Our time together was short. A moment in time that will never leave my heart. However one sided, it lives in my memory bitter sweet. She had my whole heart; my soul. She always will, and she knows that. She gave me what she could. What she was able to spare. I may have only had less than half of her heart, but I know that does not diminish was we did have.

I knew it was over when I reached my hand up to her face, gently. Intending to graze my fingertips over her glistening implant above her eye. Her eyes flashed as she recoiled from my motions. She recovered quickly and explained she didn't like them (her implants) touched. I felt the depth of that short exchange deep within my gut. She isn't good at lying. Especially with matters of her hear. Her pure, beautiful heart. I knew. There was only one person allowed to touch them. Caress them. That privilege was reserved for the one person in all existence who did possess her every molecule. Every crease and hollow of her heart. Every nuance of her soul. Janeway. Kathryn, as she calls her when she is sleeping. The name falls from her lips like a prayer.

"I am sorry." She spoke quietly one morning. Out of no where. I was making her coffee. "I can not do this anymore." She caught my eyes when I turned to her. Confusion in my eyes. "I do love. But, I am not IN love with you." Her face was sunken with sorrow. "I need her."

Those words wrenched my gut into twisted tendrils of agony. But I smiled. "I know." I said. My voice cracking.

She hugged me then. Her face pressed against my cheek. I could feel the moisture there, mingling with my own tears. When she pulled away, she kissed me. Chaste. Friendly. Still lovingly. "I'm leaving. In an hour."

"An hour?!" I looked at her in shock. "So soon? How long have you been planning this?" I was hurt, but her eyes were soft. She shook her head and grinned.

"About 5 minutes." She laughed sadly. I joined a moment later.

"You always did think through things quickly." I sniffled and wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. "Does she know about me?" I asked suddenly worried; maybe a little hopeful.

"Yes." She answered immediately. I could tell there was no reason for that inkling of possibility that Janeway wouldn't take her back. "She knows I needed to try. I already sent her a message and she's asked me to come."

"Jeez, Sev you waste no time do you!" I joked though the pain.

"You'll always be a part of me, Raffi." She said breathily and cupped my cheek.

I could only nod.

We stayed that way for a moment before she left. Retreating to our bedroom. She packed and made some arrangements and before I knew it, she was standing at the door. Her small pack of belongings slung over her shoulder. Her finger just inches from the entry way activation key. She turned to look at me over her shoulder. Her eyes gentle. No tears this time. I smiled. This time more genuinely. "Go." I said with a tooth grin.

She nodded tersely, her jaw twitching, the way it did when she was struggling with emotion.

She was gone.

I didn't cry. I was cathartic how it felt as if everything was right in the universe again. I busied myself with mundane tasks for a few days until I got a message on my communication PADD.

I smiled when I opened it.

"I thought you might appreciate knowing I've made it to Earth.

Please, never hesitate to contact me if you every need anything.

Even if it is only to speak to a friendly companion.


Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One"

I Laughed loudly, alone in what used to be our bedroom at her salutation. It was so…her.