Well… it's been past a year since the release of this mini-series. While this part is labeled as the ending and will serve as the ending of Akari's legend, there'll at least be two more chapters. One of which will be after I actually play the dang game this story is based on. Yeah… this story is pretty much the big reason I haven't been able to play Legends Arceus. Since the story started production before the game came out, I wanted to keep my thoughts pure of what was actually IN the game to allow for a story I thought could occur with what we knew of the basic premise, and then porting elements from the movie about Arceus.

And, well, given that Scarlet and Violet still have a glitch that possibly wipes out save data that's not been patched after about two months… ugh. And given all the other issues SV has had… I'm really of the opinion, regardless of the quality of the anime, I think SV getting another year to be worked on would've been for everybody's benefit except for the anime. …then again, given how rushed the last arc ended up being… hmm…

Getting this done has been on my to do list for a while, but it's just kept on getting pushed back for reasons. And, honestly, getting it done will make me happy and allow me to finally stop needing to avoid spoilers about the game. The only things I know about this game off the cuff of what others have mentioned is that the final boss is hard and is about… 60s-70s(?), something about Cynthia being a Sync Pair with Giratina is 'fitting' (heck if I know why…), I feel like I've at least heard… something… about Ursaring, but I don't know for sure, and the existence of Hisuian variants of Qwilfish and Sneasel. (sarcastic) Thanks for the spoilers there Go and Cafe Remix. Appreciate it!

(normal tone) Anyway… let's go ahead and get to what has been an ending on my mind for quite a while. There will be a tiny bit of hinting towards something else that's on the docket for my best friend, but it'll be small.

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Let's get this going.

Disclaimers: Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, Creatures Inc, etc. The concept of the Vasta region, alongside any Pokémon from there, belongs to my good friend KKD Silver. Thanks for letting me use them here.

Potential Content Warning: There will be themes of life, death, and some degree of inspiration from religion. I do not know if these will be upsetting to any people, but I am including this warning out of an abundance of caution.

A few weeks had gone by since Akari's escapades in the far north of the Hisui region. Things had been proceeding along decently for the young member of the Galaxy Expedition Team. As time went on, there were many more tales of her legend that could possibly be told, but those shall be saved for another time…

One fateful day, Akari just watched Rai work here and there, discovering that his specialization focused on the abilities that Pokémon could use in battle. Akari jotted down some of the facts he mentioned while talking about certain things. The time Akari had spent alongside the commander's son had made her start to become a little attracted to him.

"You get all that, Akari?"

Akari blinked a little as she looked up at Rai, who was standing alongside her recently evolved Gastrodon. There had been events that got a few of her team members to evolve, but not all of them had. There was another Pokémon nearby that was the subject, however.

"...I'm sorry, I got lost in thought. Can you simplify what you were saying?" Akari requested.

Rai let out a sigh as he looked towards the Pokémon that he had been talking about, "Please tell me what you did manage to catch at least."

"Right, right. This Pokémon, ordinarily a Normal/Flying-type, that evolves into a Fire/Flying-type, is instead a partial Ice-type in the region you caught it in. …Fletchling, was it?"

"Correct," Rai nodded, "And I was going over I thought its ability worked."


"Like how your Cyndaquil's Fire-type moves power up when it's close to fainting, or how your Zorua can disguise itself as another Pokémon," Rai explained, "I'm considering dubbing the ability of this Pokémon as 'Boulder Bash'."

Akari nodded her head and quickly jotted that down in her notebook, "Right. Sorry. The explanation kinda… went over my head. I may know a lot about Pokémon, but…"

"It's alright. Still… thanks for being willing to listen. Dad doesn't care much about the region I was exploring anyway… Vasta is a fun place, though. Caught a really powerful Pokémon in the event I need to defend myself. I just… didn't think to use it when I was in trouble when we first met…"

"Oh, no need to worry about it. Things can happen," Akari assured him.

Rai smiled at her. The conversation carried on a little bit between the two before Akari eventually had to head off. Before she did, though…

"Consider it a gift," Rai said with a smile as the little bird Pokémon got closer to Akari.

Some weeks had gone by since Rai's Fletchling had been given to Akari. The girl had managed to train it up so that it finished evolving over the course of that time and she had been using it in battle every once in a while.

Over the course of some of those weeks, though, several Pokémon had started to go on a bit of a rampage in various parts of the Hisui region. Not only the Alpha Pokémon, but some of the Nobles had started to stir up trouble once again.

Akari and her Gastrodon quickly evaded an attack from the Noble Kleavor. In spite of Gastrodon being a fair bit round, it was able to avoid attacks through the course of the battle. The fully evolved Vastian Talonflame swooped on down and nailed the Noble Pokémon with a powerful Steel Wing before getting out of the way of another attack.

"Okay…" Akari mumbled, starting to fling more balms at the Noble Kleavor. She kept at it for a little bit, but the Noble got up and growled before charging forward with green energy at the axe limbs.

Gastrodon managed to cover Akari, but got effortlessly knocked out by the attack.

"Must've been Leaf Blade…" Akari muttered, quickly recalling Gastrodon, "Thanks a lot, buddy. Get some rest."

The Noble Kleavor let out an angered roar. Akari managed to avoid another attack, with her Talonflame swooping down to keep on the offensive.

"Be careful!" Akari spoke.

Her Talonflame gave off a small nod in response, then unleashed a powerful Steel Wing. The Noble Kleavor gave off an angry yell before it bit down onto Talonflame to fling it away. Talonflame ended up getting tossed a fair bit away, but the bird was still able to rise again.

"You ok?!" Akari questioned.

The bird nodded, managing to get back up before the Noble Kleavor unleashed a powerful Rock Slide right towards it. The Talonflame managed to just tank the Rock-type attack like it was nothing, with the energy from the attacks recharging its health.

"Talonfrost, Frost Flash!" Akari yelled out.

Talonflame, hearing its nickname called out, gave a nod before it swooped on down with a chilly wave of energy surrounding it. The move collided with the Noble Kleavor right on. This made the Noble try to strike at the bird, but the speed increase from the attack allowed it to evade.

"Frost Flash one more time!"

With that command, the now swiftly moving bird managed to strike Kleavor once again, finally knocking it out. Akari took a moment to catch her breath a little before she saw the bird fly over to her side.

"Great work, Talonfrost," she smiled, giving the bird a hug.

"The Noble Kleavor has been quelled… again…" Akari informed as she handed a paper over.

Commander Kamado and Cyllene both accepted the written report about the events.

"Good work, Yuna-san," the commander told her.

Cyllene just nodded her head before she walked over to several other people who had been gathered in the headquarters of the Galaxy Expedition Team.

"Pokémon all over the region are starting to get more and more aggressive…" a Diamond Clan representative commented.

"Yeah. Another Noble had to be quelled for the fourth time in the past month…" a Pearl Clan representative added on.

This made the commander let off a sight as he rubbed his head a little bit. People from the Clans and the team all looked towards each-other in a bit of worry.

"Begin work on making sure civilians are capable of evacuating should the need come up…" the commander spoke, "I want to make sure that if this leads to anything greater, then the civilians can leave. Galaxy Team, make sure you and your Pokémon will be ready for deployment at a moment's notice."

"Yes sir!"

Two days went by since the orders to prepare for evacuation had arrived. Most of the civilians were able to pack and get themselves ready to leave if the need should arrive.

Akari sat within her room and was checking over a list of every Pokémon she had on hand and in her ranches that was capable of fighting should the need arise. She soon exhaled a little bit and began to look at her emergency supplies for both her Pokémon and herself if the need to run had to come up.


"Shinx shinx…"

Akari looked towards her two Pokémon and saw they were looking at her bag in concern.

"Huh…?" she asked, soon realizing they were asking for her to check something. After a moment, she soon fished out something from her bag and began to pale.

The crystalline form of the Jewel of Life, which was usually a kind of green, was starting to dim, fading into a bit of a gray color. To Akari's touch, the gem was starting to grow a bit colder than she recalled it.

"...I'm running out of time…" Akari mumbled. She pointed the Jewel of Life in the direction of Mt. Coronet, and the jewel's color was faintly coming back. She then looked to her on hand team, then back up to the mountain…

The sun was setting and people were doing their best to remain calm in spite of all of the concerning events that had been happening recently.

Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded off. Various Galaxy Team members who had been set up outside of Jubilife Village saw a hoard of several Pokémon approaching, several of them Alphas, most of them incredibly angry.

