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Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade, December 19th, 2009.

The lively crowd of students enjoying the holidays in the Three Broomsticks is very much what a regular to the Tavern would come to expect during this time of year. Students from every house who had stayed at the castle came to the warm interior of the tavern to escape the cold and snow at this time of year in the picturesque village. During the last ten years after the war, some of the rules that once confined students to the grounds had become more relaxed under Headmistress McGonagall's tenure.

However, one rule had been kept in place.

No student under the age of thirteen and without parental permission was allowed in the Village of Hogsmeade.

Which is why, if anyone cared to pay attention to the corner booth farthest from the door, they would ask why a group of first and second-year students were in the tavern at all. And if you knew who the teacher of the students was, it wouldn't be a surprise at all when you learned that the group of six had snuck out of the castle.

Sitting at the table were only four of the six students while the other two, the youngest and eldest, had gone to the front bar to order a round of Butterbeer. The first of the younger students was a girl on the shorter side with dark brown hair cut short and stylized in spiky waves around her head. Her light brown eyes were covered by a pair of star shaped sunglasses and her red and gold robes were opened to reveal black denim jeans and a My Chemical Romance t-shirt. She sat at the booth on a spare chair with her legs crossed and feet on the table, while she strummed her electric guitar, practicing some riffs as she hummed a song under her breath.

"Kitty, for the last time, can you take your dirty shoes off the table, please," asks another girl who was sitting next to Katherine "Kitty" Blackmoor in exasperation. She was taller of the two with long black hair in a French braid that fell to the middle of her back with very dark brown eyes, almost black in color, with deathly pale skin. She was looking at Kitty's feet on the table with a look of disgust as her arms were crossed over her Silver and Green robes that sat over a prim and nearly perfect-looking Hogwarts uniform.

Kitty just frowns at the girl in the Slytherin uniform. "No, how else am I gonna get my jam on if I'm not comfortable, Laili?" Kitty snaps back at the disgusted Laili before her fingers move across the strings of her guitar as she practices a different riff. Laili scoffs before shoving Kitty's feet off the table with a glare at the girl, Kitty tips back, her chair rocking on its two back legs before, in a panic, she corrects herself and lands the chair on all four feet. "Oi, the feck is your problem?!" Kitty snaps at Laili with a glare.

Laili glares right back at Kitty as she crosses her arms over her chest. "Rude and disgusting girls who seem to have no manners," she says with a sniff as she raises her nose at Kitty, who all but growls at her in return. "If you can't be accommodating to the rest of us, then go back to the castle and hang out with the rest of the Gryffindor first years," Laili says dismissively to Kitty. "Honestly, I have no idea why Teddy showed you teacher's map in the first place," she mutters under her breath.

"But I didn't show her anything," another person sitting at the table mutters shyly, causing both to turn to look at the boy. He was mousy-looking and certainly the smallest of their group, with round cheeks and a small button nose. His dark black hair was short and looked to be forcibly combed by someone else trying to keep it neat. He wore a smaller-than-normal student's uniform over a standard-sized yellow and black robe. He was resting his chin on the table as he and the girl beside him watched as the two other girls fought with one another, both knowing that neither would do it in their teacher's presence.

Laili sighed a bit before turning to look at the smaller boy in his honey-brown cat's eyes. "Not you Teddy, I meant Ted. My apologies," Laili says smoothly with a soft smile. Ever since Teddy had come to Hogwarts at the beginning of the year, she and the other demigods had to differentiate the smaller Teddy from the older one. It was a task seeing that both of the boys would answer to the names Edward, Ted, Teddy, and all the other associated names.

"Oh, sorry," Teddy says before wrapping his arms around his head and burying his face into them to try and block out the sound of the tavern. The third girl stops what she is doing and turns away from her three-dimensional puzzle to reach over and rub the smaller boy's back in a comforting way. The third and final girl was thin and wiry compared to the other students, her thick and wild black hair hung like a curtain over her face. One could see the corner of a pair of muggle sunglasses poking out of her hair and sitting on the bridge of her nose. On the hand that was poking out of her silver and blue robes and was rubbing the back of Teddy, several eyes were looking back, tattooed eyes dotted her hand. One large one in the middle of her hand, and one smaller one rested on each of her knuckles.

"Can you two stop please?" the girl asks, her voice coming out as thin and whispery. "You're giving Teddy a headache, and I can't divert the attention of everyone if you keep yelling," she says with a slight edge of anger, her brows furrowing at the other two arguing girls.

"I'll stop when this slag apologizes, Tammy," Kitty says as she points at Laili.

"And I'll apologize when you learn some manners," Laili shoots back as Kitty quickly gets to her feet.

