The raw winter morning air was refreshing with a slight chill that nipped at the nose and ears. A soft blanket of snow covered the ground, and with the sun yet to rise, the woods were still bathed in the silver light of the moon. The trees stood tall and silent, their branches weighed down with snow, and not a sound could be heard except for the distant howl of a wolf. The woods were quiet and still, but behind the peaceful façade, there was a sense of something more, a feeling of magic and mystery that lingered in the air.

As Mr. Campbell walked down the narrow, winding path, he couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement building within him. It was the kind of excitement that comes with the possibility of discovery, of unearthing something valuable, something special. The morning air was crisp and cool, with a slight chill that pierced through his clothing, but even as his muscles tensed in the icy air, his mind was focused on the task at hand. He had decided, it was the day he would find what he had been searching for all these years, and he would finally be able to create his Dark magic spell, that can keep him young forever.

The thought of the fame and fortune that would come with his creation was a driving force for him, a motivation that kept him going in the face of any obstacle. But above all, what fueled his passion was his love of Witchcraft, Dark magic, his thirst for knowledge and power. He was a man who lived for the thrill of discovery, and this morning, that thrill was about to be taken to the next level. With each step, he drew closer to his goal, and the anticipation was palpable.

This morning, he was a man on a mission to create something that the world had never seen before, something that would change the course of history. And today, he was going to find what he needed to make it happen. The path before him twisted and turned as he walked, and he had to be careful not to stumble or fall, as the ground was still covered in snow and ice.

But none of that mattered to him... All that mattered was the prize at the end of the road, the prize that would make all his years of research and experimentation worth it. As he rounded a corner, he caught a glimpse of something in the distance, something that made his heart race faster than it had in years. He stood there for a moment, his breath caught in his throat, unable to believe what he was seeing.

And then, slowly, he began to walk towards it, his eyes fixed on the thing ahead. He began to see a small boy with red curly hair, he looked to be around 8-10. Mr Campbell decides it's a good idea to approach him, but in a very calmly manner.

As he drew closer, Mr Campbell stepped on a stick, alerting the kid. The boy turns around with tears running down his face, his clothes were torn, and his body looked cold, he looked like he's been out here for a while, his body was shivering, and almost was turning a shade of blue. Mr. Campbell approached him with a sense of urgency, knowing that he had to act quickly.

The boy's eyes were red and puffy from crying, and his skin was almost as pale as the snow that surrounded them. His clothes were torn and dirty, and he looked like he had been out in the cold for days. He was shivering uncontrollably, and Mr. Campbell could feel the boy's body temperature dropping with each passing second.

Knowing that time was running out, Mr. Campbell decided to use his magic. He held out his hand and focused his energy on the boy. With a faint glow, the boy's body began to warm, and his shivering stopped. His breathing slowed down, and his skin began to return to its natural color. Mr. Campbell carefully lifted the boy into his arms, wrapping a blanket he had in his satchel around him to provide additional warmth.

As much as Cameron wanted to do the spell, he thought in his best interest and the kindness of his heart, to be a good person, getting the child to safety. Despite the danger, Mr. Campbell couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder. The harsh frost and the nipping ice played no part in deterring the man's curiosity. Yet somehow, someway, some otherworldly force seemed to slither into his ear and suffocate his brain, till the only thought wrapped around his empty head was simple; this is only the beginning.

Mr. Campbell grasped the fire-headed boy in his weak arms, a whirling pool of purpose and determination filling his lungs. The newfound shimmer in his azure eyes proudly announced his quest. Mr. Campbell was sure this mysterious mortal would play a critical role in his scheme, and he felt an odd desperation to see what the future held for him.

He knew taking the kid from his spot wouldn't be the best idea, especially if it might be a trap, but there was no one. Not a single soul was around, just the light snow fall, and the sounds of the forest. He takes a deep breath and decides to take him back to the cabin, once the child regains consciousness, he might tell Cameron where his parents are.

After a few miles of walking, the kid fluttered his eyes open, he found himself face-to-face with Mr. Campbell. The man was wearing a long, flowing black robe and a strange-looking hood that hid his face. He was struggling with the weight of the child in his arms, and the kid could sense the man's exhaustion.