"Send the signal!" one person shouted.

Volo quickly turned to his Lucario, who aimed towards the sky and unleashed a Steel Beam into the air, sending out the signal to the rest of the region…

The Galaxy Team members who were still in Jubilife Village quickly gave out the evacuation order and gathered together to ready themselves.

However, as Cyllene and Rei looked around, they were quick to notice somebody wasn't there…

"Where is Akari?!" Cyllene yelled.

"I don't know!" Rei admitted.

Cyllene let out an angered groan before she and Rei hurried over to Akari's residence… only to see that it was empty. They searched around for a moment and eventually found only a note was left.

'I've gone to investigate a way to calm the frenzied Pokémon. Please, have trust in me. If you need to, you have permission to use the Pokémon that I've caught to help you. -Akari'

The two both paled slightly and exchanged looks, concern and worry evident on both of their faces.

Meanwhile, Akari herself had managed to reach the base of Mt. Coronet before the sun had finished setting and was working her way climbing it up. She had her scarf pulled over her mouth to try to keep herself warm, while Cyndaquil was once again riding in her hood. The girl kept silent, having the Jewel of Life with her as she kept on going up the mountain.

Over the course of the climb up, Akari managed to evade a few Hisuian Sneasels and some Bronzors that had been around the mountain.

'You just need to keep going… just keep going…' Akari thought as she kept on the move.

However, before she could make it back out of a cave system, she was attacked by an Alpha Crobat. It let out a fierce roar of anger, which made Akari look around to see she didn't have the means to outrun it without a fight.

Without a moment of hesitation, Akari then sent out one of her on hand team members. Her Goomy had finished evolving sometime back and was one of her strongest Pokémon. In spite of that, what it had become was lost to the ages.

Regardless, the Pokémon was effortlessly able to fend off the Crobat before being recalled and Akari continued forward.

Commander Kamadao stood alongside several members of the Galaxy Team as he watched a hoard of Alpha Pokémon marching closer. Several members had sent out their Pokémon to go on the offensive as best as they possibly could.

"Do not let them harm the village!" the commander shouted.

The team members kept up the defensive fight as best as they could. Even Professor Laventon was amongst the team members, armed with a Corviknight, a Bisharp, and an Armarouge. His team was capable of keeping up the fight, in spite of being a bit less experienced in live combat.

"...Akari… where are you…?" the commander muttered.

"Alakazam, Psychic!" Cyllene ordered, her ever reliable partner moving forward and getting some of the Pokémon out of her way, "Commander."

"Good. Did you manage to find Yuna-san?" he asked.

"She left a note saying she had some kind of plan to stop the Pokémon from rampaging. I don't know what she was thinking, but…"

"We need to have faith in her abilities…" the commander responded.

"Luckily, she gave us something to help," Cyllene added, getting out another Pokéball, "Froslass, use Frost Flash!"

The Pokéball opened up, unleashing the evolved form of the Snorunt that Akari had caught while in the north. She dashed forward and knocked out a few enemy Pokemon.

"We can use some of the Pokémon she has…"

The commander smiled a bit at this, "Galaxy Team, to arms!"

Towards the south of the village, Rai had worked with parts of the medical corp to get civilians towards boats in the event that they needed to leave all together. Soon, he heard people yelling in fear and hurried forward. He saw a few Pokémon had snuck up and were now on the attack, including an Alpha Rapidash. He sent out a Wyrdeer to fight it off and get others away from the flaming Pokémon as quickly as he could.

'All I can do is my best…' Rai thought in worry.

Suddenly, a powerful Alpha Ursaring let out an angered roar before it dashed closer towards Rai.

"Wyphoon, use Metal Claw!" he shouted as he sent out a Pokémon from its ball. A silvery, wyvern, Pokémon came out and unleashed the move on the Ursaring.

The Ursaring let out a growl before it unleashed a powerful Hyper Beam. The attack, however, simply phased right through Wyphoon.

"We got an opening! Dragon Claw now!"

His Wyphoon dashed forward and effortlessly KOed the Ursaring. Rai then looked around and kept working on getting people ready for the boats.

The Diamond Clan was currently on the move and fighting back as well. Their numbers were a bit fewer than that of the Pearl Clan, yet their Pokémon were able to hold their own as best as they could.

"Adaman, where are we going towards?" one member asked.

"We're going to try to reach the two remaining villages," Adaman responded, "We need to move. Time is not on our side here."

Over in the north, the Pearl Clan had already begun to engage in combat with the rampaging Pokémon as best as they could.

"Not enough space to fight…" Irida muttered, keeping on the move. She glanced up, seeing her Hisuian Braviary fending off other Pokémon from the air. She took a moment to try to breathe a little, while keeping herself calm.

"Look out!"


Irida watched as a Unovan team member had sent out their Braviary to aid her own in a battle against a hoard of rampaging Lucarios.

"Thanks for the help," Irida quickly spoke.

"Think nothing of it," the clan member responded.

One Lucario, an Alpha, dashed forward. The other trainer quickly sent out an Excadrill to go on the offensive against it.

"What's your name?" Irida quickly asked.

"I'll tell you after we survive."

Irida simply nodded her head in response, then turned her focus back to the battle.

A hoard of Buizels, headed by an Alpha Floatzel, began a march towards the Floaroma Village. The civilians all looked on in horror at the marching hoard of Pokémon towards them.

"Flo…" the Alpha Floatzel growled before it tried to charge forward.

However, before it could even attack, another Pokémon dashed forward to counter it. It was a Luxray, heading a group of Luxios and Shinxes.

"Huh?" one civilian gasped.

Akari's grandmother looked forward to see the group, then the leader Luxray gave her a small glance. It was brief, but it was enough. The Luxray and its tribe then went on the attack against the Alpha Floatzel's group.

"...Akari's friends…" the grandmother whispered before she smiled a bit. She then closed her eyes and whispered, "Divine Sinnoh… please let her be okay… please protect her…"

The girl had managed to get further up the mountain and was dealing with a bit of harsh snowfall as she kept going up. She had brought out her Zorua to act as her eyes and ears as she kept on moving.

The trip up had become a little quiet as they continued along, with Cyndaquil doing its best to keep Akari warm as she continued. Akari was quiet, with only her steps against the snow indicating she was there, while Zorua kept remaining nearby and looking around.

After a bit of travel, Zorua let out a yelp and quickly took cover behind some rocks. Akari quickly followed her Pokémon, then peaked out to see what had caused it to hide. Akari grimaced as she saw the growing hordes of Alpha Pokémon that were roaming around, making her reach for a Pokéball, when…


The sudden yell made everybody turn to see a Hisuian Zoroark had shown up and it kept on yelling until the Alphas had all fled the area. It then remained still, not doing anything else and simply waiting for something.

Akari looked towards the Hisuian Zoroark. It looked calm and almost seemed happy. Akari cautiously approached, gently reaching out her hand. The Zoroark turned towards her and smiled.

"Wait… is it you?" Akari asked.

The Zoroark then made a motion towards its right arm, making Akari see there was a scar around some cloth that was somewhat attached.

"It is you! Zoroark!" Akari cheered, pulling the Pokémon into a hug. Zorua soon popped out of its hiding spot and joined the hug, with Zoroark gently returning it.

The trio gently hugged for a little bit before there was some roaring from somewhere. Zoroark seemed to know the source of the noise, then let go of the hug and got ready for a battle.

"Thank you," Akari smiled.


Akari and Zorua kept on going and eventually reached a cliff face that needed to be climbed up.

"We need to hurry," Akari said to her Gastrodon, who gave a quick nod and began to use Rock Climb to ascend parts of the mountain.

Back over at the ground level by Jubilife Village, the Galaxy Team members were doing an okay job at defending the front lines. While some had needed to pull back to tend to their injuries and the injuries of their Pokémon, others were still keeping the good fight going.

"Talonflame, Brave Bird!" Rei shouted out.

The frosty bird dashed forward towards an Alpha Yanmega and managed to nail it head on with the attack, knocking it out. The bird then looped around back towards Rei, taking a moment to catch its breath.

"Nice one!" Rei called out.

However, things would soon take a turn for everybody. A large storm began to form above the top of Mt. Coronet, with mysterious energy that seemed like electricity sparking from the center of it. However, the energy was not electrical in nature, and the way it sparked was unlike any storm that anybody had ever seen.

