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Welcome to Hogwarts. Please wait while we download up the appropriate software for you to enjoy. We hope you enjoy this game by Rowling Game Studios. This game contains flickering lights that may cause epileptic seizures.

Loading game software.

Image of Hogwarts is shown.*

"Hogwarts is home to the largest House Elf population in Europe. It is rumoured that if the school is threatened with destruction, House Elves will come to the school's aid."

Harry blinked and the image was replaced by a black and green screen.

WonRon has entered the chat.

Bubbleboy has entered the chat.

Blueberrymuffin has entered the chat.

Blackcatsareawesome has entered the chat.

WonRon: So you finally started. What kept you? I've been waiting for hours for you!

Blackcatsareawesome: Sorry. I had to feed Maul. Then he hijacked me for kitty cuddles.

Bubbleboy: Cute kitty cuddles! Your cat is adorable by the way. Who wouldn't want to give him kitty cuddles?

WonRon: I still think that cat is evil.

Blackcatsareawesome: He brought that spider in for me. You were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

WonRon: He did that deliberately. I can tell. He knew...

Blueberrymuffin: Seeing you jump five feet into the air was funny *laughing emoji*

Blackcatsareawesome: Anyway, what characters are good in this?

Bubbleboy: You really should go for the Golden trio. Those guys are the best playable characters.

Several people are typing

Blueberrymuffin: Harry has the best story. And he has bonus points in hp and dps.

WonRon: Some people say Harry is the best, but I think he's a bit of a cliche. Orphan who saves the world is practically every player character these days. But Ron gets to be the hero with something new. Plus he gets all kinds of interesting allies through bloodlines and that.

Bubbleboy: Hermione has the best intelligence stats. The puzzles go through her and she gets all the lore stuff you can find. Plus she has the largest collection of spells.

Blueberrymuffin: Harry gets as many allies as Ron.

WonRon: Yeah, but he has to work to get them.

Bubbleboy: Half the NPCs in this game aren't even that good.

WonRon: Only because you've never levelled them up.

Blueberrymuffin: Harry has all the best attack and defence stats. He's practically a beast.

Bubbleboy: Only if you're interested in dumb brawling and not strategy.

Blueberrymuffin: I am a simple man;D Besides, Harry would never have been stopped by a troll.

WonRon: Spoilers guys! Remember Blackcatsareawesome hasn't played it yet.

Bubbleboy: Sorry Blackcatsareawesome

Blueberrymuffin: Sorry

Harry blinked again. Just what was he looking at? What was happening? It was weird and not in a good way. Or was it some kind of insanity? He couldn't tell.

Welcome to Hogwarts flash across a black background, the words appearing to pop out.

The screen flashes white before the camera panned down to reveal a huge fantasy castle, made up of pointy towers. Particles of light are swirling around the building and the castle itself appears to be almost alive.

The scene changes to a courtyard, with dozens of people, students mostly dressed in black robes with an indistinct badge on their chests and stripes of different colours around the neck and wrists. Some are green. Others are yellow or blue and some were red.

The image faded to black and words flash across the background once more.

Up to 40 playable characters it proudly proclaims, as though promising the world to whoever it was aimed at.

The scene changes once more, this time showing a mysterious forest. Two people are throwing brightly coloured spells at one another, before the scene is replaced by a street full of shops. A massive building that looks like it should be a bank sits at the top of the street and a holographic gold coin hovers above it.

The streets are crowded, full of people milling about in a sea of colour. The image zooms in and the various stores, show all kinds of magical merchandise. There are some boys cooing over a broomstick in the window. A pair of monstrous books growl at passers-by and one even throws itself against the window.

Explore magical locations flashes across the top of the scene. Various locations are shown. A magical forest with eerie, slightly spooky atmosphere. A tall and imposing tower. A classroom followed by a clock tower.

Harry blinked once more and tried to shake his head. It failed to clear his mind though and the image changed once more.

A three dimensional model of a redhead boy is standing on a glowing pedestal of some kind. Below him is a ledger proudly declaring his name as Ronald Weasley. Below his name is collection of stats showing hit points, charisma, magic points and the like. To his sides, a pair of other figures are hidden in shadows.

The light moves and a new figure is shown. This one is of a bushy haired girl holding a cat. Her ledger declares her name as Hermione Granger and she too has a collection of stats below as well. Her body rotates slightly as if to show her appearance from all sides. First right, then left, then right again before the light moves away once more to focus on another person.

The light flies over various people. A pair of Indian twin girls and a boy with silver hair and a permanent, petulant look on his face. A skinny, weedy-looking young man followed by a girl with pigtails. The light shines on all of them and their names and stats appear. The light however barely highlights them before moving on and the details vanish in the blink of an eye.

Eventually the light settles on a skinny young boy wearing round glasses and a lightening shaped scar on his forehead. The ledger for this character is different. Not only does it proclaim his name and stats, but it also tells us that this is The Boy Who Lived and who survived an attempted murder by the Dark Lord. There's a clicking sound and the light flickers briefly.

Are you sure? The words ask and it tells the audience that they can still choose someone else. Just press circle and others can be the one that's chosen. Or press the x and continue to the next stage. The light flickers once more with a click and the x flashes.

Harry opened his eyes. He could hear his aunt knocking on the cupboard door, demanding that he get up.

It was just a dream. A frown crossed Harry's face as an odd sense of disappointment swept through him.

Press x to get up.

Or was it?

AN: I'm not sure if this is complete garbage or interesting or something in between. But I'm out of time here, so...