"What? You trying to pick a fight, Princess?" Kitty asks as she adjusts her guitar sling to sit more comfortably on her shoulders as her guitar pick runs down the E string. The sound reverberates throughout the tavern without an amp. It shakes the glass windows, cracks glasses, and rattles plates and cutlery on the tables causing older students to look around confused. "And remember, your mummy isn't here to pull your pampered arse off this stage because I will rock your arse," Kitty says while glaring from behind her rockstar glasses, the long E note still hanging dangerously in the air.

Laili slowly stood from her seat, her hands coming to rest on the stained cherry wood table as she glared right back at Kitty. "Bring it you spotlight-seeking slag, and I'll show ya that I don't need me ma to handle your klutzy arse in a donnybrook," she threatens right back, a thick Irish accent coloring her words as she speaks through her gritted teeth at the other girl. Around Laili's hand, great gouges begin to slash their way across the table toward Kitty, like a sword or a great-bladed weapon was carving away at the wooden table.

The two girls continue to glare at one another, their eyes beginning to glow with power from their respective domains they were tied to by blood. Both waited for the other to make the first move, only to be interrupted by a male voice calling out to them.

"Kitty, Laili, calm down, you're both pretty, damn," the voice says, causing the four demigods to turn and look at their missing friends. One was obviously the oldest, with an air of sensibility about him that was contrary to his own personal style. He wore the standard Hogwarts student outfit with an untied black and yellow bowtie hanging down from his unbuttoned collar but instead of normal robes, he wore a sleeveless leather jacket adorned with metal spikes and studs. His hair was shaved closely to his scalp with a long spiked rainbow-colored mohawk sticking straight up and running the length of his head. The oddest thing about the mohawk was it was never the same color when you looked at it twice, always shifting between off colors of the rainbow.

The boy was standing in front of the table while holding a tray of butter beers for them all with a smile that promised mischief of the highest order, and he wasn't standing alone.

A second boy was standing to his right, a soft smile on his face that anyone who looked at him knew he was going to be a handsome man when he grew up. He had short red hair and eyes almost the same shade as the demigod's teacher they all respected and loved so much. His student uniform was neat and he was dressed appropriately right down to the red and gold robes he wore over it. He was also carrying a tray laden with food that they had all ordered from their teacher's tab.

"Come on Kitty, Laili, it's the holidays. Can't we all get along for once?" the redheaded boy asks, his soft smile bringing a blush to both of the arguing girls' faces.

"She started it!" both Kitty and Laili say at the same time as they point at each other.

"I really don't give a damn who started it," the London punk says before placing the tray of drinks down and snapping his wand to his hand. "I give a damn about not trashing the broomsticks and getting caught before Rosemerta turns our asses over to McG," the boy says before waving his wand over the table with a whisper of "Repario" under his breath to restore the table and taking his seat at the booth.

"Come on girls, let's just sit down and eat, yeah?" The redheaded one asks as he slides the tray he had on the table as well before taking his own seat beside the still-blushing Laili.

"Okay, Mike,"

Of course, Micheal,"

Kitty and Laili say as the London punk just chuckles and rolls his eyes. "What's so funny, Ted?" Teddy asks as he drags two of the meals and drinks over to himself and Tammy.

"Nothing, Teddy-Bear," the older Ted says before looking over to the younger one with a fond smile. "I just find it funny that Micheal can get these two to stop fighting with a smile," he says while pulling his food over to himself. The group of demigods finally calmed down and began to enjoy their lunch, chatting about classes, training, and other things until the conversation turned to the recent mid-year test they had to go through.

"I'm just saying that Tammy's superpower is bullshit," Kitty says, gesturing to the Ravenclaw with a chicken bone and a frown. "What kind of superpower just lets you know shit? It's like- totally cheating on the tests!" she says defending her point.

"But it's not a superpower, Kitty," Ted says as he leans back in the booth and takes a swing from his tankard. "So, stop calling it that,"

"Her power isn't even connected to a divine domain, it's related directly to the fear of being watched and finding out secrets," Kitty says, gesturing wildly with her chicken bone and heedless of the deflating Tammy now playing with her food awkwardly. "What the hell am I supposed to call it? And don't even get me started on the eye thing she can-oww! Fuck," she curses before looking over at Laili who was now glaring at her harder than before. "Why did you just kick me, you stuck up-" She begins to say before Laili quietly nods her head toward Tammy, quickly shutting up Kitty from talking anymore.

"It's not that bad..." Tammy says mournfully as she continues to play with her food.

"No, Tammy, I didn't mean- fuck, I'm sorry, Tammy," Kitty says her face twisting in a grimace at her own words and how they sounded.

