a new bond

grace was in the back of the den terrified listening to the horrific sounds outside of the den after the longest five minutes of her life all over again the could hear another wolf yell humphreys name and then it was quiet apart from the light sobbing form what sounded like a female wolf.

once gracs finally built up enough courage to take a look for herself she could see a golden wolf sobbing on top of humphreys limp body instantly grace knew humphrey was gone meerly moments after the realization sunk in grace began to sob heavily her new friend a wolf who cared about her is gone.

kate was sobbing holding on to humphrey when she heard anothers crying.

kate turned around to see a pup . with a deep breath kate walks over to her and ask ''Hey are you ok, what happend? are you alone?, where is your parents?''..

grace wipes a tear away and responds in a depressed sad tone ''im fine , and my parents are….anyway i was with humphrey he was my new dad he wanted to adopt me but i was scared so i never told him yes….''.

in tears grace started to cry heavily sobbing the frase ''why do they all leave me , im alone ''.

kate tried her best to console the pup sfter what seemed like hours of sitting grace had told her everything form humphrey saving her to him taking care of her and how he wanted to adopt her.

In severe pain humphrey tried to open his eyes , he was too weak to move or even form a sound , in silence he lay there when he heard grace and….was that k..kate?

unable to function humphrey decided to lay and listen untill he recoverd enough strength to speak.

what felt like an eterinty had passed and humphrey heard everything hi heart was aching hearing how sad grace sounded.

with all his might humphrey forced his eyes open, with his vision blurry humphrey let out a low growl of pain while rolling over to try and sit up.

both of the girls heard the sound of his growl and turned with great suprise to see humphrey sitting up looking at them.

without heasitation grace sprinted to humphrey and embeaced him in a hug nuzzling into his fur while crying.

remembering everyhing that happend humphrey spoke in a raspy low tone filled with pain ''Hey its ok, i thought i told you i was never going to leave you here alone, i always keep my word , im a little bruised up but ill be ok, i promise, please dont cry it hurts my heart to see you sad''.

grace shouted full of emotions she never felt before '' yes , yes''. grace could not finnish her sentence before she broke down crying again

Humphrey calmly askes grace ''yes..? please tell me whats wrong,''

grace replied in a shakey voice ''yes i want you to adopt me …i was so worried about you and looking at you…. lifeless…. hurt me like i lost my mom and dad all over again, please dont leave me, your all i have and i dont want you to go.''

too stunned to speak humphrey ignored his immence pain and scooped grace into a tight hug felling like he finnialy found the family he lost long ago.

after a tight embrace he whisper into grace's ear ''ill never leave you i promise ill always be here for you , we are family now and family sticks togther.''

kate sat there silently watching the heartfilled scene befor her with tears in her eyes happy that they both found each other.

staring at them in a trance like state kate heard humphrey call her name and she knew it was time to tell im the truth about her love for him