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Unedited. All mistakes are mine. Tread gently as this is my first story. A short fic that's been on my mind for awhile now when I listened to the song for the first time. No clue how this one will go, tho. Just going with what feels right, hoping someone will join in and have as much fun as I will writing it.

Ch. 2

"I swear to God, they have the best bridal catalogs I've seen in this town!"

I look up from the book I'm holding to see Kate holding a huge stack of bridal magazines in her arms with a huge smile.

"Seriously, they have magazines for wedding planning, bridal showers, wedding bars, honeymoon destinations, even family planning and baby showers.. it's insane!" She gushes excitedly as she thumbs through the collection she has.

I can't help but smile when I see her eyes sparkle as she talks about the magazine collection the little bookstore has. It's been a while since I saw her this excited since her mother, Kaitlyn, was diagnosed with breast cancer a week after her engagement with Garette five months ago.

We were all very devastated with the news that Kate suggested delaying the wedding to next year and spending her wedding budget for Kaitlyn's medical bills. Of course, Kaitlyn wouldn't have any of that. They were able to compromise with the wedding date, but Kaitlyn was adamant about the wedding budget. She even refused when my cousins and I offered pitching in for her bills. Mom couldn't help but feel helpless, watching her sister struggle with bills as she fights the battle against stage 3 cancer.

The entire thing left our tradition of Sunday family dinner tense and depressing. No words nor jokes- even from my Uncle Sam, who never fails to make us smile with his antics, seem to be enough to alleviate the suffocating atmosphere. It's near impossible for the day to not end in tears or arguments.

Edward and I had only started dating for a few months by then. I would often go back to his apartment after the day and either bawl my eyes out in despair for my aunt or fume out of frustration with the helplessness of the situation. It was a miracle that he stayed with me even after being the punching bag of my anger and frustrations. It was also during those days when I realized just how hard I was falling for him.

If I ever doubted how amazing he is, it was immediately washed away when I found out that he had asked his father, Carlisle, to personally take Kaitlyn as his patient- all the while cutting her medical fees and copays as much as his position can allow him to without raising any suspicions among the board of directors of the hospital. I bet that being the chair and director of the oncology department had played a huge role in it. Nevertheless, I am grateful.

Now, my aunt is on her way to recovery without burying herself with medical bills and my family and I could never thank Carlisle enough for it. Of course, he wouldn't hear any of it when we offered to pay them back.

"Were you able to get everything?" I ask, placing the Emily Henry book back on the shelf.

Kate sighs and shakes her head, "I can't believe I'm planning my wedding in the middle of everything that's going on right now" she says, "Is it wrong for me to feel excited about it?"

I shake my head, "Of course not. You deserve to be happy and to feel excited about your wedding, Kate. No one would hold that against you despite what's going on, especially Kaitlyn." I say as I circle my arm around her shoulders and give her a squeeze.

Kate's eyes water immediately at the mention of her mom, "No.. I know that. I do.." She sniffs as she blinks away the moisture in her eyes, "Mom's been bugging me to plan it since after her surgery, but I.. it just feels wrong to plan without knowing whether she'll be there at all, you know? I needed to hear from the doctor that she'll be okay first before even thinking of the wedding..."

"And she will" I say, "Carlisle said Kaitlyn's responding well to treatment, right?"

She nods her head as she bits her lower lip, "She is"

"That's good, right?"

"Yeah.." she lets out a deep breath and smiles, "Amazing, even. Mom's such a warrior"

"Just like gran" I say as I let go of her shoulders

Kate grins, "Just like gran" she echoes with a nod, "and seriously, I still can't thank you enough for what Edward did. He's amazing, B"

I can't help but smile as I'm engulfed with memories of how my morning went, being surrounded by him.

His smell.

His taste.

The grunts that left his lips as he thrusts his hips.

The way my name comes out of his mouth as he nears his peak.

The way he looks as he comes.

It all comes crashing back to me and I immediately feel warm throughout my body. Kate, being the observant that she is, immediately notices it and smirks.

