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Ch. 5

Soft melody plays in the background as we get ready for the wedding. I sit patiently on my chair as Jacob, the hair and make up artist Kate hired, fusses over my hair.

"Down or Up?" Jacob asks, rather rhetorically, as he lifts my hair and looks at it through the mirror.

Kate spares me a glance, "Up" she says before looking down to her nails which were currently being made.

Jacob grins at me, "Up says madame"

I chuckle as I look back down on my phone, mindlessly scrolling through my facebook feed.

Renee Swan: Oh how time flies! It feels only yesterday when Bella and Kate were fighting over fiction books and barbies in their little dresses and diapers, now I get to see my goddaughter walk down the aisle! Wistfully waiting for my own daughter to do the same! We're not getting any younger ;) - with Charles Swan, Kaitlyn Denali and two others.

I snort and roll my eyes when I read my mom's post. I click to see the two other people she tagged in her post and almost choke on my saliva when I see she tagged Carlisle and Esme.

"What?" Kate sneaks a peak on my phone and hollers after seeing the post, "I didn't know they were facebook friends"

"Makes two of us" I mutter as I click on the comments and reactions of the post to see that Esme reacted with a heart and even left a comment, tagging Edward.

I groan and move to cover my already made up face with my hands, to which Jacob immediately put a stop on.

"Make up!" Jacob tsks, swatting my hands away.

"Can you kill me now" I say, resorting to closing my eyes, "This is so embarrassing"

"Sweetheart, I might just have to if you ruin the pretty face I worked hard on" Jacob scolds, letting go of my hands once he's sure I won't be touching my face.

Kate takes my phone from my lap and chuckles, "She's not wrong, tho" she teases, giving my phone back to me.

I glare at her, just as my phone vibrates. I look down to see that Edward has sent me a message.

Did u know our parents are fb friends now?

Apparently. Is it possible to die from second-hand embarrassment?

Don't think so. Besides, how would we fulfill their wishes if you died now?

Stop it.

Can we count that as parental approval?

Ha ha. Seriously. Did you see Charlie's reaction to that post? I'd say that's a No for him.

Eh. He'll come around. I have both our mother's approval, it shouldn't be too hard now.

Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?

Nah. I'm pretty sure our mothers' doing the job for me already. I'm just waiting it out. ;)

I roll my eyes at the accuracy of his statement. Charlie is a sucker for those women, I swear to God. Anything they ask of him, he'll do it with a grunt.

"And done" Jacob sings, "Close your eyes for me for a moment, sweetheart"

I close my eyes as he places a clear shield over my face and sprays some chemical to my hair to make it stay in place.

"Alrighty" he says, placing the bottle down, "whatcha think"

I open my eyes and let out a small gasp at my reflection. The make-up he did on me is subtle and perfect. My cheekbones were contoured to sharpen my features and the highlights were just enough to give me an all-day glow. My hair's done in a loose messy chignon fixed with a vintage orchid claw, with strands on each side of my face just falling above my collarbone.

"I know, it's perfect" Jacob winks when I fail to give him a response, "Just right for a pretty bridesmaid such as yourself. Now, go and put your gown on so we can do the final touches"

"Thank you" I smile as I get up from my chair and head to the bathroom where my gown is currently hanging. I remove it from the hanger and put it on upwards. I'm about halfway through zipping it when the doorbell rang.

"Can you get that, B?" Kate calls as Jacob fusses over her hair which is currently curled in rolls. I look around to see if anyone could help me with my gown, but everyone's busy getting prepped up for the wedding. I sigh, thinking that as long as my gown stays up, then it should be safe to answer the door.

The doorbell rings again as I make my way towards it. "In a minute" I call, looking down my gown for the last time, making sure I'm decent enough before opening the door, "Who is- Oh!"

"Hey. Can you-" Edward stops mid sentence, his eyes widening when he sees me. I feel the heat on my cheeks as his eyes roam my body from head to toe. I swallow as I feel the familiar pit in my stomach when I notice his eyes darken and soften at the same time, taking me in. I take the time to admire him in his shirt which was perfectly tucked in his trousers with the first two top buttons left unbuttoned. His suit jacket is hanging neatly on his arm and my eyes linger down his chest where I can almost trace the toned muscles beneath the white cloth. I bite my lip when I hear him clear his throat and have to stop myself from laughing when I hear him groan.

My eyes trail back to meet his own and curve my lips in response to the smug smirk he's wearing. "Say it," he says, "I know I look dashing"

I roll my eyes, "Let's not make your head any larger than it is" I retort and reach to button his shirt with a frown, "Are you not going to wear a tie?"

Edward shrugs, "Your dad opted out of it" he whispers, "Though I was sworn to death to keep that information from your mother until the wedding starts, so don't mention it to Renee if you want to be wed by next year"

I laugh as I imagine the look of distaste on Charlie's face when he sees the piece of material with his tux, "And just what is his excuse when Renee asks?"

Edward grins, "It caught on fire last night"

I snort as I run my hands over the crease of his shirt, "Tell him good luck with that" I shake my head, "There, all better now" I say, my eyes meeting his once more.

He smiles and catches my wrist before kissing them and placing his hands on my neck, "Hey"

"Hi" I smile back

"You look beautiful," he says, lightly brushing my cheek with his thumbs. His smile widens as warmth floods my chest and cheeks, "absolutely gorgeous"

My eyes flutter close as he softly brushes his lips over my temple, eyes, and cheeks before finally landing on my lips. I try leaning more to deepen the kiss, but a shrill voice interrupts us.

"Uh uh!" Jacob tsks as he pulls me away from Edward and dabs him on his chest with his finger, "Who even are you? Stop ruining her makeup! What are you doing here"

Edward pouts and narrows his eyes on Jacob, "I-"

"Nevermind!" Jacob waves him off, "You mister, are not supposed to be here. I suggest you go back to your room with the boys this instant! You are not supposed to see her before the wedding!"

"That only applies to the bride and groom!" Edward argues

Jacob shakes his head in disapproval, "No no. This is unacceptable. Go! Shoo! shoo!" he glares as he pushes Edward out of the room.

"Jacob, I think my left lash is falling" Tanya calls from inside, "do you have any more of that glue?"

Jacob opens his mouth to respond when Kate calls out his name. He huffs and waves Edward to go one more time, "See, I am busy! I don't have time for this. Go!"

"I need to give and tell Bella something for the bride from the groom"Edward says, finally remembering what he came here for as he holds up the box and small envelope in his right hand.

Jacob growls when Kate calls for him again and shakes his head in annoyance before turning to me, "You finish this quickly and make him go away!" he says, storming back inside the room to settle the commotion.

I stare wide-eyed at the direction Jacob stormed off to and turn to apologize to Edward when I feel his fingers ghost over the zipper of my gown which was still open.

"Don't move," he whispers, halting my movement, "I'll zip you up."

I nod my head as I feel him tug the zipper up and clip the gown close. He runs his fingers softly against my exposed skin and my body automatically leans towards him as I feel him grip my hips and run his lips over my shoulders up my neck. I hum and angle my head to give him more access, where he softly pecks the part where my neck meets my shoulder.

"All better now" he murmurs against my skin, throwing my words earlier back at me.

I chuckle as I face him, "I really need to go back inside" I say when I hear Jacob call my name.

Edward nods his head with a smile, "I'll let you go" he says as he reaches sideways to grab his jacket on a small table beside the door, "Oh, give the box and letter to Kate. It's from Garrett"

I nod my head with a grin, "Will do" I say, "I'll see you later"

"See you" he winks before turning and heading down the hall.