My eyes adjust slowly to the dim light filtering in through the sheer white curtains. I am alone, but the empty hollow of the mattress beside me is warm. I have not been alone for long. A slight breeze wafts into the room from the cracked window and the curtains flit inward, caressing the ambiance of tranquility that always accompanies this room.

The sound of the hydro shower activating draws my groggy attention and my enhanced auditory abilities pick up the heavenly sound of her. Singing. Her voice sensual, like spiced velvet. I recognize the song. It's one of her favorites. She sings it often, though she does not know I have ever heard her.

Look at the stars high above

That's where we will go

Way far beyond this tired world

Into the future

I am entranced, the last remnants of sleep fall away and her sultry tones become my one true reality.

It doesn't make sense

So why should we stay

If you are with me

I don't need any reason

To leave what we had

Take the next flight

It'll be our adventure

Once in a lifetime

Crawling out of the bed, I tiptoe to the en-suite door and lean against. My forehead resting against the cool of the oat. I am frozen in this moment; this moment seems to be laden with meaning but why, I am uncertain. I start humming along, unwittingly. Our voices mingling in the most delicious nuances.

I don't care where we go

As long as you are with me

I don't care where we go

As long as you are with me

I don't care where we go

As long as you are with me

She pauses, only for a moment then continues. I hear the smile tugging at her lips as I push open the door. A heady steam wafts around me as I sing my harmony along with her entrancing melody. My silk nightgown seems to have peeled away of its own accord. The curtain pulls open only a crack, and delicate hand extends from amongst the tendrils of vapor. Long boney fingers curl around mine when accept her offering. She pulls me inside with a surprising strength. Here, inside our little bubble of warm water, hot mist and moist skin, our voices continue and harmony turns to unison.

It doesn't make sense

So why should we stay

If you are with me

I don't need any reason

To leave what we had

Take the next flight

It'll be our adventure

Once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime

My hands trace invisible lines over her hips and taught stomach. Her muscles quiver in delight as if it is the first time I've touched her. Her hands press over top of mine and she grabs them firmly, bringing them up to kiss each palm. When she releases me, I reach out to cup her face, drawing her towards me and our mouths meet in a tender kiss. Her lips are hot and wet, gliding over mine with a familiar ease. No urgency, just worship.

"Good Morning." She says, pulling back just enough to look into my eyes. Her own eye reflecting everything she is to me.

"Good Morning, to you!" My voice still heavy with sleep, despite our harmonious chorus.

Her head tilts with a mischievous glint in her slate grey eyes. My stomach flutters whenever she makes that expression. A mixture of anticipation and amusement.

"What?" I ask, slightly giggling. Her eyes brighten. She loves when I laugh in any capacity.

"You don't know what today is, do you?"

My smile falters slightly before it dawns on me. My face contorts and a pitiful groan escapes my throat. "Oh. Shit."

She laughs, her head thrown back and she hugs me.

"Darling, it is the inevitability of all living things." She leans back, her arms still latched behind my neck. My own arms circling her tiny waist. "Happy Birthday!"

I smile and lean my forehead against hers. Her throaty chuckles send tingles up and down my spine.

"What should we do today?" I ask, my eyes close, inhaling the unique scent that is Kathryn Janeway.

"Well, we have 5 hours will our guests arrive…" She pulls me closer, kissing the corner of my mouth. "How are earth will we use those 5 hours?!"

"Do they know what they're coming here for?" I ask Kathryn as she finishes pulling her pants on. I catch a glimpse of the alabaster skin of her hip before it's covered and smile to myself, remembering exactly how she got that fresh red mark just an hour ago.

"No." She chuckles to herself. "They all just think it's a small reunion bar-b-q."

"And no one knows I'm on Earth?" I find it hard to believe she was able to keep this entire escapade a secret.

"Nope!" She beams, pride oozing from her toothy grin. "Usually, its the birthday persons surprise. This is gonna be fun!" She seems giddy, and I love it. "Come." She reaches for me and I oblige. She pulls me quickly from the bedroom and down the stairs.

The door chimes as she jumps the last two steps to the bottom landing. Surprised at her spry enthusiasm I can't help the laugh that bubbles from my chest. She smiles but puts a finger to her lips.

"Go over there!" She indicates the kitchen and I slink away into the darkened room as she turns the knob and yanks it open.

I hear her greeting her guests and silently tick off the list in my head; Naomi, Samantha, Miral and B'elanna, Tom, Tuvok and T'pel, Harry Kim, and Joe (Formerly Voyagers EMH).

My family. My chest burns with the emotions I used to shrink from.

"Welcome, Everyone! Grab a glass! I hear my Kathryn use her Captains inflection and all the chatter hushes. "To Family!" She says and everyone clinks their glasses together. I try not to laugh out loud when I hear Miral ask her mother for a sip. A few chuckles smooth over the group and Kathyrn's voice again permeates the silence.

"I asked you all here to bring our family back together, as I have promised to do." She sounds almost sad but I know its an act. "Today is a day of celebration." She starts to lighten her tone. "It's someone's birthday…"

I hear Naomi gasp. Unmistakably, Naomi. I grin, knowing she has figured it out.

"Who's birthday?" Tom asked, and I can mentally picture him looking around the room.

After a moment of dramatic effect; Kathryns loves her dramatic effects, I hear the words that are to be my entrance.

"Happy Birthday, SEVEN OF NINE!"

I peek my head around the door frame and smile. There are gasps and laughter. B'elanna, surprisingly is the first to run towards me. She grabs me into a hug and I reciprocate eagerly. We spin around and she lets me go, except for one hand on my arm. "SEVEN!" She smiles. I see a glistening in her eye and know its the beginnings of tears. She doesn't hide her face and allows me to see her sentiment. "It's so good to see you!" She drops her hand and steps back, regarding me with a smile. "You look amazing!"

"Thank you." I whisper genuinely, tucking a long strand of lose wavy blonde hair behind my ear.

"SEVEN!" I turn and brace myself quickly as Naomi and Miral barrel into me full force, the rest of the group not far behind offering hugs and terms of endearment acknowledging the date of my birth.

My birth. Not many understand the two fold meaning of this date. Kathryn does, but not many others. I was born on this day a human. Six years later, I was born to the borg. It took me years to realize both birthday's are significant. I would not be who I am today without either occurrence.

This birthday was spent in the most joyful of experiences. Engulfed with Love. I felt cherished. Honored. Adored. Appreciated. Accepted.

Kathryn watches me, I feel her eyes always on me. It gives me peace. She is chatting with Naomi as everyone files out the door. I hear her mention something about sending in a recommendation. Naomi hugs her, them me. So tight, she hugs me.

When Kathryn closes the door she presses her palm against it. She's steadying her emotions.

She misses them all so much, all the time. She seem them even less often then she sees me. You don't spend 7 years of your life in close quarters with people and not have a life long lasting connection.

Gently, I place my hand on her waist. She turns towards me and sinks into my presence. My arms pulling her close.

"Happy Birthday, My Seven." She whispers into my ear, her cheek pressed to mine.

"I love you." My voice is breathy.

"How long can you stay?"

"Until I am called."

I feel her nod.

"Let's make the most of your visit."

I kiss the top of her head and pull her towards the stairs, my arm wrapped possessively around her shoulders, she arm holding me impossibly close wrapped around my waist.

"A prudent course of action, Kathryn."

I can't see her face, she's tucked into my shoulder, but I know she is smiling. As I always know.

It was a good birthday. Is, a good birthday. It is far from over. My next hours are spent suspended in a reality of pure Love.