, with the others agreeing. Even Zarya had to admit her uncle's coworkers were weird.

Five Minutes Later

"Okay, everyone. Get ready for a bit of a bumpy landing." Tracer said over the comms.

"Heh. Remember the times Redmond had us fly in those rust buckets they called planes?" Sniper asked.

"It is a compliment even to consider those death traps as planes." Spy said as he took out his disguise kit to disguise as a Talon Operator.

"Was it that bad, Uncle?" Zarya asked.

"Heavy will put it like this. Window on door. What would Overwatch do if it broke?"

"Patch it up or replace it."

"That's what's supposed to be done. Redmond had employees place wood planks to cover it up."

"That's... beyond dangerous." Zarya said, shocked.

"It is. It's a wonder how we hardly ever died outside of fighting while working for Redmond and Mann. Co." Medic said as he overhealed everyone.

"Alright. We're here. Everyone. Get ready." Soldier 76 said as he loaded a fresh clip into his rifle.

"LET'S DO IT!" Demoman shouted, with the other Mercs letting out their own battle cries.

"This will be a mess. At least I won't be alone." Mercy muttered, thankful she had the Medic and Baptiste to help her heal the others.

"Do we know where Talon is attacking exactly?" Soldier asked.

"Talon is attacking off the shore of the Colorado River." Soldier 76 answered.

"Wait. I just realized something." Scout said, getting everyone's attention.

"What is it, pipsqueak?" Demo asked.

"How did Talon find us so quickly? We just picked up Engineer and Pyro. How would they know where we are and have the time to send out an attack?"

"That's a good question." Junkrat said.

"Seems like somebody tipped them off." Roadhog said.

"Or perhaps someone else from your past pulled some strings. Like the one, you all keep talking about when you think we're not listening." Reaper said, causing the Mercs to look at each other. They knew they couldn't lie their way out of this. And as much as they would have liked to keep it a secret, they also knew it would be for the best if they informed the Overwatch members about the Administrator. After all, there is a very good reason why the Administrator managed to remain in the dark for so many years while pulling the strings on the Red vs. Blu wars.

"Very well. There is another person that we fear might be pulling the strings. And she is very dangerous and cunning. She is-" Spy began but couldn't finish when the Orca suddenly shook violently before leaning dangerously to the left.

"OI! What just happened?" Demo asked as everyone struggled to remain upright.

"We're hit, loves. Talon blew up our left rear engine, and the front right one is now on flames. I'm going to have to put her down. BRACE YOURSELVES!" Tracer answered over the comms.

"Just like the good old times, right boys." Soldier said, laughing as the Orca plummeted to the ground.

"You're right about that, Solly." Demoman agreed.

"YOU ALL ARE INSANE!" Sombra shouted, holding onto a chair to keep herself upright. But this only caused all the Mercs to laugh.


"Uh. Alright. Who's not dead? Sound off." Soldier 76 said with a groan.

"We're fine, Jack." Mercy groaned.

"For the most part." Reinhardt added.

"Tracer. What about you?" Reaper asked.

"A bit shook but otherwise fine, love." Tracer answered as she stumbled out of the cockpit.

'Is everyone alright?' Mei asked over the comms.

"We're fine, Mei. How about you?" Zarya answered.

'I'm fine. I managed to evade Talon's attack. I have to circle around to find a safer landing zone. I'll rejoin you all as soon as I can.' Mei answered before cutting off comms.

"Well, boys. We're on the ground now. Time to give Talon a good old American ass kicking." Soldier shouted.

"And make them regret ever invading Texas." Engineer said as he removed his glove to reveal his gunslinger while Pyro pulled out its flamethrower.

"Wait. Before you go running off to your deaths, we need to come up with a plan." Baptiste said.

"Plus, the door is jammed. Give me a few minutes, and I can get it off." Junkrat said with a cackle.

"Son. We have a plan. A plan that always worked before." Soldier said.

