Widowmaker's 14th Ex-boyfriend

"Maudit soit ce jour maudit. Pourquoi, de tous les jours de l'année, ne devons-nous pas avoir de missions aujourd'hui?" Amélie Lacroix, A.K.A. Widowmaker, cursed in her native langauge as she walked through the halls of the Overwatch Gibraltar base.

It wasn't strange to see Windowmaker in a bad mood. In fact, most Overwatch members had grown accustomed to it and would become worried when she wasn't mad throughout the entire day. However, everyone could tell that she was even in a more foul mood than usual. Windowmaker had already threatened to shoot about twelve of the Overwatch members. Now, all the younger members scattered when they saw her, with the more seasoned members keeping their guard up.

"And, of course, they would decide to celebrate this jour impie."

Reaching the living quarters, Widowmaker decided to watch some of her favorite soap operas to pass the time and hopefully calm down. Grabbing the remote, Windowmaker went to the corner of the room where Overwatch kept some refreshments. Typically, she would prefer some tea or some refreshing cold drinks when trying to relax. But, considering the headache, she felt coming on, and what day it was, she grabbed a bottle of brandy. Moving over to the table, she began making a fresh cup of coffee using her favorite coffee brand. Once the coffee finished brewing, she poured some into an extra-large cup along with half the bottle of Brandy, followed by some whip cream and sugar.

"C'est bien. Bénissez la personne qui a créé ce mélange céleste." Widowmaker said as she took a sip of her drink and relished in the pleasant taste and warmth flowing through her body. Moving over to the couch, she grabbed the remote and turned on the television in hopes of finding a decent novella to watch. Yet, as she kept flicking through the channels, her anger returned tenfold. After a few moments of flicking through channels, she threw the remote at the wall in frustration as the only shows that were on were ones that reminded her of what caused her headache. Balling her fists, she stood up and raised them to the sky. "Maudite soit cette satanée journée!"

You might be wondering what caused the Windowmaker to be furious today and caused her to throw the remote at the wall. Well, the answer is simple.


Today is Valentine's Day. The day Amélie Lacroix hated with a passion.

"I... I need a stronger drink." Widowmaker said as she sat back down.

Taking a few deep breaths, she composed herself so that no one would see her in such a vulnerable state. Once she regained her composure, she stood up and was about to head over to the mini-fridge but stopped when she heard footsteps down the hall. Rolling her eyes while letting out an irritated sigh, Widowmaker prepared herself for whoever was about to enter the living room. But as soon as she turned back to the mini-fridge, she jumped in fright when another Overwatch member appeared inches from her face.

"HEY, WIDOWMAKER!" The always cheery and peppy voice of Tracer shouted as she blinked in front of Windowmaker.

"Putain de merde. Tracer, tu as failli me faire avoir une crise cardiaque!"

"Um, sorry, what?"

"I said that you nearly gave me a heart attack. Don't do that. I could have put a bullet in your head if I had my Widow's Kiss on me." Windowmaker said as she got her breathing under control.

"Oh, sorry about that."

"I told her that it wasn't a great idea." Another voice chided. Turning to the entrance, they saw Tracer's girlfriend, Emily, walking toward them with a smile.

"Merde! Prenez une chambre vous deux!" Windowmaker said, rolling her eyes while trying her best not to let the affection get to her.

"What?" Tracer asked, confused.

"She told us to get a room." Emily translated.

"You speak French?" Widowmaker asked, surprised.

"I have been taking some classes in my spare time."

"Either way, how about you two go back to Tracer's room and leave me in peace."

"Why so extra grumpy today?" Tracer asked, curious. Only to blink out of the way when Windowmaker threw a potted plant at her. However, they all became confused when they did not hear it break. Looking toward where it should have landed, they saw that Reaper had entered the room and caught the plant.

"It's because today is Widowmaker's least favorite holiday." He explained while setting the plant down on a nearby table.

"Oh. Right, forgot about that." Tracer sheepishly said.

"Why? It's Valentine's Day." Emily asked, confused, unaware of Windowmaker's past.

