Super-man Battles Spiderman

"You're days are numbered! Spiderman" superman attacks so quickly.

"My web powers will protect me" flips Spiderman to dodge all the attacks. "What!? You're secret ability."

Correct. You cannot anticipate this. "Hold on we cannot fight due to we are both good." "But Wonder Woman ismy girl friemd."

"She is actually mine if you think about itm"

I will never agree. :"Me neither."

"DID SPIDERMAN ABD SUPERMAN FIGHT?" superman wrote in the newspaper but it was secretly Clark Kent the whiole time.

"lies! All it lies!"

Wonderwoman says "I do not care if you are evil. And she begins rtaking off her clothes."

" You boys better not peek at my pussy and balls" Wonder Woman winked as she nakeded off her g-thong.

"Even though I atill lover her we will not let a woman come between us." Solemnly superman

Spiderman responds "Yes, we must avoid these distractions and fight evil together."

Authors note: there was also an additional Spiderman in this scene

The end