This is just me making a crossover of my own fics for fun. Loki from Finally Belonging ends up in the Cupboards and Cryogenics universe.

I read a comic called Exiles 85, where a team of different Wolverines are all dumped in the same universe and fight a horde of other Wolverines. This isn't nearly as chaotic as that.

Everyone's been talking about other worlds like they haven't heard of them before. Harry knows most people didn't know about magic and mutants and aliens until the aliens attacked and his family saved the world. But Thor and Loki are from another world and Loki still seems surprised, even though he brought the aliens.

Or maybe he's just surprised about the other Loki that he somehow pulled from another world.

Harry wonders if Loki's going to pull out another Thor, or another Harry. Or another Dad.

"I don't want another dad!" Harry crosses his arms, because the other world is probably really different. The other Loki is really different.

Instead of dark leather or other fancy clothes, or even silk shirts, he's wearing Iron Man pajamas. He hugs a toy lion dressed in a real Iron Man suit, and there's a giant, real snake hugging him.

The Loki Harry knows narrows his eyes at the new Loki, not seeming too pleased about what he sees.

"You must be a mage, stealing my image."

The new Loki doesn't seem bothered to see him, until he does. "You're not like Lokis I makes. You're a Scar."

He says scar like it's a bad thing.

"The bad's out of my scar." Harry says, rubbing his forehead. It never hurts, now. "Loki took the bad thing out, like how we crushed the mem'ry stick."

The new Loki glances at Harry with eyes that are the same green as Loki's but somehow totally different.

"You're Harry Potter," he says, tilting his head to the side. "Sorry, Harry. Your dad died. He gots killed, like Mufasa."

The new Loki raises his Iron Lion high above his head and hums something.

"I know my old dad's dead." Harry says. "Everyone knows. A bad wizard killed him and my mummy."

"I know." the new Loki says. "You're books like Simba's a movie but I was you."

"You aren't me!" Harry says crossly. "I won't grow up to be you! 'Cos I'm right here and Loki's right here so you can't be grownup me!"

"You're too little. Like a baby Simba." The new Loki closes his eyes and shakes his head and hands. Suddenly he shrinks and looks like an older Harry, almost as old as the big kids at the X-Homeschool. His hair's shorter but messy, like Harry's used to be before he grew it out like Dad's.

Harry frowns at his older self. There's no way he's really an older Harry even if he just turned into him. "Stop it!"

Loki looks at the new Loki turned Harry. "Why do you talk to things you don't believe are real?" he asks, like the other Loki's really dumb.

The other Loki who's now another Harry doesn't answer. Instead, he looks down at Harry. "Why are you here? When you turns eleven, you learn 'bout magic and go to Hogwarts! Not 'Fessor X's school."

"I know about magic now." Harry scoffs. "Besides, I won't go to Hogwarts! And he's my grandpa'fessor."

The snake around Loki's neck hisses "Thissss Harry isssss not the sssssame assss the book."

The other Loki changes from an older Harry back into Loki, but Harry forgets him for a moment and beams at the snake. "I heard you! You're a smart snake'cos you know I'm not a book."

This other Loki, Harry's not so sure about. He's clutching a cuddly toy, which seems awfully babyish for a grown-up.

"You talked to a Brazil'n Boa Constrictor in the zoo." the new Loki tells him.

"I've never been to a zoo." Harry says. "I know, 'cos I'm me."

"My Tony says you're not real." the new Loki says. "But you're real here. Like Jor. Everyone said he's fake, just in your head, you stupid boy."

Harry glares and pokes himself to show he is real. He would say he's not dumb, but he thinks this Loki's talking to himself now.

It sounds like how the Dursleys abused Harry, which is the word Harry's Grandpa'fessor uses when they have therapy.

"Stop your magic, freak." the new Loki says, still to himself, like he's having flashbacks like Dad has.

"Your magic is a gift." Harry's Loki lifts his head, standing like a king. "Oafs like my brother will never understand, even if he's slowly learning. Just because Thor prefers to bash things with his hammer, and the other idiots in Asgard fawn over him-"

Both Lokis keep talking, not listening to each other. The new Loki has that far-away look Dad gets, only he's rocking back and forth and hugging his toy tightly as he mutters to himself. The snake squeezes him tighter, all around his body. Harry thinks it looks like it's trying to tie him up, but the other Loki relaxes with the squeezing hug.

He keeps rocking, looking down at his Iron Lion.

"Not likes that here." he mutters, but he glances at Harry like he's trying to reassure him, like a parent would, even though he's the one who needs a cuddly toy. "Here, you can use your magics to do great things. Like fix Tony's leg. My Tony says I don't gots to get fixed all the way. They broked my brain, but Tony said it worked different before. The different's not broke, but parts all cracked like a Odin earthquake."

"They hurt my Dad's brain too. And took his arm." Harry tells him. It's not really private, because the trial was all over the telly. "But he's got a robot arm, and he's still my Dad."

"He saved you?" the new Loki asks.

Harry nods. "He kidnap-saved me."

"Like a good Gothel." the new Loki says. Harry has no clue what a Gothel is. "Tony saved me, 'cept he's not my dad! I'm way way older."

The new Loki smiles a bit, but suddenly frowns. "Thor saved my Sleipy even though he hurts me lots."

"What," asks Harry's Loki scathingly, "Is a Sleipy?! "

"He's my horse kid." the new Loki says.

"You 'dopted a horse?" Harry asks. Mr. Barton says they adopted Lucky the dog, because people can adopt pets or kids. "I'm a 'dopted kid."

"Nope, nope, nope. I birthed him." the new Loki shakes his head wildly. Harry doesn't know where babies come from, but he knows people don't make horse babies.

The new Loki explains it to him like he's a little kid. "I made me a mare and he grew inside me."

"Lies!" Harry's Loki says, even though he lies when they play cards. "That's something ridiculous the Midgardians made up, like the World Snake."

Loki casts a dark look at the snake wrapped round the other Loki.

"Jusssst as he isss not the Harry from the book, you are not the sssssame. " the snake hisses.

"Clearly," Loki says, eyeing the new Loki with contempt.

The new Loki seems to think this Loki is worse, too. "Yeah. I'm not Scar. You killed Thor, here, didn't you? Was he a good Thor?"

He sounds like it's hard to believe there could be a good Thor, even though Thor's a hero.

"Loki didn't kill Thor." Harry says. "He's not bad. They took his mind, too, but he got it back. And helped kick alien butts."

Harry kicks the air to make his point.

"How come you act like a kid?" Harry asks, almost feeling like he's older than the new Loki, except he clearly isn't.

"My kids are older than you." the new Loki tells him. "And not just 'cos we're all older than Midgardians. You're just a baby."

"I'm not a baby." Harry almost shouts.

"Sleipy's not a baby." the new Loki says, sadly. "I hadn't seen him since he was borned, only in my head and illusions."

He looks around, like he's expecting to see his horse kid. "Sleipy? Where are you?"

The new Loki runs off. There's a crash like he runs into somebody, and Harry hears him say "Tony! Where's my Sleipy?"

"Hey!" Mr. Stark grunts and says "What's with the hugging?! Seriously, what the hell is going on here?! If this is an April Fools prank, it's a very weird one."