"Uh, dear. Widowmaker used to be married. And because of Talon's brainwashing, she killed her husband."

"Oh. Sorry."

"It's fine. But that's not the real reason why I despise this day." Windowmaker said with a sigh.

"It's not." Emily and Tracer said, confused. Turning to Reaper, they saw him nodding in agreement.

"Then why don't you like Valentine's Day?" Tracer asked.

"It's because Valentine's Day reminds her of the man who broke her heart before she met Gérard Lacroix." Another voice answered. Turning to where it came from, they saw the infamous hacker, Sombra, walking toward them with a devious smirk.

"Sombra." Reaper warned.

"Don't you dare!" Widowmaker seethed.

"What happened?" Tracer asked, curious.

"You girls might not know it, but hermana here used to break guy's hearts wherever she went. I think in total, she had broken roughly fifteen-"


"Right, thanks, hermana. She broke seventeen guys' hearts. And that is all before meeting Gérard Lacroix."

"Sombra. Vigila lo que dices después." Reaper warned, stepping closer while balling his fists.

"But what does that have to do with today?" Emily asked, confused.

"Patience, chica. I'm getting to that. While hermana did break the hearts of seventeen other guys, she actually dated eighteen guys before marrying Gérard Lacroix. And that eighteenth man is Amélie's fourteenth ex-boyfriend. And he was the only one to break her heart."

"Sombra." Widowmaker and Reaper warned.

"And he broke her heart years ago on this very day which just so happened to be Valentine's Day. Now, she can't stand anytime she sees anyone getting intimate with their lovers, especially on Valentine's Day. Yet, she still wonders what it would be like if they were still together."


Turning to Reaper and Widowmaker, Tracer and Emily noticed that Reaper had pulled out his shotguns while Amelia cracked her knuckles. And judging by their aura, everyone could tell they were pissed.

"Well, I hope you two enjoyed the story. But right now, I have to go. Later." Sombra said before running down the halls.

"Sombra! Tu ferais mieux de prier pour que Dieu ait pitié de ton âme parce que je ne le ferai pas!" Widowmaker shouted before running after her.

"What did she say, love?" Tracer asked.

"That if Sombra wants to stay alive, she better not be caught by Widowmaker." Reaper answered as he walked over to them while putting away his shotguns. "Those two are going to be the death of me."

"Are you their dad or something?" Emily asked. "And aren't you like seventy?"

"I'm dead, so I don't have an age anymore. And even if I did, I would only be fifty-eight. And in a sense, you could say those two are my kids."

"Did you know about this? I mean, the guy who broke Widowmaker's heart?" Tracer asked.

"Only some of it. Apparently, while Widowmaker's skills with a sniper rifle were enhanced because of Talon's equipment, this guy taught her everything she knows as he was also a sniper."

"Do you know his name?" Emily asked.

"I believe it was Rick Mundy. Though, he often goes by the name the company he used to work with gave him, which was Sniper." Reaper answered before placing his hand on his face. "Now, if you'll both excuse me, I need to make sure Widowmaker does not murder Sombra. Dios, dame paciencia porque si me das fuerzas, los asesinaré."

"That was something." Emily said as Reaper transformed into his wraith form and left the room.

"I'll say. You know, I'm kind of curious about this Mundy fellow."

"Lena. I know what's going through your mind. And before you do so, don't. Widowmaker seems genuinely upset about the whole thing."

"I know that love. I just wanna meet the guy. I promise that we'll keep him away from Widowmaker. She won't even know that he's here."

"You promise?"

"Scout's honor." Tracer said while crossing her heart. However, her other hand was behind her back with her index and middle fingers crossed.

"Alright." Emily said, relenting and believing her girlfriend. "But where do we even begin looking for him? For all we know, he could have died since they broke up."

"Perhaps Winston and Athena could help. Come on." Tracer shouted before dragging Emily to Winston's lab.

Eight Hours Later

"Merde." Widowmaker cursed as she again missed her targets.