"Which is?" Roadhog asked, already knowing the answer.

"We attack." Demoman answered.

"Indeed. Mikhail. The door, if you please." Spy said, nodding to Heavy, who nodded back.

"What are you going to do, uncle?" Zarya asked, curious.

"Stand aside, little bear." Heavy said, moving her to the side before getting into a charging stance. Heavy then yelled at the top of his lungs before charging at the door. The force behind it was enough to bring it down and off the hinges.

"Well. That's one way to exit the Orca." Sombra said, shocked.

"Don't worry about it. I'll fix it later." Engineer said as everyone exited the Orca.

"Now we just have to deal with these scoundrels." Sniper said as they saw numerous Talon Troopers, Snipers, Heavy Assault Units, Assassins, and Enforcers.

"GET THEM!" A Talon commander shouted.

"ATTACK!" Soldier shouted before loading his Beggar's Bazooka and firing three rockets. The Mercs then charged at the Talon hostiles while the Overwatch members supported them.

Heavy and Medic took the lead to draw Talon's attention. And like when they fought the Blu team, most of the Talon hostiles dropped like flies despite their advanced armor. A few managed to land a couple of hits, but they didn't faze Heavy as he was overhealed, and Medic was continuously healing him.

"RUN, COWARDS!" Heavy shouted as he gunned down two Talon Assassins and a Heavy Assault Unit.

"MEDIC! I COULD USE SOME HEALING!" Tracer shouted as she blinked into cover.

"Hold still, Fraulien." Medic shouted as he shot a Crusader's Crossbow syringe at her. "Haha. Another successful procedure."

"QUICK! FIRE THE MISSILES!" The Talon Commander ordered. At this, six Talon Enforcers and two armored trucks arrived. The Enforcers then got onto the back and fired a total of six missiles at Heavy and Medic.

"Hudda hudda huh!" Pyro shouted as it moved in front of Heavy and Medic and air blasted the missiles back at the Talon hostiles.

This action caught them off guard, that they were unable to react in time and get out of the vehicles. The result was them dying from the explosion. Furious, the commander picked up a nearby rocket launcher and fired its remaining missile at Pyro. But unlike the last time, instead of reflecting it back at Talon, Pyro used this rocket to do its own version of a rocket jump to close the distance. And once it landed, Pyro started burning all the nearby Talon hostiles with its flamethrower.

"Ow dow how dow." Pyro cheered as the last Talon Enforcer let out a final cry of pain before collapsing to the ground.

"ARGH!" Two Talon Assassins growled as they charged at Pyro. Knowing what to do, Pyro took out its Detonator to perform a flare jump, with the resulting explosion causing the Talon Assassins to catch on fire. And as Pyro landed back on the ground, it used its Axtinguisher to kill the Talon Assassins.

"Oh, fuck this. I'm out of here." The Talon Commander said, seeing the Mercenaries cutting through his forces like butter. He then turned around and started running away with a few others following him. However, as soon as they turned the corner, they came face-to-face with the Engineer and two level three sentries.

"Nope." Engineer said as his sentries tore the Talon hostiles to a bloody pulp. "Another satisfied customer!"

"I think Torbjorn is going to have a heart attack when he sees your sentries." Sombra said, amazed.

"I doubt that. Honestly, if the stories are true, I think they will only encourage him to come up with new plans on how to upgrade his turrets."

"So, what now? Are you going to stay here?"

"Nope. I'm going to do what the others nicknamed as Battle Engineer." Engineer said as he took out his destruction PDA and blew up his sentries.

"By blowing up your sentries?" Sombra asked, confused.

"That's only part of it." Engineer said as he took pulled out his Frontier Justice shotgun. "Now. Let's do this Texas Style. Heeeeeeyaaah!"

"¿Por qué su arma brillaba de color rojo?" Sombra asked, more confused than she thought possible as the Engineer planted a mini sentry on the ground to cover his backside.

