Guardians Come in All Shapes and Forms

Chap 1

Overwatch Gibraltar Base 2078

'Can't I catch a break?' A lady thought as she placed down her pen. She leaned back in her seat and let out a fatigue yawn. This lady was one of the world's greatest medical minds, known as doctor Angela Ziegler. But to the Overwatch family, they knew her by her team's name, Mercy.

However, despite being a crucial member of the organization, she's often left out of forgotten. Especially during fights against Talon or other threats that needed to be dealt with before they caused mass destruction or death. At first, she didn't take it personally as it's challenging to keep track of many things during intense firefights. But that changed after the tenth battle with the team. She started to become abandoned during fights, leaving her near defenseless as multiple hostiles began to converge on her. This often led her to getting eliminated by them. Thankfully, she didn't need to worry too much about getting killed as Torbjörn and Symmetra found blueprints for a respawn device. This device essentially allowed them to cheat death. Even though she could revive others who died in battle, she couldn't do the same to herself if she got killed.

Sadly, despite this miraculous device falling into their hands, it didn't solve any of her problems. She was still often abandoned during fights. And the only times she was ever saved by the others who needed healing even though they were barely hurt. Although, she had to admit that not everyone left her to defend herself. Some of the Overwatch members did try to stick by her side. Ana, Soldier 76, Reaper, Reinhardt, Winston, Mei, Brigitte, Roadhog, and Zenyatta did try their best to remain by her side and help her. But they were often needed in other areas of the fight as their abilities would significantly increase the chances of them winning the battle.

Unfortunately, this did not solely apply to that battlefield. Even back on base, she was often ignored or only noticed when others needed something. Honestly, she was starting to feel like the mother figure of most of the Overwatch members. And not necessarily in the best way. Luckily, at least some members could handle themselves or had help from others. Yet, that didn't mean her workload was any less, as despite not being the only healer of the organization, she was the head of the medical wing. This meant that after every mission or check-up before she could rest, she had to go through a mountain of paperwork. And unfortunately, she didn't have any help in this department aside from Anna as she was stuck with her own duties.

"Angela." A voice said, getting the doctor's attention. Looking up, she noticed that her commander had walked into her office.

"Yes, what is it, Jack?" She asked. Usually, she would call him Soldier 76 to prevent his identity from getting out. But after a meeting, he allowed those he trusted the most with his identity and told them they could call him by his actual name in private.

"I have some news. And a drink. Your favorite." Jack answered as he sat down across from her and gave her a cup full of hot chocolate. "Hot chocolate made from a recipe I learned while in Switzerland. With real Swiss chocolate."

"Thank you, Jack." Angela said before taking a much-needed sip. 'That's good.'

"I figured you needed after the headaches you had to deal with earlier in the day." Jack explained after a moment.

"It sure was a lot to deal with and even harder not to lose it." Angela agreed. She then picked up her pen and was about to continue her work, but before she could, Jack stopped her. "Jack?"

"Part of the news I have for you." He explained.

"Which is?" Angela asked, curious.

"I managed to secure you a much-needed vacation. Don't worry about your work. Anna, along with Reaper, has offered to cover for you in your work." Jack answered.

"Don't they have work of their own? I don't want to burden them with all the work I have." Angela said, worried. While hating how much paperwork she had to deal with, she didn't want anyone else to suffer.

"Don't worry, Angela. We got it covered." A new voice assured her. Turning towards the entrance, they saw that Reaper and Anna had entered undetected.

"Our work is already covered, and with the extra time, we can cover your work." Reaper told her.

"Plus, you need the vacation as you seem like you are about to drop dead from stress." Anna added while pointing to the doctor's face. Angela turned to the mirror and noticed that she had deep bags under her eyes from lack of sleep.

"Alright. Where are you sending me?" Angela asked, sighing.

"Australia to see The Great Barrier Reef. A new resort opened up there, and it's just what you need. A much-needed rest and relaxation." Jack answered.

"Alright." Angela said with a defeated sigh. "When do I leave?"