"Hm" she hums with a glint in her eyes, "speaking of, how did your first morning living with lover boy go? Did you christen every surface of that condo of yours?" she laughs as my face turns redder and teases, "I knew it. Remind me not to visit your place anytime soon"

"Shut up" I roll my eyes despite my red face, "as if you and Gar were better. Don't forget Bree almost caught you guys going at it at your kitchen counter on your first week of living together! You're lucky the poor kid bought your lame excuse of checking how sturdy the counter was"

She laughs as she loops her free arm around mine and walks towards the counter, "It's not my fault Tanya left her three year old unsupervised inside the house"

"It was a house warming party!" I exclaim, amused

"And I only made sure it was! Some would even agree it's hot" she winks as she places the magazines on the counter, "Card payment, please"

I shake my head with a laugh, "You're disgusting"

"Says the one who just turned red at the mention of her hot boyfriend" she cocks her brow as the lady behind the counter swipes her card and gives her the bag, "Where is he anyway?" She asks after thanking the lady and taking the bag from her.

"He went to the car dealer's with Em this morning" I say, following her out the store as I check my phone to see that he left me a message a few minutes ago.

Wer r u?

Uptown with Kate. You?

His response was almost immediate.

Home. Did she pick u up?

Uber. Why?

Wats wrong w ur car?

I snort, knowing how much he despises that I use the car service. I glance at Kate only to see that she's busy with her own phone. Probably, talking with Garette.

Uh, nothing? Too lazy to drive.

He sends me an emoji with one eyebrow raised.

Hm. R u riding w Kate or shd I pick u up for dinner?

I glance at the time displayed on my phone to notice we only have an hour left before we need to be at my parent's house for dinner.

Riding with Kate. I'll see you there in an hour. :)

Ok. Be safe. I love you.

You, too. Love you back. xx

I smile as I place my phone in my back pocket and see Kate looking at me with a grin, "Edward?"

"Yeah" I nod with a grin of my own, "I told him we'll meet him at my parent's in an hour"

Kate looks at her watch, "Let's just grab some wine, then we can go" she decides as she loops her arm around mine and starts walking towards the wine cellar down the street.

We walk in silence for a few seconds before she lightly nudges me with her elbow, "He's treating you well, right?"

"He is" I say with a sigh as I thought about the man at home, "he's great, actually.. I.."

"What" she prompts after a few seconds of silence

"Nothing.. I.. I never imagined that I would ever feel this strongly for someone and have them reciprocate it back to me" I admit, "It still feels surreal. You'd think that after a year of dating, I'd get used to the idea of us.. but, honestly, when I look at him, it still feels like I'm back at the studio and I'm seeing him for the first time."

Kate nods her head and smiles, "I'm glad, B. You deserve to have someone like that in your life.."

"That's just it.." I start

"What do you mean?" She says with furrowed brows

I sigh, watching as the couple walking in front us sway their hands back and forth, "It's… I keep waiting for this to blow up to our faces"

"What? Why?"

I chew my lower lip, "It just seems too perfect when I think of it." I say, "You know, since we started dating, we never really had a huge fight. I mean, sure.. we squabble, but it never really turned into something serious"

"And.. that's a wrong thing?" She hedges, obviously confused

I shrug, "I mean, it can't be normal, right?" I say, "Healthy couples fight. I watched my parents do it a lot growing up, I know Uncle Marcus and Aunt Kaitlyn had them, even you and Gar had your fair share of it as well.." I bit my lip before continuing, "People who care a lot for each other fight…"

Kate takes a moment to absorb my words and stops in front of the wine cellar with a sigh, "You care about him though, right?"

"Of course, I do. I love him" I say, baffled that she would even ask that.

"And he cares about you?" She levels me with a stare, "I mean, he loves you right back?"

I stare right back at her and think of all the things the man does that lets me know he loves me just as much. Like calling me midday at work for an impromptu lunch when he happens to be near my work and keeping sour candies in his car since he knows I love munching on them, no matter how much he hates them.

I feel it especially when he'd make sure I'm on the inner side of the sidewalk as we take long walks and when he tolerates my off-tune voice and sings along with me on Taylor Swift's songs no matter how cringy and corny the lyrics are- his words, not mine, just because he knows I love her music.

I feel myself smile as I remember these and see Kate does the same when she sees this. She shakes her head and says, "You see it, right? Even people outside your relationship can see it from the way he looks at you, B. The guy's smitten" she rolls her eyes with a chuckle

I nod my head and beam, "Yeah, well I am, too"

"Obviously" she teases before adding more seriously, "you need to stop comparing your relationship with others, Bella. Each relationship is different. As long as at the end of the day, you both love each other and communicate well, then I don't see anything wrong with not having huge arguments."

I nod my head with a sigh, "You're right. I know.."

"Stop overthinking it. What matters is that you guys are happy, and honestly, I have never seen you this happy in your life" she smiles before grabbing my arm and dragging me inside the store, "Now, let's grab some fine ass wine and go to your parents house. I'm fucking starving"

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