"It's not just knowing things," Tammy says, picking her head up a bit. "I can see things from other people's eyes and know something about them that they don't want other people to know. But it's not like I understand it, I need contact that my powers don't give to do that," she explains looking across the table at Kitty. "Like how you think Laili is pre-"

"NO!" Kitty says, jumping up from her seat in a panic, waving her arms madly. "Don't you even dare finish that!"

"Oh?" Laili asks, looking over at Tammy with a sly smile. "What does Kitty think of me, Tammy?"

Tammy looked between the smiling Laili and the frantically waving Kitty who was now drawing her hand across her throat. "Umm, mum said I shouldn't give away people's secrets," the shy girl says before looking back down at the table, much to the disappointment of Laili and the cheer of Kitty.

"Ignoring that," Mike says with a roll of his eyes before looking at the quiet girl. "I am curious about the eye thing you do, the one where you can see through other people's eyes, considering, you know…" he says politely before waving his hands over his own eyes, not wanting to point out that Tammy lacks her own eyes from birth.

Tammy shrugs at Mike's question. "It's just something I can do, I can see out of everyone's eyes within a given area but if I focus I can narrow it down to one or two sets," she explains as Mike nods alone.

"Who's eyes are you using now?" Mike asks, and no sooner had the words left his mouth, than both Teds raised their hands and said "Mine," before looking at each other and laughing a bit.

"Ted and Teddy's feel the most…welcoming, in a way I guess. Like they don't mind," Tammy explains before brushing a lock of hair behind her ear and blushing a bit.

"I don't mind if you use my eyes, Tammy," Teddy says beside her, a chicken leg clutched in both hands. "The Hunt doesn't either, I don't know why though," he says with a tilt of his head and a confused look on his face. The tiniest hunter knew that the Hunt was extremely territorial when it came to its hunters and should have kicked the foreigner from his mind as soon as it felt it.

Ted chuckles a bit at Tammy blushing at Teddy Bear's words before turning to the tiniest Hunter. "That's because the Hunt doesn't like things controlling us, Teddy. But with Tammy's powers think of it as - well, you know how certain animals work together to help each other out? Like how some birds clean out the teeth of crocodiles but the crocodiles don't eat them?" Ted asks and watches Teddy nod his head in understanding. "Yeah, it's like that. Tammy's powers just want to watch and record what's happening, but doesn't want to get involved, so the Hunt doesn't mind. It probably helps that the Hunt is also one of the Fears, so they probably worked together in the past as well?" Ted says it as a question, only just guessing as this type of question was for Tammy's mom, the deputy Headmistress, or for teacher.

Teddy nods his head at the older boy's words before attacking his chicken legs once more, Ted shakes his head at the younger before turning to look back at Tammy.

"And just for the record, Tammy, I don't mind you using my eyes either when we're all hanging out like this," Ted says to Tammy and the shy girl gives the older boy a rare smile and nods her head.

"But, like, what is the maximum range for your power?" Kitty asks, after calming down and sitting back down.

"Oh, ah, about nine hundred and fifteen meters," Tammy says, turning to face Kitty who whistles in response.

"And you can see through everyone's eyes?" Laili asks with a raised brow.

"Yes, and know things," Tammy supplies with a nod of her head.

"The secrets they don't want anyone to know, right?" Kitty says with a frown, not wanting to voice how creepy she found Tammy's power.

"Well, yes but that's not all, like how I know Mrs. Potter is being chased up the main street with Mom's godchild," Tammy says nonchalantly, causing everyone at the table to freeze before snapping their heads to look at her with wide eyes.

"Ah, what?" Mike asks, a spoonful of soup halfway to his mouth as he looks at his friend with wide eyes.

"Mrs. Potter, she is being chased by a group of monsters up the main street. Someone is using the Mist to cover up what is happening but can't hide it from me," Tammy says again looking over at Mike.

Mike and Ted both look at one another, before looking back at Tammy to see if the shy girl is playing a joke. Tammy did have a bit of twisted humor to her when it came down to it, but when she started to look more confused than anything, both boys bolted from the booth. They were quickly followed by Laili and Kitty, Kitty stopping halfway through the tavern to turn back around and grab her guitar before charging after the other three.

"Did I say something wrong?" Tammy says tilting her head before turning to look at Teddy. The boy himself was wiping his hands with a stack of napkins, his face smeared with chicken grease.

"No, I think they just want to go help Mrs. Potter," Teddy says as he looks back at Tammy.

"Oh," Tammy says before looking at the door to the three broomsticks. "Should- should we go help them?" she asks the smaller boy, Teddy's face screws up adorably in thought for a moment before nodding.