Volo looked up at the sky in a bit of amazement and fear at the same time, "Well… it's time to see if we will survive the divine judgment…"

The storm clouds were soon over the vast majority of the Hisui region, blocking out the sky from any view of the region.

"What is happening?!" a Diamond Clan person questioned.

"...judgment day…" Adaman spoke.

"What do you mean?!" a Pearl Clan person fearfully asked.

"The day the almighty Sinnoh will decide if humanity deserves to co-exist with its creations…" Irida continued.

"Or if we are to be wiped off the face of the planet…" both Adaman and Irida said to their respective tribes at the same time, not that they knew it.

The events of this day were not simply felt over the Hisui region. The dark clouds had begun to appear over the entirety of the world that day, and Pokémon were rampaging all across it. The Legendary Titans had awakened and began to go on the attack around the world, the Legendary Birds descended to attack as well, the Forces of Nature struck Unova, and Groudon and Kyogre unleashed their rage upon the region of Ransei.

However, the attack had allowed something that had once been sealed away by the power of the divine Sinnoh. The monster that had been sealed away awoke within the Alola region and went on a rampage. The monster's name had never once been spoken aloud, for fear of inviting it.

It was simply known as the beast that devoured light.

The Tapus worked as best they could to fight off the monster and defend their home, while wondering what was happening…

Akari got closer and closer to the center of Mt. Coronet, guided by the power of the Jewel of Life. The jewel had regained some of its natural heat, but it was growing dimmer as Akari kept on going.

"This is bad…" Akari mumbled before she kept moving forward. She eventually exited the cave she was in and had finally reached the center and topmost point of the mountain. To her shock and amazement, there looked to be something that almost looked like a temple. She stepped forward towards it, simply taking the sight in, "Sugee…"

Before the young Survey Corp member could get much closer, she heard a loud cawing sound. She glanced up to see an Alpha Honchkrow was getting close to her. Akari managed to avoid it, with Cyndaquil jumping out of her hood and being ready for a fight. Akari quickly sent out her Shinx, who was also ready for the fight.


"Cyndaquil, use Rollout! Shinx, Thunder Fang!"

Her two Pokémon dashed forward and managed to nail the Alpha Honchkrow with their attacks. In spite of this, the Alpha was able to fly a bit more and then unleashed a Dark Pulse right towards the two, which sent them back a little bit.


Cyndaquil fired off the attack as quickly as it could and it did land, allowing Akari a moment to quickly act.

"Vulpix, use Ice Beam! Zorua, Bitter Malice!"

Her Zorua quickly took to the field and unleashed the wave of bitter emotions forward. Joining the Zorua was another fox Pokémon, an Alolan Vulpix that Akari had obtained from another mission, and it unleashed the wave of ice.

The Alpha Honchkrow took both attacks and, while slightly staggered, flew down and nailed both Pokémon with a powerful Steel Wing.

"Tch…" Akari muttered, reaching out for her fifth team member, "Gastrodon, use Blizzard!"

Her Gastrodon popped out and quickly fired off the move, managing to hit the Alpha head on. In spite of that, it was capable of firing back with a Sky Attack that made Akari grimace a little.

"Dragon Pulse!" Akari shouted, flinging out the evolved Goomy from its ball to unleash the attack.

The evolved Goomy quickly unleashed the attack. The Alpha Honchkrow just smirked and then used Roost to heal up a bit before it followed up with an Aerial Ace on several of Akari's team members.

"Use Dragon Breath and Body Slam!"

The evolved Goomy and Gastrodon both went on the offensive on the Alpha Honchkrow, both managing to strike at it successfully. The Honchkrow kept going, but it was clearly slightly staggered from both attacks. Akari smiled as she saw this.

"Keep a long range now! Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Bitter Malice, Dragon Breath, Scald!"

All six of Akari's Pokémon unleashed the moves as told, keeping up a unified front against the Alpha as best as they all could. The Alpha Honchkrow got away, but finally stumbled long enough for an opening to land a Strong Style attack.

"Shinx, Strong Style Wild Charge!"

Shinx charged up the electrical energy and dashed forward as fast as it possibly could, making a direct strike. Shinx's attack managed to best the Alpha Honchkrow. The small Electric-type took a moment to catch its breath before Akari hurried over and scooped it into a hug, "You're amazing!"

Shinx smiled and cuddled up with Akari a little bit. Her first partner just snuggled with her for a little bit before Shinx's body began to glow and change. Akari pulled back in a bit of surprise before Shinx evolved into Luxio.


"You evolved? That's amazing!" Akari beamed, pulling her newly evolved partner into a hug. The rest of her team hurried over and began to give some congratulatory comments to Luxio, who simply looked proud.

Akari just smiled at her team and, after a moment, stood up and stretched a bit.

"When I'm with you all… even if I feel discouraged and hopeless… when I have you all by my side, and our hearts have connected, it feels like… like… there's nothing I can't accomplish. I love you all," Akari said with a smile. Her Pokémon all smiled at her in response and gave encouraging noises to her. Akari then got out the Jewel of Life, which was a bit duller in color than before, and held onto it, "Now… let's go make our names known in legend!"

Her team gave more happy noises and then headed forward. While the skies above were dark as could be, Akari kept walking with her head held high and the Jewel of Life in her hand.

The ground began to rumble from the energy of the mysterious storm, which ended up causing the Jewel of Life to fall from Akari's grasp…

The storm only further intensified outside. While Rai and his two Pokémon tried to breathe for a moment, a second, much angrier and taller, Alpha Ursaring charged forward. Wyrdeer was effortlessly knocked out in the process, while Wyphoon unleashed a Dragon Claw.

However, the Ursaring then went for a combo of Ice Punches and Shadow Claws, majorly harming Wyphoon and sending it tumbling back. The Pokémon was able to rise again, if only by a narrow margin.

"Wyphoon, Draco Meteor!" Rai commanded.

The serpentine Pokémon managed to force itself back up and into the air before it unleashed a sphere of energy that came raining down like meteors. Doing this, however, took the last of the Wyphoon's strength. Luckily, the Alpha Ursaring went down.

"Thank you, Wyphoon," Rai smiled, recalling the Pokémon.

The Diamond Clan had reached a settlement known simply as the Alamos Village, which had been the hardest hit village of the Hisui region so far. There was some sort of a Pokémon that was moving around that they couldn't make out the shape of or what it was even doing, but that it was very angry and on the attack.

"Find any civilians and get them to safety!" Adaman ordered of his clan members.

The Diamond Clan nodded and quickly got to work. The mysterious Pokémon then seemed to notice Adaman was there, and lunged forward.

Suddenly, another Pokémon emerged. This one, though, rose from the shadows like it was a phantom of some sort. The Pokémon was mainly a jet black with a white wisp floating above its head.

The other Pokémon that was on the attack yelled and then moved towards this shadowy, wispy, Pokémon. It then moved forward and unleashed a Dark Pulse towards the other one.

"I'll be…" Adaman muttered, amazed to see a Pokémon fighting to protect the settlement.

The Pearl Clan looked to see the master of the Legendary Titans had awoken and was stomping forward. The noise it was making was alien to most of the people assembled, sounding like beeps and boops, instead of a Pokémon.

"You know what Pokémon can say, right?" the Unovan Trainer asked.

"It's saying 'this is what it's like to be free'..." Irida responded.

Suddenly, a hoard of Hisuian Braviaries that were not on the side of the Pearl Clan swooped down towards the master of the Legendary Titans. It turned towards them and quickly unleashed a powerful Hyper Beam their way.

However, the battles weren't going very well at the main frontline in front of Jubilife Village. More and more people and Pokémon were getting injured, and the enemy numbers just kept coming in more and more.

"Commander, there's too many of them! We need to pull back!" one Survey Corp member spoke.

The commander was about to speak up, but then…


Everybody turned to see the source of the noise, and several members of the Galaxy Team paled in pure horror at the mere sight of the angered Pokémon.

"Garchomp…" Cyllene mumbled.

"And an Alpha at that…" Rei added.

The Alpha Garchomp then unleashed a powerful Dragon Claw that effortlessly tore through a few Pokémon. It then saw the flying, metallic, bird and unleashed an equally as strong Flamethrower.

Laventon's Corviknight hit the ground with a sickening thud. It was still alive, if only barely, but it was in no condition to continue the battle. Bisharp tried to move in, but was similarly dealt with. Laventon quickly recalled both of them and his Armarouge to their Pokéballs and hurried over to the commander's side.