Currently, she is in the shooting range practicing her marksmanship skills along with some other Overwatch members. After failing to kill Sombra and getting chastised by Reaper, she decided to come here to blow off some steam. Thankfully, the other Overwatch members that were here with her were, in her opinion, some of the less obnoxious ones. However, despite calming down considerably, she was still markedly irked as she missed her targets. And the fact that four of the eight members were being intimate with their lovers was not helping. Fortunately, Lucio's music and Zenyatta's Orb of Harmony were doing an excellent job keeping her anger in check.

"Allez. Concentre-toi." Widowmaker said as she fired another two shots but narrowly missed her targets. "Damn."

"Do you require another Orb, Widowmaker?" Zenyatta asked, mindful to keep his distance and respect her wish for him only to use her codename when others are around.

"Yes, thank you."

As much as she hated to admit it, she enjoyed having the Orb as it allowed her to feel alive and soothe any anger she felt. And when you add Lucio's music into the mix, she feels a peace she rarely feels anymore. Zenyatta nodded and threw another Orb at her before returning to Genji. They conversed for a bit before exiting the room. Returning to her practice, Widowmaker loaded a fresh mag into her rifle before firing another couple of rounds. Yet, the results were the same as she narrowly missed her target. Feeling her eyes twitch, she decided to take a moment to calm herself down.

"Do you have to make it so difficult for you, Amelia?" Mercy asked.

"I know that practice makes perfect, but this is too much. This seems almost artificially difficult." Pharah added while pointing to the lights shining down upon her.

When she was setting up the shooting range to practice, she inadvertently fell back on some of her old habits. And those habits were her making her practice as challenging as possible. The reason was simple, it was an attempt to show up her old mentor, which coincidently was her ex-boyfriend. Yet, no matter how tough she made it, he always successfully made each shot the first time. Despite the years since then, those habits still remained with her as she requested Symmetra to create a massive searchlight to shine on her face. She also made some drones move around to act as artificial cover for her targets. And as if that wasn't enough, she had the targets move around in random directions while occasionally going in and out of cover.

"That's because it is. I cannot keep my spot as one of the world's top snipers if I don't continuously push myself." She explained/lied as she did not want to admit the truth behind the difficulty.

"I can understand wanting to remain in the top spot, but this is too much. What are the chances that something like this would happen?" asked as she walked toward them with Brigitte by her side.

"Not to mention, your gear would make any situation easier. You can see through walls, and your bullets can penetrate almost anything." Brigitte added.

"Yes, they can make carrying out a mission easier. But I cannot always rely on them. Plus, the bullets are quite expensive."

"If you desire, I could utilize my hard-light tech and fabricate a device that would make the creation of more ammunition feasible." Symmetra offered, quickly seeing through her lie.

"I'll pass." Widowmaker said before turning back to her targets. She fired the remainder of her rounds, yet each one missed by a slightly wider margin than before. Feeling her eyes twitch, she threw down her rifle in frustration.

"I told you this was an artificially difficult shot." Pharah said, sounding smug but Mercy chided her.

"I know. But at least I can take some comfort that even that man wouldn't be able to make this shot."

"Who?" The rest asked, confused as Widowmaker covered her face with her hands. Sighing, she was about to turn around and exit the room but stopped when her instincts told her to duck. And just in time, too, for three shots were fired as soon as she kneeled and covered her head with her hands.

"Rick Mundy." She seethed as she stood up, turned around, and saw the smug face of her old rival/lover.

"G'day, love." He said while lowering his sniper rifle as he tipped his hat at her.

"YOU!" Widowmaker growled as she grabbed her rifle and aimed it at him. Yet, while the others shouted for her to drop her weapon, he remained unfazed. Feeling her anger reaching a boiling point, she pulled the trigger. Only to be rewarded with her gun making the sound it made when there were no more bullets in the magazine.

"Still as feisty as the day I met ya." The guy said, chuckling.

"Widowmaker, who is this?" Pharah asked, aiming her rocket launcher at the strange man.

