That morning, Shiho woke up with a slight headache, the effects of alcohol still lingering in her body. Today, she had scheduled to pick up her little hero at the Akai family's house. Shiho called Sera, and Sera said she would bring Hiro to Shiho's house after lunch. Shiho felt relieved because her head was still a little dizzy, so she decided to rest for a while while waiting for Hiro and Sera.

In the morning, Sera walked alone to the convenience store to buy ingredients for her mother's cooking. Sera accidentally bumped into someone, "You...'' Sera exclaimed, staring wide-eyed at the man.

"Alright, I know you're going to call me Furuya, right? I'm not him, my name is Amuro Tooru," replied Amuro, who was starting to get bored with people's reactions in this city.

"Do you think I'm stupid? There's no way I'll believe you're not Furuya-san, you jerk!" Sera punched the man, and Amuro instinctively blocked it.

"Where have you been all this time, huh?" Sera continued, relentlessly attacking Amuro, releasing her anger.

"Hey, I already told you that I don't know who Furuya is," Amuro answered, continuously evading and deflecting the girl's punches.

"I was the one who accompanied your wife during childbirth, you know? I witnessed how devastated she was when Kazami-san brought news about you. It was you who asked me to stay with Shiho until you returned, Furuya-san," Sera said. Suddenly, Amuro felt a pain in his head, causing his movements to falter, and he ended up being kicked by the tomboyish girl.

Sera approached him, "You know, Furuya-san, your child is already 4 years old now. You know how much pain we all felt seeing Shiho in that condition. If it wasn't for Hiro, maybe she would have died, Furuya-san."

"Argh... argh..." Amuro groaned in pain, still clutching his head.

"Amuro-san... what's happening?" The young man approached, running towards Amuro and Sera, glaring at Sera who was still standing in front of Amuro.

Not long after that, Amuro suddenly fainted. Takeru and Sera immediately took Amuro to the hospital, waiting outside while the doctor attended to him.

"Who are you? What actually happened?" Takeru asked the girl.

"I am Masumi Sera, a detective. I only told the man what he already knew," Sera replied curtly, while pondering what actually happened.

"What did you say? Do you know Amuro?" Takeru asked again.

"Who are you? Shouldn't you introduce yourself first, sir?" Sera replied, questioning the handsome young man.

"My apologize. I am Yagami Takeru, I'm a friend of Amuro Tooru, the man you just met, miss. Now answer my question," Takeru smiled slightly annoyed.

"I am the younger cousin of his wife, I know Furuya Rei very well, even when he disguised himself as Amuro Tooru at Poirot cafe. Takeru-san, what actually happened? And don't tell me he's not Furuya-san, I'm not a fool who would believe that joke," Sera replied firmly, her eyes staring sharply at Takeru who had a slight smile.

"As a detective, you are very clever, Masumi-san, but aren't you too quick to jump to conclusions?" Takeru responded.

"If he really is Furuya Rei, then why hasn't he returned to his family?" Takeru continued.

" Yagami-san, can you please not answer my question with another question? Furuya-san has amnesia, and you saved him. Why did you give him the name Amuro Tooru? Did you know Furuya-san before?" Sera replied, slightly annoyed.

"Quite close, Miss Detective. Actually, my intention from the very beginning was to return him to his family when I first found him that time," Takeru began to explain.

4 years ago

Takeru and Hikari, who were accidentally passing through a deserted road, saw an explosion from a car that was speeding towards a cliff.

"Niisan, someone jumped out of it earlier," Hikari exclaimed.

"Let's call the police, Hikari. I have a bad feeling," Takeru replied.

"Please move forward a bit, maybe he is still alive, Niisan," Hikari insisted, forcing Takeru to drive towards the scene. They stopped not far from the explosion's location and indeed, there was a man lying there, covered in blood.

"Amuro Tooru, this person is amuro-san'', Hikari seemed to recognize the man, and finally, the siblings decided to take him to the nearest hospital. Shortly after their car left, two cars stopped near the previous car, and Takeru could see from his rearview mirror that several people were searching around the car, possibly for something or someone.

"Hikari, let's just take this person home. Call Dr. Ryo now, it seems to be just external injuries," said Takeru as he drove. Hikari nodded and quickly followed her brother's instructions.

Takeru and Hikari took care of the man with the help of Dr. Ryo and the private nurses of the Yagami family.

Two days after the incident, the handsome man opened his eyes, but he didn't remember anything. The doctor said he had amnesia. Hikari persuaded Takeru to let the man stay with them in Odaiba. Takeru initially refused and intended to hand this person over to the Osaka police, where their mansion was currently located.

Hikari told Takeru that this was the person who had helped her during the kidnapping case before. She knew this man, his name was Amuro Tooru. Takeru still remembered the incident vividly from two years ago when Hikari managed to escape the kidnapping and her younger sister experienced quite a severe trauma.