The road they were walking on was lined with tall trees and heavy snow. It was dark and cold, and the air was thick with the smell of pine needles and damp earth. The kid shivered, and his teeth began to chatter. The blanket he was wrapped in felt rough and itchy against his skin, but it was better than the frigid snow.

Mr. Campbell continued to walk, his pace slow and steady. The kid could sense that the man was trying to be gentle, but the chilly air and the weight of the child were making it difficult for him to move quickly. He was wanting to question where he was, but the cold air hurt his vocal cords. So he just snuggles up to Campbell, waiting to be placed down again.

After what felt like an eternity, Mr. Campbell finally reached his cabin. It was small and simple, with a chimney that smoked and a door that creaked as the man pushed it open. Inside, the room was warm and bright, with a soft couch and a fireplace that crackled.

Mr. Campbell placed the kid on the couch, covering him with a bigger warm blanket and setting a cup of hot chocolate beside him. The kid snuggled into the sofa, feeling the warmth spread through his body. He closed his eyes again, exhausted from the cold and the long journey, but he felt safe in the presence of Mr. Campbell.

Cameron sits diagonal across from the kid, his coffee steaming in front of him. He takes a sip of the warm liquid, feeling the heat spread through his body and settle his nerves. He wants to ask the kid how he ended up out in the woods all alone, but he can't seem to find the right words. He feels a sense of responsibility towards the kid... A responsibility to protect him and provide for his needs.

Cameron wasn't used to this feeling. He was always by himself, always on his own... he saw himself inside of the kid, wanting to take care of him, the way Campbell always wanted.

He decides to take a deep breath and gather his thoughts before speaking to the small boy. He wants to be delicate in his questioning, not wanting to scare or overwhelm the little guy. He tries to analyze every possible outcome, playing out different scenarios in his mind. He wants to know the kid's story, but more importantly, he wants to know if the kid is safe and if there is anyone looking for him.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, Mr. Campbell forces himself to ask. His voice is soft and gentle, but there is a hint of concern in his tone. "Hey, buddy, can I ask you something?" He pauses, waiting for the kid to respond. The child sits up, pushing the blanket off of him a little, he sees the hot coco in front of him, before he speaks he takes a few long sips from the warm delicacy. Then placing it down to respond.

"Uhm.. sure you can Sir"

Mr. Campbell listens to the kid's voice, feeling a sense of relief wash over him. The kid sounds articulate and polite, which helps put him at ease. He takes another sip of coffee and looks at him, trying to gauge his physical and emotional state.


he says, trying to keep his voice calm and steady.

"Can you tell me how you ended up out here? Were you with anyone? Do you have family nearby?"

His heart races as he holds his breath, hoping the kid will have some answers. The boy looks down and caresses his arm.

"I've been on my own for quite some time...My family... left me behind, they said they will come back for me... but... it's been 2 years..."

Mr. Campbell's heart breaks as he hears the boy's story. How could anyone abandon their child in the woods, alone and helpless? He wants to reach out and comfort the boy, to tell him that everything will be okay, but he knows that words alone won't erase the trauma that the boy must have endured.

As the boy finishes speaking, Mr. Campbell is left speechless for a moment. His eyes brim with tears as he tries to process what he's just heard. He can't begin to imagine the pain and suffering that the boy must have gone through, being left all alone in the woods for two years.

Finally, he takes a deep breath and pushes back the emotions that are threatening to overwhelm him. He needs to be strong for the boy, to be a source of support and comfort. He needs to be the adult that this child desperately needs.

"I'm so sorry..."

He says softly, his voice choking with emotion.

"No one should have to go through something like that... But... I promise you, now that you're here with me, you'll never be alone again. I'll take care of you, and we'll figure everything out together."

The young 'un's face lit up. Cameron's eyes sparkle with joy as he watches the boy rush towards him to express his gratitude. He can tell that the boy is on the brink of tears, overwhelmed with emotion at being given this opportunity. Feeling proud of himself for making such a positive impact on the boy's life, he wraps his arms around him in a tight bear hug. The boy clings to him, thanking him repeatedly. Cameron just holds him and smiles, gently chuckling. He's happy to have helped someone in such a meaningful way.