"Hmm. Rocket launcher with six rockets. More than some of Soldier's rockets launchers, but yours seem much weaker in comparison." The man said while slinging the rifle over his shoulder.

"What?" Pharah asked, confused.

"This is Rick Mundy. But he prefers to go by Sniper when out in the field." Widowmaker answered, never taking her eyes off Sniper as he looked around the shooting range. "But a better question would be, how are you here?"

"Simple. A couple of sheilas and their monkey friend got into contact with me and asked if I could help them. They then picked me up and brought me here."

"And you just accepted the call from someone you didn't know?" Lucio asked, surprised.

"That's a surefire way to get yourself killed." Symmetra added.

"Eh, it's fine. I have been through way worse and don't really fear anything anymore. Plus, death doesn't scare me as I know what's waiting for me on the other side."

"You got guts; I'll give you that." Brigitte said, amazed.

"And skill as you managed to hit the targets Widowmaker struggled with." added.

"WHAT!" Widowmaker shouted. Turning around, she saw, to her horror, the targets were knocked off their stands.

"Are you okay, Amelia?" Mercy asked, worried.

"Why? Why? Why can't I ever beat him?" She asked herself. However, she tensed when she felt him place his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't be rotten, Amelia. You're a great shot. I just have been around longer and had crazier targets to take out. So I'm used to these impossible shots."

"I know. But I can't exactly be the best if I can't surpass you." She countered before turning around and attempting to punch him. Yet, he easily avoided it.

"What did I tell you when we first started training?"

"To be polite. Be efficient. And have a plan to kill everyone you meet." Widowmaker answered, smirking as she remembered those fond memories.

"Glad to see you still remember this."

"While I hate to break this moment." Pharah interjected. "But can you tell us this man is, and how do you know him, Widowmaker?"

"I told you already. He is Rick Mundy. He's the one who taught me everything I know about being a sharpshooter." She answered, slightly annoyed at having to repeat herself. "And he's my fourteenth ex-boyfriend."

"But you can just call me Sniper. Much easier."

"I thought Talon taught you everything you knew?" Lucio asked, confused.

"Non. Talon only sharpened some skills and gave me my gear. The rest came from him."

"Is nobody going to mention that fact that Sniper is Widowmaker's fourteenth ex-boyfriend?" asked, only for Brigitte to smack her on her head.

"Hana. That was not necessary."

"Sorry." said, shrinking under the scornful gaze of the others.

"Did you date him before marrying Gerard?" Symmetra asked.

"Yes. Before I married Gerad and haven't dated anyone after."

"Is that why you are here? To try and get back with her?" Brigitte asked.

"Nah. I wanted to know how my student and ex-lover were doing. Just because I broke up with her doesn't mean I don't care about her."

"How sweet of you." Widowmaker said, rolling her eyes.

"And after all these years, you're still like Jane Austen, dead inside." Sniper said, chuckling as he crossed his arms. "Listen, I know you hate me with good reason. But why don't we bury the hatchet? This cold war we have going on is getting more rotten than that Frankenstein of man's inventions."

"What? Who?" Widowmaker said, thoroughly confused.

"Just some bloke who I used to work with years ago."

"Well, as much as I hate your guts and would prefer to bury the hatchet in your head, your right. It is getting a bit stale our war." Widowmaker said, extending her hand while letting out a rare, genuine smile. Sniper seemed surprised that she accepted his proposal so quickly but shook her hand nonetheless. "But I still have you in my sights."

"Sure you do, love. Sure you do."

"Mr. Mundy." Mercy said, getting his attention.

"Just Mudy, love. Mr. Mundy was me, pa."

"Do you know who contacted you? I know the monkey is Winston. But who are the sheilas you are referring to?"

"One was a peppy young ankle-biter, and the other was her lover. I believe her name was Tracer or something like that."

"I should have known they were behind this." Widowmaker said before going silent when she heard some light footsteps nearby. "Sombra."

"I take it you're furious with them for inviting me here."