"Quick. Someone call command. Tell them we need more-OW!" A high-ranking Talon officer began before grunting in pain when something hit her head. And it was only because of her helmet that she did not pass out from the impact.

"HA! EAT MY DUST!" Scout shouted as he bobbed and weaved through the hostiles while blasting away any that tried to get close.

"GET-" The Talon Officer began but stopped when Spy snuck up behind her and plunged his knife into her back, killing her. And before the body could hit the floor, Spy caught it and moved it behind cover before disguising himself as the Talon Officer.

"What were you saying, commander?" Another Talon hostile asked.

"To leave cover and fire at the one with the flamethrower." Spy answered.

"But. That-" The Talon soldier began, but Spy silenced him by slapping his face.

"Do it. Or you will all personally answer to Doomfist."

"Yes, mam." The Talon troops said before rushing out of cover. But as soon as they did, Spy went to work, killing all of them in seconds.

"Naturally." Spy said while fixing his tie before pulling out the Dead Ringer to escape when a few other Talon hostiles fired at him.

"MAGGOTS!" Soldier shouted as he and Demoman blew up more Talon Enforcers and Assassins.

"Kill 'em aall!" Demoman shouted as he blew up three Talon Enforcers with a sticky grenade before turning around and blowing up another two with his grenade launcher. "Just like old times, hey, Solly."

"You said it. Oh. Banner's ready." Soldier said, hearing the ding his banner makes when it's ready.

"What banner?" Reaper asked as he and Soldier 76 shot at any of the Talon hostiles that tried their luck.

"Something that will make dealing with Talon a whole lot easier." Demoman answered.

"And make them regret trying to attack us, Sons of Liberty." Soldier added before blowing his bugle with a flag rising from his backpack. "ATTACK!"

"Wow. Talk about a power boost." Reinhardt said, shocked as he and Baptiste covered Mercy as she tended to any injured civilians.

"I wonder how it is compared to Ana's nano boost." Baptiste wondered before taking out a Talon sniper. However, he couldn't dwell on the thought as the ground shook for a moment, which meant only one thing.

"Heavy Assault Units, coming up." Demoman said, pointing down the road where five Talon Heavy Assault Units had just landed.

"Watch out. Talon Snipers covering them." Roadhog warned.

"I got them." Sniper said before taking them out with no problem.

"ARGH!" The Talon Heavy Assault Units growled before charging.

"MOVE!" Reaper shouted before Shadow Stepping away with Soldier 76 sprinting away.

"Unless you blokes want to be flat as a pancake, I suggest stepping away." Junkrat said.

"We got a better idea." Demoman said as he placed two sticky grenades at his feet while the Soldier loaded his Beggar's Bazooka.

"Let's go." Soldier said as he Rocket Jumped into the air while the Demoman sticky jumped. And once they were high enough, they unleashed everything they had left onto the Heavy Assault Units, who could do nothing but accept their fate as the explosives blew them up into bloody pieces.

"AHAH! I FEEL ALIVE!" Demoman shouted as he and Soldier landed on the ground.

"Good work, everyone." Soldier said as everyone gathered.

"Well, that was something." Mercy said, trying not to wince at all the blood and guts.

"It sure was. The explosions were beautiful." Junkrat said.

"Were your battle always like this, uncle?" Zarya asked, curious.

"More or less. But with people that fought back." Heavy answered.

"Well. Now that the battle is over let's tend to the injured and then return to base." Soldier 76 said.

"Alrighty then." Engineer said as he set up a dispenser before everyone went to help any injured civilian. However, as they did so, they were unaware that they were being watched.

Talon Base

"Hmmm. They are more formidable than I previously thought." Doomfist said as he watched the feed of the Mercs battling his troops.

"We would need to either catch them off guard or send an entire battalion against them if we hope to take them down." Moria said.

"Do you think you will be able to drain them like you did the others?"