"Tomorrow. Your flight will take off at eight in the morning. Here is everything you need to know." Reaper answered as he handed her a ticket and pamphlet. Taking it, Angela looked it over, and, aside from the early wake-up time, everything seemed accounted for to have a relaxing time.

"How long is the vacation time?" She asked.

"Two weeks." Anna answered.

"Okay. Let me just fin-" Angela began, but Reaper cut her off.

"Angela. We got this. Take your break." He said with a snarl, showing the remnants of his dark persona still were left in him.

"Don't make me order you to take a break." Jack playfully warned while elbowing Reaper in the shoulder.

"Okay. Vielen Dank an alle." Angela said, inadvertently going back to her native language for a moment.

"Have a good vacation, doctor. We'll have everything taken care of by the time you return." Reaper told her with a rare smile.

Nodding her head, she gathered some supplies before grabbing her hot chocolate and exiting her office. Walking down the halls across the base, she headed towards her private quarters. While not the best or most lavish of bases Overwatch had, she preferred the Gibraltar base as it was simplistic and had a fantastic sunset view. Plus, she could get a nice tan during the summers on the off chance she had some time to spare. Shaking her head, Angela focused on getting back to her room to prepare for the vacation. While she might not admit it out loud, she did need a break as she felt her nerves starting to fry.

After about ten minutes, she reached her private quarters. Entering and closing the door, she put away all her paperwork before finishing her hot chocolate. Once done, she moved over to her bed and pulled out two travel cases from underneath. The doctor placed them on her bed and then gathered everything she needed for the vacation. First, she placed some casual clothes followed by some new swimwear she brought recently. Next, she placed some medical equipment in the other suitcase. If asked, she would say it was for an emergency. But secretly, it was to put any nerves to ease as she always felt better when she had supplies on hand in case anything happened. Yet, that led to the next thing that she knew she had to take with her. And that was her weapon. Even though she knew it was against The Hippocratic Oath, which she holds dear to herself, she knew she had to take it with her. Talon and other dangers were still present in the world, and she would be a fool if she didn't bring any form of protection with her.

"I should probably bring my suit and staff as well." Angela said with a sigh. Knowing her luck and how people can be careless at times, she would need it. Walking over to the nearby closet, she opened it and retrieved her spare wingsuit and staff. Placing them into another spare case she had, the doctor let out a sigh before turning to the clock on the wall. The clock told her that it was already nine p.m.

"I better get to sleep. The flight is early tomorrow and will take about an hour to get to the airport." She said before closing the cases and making sure they were secured. Grabbing them, she placed them next to the door before heading to her bathroom. She took a quick shower to wash away all the tension her body gained from the long, tedious day. After a couple of minutes, she turned off the shower and stepped out. Putting on her pajamas, she exited her bathroom before getting into her bed. Turning off the lights, she got comfy before falling asleep. Looking forward to the relaxing times she will be getting starting tomorrow.

Bee Cave, Texas, U.S.A. 1976

"Pyro. Be a pal and hand me my wrench." A man wearing a construction hat said as he worked on a combine.

"Mmph, mprh." A muffled voice shouted as a creature wearing an asbestos-lined suit ran up to the man with the wrench.

"Much obliged." The man wearing the construction hat said as he took the wrench and continued working on the combine.

These two individuals were known as The Engineer and The Pyro. Anyone that didn't know them would say they were a strange sight to behold. And it was, as one was in an asbestos-lined suit with the other wearing what seemed like a uniform for a special company. Yet, neither of them was bothered by it as they worked together for many years. They used to work as mercenaries, along with seven others, fighting a war waged by two idiotic brothers over some worthless land. But after they were terminated from their jobs, they still worked together to fight in the Robots Wars caused by their previous boss's long-lost third brother. And even after the Robot Wars, they stuck together and fought the Team Fortress Classic Mercs. And with all said and done, the mercs regained their jobs with an increase to their already large salaries.

