You're The One

Chapter 1

Two years after the black organization case was done, the girl with green eyes was smiling in the mirror, she looked herself with her normal body. She thought she would never come back to Japan after returning to her normal size. She is now a member of the special force of the NPA, she works with Furuya Rei. After her comeback to Japan, Shiho never met her friends, either Kudo Shinichi or the detective boys. Well,, the detective boys never knew her as Miyano Shiho, they only knew Haibara Ai and Conan as their best friends who transferred to America with their family. Shiho never thought about being normal again before, she only wanted to help Kudo Shinichi and her aunty, Mary, create an antidote to being normal again. But,, when she met this guy, Furuya Rei, he told her about the story of her parents, her mother, and Akemi first, and finally Rei persuaded Shiho to consume the antidote, Rei promised her that he would help her find a new life without the organization.

Shiho was studying in America for the last two years, just for her formal university education, she majored in chemistry. Of course, the NPA helped her with her new identity as Miyano Shiho. The girl came back to Japan and joined the special forces of the NPA; now she lives with Furuya Rei in his apartment in Haido. It's been one month, she is here in Japan, She really missed her parent, Professor Agasa, so she decided to call him and visit him.

"Professor...", Shiho hugged the old man tightly when a man opened the door for her. The old man hugged her daughter, who was lovely.

"Shiho-kun,, how have you been? I miss you so much.. When are you coming back? Why do you only visit me now?" The old man questioned her with a lot of questions, and Shiho could see the tears around his eyes. The professor rubbed his eyes and said, "Ah,, come Shiho-kun.. You must be tired, right?" He dragged the girl to his house.

"Professor,, I miss you so much,, I just arrived in Japan last month, and I joined with the NPA now, so can't come here early. My apologize", she blabbed, smiling at the old man.

" You look more skinny now, Professor, didn't you eat well?", Shiho asked him with concern.

The man shook his head and said, "Don't worry about me, I'm just an old man who really misses her daughter, and now I can see her here with me, I'm so happy to see my beautiful Shiho here.. Where do you live, Shiho-kun? Come back here with me so I can eat more healthy food every day like in the old days. Hahaha", Professor Agasa laughed.

"I live with Furuya-san , professor. I'll come here more often, and for your meal, I'll try to make it for you", she smiled.

" Ah,, I think I know Mouri-kun's feeling now,, btw,, where is he? That Furuya-san?", he sighed,

"No, not like you were thinking, Professor, me and Furuya-san just a team, the NPA assigned him to guard me since the Organization case, we're not doing like you thought. And he is on duty now, so he is not coming here", Shiho slightly blushed when she explained her and Furuya's situation to Professor Agasa.

Shiho and Professor were eating lunch together, Shiho telling him about her study in America, she lives there with her aunt's family. Agasa asked her if Furuya-san ever visited her there in America, and Shiho answered several times that a man visited her in her aunt's house, She talked about his relationship with her cousins now, Furuya Rei and Akai Shuichi. Shiho said sometimes Akai and Furuya look like they would kill each other, but they didn't, just sharing the death glare. Shiho told everything to the professor, and time has passed, Shiho just realized the sky is dark now, so she went home with a taxi to the Haido apartment. Shiho arrived in the apartment. She thought that she would meet Furuya-san tonight and tell him about her time with the professor today, but unfortunately, she found only an empty house there. To be honest, perhaps she should think again about the professor's offer to live on Beika Street again at his house. It was one of the best times of her life, She has family, friends.

A month after

Shiho was staying in her room, she was barely out. Yes, she is an agent of the NPA like Rei, but she is a special force agent , she is not an undercover agent, She works on her research about another drugged organization. She rarely met Furuya at home, she thought perhaps the man avoided her, or was just busy at work. She feels like she's at home, alone. Shiho got up and went to the kitchen to fill in her glass, then.. the bell rang, She was startled and went to the door, where she found Kazami-san with Furuya-san on his hand, He seemed drunk, too drunk.

"Miyano-san,, I'm sorry.. he drank a lot", Kazami said, He doesn't look like a drunk person, just Furuya-san seems so drunk here.

"Come in", Shiho's said, Kazami is a subordinate of Furuya Rei, he is really loyal to him, that's just what she knows about him. Kazami helped Furuya walk to the sofa and said, "Miyano-san, I'm sorry I can't accompany you, I must deliver another colleague after this, he's drunk as bad as Furuya-san, I'll go" , Kazami bowed to her and left after that. Shiho smiled and led him to the door, then came back to Him, who slept on the sofa.