The Alpha Garchomp angrily roared and unleashed a powerful Earthquake that dealt serious damage to the area and the Pokémon being used by the Galaxy Team. Seeing the terrifying beast of a Pokémon, the commander realized he had one choice…

"All forces, fall back!" Commander Kamado regretfully shouted.

The Galaxy Team quickly heard and responded to the order. Several of them hurried away, some worked to help others, and it was clear that several of them were afraid for their lives. Rei turned towards the sky, seeing Akari's Talonflame flying around and trying to help guide some of the fleeing people.

"Akari… you're our only hope…" Rei whispered.

Rei then heard someone yell and quickly turned around.

Cyllene ended up with an injured leg and not being able to walk. Rei was the only one who saw her and he could see the Garchomp was approaching. He then acted before he could even think, with his Torterra leaping over to buy Rei time to help get Cyllene back up and get her away.

"Why did you…?" Cyllene spoke.

"I don't know…" Rei admitted.

Rei's Torterra quickly unleashed a Leaf Storm to cover their escape before following after his handler and the others. However, the Alpha Garchomp just grinned and marched forward…

The Jewel of Life had fallen off the side of the temple that Akari was in and landed on a cliff that was just close enough for Akari to reach down to try to grab. The girl had leaned down, while her six Pokémon were holding onto her and ready to pull her back up.

"Almost… there…" Akari spoke, getting herself a little closer to the jewel, her hands missing it by a little bit, "Lower me a little more."

Her Pokémon that weren't using their mouths to hang onto her protested a bit.

"Please! I don't know what's going to happen if I don't get this back, and I don't know if it'll break!"

The Pokémon exchanged looks at each-other, and then inched slightly further forward to get Akari just a bit more room to reach. However, it was clear that they were struggling to maintain holding onto her.

"I can… just… get it…" Akari told her team, her hand getting just a bit closer to it.

Suddenly, the ground shook a bit more from the discharging energy from the mysterious storm. The Pokémon all did their best to hold their ground, but their own grips on Akari were starting to slip. Luxio was desperately biting down on Akari's right pant leg and trying to maintain the weight as best it could.

The ground continued to shake for a bit, with Akari's expression growing horrified as the rumbling ground finally stopped… and said rumbling caused the Jewel of Life to go into freefall.

"NO!" Akari yelled, using her hands to then force herself to leap down after the Jewel of Life, completely freeing herself from the grip of her team of six.

All six of her Pokémon gasped in horror and then yelled out her name in their own way. Gastrodon then had to quickly grab onto Luxio to stop it from jumping after her.

Akari was screaming as she was soaring down, trying desperately to try to get the Jewel of Life in her hands, seeing the stormy energy reflected from the jewel as she kept falling.

"I won't… I won't let it all end here!" Akari eventually spoke, throwing her fears aside as she kept falling and getting a little closer to the jewel, "Because… my legend… my legend will end… with everybody being happy! Human, Pokémon, it doesn't matter!"

She reached out to the jewel, just slightly missing it, but her face just grew more determined.

"And because… I promised… I would bring this back!"

The girl made one more reach out towards the jewel, screaming while she did so, before she finally managed to grab hold of the Jewel of Life. She brought it close to herself and held onto it as tightly as she possibly could.

Then, as if by a miracle, she stopped falling. She hadn't hit the ground, yet her momentum came to a halt. The girl looked at herself and saw that there was some sort of psychic aura around her body.

Akari's Pokémon all looked around in confusion at each-other, nobody certain who it was that had caught Akari. Amongst the six, Cyndaquil, Luxio, Gastrodon, the evolved Goomy, an Alolan Vulpix, and Hisuian Zorua, none of them knew any kind of a Psychic-type attack.

The source of the psychic energy then gently brought Akari back up. While the energy storm had begun to cause damage to the temple, making many pillars of spears, the source of the psychic power that brought Akari back over was calm and gentle. It set her back on her feet and her team of Pokémon hurried over to her, only to stop and bow upon seeing the source.

"It's you," Akari realized, as a bit of mystical energy had faded to let her fully see who it was.

"Young child… we meet again…" the snow white magical creature spoke.

"Here you go," Akari smiled, handing the Jewel of Life forward, "A promise is a promise, after all."

The magical creature studied the jewel for a moment, then proceeded to put a foreleg onto it and applied a bit of pressure onto it for a moment. Once it no longer did so, the magical creature accepted the Jewel of Life back into itself, with the last sight of the jewel that Akari could see having it go back to its shade of green.

The Jewel of Life faded away and the magical creature summoned forth the stones that had made up its power, and the five that it had given up to create the Jewel of Life reappeared alongside the others. As this happened, a wave of energy flowed across the world.

The Galaxy Team stood right at the entrance to Jubilife Village as the Alpha Garchomp approached, several of them ready to sacrifice themselves to keep it away.

The Alpha Pokémon then came to a stop as the energy wave from the snow white magical creature flew across the world. The Alpha then calmed down and began to walk away. The storm clouds then faded away from all over the world and the rampages began to stop.

Akari was taken a bit aback from the sight of the environment clearing up and things looked to be calming down. She eventually turned towards the snow white magical creature, which was looking at her in a bit of concern.

"I am honored by your dedication to your promise to return the Jewel of Life… but why did you cast yourself down after it…?"

"Because I was afraid the jewel was going to break…" Akari admitted.

"As the Jewel of Life is a part of me… it could not… would not… break…"

"...oh…" was all Akari could respond with before she nervously laughed, feeling the stares of her six team members for what she had done.

The snow white magical creature gave a small chuckle at the sight of Akari's team of six and their expressions.

"Still… uh… thanks for saving me," Akari added on.

"You saved me all those years ago, so I feel it was only fitting to do the same for you…"

Akari gave a smile in response before the snow white magical creature proceeded to use its power to generate something. The item appeared to be an azure colored ocarina of some sort with a red ribbon, which then floated into Akari's hands.

"Consider this a gift. You do not need to bring this back to me. It is yours to keep."

"Oh, thank you," Akari smiled, proceeding to look it over a bit.

"Much like the Jewel of Life, this gift cannot and will not, break."

After a moment, Akari nodded and put the gift into her bag for safe keeping.

"Do you have anything to use to write something down in?"

"Oh, yeah, I have my notebook," Akari informed, quickly fishing it out along with something to write with.

The snow white magical creature then began to use its psychic abilities to guide Akari's hand to write something down. Akari looked a bit surprised, but simply allowed it to happen. Once the energy let her go, she looked down to see it was some sort of sheet music.

The melody that was written down for the flute was a tune that was in D-minor arpeggio, with the melody going A-F-D-F-A-D.

"Should the need for my power ever come, use this oath to order on my gift to you to summon me."

Akari gently nodded her head, understanding that this was a sacred gift, and keeping that melody in mind.

Eventually, the snow white creature proceeded to bring Akari back down from the mountain and towards the village. Many people across Hisui saw Akari riding this mysterious creature like one would ride a Wyrdeer, with the young girl happily laughing as the creature flew through the air.

"You humans are… fascinating…" the snow white creature admitted.


"I was not the one who created your kind. And I had never known what to make of you. Your kind spread tales of a day my divine judgment would come for your kind, and I had thought… that this world had no need for you all. …yet… you proved me wrong."


"The factor of if humanity would be allowed to remain on this world or not was decided by you, when you returned the Jewel of Life to me. You had passed the test I had set into motion after I gave you the jewel…"

"All the rampaging Pokémon… was a test for me?" Akari asked.

"And the rest of humanity. Sure, some Pokémon by their nature aren't exactly fond of your kind either, but this was all a test to see if the world could continue to be shared, or if it would belong to just Pokémon."

Akari simply grew quiet in response, a bit floored by that fact, as she looked to the majestic creature that was giving her a ride home.

"I truly had my doubts. Yet… you erased them, young one. This world can have co-existence…"

"I'm glad that I was able to show you that," Akari said with a smile.

Soon enough, the snow white creature returned to the village and let Akari get off.

"Arigatou," she smiled.

"Young child… you must have a name. I wish to hear it.

"Akari. My name is Yuna Akari."

"I thank thee, Akari."

"Can you… tell me what you're called?" Akari asked.

The snow white magical creature turned towards her in a bit of surprise.

"I never learned your name, and you just asked me mine. So~..."