However, this didn't last long as it became painfully evident that they were no longer needed as mercs without a Blu team to fight. And with one last large check, the mercs were released from their jobs. After a final farewell, the mercs went their separate ways; for the most part as they stayed in contact with each other throughout the years. Scout went home to his ma and even began trying out for the major leagues. The Soldier is still trying to enlist for any military branch of the U.S.A. while also taking care of Heavy's sister. Demoman went back to Scotland to care for his aging mother. Heavy, when not trying to deck Soldier, is currently in Frace helping his family settle down. Sniper went back home to Australia to fix his parent's home and is now taking hit jobs. The Medic was with Heavy in France and was currently trying to get a license to practice medicine legally. As for Spy, well, no one knew where he was.

During their farewells, the Engineer, preparing to head back to his home in Texas, remembered that Pyro had no home to return to. Seeing that they were already good friends and hated seeing the mumbling pyromaniac sad, he offered Pyro to come home with him. Pyro became thrilled at this and quickly agreed. And ever since then, they have been living together on Engineer's farm, working on whatever project he made.

"Mrghfrr! Hudda hudda huh, mmmrgh?" The Pyro asked the Engineer.

"Nah. I haven't heard anything from the others in a while. Probably just busy living their lives." Engineer answered.

"Mhhhhoooooo!" Pyro said sadly.

"I know I missed them too." Engineer said as he stood up and patted Pyro's shoulder.

"Mhnk nhya mhph?" Pyro asked, turning to Engineer.

"Yes, all of them. Even though we argued and threatened each other a lot, I still do miss them." Engineer answered. "Tell you what. How about we head inside and make some good old Pecan Pie."

"Mmph mphna mprh." Pyro cheered while clapping its hands together.

Letting out a laugh, Engineer motioned for Pyro to follow him. As the odd pair walked through the field, they looked over all the inventions they made together throughout the years. Even though they didn't need most of them, it did bring a sense of calm and relief to both of them. After all, years of warfare and habits gained during those times don't go away overnight. A couple of moments later, they reached some active red teleporters. A few months after returning to the farm, Engineer sat up some teleporters to get around easier and faster. Stepping on the teleports, they waited for a second before being teleported inside the house. However, Engineer noticed that, while he was in the house, Pyro wasn't.

"Pyro?" Engineer asked, looking around.

Seeing that he was alone, the Engineer growled before taking out his PDA. Typically, his teleporters had no problems as he worked all the kinks out. But, that was only when there was a single entrance and exit teleporter. However, he had a total of thirty teleporters strewn all over his farm. This meant that they would get teleported to a different location than they wanted. Yet, as he looked over his PDA, he noticed that Pyro wasn't at any of the teleporters. This was concerning.

"PYRO! CAN YOU HEAR ME!" Engineer shouted as he started to run around his house, unaware that Pyro was no longer on his property. Nor even in this universe.

Spain Airport near Gibraltar 2078

"Ticket, please." The airline passenger service assistant asked with a smile.

"Here you go." Angela said as she handed the assistant her ticket.

"Ah, Doctor Angela Ziegler. So nice to have such a gifted medical mind on this flight. Thank you for all the help you gave everyone. You even inspired my daughter to enter the medical field." The assistant said, smiling as she stamped the ticket and handed it back to Angela.

"You're welcome. And it's nice to see more minds enter this field, and I know she'll do great." Angela said as she folded the ticket and placed it in her pocket. "Do you know when we will be taking off?"

"In about a half-hour. We're still loading the last of the luggage." The assistant answered with a smile.

"Thank you." Angela said before entering the tunnel to board the plane. Taking out her ticket, she smiled when she noticed that the others had gotten her a first-class seat. Going to her seat, she placed her luggage in the overhead compartments before taking her seat.

'This is exactly what I needed.' Angela thought as she got comfy in her seat. Unaware that her vacation was about to be put on hold.


An idea that came to mind while playing Pybro and Mercy recently.

Also, an attempt to try a third-person story instead of first-person. Feedback on how to improve would be appreciated.