"What did you do, Furuya-san? Why so drunk? What about those wounds? Were you in a fight? Huh.. " She talked to his sleeping figure while wiping his handsome face and those wounds with a wet towel, She sighed, and her tears came out without her realizing it. She thought about Kazami's word before: who the colleague is , why Furuya-san likes this, maybe tomorrow she can ask him directly. Shiho brought her blanket for Furuya, She sat on the floor beside the sofa, watched him sleep peacefully, She smiled wryly, then fell asleep there, her head leaning against the edge of the sofa.

Rei woke up early, then Shiho, He was startled when he saw the girl's face so close to his, then he recalled his memory from last night, He smiled bitterly, looked at the girl's face, She really looks like her mother, no, she is more beautiful than her. ''I'm sorry, Shiho-chan", he said while sitting up slowly, he didn't want to wake the girl beside him up. The alcohol effect seemed to have left him, he sat up and was holding his head while Shiho was startled by the man's movement. She straightened her back up and asked, "Are you okay, Furuya-san?"

"Hmm.. just a little bit dizzy,", he replied without looking in her direction.

"What happened to you last night? Were you fighting? Kazami-san brought you here last night", Shiho kept blabbering, but Rei cut her off.

"I'm ok , Miyano-san, beside, that was not your business", he answered coldly.

"Kazami-san", Shiho just wanted to talk about last night's incident, but Rei cut her again.

"What did he say to you? Ah, Kazami.. Don't listen to him, me and Akai's fight does not concern you", He answered her, this time Rei looked at her, and her reaction was unexpected. She looked startled when he talked about Akai.

"He never said that colleague is Akai Shuichi. You fight with him?", she questioned him with a confused look.

"Yes, we fought, not your business, Miyano-san", He refused to look into her eyes again, he couldn't.

Shiho stood up, walked straight to the kitchen, did something, cooked, and never asked him anything about last night again. Rei stood up, took a bath, and came out of his room, He looked at Shiho, the girl had just been silent since then.

"Don't go before you eat this hangover soup, Furuya-san. The alcohol's effect is still there, just sit and eat", she said, looking angry at him, Furuya followed her instruction very well, he sat and ate quietly. He glanced at the girl in front of him, she ate quietly, her green eyes never looking at him, just at her plate.

"I'm sorry. Miyano-san. I'm sorry if my words hurt you," he apologized to her, but was cut off by her.

"Eat well, Furuya-san. Oh ya, I've been thinking about this for a month, I'll move to the professor's house tomorrow, so you can do your own business here without being disturbed by my presence. You will not be my guardian again. , Furuya-san, You're free, I just contact the boss, he agrees." She said it calmly.

"Pardon me, what did you say? Why so sudden?'' Furuya looks so confused.

"Thank you, Furuya-san" she smiled to him, then ate her food again.

"I never said that your presence here was disturbing me, I never said that, right, Shiho?'', he seriously said while looking at the girl.

"Then, why in these 2 months have you rarely come home? I feel like you ignored me, Then what happened last night? You came home drunk after a fight with Shu nii, sorry, I forgot it's not my business, right, Furuya-san?" she mockingly answered his statement.

"Huh,, Shu-nii? He didn't look at you as a cousin, Miyano-san, he loves you as a woman", he said confidently.

"Are you crazy? He is my aunt's eldest son, my cousin", she said, looking at him with emotion.

"I'm a man, I know he is in love with you, you know why I rarely visit you in America? Yes, because the FBI agent always forbade me to meet you there. There is always the reason behind that", He was talking about Akai Shuichi, then Shiho cut him off.

"Then why do you rarely come home? because Shu nii not allowed you to come home to meet me?'' she mockingly again with her question,

"No, it is because I'm confused with my feelings; I thought I loved you as my sister, Akemi-chan's sister. I'm in love with you, that's the reason why I avoided you, I wonder if I tell you everything, would you be mad at me, Would you leave me?" He sounded sincere.

"Nonsense,, You avoided me because you love me, I don't know what to say." She looked at him confusedly.

"Don't go, Miyano-san, please.. You don't have to answer my feeling, I can wait for you forever, just stay here", he sounds desperately now.

"I don't love you, Furuya-san", she said.

"I know, and Akai knows that too, he said I'm hopeless like him, he punched me to make me realize that your heart already died with him, right? You're in love with Gin, aren't we right?'' he asked, challenging himself to ask her that question.

Shiho's eyes opened widely, and then he could see the tears in her green eyes, The girl he loves is really broken because of the man who killed her sister.

