A Slayer and His Rabbit Reunited

"And tomorrow will be the first Christmas since the mysterious Doom Slayer saved humanity from the demons and the UAC organization. While we're unsure if he will make an appearance, I'm one hundred percent certain that tomorrow's festivities will be extravagant. Especially since most are going all out." The news reporter announced.

"It certainly seems to be shaping up to be a holiday that will go down in the history books. But anyway. We're out of time. So from everyone here at ComStar studio, I'm Jaime Wolf; good night, everyone, have a happy holiday, and make sure to spend the day with your loved ones." The news anchor said before the radio turned to static.

"Umph." The Doom Slayer grunted before turning off the radio he used to keep up to date about the events going on Earth.

Getting up from his seat, the Doom Slayer turned off the hub's computers and monitors before heading to where he stored his super shotgun and combat shotgun. Exiting the hub room, the Doom Slayer walked down the stairs toward where he kept his anvil and tools he used to repair his weapons in case they suffered damage during his crusades through hell or his excursions on Earth. But this was only a short stop to grab his chainsaw, fuel, and some cleaning supplies to clean his guns and suit. Once he had everything he needed, the Doom Slayer headed toward his private quarters.

Arriving, the Doom Slayer went over to his desk and cleared the pizza boxes and takeout boxes that contained his last meal. Even though he no longer needed to eat, he still did so out of habit. Once done, the Slayer placed all of his weapons and the fuel canister next to his feet before sitting down. But as he did, his feet kicked a box that contained the Christmas decorations that Vega and Hayden 'convinced' him to get while he was on Earth.

"Umph." The Doom Slayer grunted in annoyance as he pushed the box with his foot further underneath his desk.

While never religious, the Doom Slayer had celebrated Christmas back in his own dimension, whichever and wherever it was. He had celebrated it every year with the few friends he had. And if none of his human friends were available, the Slayer would have gone for a walk with his true best friend, Dasiy the Rabbit. Essentially, no matter what, the Slayer always had someone he could look forward to spending the holidays with. However, that all changed when the Demons invaded Earth and took everything he held fear from him.

After that fateful day, the Slayer knew he would never celebrate the holidays again as the Slayer firmly believed he would never see a human again or see Earth again as he fought the demons in their dimension. And the Slayer was okay with that as long as he ensured the Demons could never invade Earth again. Especially if remaining trapped in hell would ensure he gets his revenge for the Demons killing the one thing he truly cared for in his life. But as the days turned into weeks and the months turned into years, the Doom Slayer slowly began to forget what the holidays were, as only the need for revenge remained.

"Umph." The Slayer grunted, annoyed, as he stopped cleaning his plasma rifle. He knew that he wouldn't get anything done if he could stop dwelling on the memories of the past. And since neither Vega nor Hayden was here, it meant he had more to do. What would have typically taken the Slayer about ten minutes now took about forty since he had to do everything himself. Times like this made him miss Vega and the annoying piece of scrap metal known as Hayden.


Snapping his head up, the Slayer turned to one of the monitors on his desk and noticed that it was alerting him to two messages he had just received. Moving the mouse, the Slayer opened the message and saw that it came from Valen and a recently promoted Sentinel Elite.

'Doom Slayer. The reconstruction of Taras Nabad is going excellent. We are ahead of schedule by four months. The scouting party has sent their reports. No Demon sightings so far in Argent D'Nur. We will continue monitoring all locations for any abnormalities.'

Nodding, the Slayer closed the message from the Sentinel Elite before opening the one from one of the few people he could consider a friend.

'Slayer, I have arrived at my son's grave. Thank you for allowing me to have these few days. I shall return soon to help out with our home's reconstruction.'

Nodding, the Slayer closed the messages, satisfied at the Sentinel's progress and happy for his friend Valen. One thing the Doom Slayer never expected after accepting that he would never leave hell was to end up on Sentinel Prime. But despite gaining new allies and a friend, he found no reason to celebrate the holidays again. Primarily because the people of Argenta had no concept of Christmas and rarely took days off. Not to mention, all the Slayer cared for at that moment was to continue his crusade against the Demons and avenge his pet bunny, Daisy.


The Doom Slayer's pet rabbit.

The one thing he cared for more than anything else.

The primary reason why he began his crusade against hell.