"Thank you! Thank you sir! I'll do whatever it takes to be helpful around here!"

Cameron's eyes soften with sympathy as he sees the little lad's excitement. He wants to make this boy feel welcome and special, He needed to know what to call him, Cameron was feeling a little embarrassed for not asking it earlier. Cameron lets go of the hug, putting the young boy to sit on his leg.

"Okay, let's start off with names. My name is Cameron, or Mr Campbell... who are you?"

"My name is David! But, I like the name Davey, my parents used to call me that all the time!"

He loves the nickname 'Davey' that David shares, and is happy to hear that he has already established a special bond with his parents. He smiles and repeats the name.

"Davey... ha... Davey it is then"

Cameron reminds himself of the work he was doing, he stands up and walks over to his desk, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. He reaches out to grab the magic spell book, feeling its weight in his hand. The book is a precious treasure to him, one that he has spent years collecting and studying. He is eager to share its contents with Davey and to help the boy learn and grow.

"Would you like to learn some magic? I can feel a powerful feeling from you, come look at this book! You might find something of interest!"

Davey perks up and walks over to Cameron. He takes a deep breath as he reaches for the book, feeling the weight of responsibility in his hands. He notices the dark intricate design of the cover and the silver pentagram, which shimmers in the dim light. He can sense a dark and mysterious aura emanating from the book, as if it contains the secrets to a world beyond his wildest imagination. He holds the book with care, as if it were a priceless and fragile artifact.

As he open the book, he feels a strange power emanating from it, as if it is speaking to him. It calls out to him, tempting him to explore the hidden realms of magic and the supernatural of the outside world. He is tempted to read it and delve into its mysteries, but he is also afraid of what he might find. Yet, he feels an overwhelming sense of curiosity and longing, as if he were meant to discover the secrets it holds.

As he started to flip the pages, he feels a surge of energy through his body, as if he is being connected to the magic within its pages. He begins to read the first spell, feeling a strange sensation as he utters the ancient words. The room around him seems to shift and distort, as if he is transported to a different dimension. He feels a sense of power and control over the forces of the universe, and he can sense the awesome responsibility that comes with wielding such knowledge and power.

The air in the room suddenly charged with a pulsing energy, and items began to levitate around Davey's body. The book in his hand was giving off a pulsing green aura, as if it were a beacon beckoning him to its power. The floor began to shake with a deep vibration, as if it were trying to release the raw power of the magic within its depths. Davey could feel the magic pulsing through his body, as if it were coursing through his veins.

As Davey felt the power coursing through him, he realized that this spell was far more powerful than he had expected. His eyes were glowing, and he could feel the magic pulsating through every inch of his body. But the feeling was not one of fear; rather, it was a rush of excitement and wonder.

Cameron was watching him intently, trying to remain calm as he witnessed the sheer power that Davey was unleashing. He knew that this was a dangerous spell that could easily get out of control. As Davey continued to channel the energy, his body began to lift off the ground, and he felt as if he was floating in mid-air. He was completely enveloped in the magic, and it was a truly transformative experience.

However, Cameron knew that he had to stop this before it got out of hand. He quickly closed the spellbook, cutting off the flow of power, and all of the objects and Davey that had been lifted up began to fall back to the ground. The ground stopped shaking, and Davey took a deep breath, trying to ground himself.

Davey looks down at his hands, as the glowing green power energy on his hands fade away. He looked on every side of his hands, trying to process the kind of magic he just did. Cameron places the book back down on the desk, then turns back to Davey.

"Wow.. I did not expect you to get that powerful of energy though the air, that was amazing kiddo!"

He realized that this spell was not only powerful but also extremely dangerous. If they were not careful, it could easily lead to disaster. But despite the danger, Davey also felt an immense sense of accomplishment. This was his first attempt at a powerful spell, and he had managed to channel it effectively. Davey smiles up at Cameron, filled with appreciation, and validation, a thing he has never felt in so long, he gives Cameron another big hug.