"I'm sorry, Shiho,, maybe I couldn't replace him in your heart, but we can be at least friends. I just want to protect you as my promise to Elena Sensei and Akemi-chan", Rei pleaded to her.

"You don't have to, I think it's best if we don't meet each other, Furuya-san. Now, I want to take a rest, you can go to work after finishing your breakfast." She got up and entered her room, leaving Furuya alone in the dining room.

Tomorrow's morning

Shiho decided to move to Professor Agasa's house, she called him yesterday, and he sounded so happy. The professor asked Shinichi to help Shiho move her belongings to his house. Shinichi knew that Shiho lived in Furuya-san's house because everyone knew that Furuya-san was her guardian, the NPA assigned him to guard her, and the detective knew this agent had feelings for his friend.

Shinichi arrived early in the morning, he rang the bell, and then Rei opened the door for the former high school detective.

"Furuya-san, how have you been? Long time no see", Shinichi said,

"Not good, what are you doing here, Kudou-kun?" Rei was startled to see him here this early in the morning.

"Hasn't she told you? Professor Agasa told me that I must help her with her belongings; you know, move to the professor's house. I think you're not here; that's why I went to pick her up", Shinichi answered in detail to his question. Rei looked so disappointed and confused at the same time.

"Kudou-kun,, you here,, Help me, my luggage is here", Shiho entered the living room, she sounded bright. Shinichi went in her direction and bowed to the senior detective.

"is just that? Shiho,, I want to ask you many questions after that, you know?" He helped her with her luggage.

"Hmm, can't we talk in Professor's house, kudou-kun?" her green eyes, looking at the young man in front of her. He agreed that, he knew something bad had happened to these people.

"Let me help you with your other luggage Shiho, where is your car, Kudou-kun?" Rei entered the room and brought the other luggage with him. Shiho seemed to have avoided him since yesterday, and until now, she never looked at him.

"Thank you, Furuya-san, let's go, Shiho" Shinichi escorted her best friend. Before getting in the car, Shiho looked back at the man who has lived with her for these two months and said, "Thank you for everything, Furuya-san"

"You're most welcome, Shiho-chan, take care", Rei's answered her, smiling sadly. He realizes that meeting her again in the future must be difficult. Shinichi started the engine and drove to Professor Agasa's house.

"Since when he called you Shiho-chan? It's always Miyano-san, right, Shiho?'' the detective boy asked Shiho.

"You must ask him, not me, drive carefully, Kudou-kun, I'm so sleepy," she replied coldly as usual, then closed her eyes. Shinichi knew she wasn't really asleep, maybe she just avoided his question after question. They arrived at Professor's house, unpacked all her things, The room was already prepared by the professor. They ate lunch together after that, and Shiho excused herself, She told them she was exhausted and not feeling well, so she left the two men and entered her room. Shinichi never found the right time to ask her about the current situation that she and Furuya were in.

Seven Days After

The NPA director called Shiho to come to the office; he wanted to discuss the drug organization case. Shiho does not regularly come to the office; she rarely goes there, She doesn't know a lot of people there. She entered the meeting room, there is a director here, and he commanded her to help directly in that case along with Furuya-san. She never met this guy after she left that guy's house a week ago. Someone knocked on the door.

"Rei-kun, come here, Miyano-san will help you in that drug case, I think both of you will be the best duo ever. Let me know if you need anything", Kuroda said. Shiho smiled and bowed professionally to him; he also did that formally. They discussed the details of that case, and they decided to tail the member of that organization the next day, Rei could get information about the next transaction. After the meeting, three of them went to the restaurant to have lunch together, They ordered the meal, but before the meal arrived, Kuroda's phone rang, He must go back to the office immediately, and then the lunch is about Rei and Shiho again.

"How are you, Shiho?", Rei started the conversation.

"Good,, I demand you call me Miyano-san, like usual, Furuya-san", she answered him, She looked at his appearance , he looks thinner, She wonders about his health , how he feels now, but her ego does not allow her to ask him directly.

"About tomorrow's mission, I'll pick you up at Professor's house at 7", he changed the topic.

"Hmm.. Don't be late", she replied. They ate silently, so calm, that Rei asked her to come to his apartment after this, He wanted to give her the details of that case and the pistol, and she agreed because, as a scientist, she doesn't have the gun. They arrived at the apartment, and Haro ran to her lap after he saw her enter the house.

"Haro.. I miss you", She smiles brightly, then kisses the little dog, Rei smiled lovely when he saw that. I miss you too, Shiho-chan, maybe that's what Haro would say to her, and so does he.