Letting out a frustrated grunt, the Doom Slayer knew he wasn't going to get anything done with his current state of mind. Putting down his Super Shotgun, the Slayer decided to look for either a podcast to listen to or a movie to watch until his mind finally settled. However, before he could grab his computer's mouse, the lights inside his private quarters began flickering while alarms all over the Fortress of Doo started blaring. The Doom Slayer immediately stood up while grabbing his Super Shotgun.

"Remain calm, Doom Slayer." A mysterious voice said. But what caught the Slayer's immediate attention was the tone of the voice. It carried a strange calmness to it as if a mother was trying to soothe a crying child. However, the Slayer knew it could simply be a trick from another deity, just like how the Khan Maykr used projections of Daisy to try and stop him from slaughtering the last Hell Priest.

"Do not fret, Doom Slayer. I am not your enemy." The voice said as the figure it belonged to finally revealed itself. The figure resembled a relatively young woman in her early thirties with soft red hair and warm blue eyes. But unlike what the Slayer might have expected, the woman was wearing clothes someone on Earth would wear. And instead of wielding a weapon or symbol that would represent them or show their godly heritage, she was holding a simple rose. But, like with her voice, she emitted a motherly aura that soothed some of the anger within the Doom Slayer. However, the Doom Slayer did not lower his Super Shotgun, but he did relax his stance lightly.

"I know you do not trust me due to your past experiences with other deities, such as my creation, Aadidev, or as you have come to know him, Davoth." The figure said, surprising the Slayer. And despite the figure being unable to see his face, she could tell he was slightly surprised, causing her to chuckle. "I understand your confusion, Slayer. Davoth is indeed the first being in known existence who ruled the first world you call Jekkad and was responsible for the creation of all realms. But ask yourself this. Davoth, the first being, ruled an already existing world that had an entire kingdom. Where do you think that came from and what/who created him? I'll let you figure that out."

The Slayer let that sink in for a moment. But it did make sense to him. Yet, that information didn't matter. What mattered was who this figure was and what she wanted. Yet, it seemed like the figure knew.

"My real name is impossible to pronounce. But you can call me Anya." The Slayer nodded before motioning for her to continue. "As for the reason behind my visit, it is simple but also long overdue."

This got the Slayer's attention but also made him genuinely confused and curious. While he knew never to trust any diety, there was something about this one that made him feel calm and not furious. Yet, that did not mean he lowered his gun. But he wanted to know what Anya was referring to that was long overdue.

"You have done so much for this universe, suffered so much, and sacrificed more than anyone could fathom, yet gained so little in return. You have gained allies but no friends. And now that you have achieved your goals, you have nothing left."

The Doom Slayer, upon hearing this, immediately leveled his Super Shotgun at Anya. While it was true that he had achieved his goal of killing all demons, he was NOT going back into that sarcophagus that the Father tried to put him in after he defeated Davoth. Yet, Anya merely smiled before moving toward the Slayer and placing a hand on his shoulder with the warmth soothing some of his anger.

"You're reaction is understandable, Slayer. The Father, or as you used to call him, Vega, did try to seal you away. But that is not what I intended to do nor will do as you do not deserve that fate. What I want to give you is actually a gift, not only for your sacrifices but so you are no longer alone."

This confused the Slayer even more, and, dare he say; he was very curious about the gift. Anya noticed this and smiled.

"I can tell you're curious. Now lift your arm up and open your hand."

Nodding, the Slayer raised his left arm and opened his fist with the palm facing up. Anya nodded before closing her eyes with a bright glow appearing in the Slayer's hand. It glowed so brightly that the Slayer briefly thought he might go blind. But just as quickly as it came into existence, it vanished. Yet what remained in its place shocked the Doom Slayer to his core. For in his hand was what started his crusade against hell.

It was Dasiy, his pet rabbit. And judging by her reaction, she recognized him as well. Words could not begin to express the Doom Slayer's delight at being able to hold Daisy again. Looking back at Anya, the Doom Slayer nodded his thanks.

"You're welcome, Slayer. You deserve it, after all. Take care. And until we meet again." Anya said before disappearing.

Smiling, the Doom Slayer looked back at Daisy before putting away his Super Shotgun and gently hugging her. So many things were racing through his mind, from getting food and putting things in place to make the Fortress of Doom safe for her. But as he was making a list of things he needed to do, the Slayer remembered the box of Christmas decorations under his desk. What he initially thought would be something he would throw away the next time he went to Earth suddenly became the perfect way to celebrate the holidays.

After all, the Doom Slayer wouldn't be spending it alone. He would be spending it with Daisy, his pet rabbit. The one thing he cared about above all else and was glad to be able to hold in his arms again.