The creature nodded, then, once again, used its psychic powers to guide Akari's hand to write it down in her notebook. Once it was finished being written, the magical creature disappeared into light. Akari glanced down to see what was written down, then held her notebook a bit close to herself.


Tales of the aftereffects of judgment day had spread through the world. The region of Ransei was the hardest hit from the unexpected rampage of Pokémon, causing parts of the region to sink, other parts to rise, and for many casualties. This would be one of the last recorded appearances of Groudon and Kyogre for many centuries, as their rampage dramatically altered the region.

The fate of the Legendary Titans was left to speculation. The last known sightings of each were Regirock within the Kanto region, Registeel off the coast of Hisui, Regice within what would be come to be called Hoenn, Regidrago within Johto, and Regieleki within the Crowned Tundra of the Galar region.

The battle with the Alola region had devastated an island, but the beast that devoured light was successfully defeated. Following that battle, though, mere mention of that beast became taboo within the region.

The region that would later become known as Orre was one of the hardest hit in terms of devastation, as the Pokémon that devoured life, Yveltal, descended upon it and drained away the plant life of the region.

Kanto had been able to fend off the Legendary Birds, while Unova had only to fight with the Forces of Nature in their true forms. Reports of the events were scarce at best, and inconclusive at the worst. However, what was known is that these events led to many Kantonians departing towards an archipelago that was between their region and the Alola region for safety.

Galar and Paldea were the regions least hit by the events of the divine wrath that was judgment day. Rumors abound of what occurred within the Vasta region on that day. No known reports or witnesses came forward, with only rumors and speculation of the moon appearing to be heart-shaped on that day floating around for the many centuries since that day…

Meanwhile, following Akari's return, and the success of the Pokémon being calmed, the village threw a party to celebrate her success and the return home of their hero, mostly unaware of what happened to the rest of the world.

Several of the adults ended up with some alcohol to celebrate the day, while most of the young people, including the savior herself, just ended up with colored juice to tell it apart from the alcohol. Akari had a small glass of blue juice and was doing her best to handle the praise that had been coming her way.

The girl did her best to try to mingle, but eventually found her way towards Rai, Cyllene, and Rei and began to talk a bit with them about recent events.

"I guess… I'm like a trainer or something. We're all training to be the very best we can be," Akari said.

"Pokémon Trainer, huh?" Rai responded.

"I feel that is a title worthy of what you are able to bring out of a Pokémon," Cyllene added on.

"Just gotta teach Pokémon to understand the power that's inside…" Rei commented.

"And be willing to understand that we live in this world together…" Akari smiled, with her Luxio trotting over and cuddling up to her.

The young hero ended up mingling with some of the rest of the Galaxy Team for a little before, eventually, a toast was called for the savior of the region.

"To Yuna Akari!" Commander Kamado announced.

"To Yuna Akari!" all of Jubilife Village called out.

Following that day, Akari's name was passed down within many tales and many legends across the Hisui region, and, eventually, to other parts of the world. The girl had saved the world, not that she truly grasped the full extent of it, and she continued on her path to help other people as time went on.

Many more legends bearing the name Yuna Akari continued to spread after that.

In her early 20s, she had married Rai Kamado and they mutually agreed to take on her last name instead of Kamado. The happiness they had on that day, and through the rest of their lives, was known well across the region.

The first Pokémon League that had been hosted within the Hisui region eventually came down to just Akari and Volo in the finals. The fight was, far and away, described as the most intense battle that had ever been seen in the Hisui region. While Akari did come out on top, it came down to her very final Pokémon. Records of the battle were shaky, at best, but they did exist. However, that is a tale for another time.

Many more legends made by Akari continued to occur as she continued on with her life. There was once a great battle in the Alola region, with Akari invoking the oath to order to fight back against the beast that devoured light, but that… is a story for another day. Some parts of it were known, but most details were kept secret to avoid invoking the beast that devoured light. Two things said during the battle were known and documented. One said by a servant to the beast that devoured light, and one by the legendary trainer of Hisui.

"Let me show you… what I'm made of!"

"Power comes in response to a need, not a desire."

However, who said what was a mystery for the ages.

As the decades stretched on, Akari continued to live and see the Hisui region eventually become the Sinnoh region. Even after around one hundred years, Akari was still alive and kicking. She had mostly retired from public attention and was just simply observing the continually changing world around her. As that went on, though, various Pokémon from the days of Hisui began to disappear and some eventually ended up going extinct. Hisuian Zoruas and Zoroarks were no longer found, Hisuian Growlithes just disappeared from the region, Hisuian Sneasels were eventually thought to no longer exist, Hisuian Qwilfishes were also deemed to not exist, amongst others.

Akari's heart sank the day she learned that the last living Kleavor died in an accident protecting its trainer. The species was deemed to be extinct not long later, and the trainer who had been protected stepped down from their position as a Gym Leader in shame.

Sadly, as the years kept going, time began to claim the team members that Akari still had with her. Her fully evolved Goomy gave its life to protect Akari and her team from poachers in the 1980s, her Alolan Ninetales passed on from a heat stroke in the 80s as well, her Gastrodon passed from old age in 1989, and her Hisuian Zoroark gave up its life for Akari when people attempted to kidnap her.

Following that last incident, Akari and her remaining two team members moved far up north into Celestic Town and made a residence at a retirement home. The two still with her were, fittingly enough, her very first two Pokémon. Luxray, still willing to fight if the need came to it, and the fully evolved version of her Cyndaquil. The latter, though, had tended to remain away from other people to avoid drawing any unwanted attention…

It was now around the late 1990s, and Akari was still alive, making her the oldest person in the entire world. At this point, as far as Akari was aware, there were about four of her descendants that were currently living in the region that had become known as Sinnoh. The biggest name was Professor Sorveira Rowan, who had been researching Pokémon evolution. The few times Akari interacted with him, she had noticed that he was the spitting image of her late father-in-law, which ended up making her limit her interactions with him out of not wanting to tear up at the reminder of what was no longer with her.

Then, there was his daughter, Aria, who eventually married another researcher named Hiroki Luxia. Akari had some interactions with them, if not a whole lot, but they eventually came to her out of the blue one day in need of a small favor.

"I'm really grateful you're willing to babysit for us," Hiroki smiled.

"We'll be back in a few days. The conference shouldn't go on super long," Aria added.

Akari just nodded her head a little bit and looked to the daughter of Hiroki and Aria, who just made Akari giggle a little when she got a good look at the four-year old, who was almost a tiny duplicate of how Akari looked around a similar age.

Akari had interacted with said kid in the past, and she had even visited a few times before for celebrations, but this was the first time she would be interacting with the kid one-on-one.

"Hi. I'm Dawn," the four-year old introduced herself.

"It's nice to properly meet you," Akari greeted, gently smiling.

Dawn just nodded a little, holding onto a Piplup plushie that she was carrying with her, when her mom kneeled down to her eye level, "She does look like me…"

"Sweetie, please be on your best behavior, ok?" Aria requested.

"Okay," Dawn nodded.

"We'll call you when we know for sure we'll be able to come back," Hiroki informed.

Akari and Dawn nodded, the two waving towards the researchers before they headed off. Thus, the elderly lady was left alongside the four year old girl.

Dawn eventually found a TV to watch something on, while Akari and her Luxray were keeping an eye on her. Akari couldn't quite tell what it was Dawn was watching at the moment, but she was simply happy that her descendant was happy and looked to be having fun.

Some time later, the TV turned off and Dawn was innocently following Akari around as the older woman ended up finding something to keep herself occupied. She soon started to clean some dishes so that she could prepare something for them to eat.

"What was your mom's name?" Dawn ended up asking out of the blue.


"What was her name? I just wanna know!"

Akari couldn't help but smile a little before turning to her young descendant, "My mom's name was Yuna Yuzaki."

"...isn't Yuna your last name, Granny?"

"...right. Yuzaki Yuna, and my dad's name was Yuya. Old habits from back in the day, it was last name and then first name when you introduced yourself."

Dawn just nodded her head, a bit fascinated by the stories of her much older ancestor.

"My name was almost Hikari…" Dawn commented, "Cause it's like your name."

"I had to convince your parents to name you something else. I'm really tired of this family line naming their kids something like my name. Aki, Kari, Kairi, Ari, amongst so many others…" Akari added on, rubbing her forehead a little bit.