"No. From what I learned from their conversations, their biology is too... weird or complex to drain. Most of their organs and blood are not their own but rather someone else, or it came from an animal."

"And they would not be so easily deceived. They would instantly know when someone is trying to set them up, especially the one that calls himself the Spy." Doomfist said, thinking it over. "That leaves a massive assault as the only option."

"That won't work either." Another voice answered. Turning around, Moira and Doomfist saw a man wearing a construction hat and had robotic legs.

"What do you mean, Mr. Conagher?" Doomfist asked.

"You all know the Omnic Wars, right?"

"Yes." Moira answered.

"Well. There was a robot war long before the Omnic Wars happened. We called them Mann Vs. Machine. It was the 2fort Mercenaries against Gray Mann's robot army."

"How many robots did Gray Mann have at his disposal, and what could they do?" Doomfist asked.

"More than Talon could ever hope to achieve before in its lifetime. Honestly, to get near the amount Gray Mann had, you would need to bankrupt several nations. As for what they could do, well, each one had a special function. But to keep it simple, Gray Mann's robot could do what the 2fort Mercs could do. And they managed to hold them to a standstill for months."

"So what do you suggest we should do?"

"I'm not sure. With the 2fort Mercenaries now a part of Overwatch, it's more complicated than ever."

"Then find a way to uncomplicate it." Doomfist growled.

"If it were that simple, you would not need us. But seeing as you're struggling against some people fighting in costumes, I'm not surprised." Another voice piped up as a figure stepped into the light.

"Oh. Hey, Medic." TFC Engineer said.

"Engineer." The TFC Medic said with a light nod.

"What do you suggest then?" Moria asked the TFC Medic.

"Nothing for now." TFC Medic answered, surprising Moria and Doomfist.

"What do you mean by nothing?" Doomfist asked through narrow eyes.

"The 2fort Mercenaries, for all their strength, are not the smartest. And besides, their goal is to stop us. But if we remain hidden and keep giving false clues, they will be on a pointless chase while we would be free to do what we want. Which includes getting our hands on more Australium."

"Wouldn't it be easier just to eliminate them?" Moria asked.

"I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall." TFC Medic said, annoyed. "Yes, it would be more efficient, but only if we had the firepower to do so. But we do not."

"Are you underestimating Talon's power?" Doomfist growled.

"I am, Akande Ogundimu."

"Talon is not-" Doomfist began but stopped when the TFC Medic threw something at him. For a split second, Doomfist wondered what it was but couldn't dwell on it as he suddenly felt very weak and sick. So sick that he fell to his knees with his skin turning pale. "W-what. What did you do?"

"An infection to shut you up. I am now questioning how did Talon become such a powerhouse with a leader like yourself." TFC Medic answered.

"Moira. Help." Doomfist said, glaring at the TFC Medic.

"I wouldn't suggest that. Unless you want to relieve your position to Moria, then go ahead." TFC Medic said, confusing Moria and Doomfist.

"What do you mean?" Moria asked.

"The infection is killing Akande at the molecular level. Your healing can not fix that. Only I or the 2fort Medic can heal him at this point." The TFC Medic explained before taking out a different med-pack and using it to heal Doomfist. "There."

"What was the point of this?" Doomfist asked.

"To show you what happens when someone annoys me. Anyway. As I said, the best course of action now would be to divert all resources to confusing and misleading Overwatch and the 2fort Mercs." The TFC Medic answered before motioning for the TFC Engineer to follow him.

"What will you be doing in the meantime?" Moira asked.

"Unbeknownst to you and the Overwatch organization, there is a third party involved in this battle. And she is far more deadly and cunning than either of you can imagine. If we are to win this battle, we must prepare for all possibilities of her interfering and ensure a way to eliminate her once the opportunity arises." The TFC Medic answered before leaving behind the confused Talon leaders, wondering what he meant and who he was talking about.