"Thank you... I will try my best to keep the magic power down... but I know with your help I can... right?"

Cameron smiles down at Davey, putting his fingers through his hair, wrestling it a little bit, making it frizzy.

"Of course kid, you will not only live here, but, you can also be my apprentice!"

Davey felt a sense of relief and gratitude wash over him as Cameron offered to help him control his magic powers. He had been struggling to keep them in check, his parents has taught him a few spells, but nothing like this, and the idea of having a mentor and a place to live sounded like a dream come true.

"Thank you so much, Sir!"

Davey said as he looked up at his new mentor, and gives him a little salute.

"I know I have a lot to learn, but I'm willing to put in the work to become a great sorcerer!"

Cameron chuckled and ruffled Davey's hair again.

"I have no doubt that you'll become a powerful magic welder, kid. And with my help, you'll be one of the greatest. We have a lot of work to do, but I have faith in you."

As the months went by, Davey's knowledge of magic expanded exponentially under Cameron's tutelage. Cameron would teach him all sorts of magic, from light and dark magic to green magic and beyond. Davey was amazed at the range of spells Cameron had mastered, and he felt a growing sense of respect and admiration for his mentor.

Davey and Cameron bonded over their shared love of magic and their passion for learning new things. They would spend hours discussing various spells and techniques, and they would often experiment together, trying out new spells and analyzing the results. They also enjoyed engaging in small talk and sharing stories about their lives, finding common ground and building a strong relationship.

After a year had past, they grew closer, as a family. Cameron decided to adopt Davey and become his adoptive father, making him a permanent part of his life. Davey was overjoyed at the news, feeling a sense of belonging and acceptance that he had never experienced before. From that moment on, he viewed Cameron not only as his mentor, but also as his father, and Cameron treated him as his own son, raising him with love and care.

As Davey grew into his new found power, he continued to explore the world of magic with Cameron. Together, they delved deeper into the realm of spells and techniques, pushing themselves to master even the most complex of spells. They spent countless hours in their magical laboratory, trying to uncover the hidden secrets of the universe. It wasn't always easy, and there were times when they had to face failures and setbacks, but they never let that discourage them. Instead, they used it as opportunities to learn and grow, pushing themselves to be better and stronger than they were before.

Through their many adventures, Davey and Cameron became inseparable. They were always there for each other, supporting each other in their endeavors and celebrating their victories together. They were a team, a family, bonded by their shared passion for magic and their love for each other.

It has turned to summer, the sun is shining, and the trees can breathe in that fresh mountain air. The pine trees were swaying in the slight summer breeze. Cameron was in his cabin, trying to see how he is going to get more money, he was running low. In a depressed state, Davey could feel the sadness from across the room. Davey walks up to Cameron, trying to write down his ideas. Davey wanted to help. He thought for a moment and pops his head up

"Hey! Dad! What if... we open a coven! Where other kids can come to learn magic and how to control it! Just like how you taught me!"

Cameron jolts up, and looks down at Davey. He picks him up in a happy embrace then swinging him gently around.

"Davey! Youre a Genius! This way I can teach others, AND get money! It's a win win!"

Camron's mood brightened as he saw the happiness on his son's face. He couldn't deny it, Davey's idea was a great one. Not only would it help them financially, but it would also provide a safe space for young witches and spell casters to learn and grow. Cameron hugged Davey.

"That's an amazing idea son! Let's do it!"

As the two worked on putting their plans into action, they couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement growing within themselves. They knew that the coven would not be an easy feat to accomplish, but they were determined to make it a reality. They spent countless hours brainstorming ideas and discussing the details of what the coven would look like. From the classes they would offer to the type of magic they would teach, they had a plan for everything.

They were like two peas in a pod, working seamlessly together without a single argument or disagreement. Their relationship was built upon trust and respect, and they knew they could rely on each other to see their vision through. Together, they were unstoppable, and they were ready to face any challenge that came their way. They were determined to make their coven a success, not only for themselves but for all of Witchkind.