"It is my middle name…" Dawn added. She then exhaled, "...I wasn't supposed to tell you that…"

Akari exhaled, but then she smiled a little at the four year old, "It's okay. It's at least a more unique way to honor me than some of the other relatives have done. It'll be a secret that you told me."

Dawn nodded, with the two both doing the 'shh' motion, then giggling a bit. Akari soon got to work trying to pick out something to eat, eventually getting some help from an assistant at the retirement home.

"...can I go play with Quiliam?" Dawn asked.

Akari couldn't help but snicker a little bit at the nickname that Dawn had given to the fully evolved Cyndaquil, "Go ahead."

The young girl happily sped off to the yard with a skip in her step. Akari's Luxray just chuckled a little, clearly happy that it wasn't the one who was going to need to be the young girl's playmate.

"Why is it that she's even here?" the assistant asked as they worked on cutting up some food.

"My family simply didn't have anybody else to turn to for a babysitter while they were off to do… something. I think it has to do with that Samuel Oak fellow from Kanto…" Akari remarked.

The assistant just sighed, getting to work on the food.

A couple hours passed as Dawn played with the older Pokémon, who did its best to try to keep up with her young energy, but eventually stopped to catch its breath. Dawn seemed to at least be aware enough that the Pokémon needed a break.

"Sorry, Quilliam…" Dawn apologized, hurrying over to bring the older Pokémon some water, which it happily accepted.

Akari walked out, initially intent to just call Dawn back in for dinner, but she took a moment to watch the young girl help out the older Pokémon and just smiled. She soon walked over to the two.

"I think you'll be okay…" Dawn told the evolved Cyndaquil.

"Indeed," Akari commented, making Dawn nervously turn around, "Dinner is just about ready."

"Got it," Dawn nodded.

The two eventually sat down to eat dinner, with Dawn eventually speaking after eating for a bit.

"I wanna be a Pokémon Trainer like you, someday," Dawn admitted.

"Really now?" Akari asked.

"It just sounds like so much fun!"

Akari smiled towards Dawn gently, "Well… I think you have some potential. If you do become a Trainer, I hope that you'll be an amazing one."

"I wanna use a Piplup!" Dawn added on.

"That your favorite Pokémon?"

Dawn nodded, soon cuddling up with her Piplup plushie after she finished her dinner. Akari just gave a relaxed look and took in the sight of her youngest descendant and the bond she had with a Pokemon, even if it was only a stuffed version.

Not too long later, Dawn eventually got into the bed she would rest on during her stay. Akari walked over to check on her and saw that the young girl was sitting and waiting for her.

"Story…" Dawn said.

Akari gave a soft exhale, but smiled as she realized what it was Dawn wanted.

"Once upon a time, there was a village in a land that wasn't able to grow plants. They tried as best as they possibly could, but it was a struggle for them to make ends meet…" Akari began, clearly remembering the events clear as day, "Then, one night, there was a mysterious visitor to the village who was in need of help. A young lady proceeded to help this visitor out…"

Dawn nodded a little, clearly fascinated by the story.

"The mysterious visitor offered the young lady whatever she would want in return for helping, as long as she, eventually, repaid the favor again."

"...would that be a loop?"

"The young lady simply requested the means to help the land of the village. The mysterious visitor gave it to her and it was a moment of gratitude. The young lady then used this gift to restore the land of the village, all without the people ever knowing it was her. The gratitude of that village can still be felt, even to this day, And that young lady was able to live happily ever after. The end."

Dawn looked amazed by the story, then she gave off a yawn and got comfortable. Akari gave her young descendant a kiss to the forehead before she headed off for her own room.

'Happily ever after. …I guess that could describe me well enough…' Akari thought.

Eventually, April of that year rolled around, and Dawn's birthday came up. The young girl was turning five and was in the midst of opening presents, when she found one from Akari.

"Granny!" Dawn beamed as she plucked the gift up.

Aria smiled and read a letter that had come alongside the gift, while Dawn worked on getting it open.

"'I may not be able to physically attend because of health concerns, but I at least wanted my latest family member to know that she is honored and loved. Happy birthday. Love, Akari'," Aria read out.

The young girl pulled out a small white hat and a Piplup mask that to be worn at a festival.

"'PS, I didn't know if the hat would fit her or not. If it doesn't… I think she'll grow into it'."

The hat ended up proving to be a bit too large for Dawn, while the mask at least had an adjustable cord for her. The young girl just happily giggled, being excited and joyful about her new presents.

Some time had gone by, and Akari's fully evolved Cyndaquil eventually passed on, leaving Akari with only her very first partner as they were both getting up in years. Her Luxray was still doing its best to accompany her, but it was clearly getting older and older. The Luxray's fur had started to change from black to gray, and was now starting to get to be a pale shade of white.

The day that everything changed was late in October of 1999. Akari and her Luxray simply went to go get some groceries, but, on the way back, her Luxray ended up collapsing.

"No… no no no!" Akari spoke in panic.

Luxray was instantly hurried over to the Pokémon Center and the medical staff worked as best they could to check to see if there was anything they could do for the Luxray. However, they soon found there was nothing left, and allowed Akari to go into the room her very first partner was in to say one last goodbye.

"Please… don't leave me…" Akari whimpered, holding onto one of Luxray's paws.

"Lu…" Luxray weakly spoke, looking towards Akari. The Luxray simply gave a smile towards Akari, doing its best to try to maintain it.

"I love you… and I'll never forget you…" Akari spoke, managing to give her first partner one last smile.

Luxray just took in the look of her smile one last time before he finally gave out, and the heart monitor simply went into a flatline trill. Akari held onto Luxray's paws and simply wept.

The year was now 2000. There were rumors abound of Team Rocket plotting something within Johto, while a group known as Cipher were making headlines in the Orre region. Akari eventually just started to tune out the events of the world, no longer interested in the on-goings beyond the one region she knew the best.

Akari simply sat in her bed and let out a weak and tired sigh as she stared at the machines that were helping her keep living. The beeps and boops of the machines were a constant noise that she was starting to get really frustrated at hearing.

'How am I still here? Everything else from my time is gone… yet… I'm still alive…' Akari thought. She exhaled a little bit, then started to stare upwards at the ceiling, 'Arceus above…'

Then, all of a sudden, it all clicked to her. The old woman managed to rise up from her spot, eventually using an IV to support herself, and managed to slowly walk over to where she had kept the Azure Flute. In spite of her older stature, she was still able to blow into the gift and use the oath to order…

The old woman did end up coughing a fair bit after that before a golden light began to shine in her room.

"It has been too long, young Akari."

"That it has, Arceus… that it has…" Akari responded. She let out a small cough, but she was able to remain standing.

"Why is it you have summoned me this time?"

"First… could you please help me sit back down? Took a lot out of me to summon you…" Akari requested.

Arcues blinked a little, then looked around the room to see the retirement building she now called home. Arceus then used a quick amount of magic to shrink down to about the height of a Stantler before gently helping Akari back to her bed and tucking the Azure Flute back to where she had been keeping it.

"...I knew it."

"...knew what?"

"You're the reason that I'm still alive, aren't you?"

The divine Pokémon nervously began to sweat and tried to think of anything to say, "Why do you think that…?"

"The fact you are perfectly willing to help me sit down and tend to me anytime that I do summon you when nothing is happening. And the fact that you even answer to me still, as if you still expect me to be alive…"

"I am… merely optimistic…"

"The power once went out here… and in spite of these machines being what's supposedly keeping me alive… I made it through the outage. No problem…" Akari commented, "Everybody at this home said it was nothing short of a divine miracle."

Arceus just stared at the old lady, who had started to glare at the divine Pokémon a little bit, before just sighing, "Yes. You've caught on. I am the reason that you still live."

"...why?" Akari asked, her expression easing up.

"Because… I could not bear the thought of losing you. You may go somewhere after your passing, but… I wanted to let you continue to exist in the world that you helped to save…"

"...ok. But… I never asked you to do that. And, look. The world has moved far beyond its need of me. I haven't been in my home village for at least a decade and a half now, it's a struggle for me to walk, to breathe, to eat, and to do anything that makes life worth living. I'm constantly hooked up to these machines because, as far as everybody was aware, it's what's been helping me live…" Akari spoke, a few tears starting to drip down from her eyes, "I've lost… everybody… that I've loved and cared about. I'm all that's left of a bygone era…"

The divine Pokémon simply looked to the old woman as she was starting to cry.