"Yeah, it's what heroes would be, right?" Teddy says with a large smile to Tammy who shrugs back at the boy.

"I suppose," Tammy says, sounding unsure of it before she and Ted stand up from the booth, and with one of her hands on Teddy's shoulders, rush out of the three broomsticks to go help their friends.

Chapter done!

Two things to note about this chapter, One: Nothing is set in stone and all details could change about the demigods within.

Two: I am well aware that the timeline is a bit iffy, but don't question that for right now.

But on to the shortlist of our six demigods in order!

Name: Katherine "Kitty" Blackmoor

Status: Demigod

House: Gryffindor

Affiliation: Circle of Bone and Song/ Blackmoor Family.

Divine parent: Clíodhna, Queen of the Banshees.

Powers: Audiokinesis and Vitalkinesis.

Notes: Think of Kitty as the group's bard, she's able to buff her friends and debuff her enemies with songs, she can even reproduce the wailing of the Banshees if she gets worked up enough. Her dream for the future is to become a rock star.

Name: Laili Peverell.

Status: Demigod.

House: Slytherin.

Affiliation: Circle of Moon-and-Stars/ Peverell Family.

Divine parent: The Morrígan.

Powers: Fated wounds and minor fate manipulation.

Notes: No, no. You read those words right, The Morrígan has a Demigod daughter, gods help us all. Laili (Meaning Nightfall in Hebrew) tries to be the prim and proper girl that most think she should be, being the daughter of the Minister of Magic, but in heated moments that wild Irish blood comes out with a vengeance. Her main ability is to cause wounds on people or things, it's the same way The Morrígan fights which we will see next chapter. These wounds are "Fated" wounds, meaning they are injuries that the affected person will receive in life that have or have not happened yet. Her second ability is to manipulate fate in tiny ways, like instead of finding a knut on the floor, she finds a silver sickle, or a stab wound that should have pierced her heart, missed by centimeters. That sort of stuff.

Name: Edward "Teddy, Teddy Bear, Runt" Miller.

Status: Demigod.

House: Hufflepuff.

Affiliation: The Wild Hunt.

Divine parent: Cernunnos.

Powers: The Hunt, Lightning Manipulation, Storm Conjuring, and control over the spirits of The Wild Hunt.

Note: One of the two possible future "Teddy" I have in mind. If y'all didn't know, Tonks' and Lupin's kid is another kid like Harry in the books, an orphan child whose mom and dad were killed in a war, and I want to kinda honor that in this story when we get to Adult Harry, Ya know? And yes, Cernunnos is the one who calls Teddy "Runt".

Name: Tabitha "Tammy" Árd-Greimne (Adopted).

Status: Half-Formorian.

House: Ravenclaw.

Affiliation: Dún Scaith/ Formorians.

Divine parent: Cathlenn, The Ceaseless Watcher.

Powers: Beholding, Watchers Crown.

Note: Oh, yeah. The big Formorians can have kids and Tammy is one of them. She is considered very creepy by damn near everyone who meets her but her adopted mom, Scáthach, and as you can imagine no one says anything about it.

Her powers focus on sight and secrets mostly seeing that her biological mom is the fear of being watched and someone figuring out your deepest darkest secret. But there are more little Half-Formorians running around, some go to Dún Scaith, and some don't.

Name: Edward "Ted" Lupin

Status: Magician.

House: Hufflepuff.

Affiliation: Circle of Moon-and-Stars (This has been crossed out with a note under it saying "Stop it, you aren't a part of them") Circle of Silver and Crown.

Divine parent: Nuadha (By proxy)

Powers: The Hunt, greatly enhanced strength, durability, agility, and Hand to Hand combat skills.

Notes: This is the other Teddy, one I would have to jump through so many fucking hoops to explain given the story atm. But he would be fun to have running around. As for his powers, Y'all remember when Nuadha was knocking the shit out of Cath Palug? Yeah, that. But without the Hunt affecting every living thing around him, he would also have the power to recreate Nuadha's silver arm in combat.

Name: Michael Hunt

Status: Demigod (Possible reincarnation)

House: Gryffindor

Affiliation: The Circle of Gold and Light

Divine parent: Lugh

Powers: think the second coming of Cú Chulainn

Note: The last member of the possible demigods is a child of Lugh, he is the least fleshed out in my head so not much to say about him honestly. He tends to play peacemaker between the rest of the Celtic Demigods and will have a Gaé Bolg.

But yeah, this is all the possible Celtic Rugrats for the Battle of New York mini-story and Percy Jackson and the Heir to the Hunt.

Do take all this with a grain of salt because while I have some ideas for those chapters, these kids are completely up in the air.

KingSaxcul, Out!