The Morning after the heated moment between Rebecca and Nick was still weighing on both of them. As Nick walked into the room where he saw Rebecca was sitting at a table eating breakfast.

Nick: "Uhh Rebecca about last night we umm

Rebecca: "Say no more what happened on the roof dead I uhh got abit carried away won't happen again Breakfast?"

Nick:"uhh why not?*

As the two eat awkwardly in silence a alert went off on borh of there phones from Bruce ("Joker Gang spotted with some Civilians tied up and burned house's voth of you get there and save the civilian's and take rhe gang out")

Nick: "Ugh ready Bex?"

Rebecca:"I was until you called me Bex getting ready see you there"

As the Two suit up and head towards the location of rhe Gang hideout the two land on rip of a building that they can scout the area out easy. Doing a quick take of everything Scarlet Bat looks over to Blackbird

Scarlet: "well what you want to do? play rescue rangers or take out the clowns?"

Black Bird: "Think you could use a better term for that first part but I'll take the gang you save the civilian's "

Scarlet: "You're the boss"

The two glide down in two separate areas as Scarlet ends up spotting Five Joker Gang members with the two civilians tied and gagged up Scarlet Making a quick and fast move throughs a smoke bomb into the room. As she flys in with her Crimson Red eyes glowing with Tactical visions she rushed up to the first two and takes out her twin Tonfa knocked the both out with two quick strikes. Then jumping to the nect she kicked the man down steps on his face as she flip kicks the next then with her tonfa she knocked the last one in rhe head taking all 5 down. Scarlet Bat then begins to un tie the civilian's then radios over to BlackBird.

Scarlet: "I got the two there good I'm going to get them fullt out you going to be okay by yourself?"

Black Bird: "A few jokes like rhis? I'll be fine let Bat man know we're done and I'll be back before 5:30

Scarlet Bat getting the two civilians out safely as Black Bird continues to fight off the on going Joker Gang as Female clown with blue hair comes over to Black Bird with Six othee Joker gang members with her. "Toxic:Hiya Birdy yer kinda late for our date and you are way ova dressed why all da clothes? It's like ywr hiding something from me Oh wells we'll just take ya out and thwn continue putting this place on fire while we soend all of our brand new money!" Get em boys!"

As the gang rushing at Black Bird runs at him he uses his quick steps to doge and knock the clowns down with hard punches and a few kicks as Toxic stomping her foot yells our

Toxic: "No fair!"

Black Bird: "Aww come on Toxic you don't play by rules what's fair to you anyway so we doing this the easy way or fun way?"