"Please… let my legend end…"

Arceus looked at Akari's expression for a moment and the divine Pokémon was quiet. Gone was the young girl who had been willing to brave wide expanses, smash any barrier, befriend anyone or anything, and there was simply an old lady who was clearly tired, in a lot of pain, and in no place to be able to continue enjoying life.

"If that is what you wish…"

The divine Pokémon then used its powers to generate up an image. It looked to be some sort of a heart, surrounded by golden chains, which made Akari look on in awe.

"This will allow me to bring your legend to its end, as you wish. …but… I must ask you something first. It is a bit customary of you humans that, before you pass on, to make last requests. I shall hear out any last wishes you so desire."

"Before you do anything more... promise me one thing..." Akari spoke up, making Arceus turn to her, "Promise me... you'll never lose faith in our species' coexistence. ...promise?"

"I swear it. I swear upon my own name that I will never lose that faith. It's the least I can do for you, my friend…"

Akari smiled a bit, then started to think of what she wanted her last request to be for a few minutes. The divine Pokémon simply allowed her the time she needed to think about it, simply waiting to hear what she had wanted.

"If I were to have any one last thing… my favorite tea and the mochi that I had so much in my youth. I haven't had that in ages…" Akari admitted.

The divine Pokémon gave a small nod, then used its powers to generate the tea and mochi that Akari had many times back when she was in the Galaxy Team. With a small bit of the divine Pokémon's powers, Akari was able to happily consume the meal like she used to be able to. Arceus eventually conjured up some tea for itself and got close, levitating the teacup with its psychic abilities.

"To our many years of friendship," the divine Pokémon offered.

"To our many years of friendship," Akari responded, the two gently having their cups touched.

After Akari's last meal was finished, the elderly woman leaned back and allowed Arceus to begin to undo the chains that were used to keep her divine life support alive. She could feel herself growing more and more tired as each chain was removed.

There was, shortly, but one golden chain left for Arceus to sever. The divine Pokémon turned towards Akari and saw her expression had changed, making the divine Pokémon become concerned.

"I'm… scared…" Akari admitted.

Arceus' expression grew softer as the Pokémon moved a leg close to one of her hands. Akari managed to grasp onto it and smile a little.

"Worry not. I shall be with you, always…"

Akari had a smile on her face before she breathed her last. The last golden chain that had been linking her to the realm of the living was severed. The equipment keeping her on life support flatlined, and she had finally been allowed to pass away…

Akari's eyes slowly started to open up and all she could see was white clouds. She slowly sat up and then felt… something.

"Huh?" she muttered, soon moving her hand to where her heart was and feeling… nothing. No beat, no pulse, nothing. She then felt her skin and couldn't feel anything. She then looked herself over to see she was younger and appeared to be in her Survey Corp uniform.

"...where…?" she eventually spoke, standing up and glancing around the environment she was in. All she could see was white clouds, no matter where she looked. Akari slowly walked forward for a little while and eventually came across some sort of a golden gate that looked like the ring around Arceus' body, "...the afterlife?"

"Mew mew!"

Akari turned around and soon saw what was considered to be one of the ancestors of all Pokémon, the Pokémon known simply as Mew. The Mew was behind what looked to be controls for the gate and simply waved to Akari.

"Um… hi?" she nervously spoke.

Mew simply gave a small smile before pulling the lever to the main gate, which opened up, and then motioned for Akari to go on in. The bluenette nodded and soon stepped inside of the gate, with the cloudy expanse continuing onwards.

She just continued forward, taking in the sights of the cloudy realm she now found herself in. Then…


Akari's eyes widened upon hearing that voice, a voice she hadn't heard in ages.




Akari's eyes grew misty as she walked forward and could see the source of the sounds.


"It's Akari!"

She looked around to see various people she recognized from Hisui, eventually coming across Rai. The two briefly hugged and shared a kiss, before Akari saw her six team members hurrying towards her.

"Minna!" she called out before she ran over to them. Luxray was the first to reach her and cuddled up with her, soon joined by the rest of her core group. Akari just gave a happy laugh as she cuddled with her Pokémon, a few tears dripping from her eyes, "I missed you all so much!"

The news of Akari's passing sent shockwaves through the entire world. The world's oldest person had passed away, with several centuries worth of knowledge now gone. Akari's body was brought to Floaroma Town to be laid to rest in accordance with the little known of her will.

Professor Rowan spoke at her funeral for a bit. The funeral had been attended by people from all over the world, mourning the loss of the person who had brought the world to the way it currently was.

Dawn and her parents were both in attendance and looking at the spot where their ancestor was going to be buried.

"...daddy? Is Granny going to be okay…?" Dawn innocently asked, clearly sad, yet not fully understanding what was happening.

"Yes. She's going to be in a better place now," Hiroki told his daughter.

"Why is it a better place?"

"She won't be in any more pain or hurt anymore."

"...I'm gonna miss her…" Dawn said.

"We all are…" Aria added on, holding onto one of Dawn's hands.

The leagues all over the world held a moment of silence before the tournaments began that year. The Sinnoh League, however, took the year of 2000 off, with all trainers who had all eight badges being guaranteed a spot in the tournament of 2001. The region was in a state of mourning that couldn't quite be described by words, yet it was understood by all.

One day, in the year of 2004, the trainer who many had considered to be the greatest Trainer in the entire world had made a visit to the town that Akari had been laid to rest in. He didn't say much, if anything, but he eventually made his way to her grave and simply stood there for a bit. His partner Pikachu was quiet, allowing his trainer a moment to try to find the right words to say.

"...thank you. If not for you… we all wouldn't be here today…" the trainer eventually spoke, finding the words he wanted to use to pay respects.

Without another word, he and his Pikachu headed off. The residents of the town were a bit amazed that the world famous Red had simply come all that way to do that and then depart from the region.

Akari's ghost tended to watch events from her spot in the afterlife, and she occasionally went down to the realm of the living to simply observe things as they were happening out of curiosity. From her watchings, she saw her descendant was looking to become a Pokémon Coordinator. Meanwhile, Rei's descendant was looking to take on the Sinnoh League. Then, the descendant of Adaman and Irida was also along for the ride.

"Heh. Have you two watched what he's like?" Akari asked the ghosts of the two.

"You said his name is Barry, right?" Adaman asked.

"Yeah. He's so much like you both," Akari commented.

Irida just nodded a little, not quite sure what to say in response to that.

Eventually, the year reached 2006. Dawn, Barry, and Rei's descendant, Lucas, all headed off on their adventures through the Sinnoh region. Lucas and Barry ended up being the ones to seem to be the heroes as they were the ones to engage Team Galactic, but Dawn was simply keeping herself busy with her own wants and wishes.

Some time went by and Dawn eventually arrived in Floaroma Town and wandered around it a bit. Several people looked at her, some simply treating her as a regular trainer, while others seemed to recognize the lineage she had with her.

Dawn, after some walking, stopped in front of her ancestor's grave and just took a moment to observe it.

'Here lies Yuna Akari'

'Hisui's very first Champion'

'The world's first Pokémon Trainer'

'November 3rd, 1852 - September 28th, 2000'

The bluenette inhaled, then exhaled, before she spoke, "Uh… hi, Granny. It's been a while, hasn't it?"

Unbeknownst to Dawn, Akari's ghost walked over and decided to listen to what Dawn had to say.

"I'm even wearing the hat you got me all those years ago. It fits perfectly," Dawn said with a smile, motioning towards the white hat with a pink Pokéball symbol on it, "And… uh… I have a little sister. Her name's Maya. Uh… she's a little silly, but… she's happy."

Akari's ghost nodded as she took this in, but then saw the expression on Dawn's face. Dawn took a moment to rub away some tears, then continued.

"Sorry. Just… well… I doubt that I have the capacity to be a hero girl like you were. I don't quite know where I fit into the equation that is the world… y'know? I can act like a mentor to my new friend all I want, but… am I meant to just be a mentor? Am I meant to be a coordinator? Am I meant to be a researcher? …I just… don't know. I may not be able to live up to the legend that you are… but… I'm gonna keep going on my own path. I'll figure out where I'm meant to fit into this world that you helped to… protect, I think it was…" Dawn spoke.

Akari just smiled at Dawn, seeing the girl reach a bit of a happy outlook.

"Just… no need to worry, I guess," Dawn spoke.

"Daijoubu," Akari added.