"Yes. I never told anyone outside of my dad about you. But Sombra learned about you from doing some research. And by research, I mean by hacking into my online journal."

"I take it some payback is in order." Sniper said with a devious smirk.

"Definitely. I just need to find her as she can turn invisible."

"Can't you use your fancy tech?"

"She hacked it. So it's worthless right now."

"Well then. Time to resort to the old, reliable method I used for dealing with snakes." Sniper said with an evil chuckle as he handed her a glass jar filled with a golden liquid.

"What's this?" Widowmaker asked, confused. However, she had to resist the urge to vomit when she realized that it was a jar of piss.

"Jarate. Just throw it at the snake and watch as they can no longer hide behind their fancy tech." Grinning, Widowmaker listened for Sombra to make her next move. And once she located where Sombra was cloaked, she threw the jar at her.

"JARATE!" Sniper shouted as the jar burst upon impact with the liquid revealing a now visible Sombra who looked to be on the verge of throwing up.

"Madre de Dios! ¿Qué es esto? Creo que voy a enfermar!" Sombra said, feeling some vomit rise in her throat but managed to swallow it back down. However, she became frightened when she realized that she was now visible with Widowmaker glaring at her.

"Oh, Sombra. I think it's time I pay you back for all you did today." She said, cracking her knuckles.

"Oh, look at the time. Got to go."

"GET BACK-What, Rick?" Widowmaker asked, confused when Sniper stopped her.

"Figured you might need this." He answered while handing her a weird-looking kukri.

"A kukri?"

"I call it the Bushwacka. A co-worker engineered it for me a while back with a special function."

"Which is?"

"It does significantly more damage when it hits someone covered in Jarate." Sniper explained, with Widowmaker gaining a near sadistic smile.

"Perfect." She said before running after her teammate. "Oh, Sombra. I got a little present for you."

"She's still a feisty one even after her transformation." Sniper said, chuckling.

"It seems you still like her." Lucio said, getting his attention.

"Perhaps. But only time will tell if I still like her or it's just old feelings returning."

"Do you think it was wise to do that to Sombra and give Widowmaker that menacing kukri?" Pharah asked.

"Don't worry about it. What's the worst that can happen?"

"Sombra hacking into your accounts and putting everything you did on the internet."

"Please. Like I'm worried about that. I've dealt with someone far worse as she could accomplish any task given to her with frightening efficiency."

"Well, while you might not be worried about Sombra, I am concerned about your health and kidneys." Mercy said, walking up to Sniper. "That is an unnatural amount of urine in that jar. And I doubt it came from multiple releases."

"You right about that, doc. But I'm fine."

"Still, if it's alright with you, I would like to give you a medical examination." Mercy said, silently telling him that she wasn't asking for his permission and would drag him to her office if it came down to it.

"Eh, what the hell. It would be nice to get checked up by a sane doctor that won't put some bloody animal parts in me."

"Wait, some doctor put animal parts in you?"

"Yup. He even put a blue whale pineal gland inside me."

"I thought I told him to stop."

"I take it you know the doctor that supposedly put animal parts in him, Angela?" Symmetra asked.

"Probably. But the only way to be sure is to examine him." She answered with an exasperated sigh.

"Well, before you take him and begin prodding him with your tools, I would like to ask him something first." said.

"And what's that, Ya little ankle-biter?" Sniper asked, chuckling at her pouting expression.

"I ain't no ankle-biter." She said, stomping her foot on the floor, causing the others to laugh at her temper tantrum. "Anyway, you said you taught Widowmaker how to snipe people, right?"

"That's right."

"Did you ever teach anyone else, and did they ever come close in terms of skill level to Widowmaker?"

"Yeah, I taught a few, and one did reach the same level of skill Widowmaker reached but with a different weapon."

"And who was that, and with what weapon?" However, before Sniper could answer, the door opened, and a voice caught everyone's attention.

"Master?" The voice belonging to Hanzo Shimada said, flabbergasted at seeing his master again after so many years.

"G'day, Hanzo. How are the Dragons?"