Dawn was quiet for a moment, then she said a small prayer to the resting place. Akari gave a soft smile as she watched Dawn walk forward and be on her travels.

"Good luck out there…" the ghost of the legendary trainer spoke, not that Dawn was able to hear her.

Oh. My. Actual. Arceus! This chapter is finally finished! Production on it started back in November to some extent, namely the scene with Akari encountering Zoroark, but the chapter is FINALLY finished!

Alrighty, we got a fair bit more to discuss about this, so let's discuss.

I will say that Akari's team did undergo some revisions. The earliest draft of this in my mind actually had a Ralts/a part of the Ralts line and a part of the Rhyhorn line alongside Cyndaquil, Shinx, and Zorua. Those last three were pretty much the always fixed members of the group, and then a Snowpix/Snowtales got added after I found out it was even in the game at all. So, that left two slots for me to play with. The member of the Ralts line was originally going to be the one to save Akari, but then I realized it would be far more poignant and sweeter if Arceus repaid the favor.

Her team has a loose basis in what I'm sort of hoping to use in the game. I do actually have a Cyndaquil and a Shinx that'll be on it long term. Goomy, Zorua, and Snowpix are also planned to be there. Shellos is one I'll admit I'm currently uncertain of, but we'll see. I know that Zorua and Snowpix are both a fair bit late in the game, from what a friend mentioned to me, but I'm nothing else if not stubborn.

Wanna know how stubborn I can be? Notice how the later parts of this only said "evolved Goomy" and "evolved Cyndaquil", along with Dawn's eventual nickname of "Quilliam"? Yeah, uh, I don't know if they still become the same final evolutions that we all know. And, for people leaving reviews, you get ONE warning. DO NOT TELL ME! I want to discover those on my own. There have been some slips through the cracks about Hisui stuff, but I want to discover things for myself. Ok? Ok.

The birth date of Akari ends up pulling from some research I did about the Hisui region's origins. Turns out, it pulls from the era of the Meiji Restoration. And then I pulled Akari's birthday from the emperor of the time. Thought it would be fitting.

So, the scene with the wedding was originally supposed to be depicted here. However… I got too many ideas for it and decided to spin it off into a separate chapter because this chapter is already long enough as it is.

I guess I'll talk about the scene in the afterlife. I'm not really going to talk about religion here, but I wanted to at least let Akari have a happy ending, while allowing her to view onto the events of the modern day Pokémon world. Having her pass away and be able to see it from the afterlife was the best way to do it, as well as allow me to let her have a touching reunion.

As for Mew's appearance as, for lack of a better way to put it, an angel? Well… I will say, the connection between Mew's lore and Arceus' is honestly fascinating to me. If I had to give my own sort of guess on it, it's that Mew was the first life created on what would become the Pokemon world after Dialgia, Palkia, and Giratina were all created. And then Mew spawned everything else.

Honestly… kinda makes me hope that Mew is in LA, if only so we can figure out their connection, if anything.

For those curious, yes, the melody of the Azure Flute that Arcues gave to Akari is the Oath to Order from Majora's Mask. I actually looked up the way it was played, and the notes played. Given what the song actually does in its game of origin, I thought it made sense. The idea, unsurprisingly if you know me well, came to me while in the shower.

And… that's also the origin of me showing the repercussions of the judgment day to the rest of the Pokémon world. As well as show off at least a headcanon or two that I have. One example, Ransei became Hoenn. I came to that conclusion one day when I was looking at the maps of both regions and it honestly looks like Ransei could become Hoenn after enough shifts from the two mascots.

Also, yes. Regirock being in Kanto is meant as a nod to the anime. …although, it's technically meant to be one to Lucario's movie and not the debut episode it had in the show proper. With Moltres being on the Sevii Islands, I had to fill its old spot with something. And then the dragon one is supposed to be somewhere near Blackthorn City. …y'know… thinking about it, I think this is the very first fanfic that I've made that's ever included any of the Regis apart from Regigigas. …blame Regirock's debut episode and the trauma it left me with. I denied the original three Regis existence for ages. Child me would've been absolutely horrified by the mere announcement of the other two.

Onto the explanations of the family names that I chose for some of the other relatives of the Yuna family line. As mentioned in the story, some of them are just alterations of 'Akari'. Heck, 'Aria' is an anagram of 'Akari' just minus a single letter. 'Hiroki' was just a random name I pulled, and 'Maya' is Dawn's name in the Spanish version of the Gen 4 games and anime.

As for where I pulled 'Yuzaki' from? Well… part way through one night of working on this, I was just listening to some anime music to keep myself from being bored. One song was the theme for the anime 'Tonikawa', and the theme is credited to one of the characters, and, well, 'Yuna' and 'Yuzaki' have the same first letters. Related note, Dawn's word choice of 'hero girl' drew from the most recent season of Pretty Cure. It also at least felt a little fitting with what Dawn was talking about.

The music thing also explains the dialogue for Regigigas. "Waking Up" from Shadow the Hedgehog was one of the very first lyrical Sonic songs that I ever heard, and it was put over a video of someone trying to catch Regigigas. So… yeah.

So, Rai's existence. I did need to double check where I got the name from, which took a bit. I came up with it from the phrase 'Sorbus aucuparia', and then just took a few letters from the second word. Basically, if I recall correctly, then it was said that, kinda like Blue, that the player character you didn't pick in Diamond and Pearl was the grandchild of Professor Rowan. I wanted to at least have something to tie into that, so Rai's existence was born from that.

The Unovan Trainer that appeared… I think I remember the website for LA showing someone who looked like one of the train people from Unova (which, by my own admission, I frequently forget they even exist), so I just gotta assume it's their ancestor. I just threw him in cause I could. No spoilers about who that is.

The choices of the Alpha Pokémon that Akari fought on her way towards the center of Mt. Coronet were actually chosen because they're two Pokémon that are used by Cyrus. I just thought it was kinda fitting is all.

And then we get to the Vasta stuff. I'll be honest, those added a little more to the story because, well, I just wanted to include it. If I recall right, the Fletchling line isn't in LA, which makes me sad if that's true. So… I wanted to include it, and KKD was already gonna be designing that anyway. So… cross promotion.

And… yeah… currently, of all the Vastian Pokémon that are designed, Wyphoon is my absolute favorite. I had to give it an awesome moment. Plus, I thi~nk the Dex entry that KKD came up with said something about it fighting an Ursaring. I think.

The one problem with featuring Vastain Pokémon is that we don't have their movesets locked down yet, so I can only give them moves that I think they should be able to learn going off of their appearances and what other Pokémon of similar types or abilities can use. Wyphoon, being a Ghost and Dragon type, at least gave me two options to build from.

Speaking of the Vasta stuff, the Vastian version of the Talonflame line is actually something I came up with, along with Frost Flash. KKD has yet to actually draw it and we haven't locked in if it is an Ice/Flying-type or an Ice/Psychic-type yet. Boulder Bash is basically like Water Absorb and Earth Eater, so if it is the former, it's totally immune to Rock-types. And then Frost Flash is basically an Ice-type Flame Charge.

It also was a slight issue to see how I would factor the events of judgment day to the Vasta region because, well, I don't know what the plot of it will be just yet. So, I just went with something simple and inconclusive. If KKD does anything with that, we'll see in due time.

As for the other anime nods, like with 'Alamos Village'... honestly? I was already pulling some stuff from the anime and I thought another nod here and there would be cute. And, as pointed out by my good buddy Muk, Darkrai tends to not be a good guy outside of the tenth movie and… I think it was more misguided, if anything, in the second Poképark game. I could be misremembering that, though. So… eh. Why not?

For my favorite parts? Well… Akari's reunion with Zoroark was really sweet and something I've been wanting to show for a while, then Arceus bringing her back to the village, and, finally, the conversation Dawn has with her ancestor. It was just some sweet stuff.

I will say that, going forward, it's gonna be a little weird to see the actual events of the game I pulled this from.

Anyway… as I was working on this, we got the announcement for what Masters is pulling from LA. Mercifully for me, it's just Adaman and Irida with the Eeveelutions we knew they already have from before the game came out. Which means, as long as there's no spoilers from either the event story or their dialogue, if I get either of them, then I'm in the clear to at least take my time with the game.

I will say that while this depicts the end of Akari's "legend", this isn't the exact end of the Legends mini-series. There'll still be more of this universe… after I play the game.

Just Live More.