The two siblings decided to take care of Amuro Tooru, while Takeru tried to gather information about this person, but it was very difficult to find any. Over time, Takeru realized that his sister had fallen in love with Amuro Tooru.

Takeru discovered some information that a man named Amuro used to work at a café in Beika. He wants to help Amuro remember his past, even though he realizes that Hikari may not be there. In fact, Hikari even asked Takeru to lie about Amuro's background to the man. Takeru claimed to be Amuro's friend and Hikari's brother. Amuro thought so too; he already considered Hikari like his own sister, but the girl did not see Amuro that way. She loved the handsome man.

Takeru sat down with Hikari, his heart heavy with the weight of the conversation they were about to have. He took a deep breath and hesitantly began, "Hikari, I know this is not what you want to hear, but we have to consider the possibility that Amuro may have a family out there."

Hikari's eyes welled up with tears as she clutched onto Takeru's arm. "But Niisan, I love Amuro Tooru with all my heart. I can't bear the thought of him being with someone else. I want to be by his side," she sobbed.

Takeru looked at her, his gaze filled with compassion. "I understand your feelings, Hikari. But we have to be realistic. Amuro's past is unclear, and he may have ties to others who are waiting for him."

Hikari's voice trembled as she spoke. "But Niisan m, what if there is no one out there? What if he doesn't remember anything about his past? Shouldn't we be there to help him rebuild his life?"

Takeru sighed, his own voice filled with sorrow. "Hikari, I wish with all my heart that things were different. But we have to consider what's best for Amuro. What if he does have a family who is searching for him? We would only be causing them pain if we selfishly keep him to ourselves."

Hikari continued to cry, her voice choked with emotion. "I can't imagine a life without Amuro. He's become everything to me. I want to be the one by his side, helping him remember, helping him heal."

Takeru gently wiped away her tears, his voice filled with sympathy. "I know, Hikari. And I understand your love for him. All I'm asking is for you to consider the possibility that there might be others waiting for him too. We owe it to him to be truthful."

Hikari looked up at Takeru, tear-stained cheeks and an aching heart. Slowly, she nodded, her voice barely a whisper. "I'll trust your judgment, Niisan. But please, promise me that no matter what happens, you'll always be there for me."

Takeru's eyes filled with warmth as he enveloped Hikari in a comforting embrace. "I promise, Hikari. I'll be here for you, every step of the way, no matter where our paths may lead."

And with that, Hikari found solace in Takeru's arms, knowing that even though her heartache would remain, she had someone who understood and supported her unconditionally.

The doctor exited the examination room and informed Takeru and Sera about Amuro's condition.

"Forgive me, Masumi-san, but can you please leave before my sister arrives? I have already informed her about Amuro's condition," said Takeru.

"You're so concerned about your sibling's feelings, huh? You don't know how we feel seeing that man's wife like a walking corpse for the past four years, Yagami-san," replied Sera, irritated and emotional. She still vividly remembered Shiho's reaction back then.

"I beg you, I will definitely help Amuro to regain his memories, but this time I request you to leave. Here is my name card, you can contact me anytime, I won't run away," Takeru pleaded, handing his name card to Sera.

"Alright, I hope Shiho doesn't see your sister and Furuya-san together. You have to be able to convince your sibling, Yagami-san. I'm leaving," Sera bid farewell to the handsome young man and left him alone. As Sera was leaving, she crossed paths with a beautiful girl with brown hair, who was running towards Takeru.

"So, she's Yagami Hikari? I won't let you disturb Shiho's family again," Sera thought as she glanced at Hikari and left the hospital.

''Niisan.. what really happened? What's wrong with Tooru-kun?" Hikari asked, gasping for breath.

"Hey, calm down Hikari, it seems like he was just exhausted. We were doing morning exercise and he suddenly fainted, but the doctor says he's fine," Takeru replied, trying to reassure his sister. Hikari sat beside Takeru, still in the hospital waiting room.

"Niisan, I want Tooru and me to leave this town as soon as possible. You're already here, right?" Hikari said.

"Why all of a sudden, Hikari? I think I still need Amuro-kun's help here," Takeru casually replied.

"No, he can't be in this place, it's dangerous," Hikari answered.

Takeru looked at his younger brother, who suddenly became emotional and bowed her head. "Hikari, we have discussed this before, right, about that man?"

"Amuro Tooru, his name is Amuro Tooru, not 'that man', Nii-san," Hikari replied, staring into his brother's eyes.

"Alright, I guess I have to be honest with you. I sent you both here because I want Amuro-san to be able to return to his own life, Hikari. We have fooled him enough, keeping him locked up with you for these four years. He has his own life, just like you do," Takeru explained firmly.

"Did you already know that his wife lives in this city and you asked us to come to this city, Niisan?" asked Hikari with a trembling voice.

"I only knew that Amuro used to work at a café in this city. I really can't understand you this time, Hikari. You know that man has a wife, don't you feel sorry for her?" said Takeru.

"Miyano Shiho, his wife, has already gotten used to living without Tooru-kun. Hasn't Tooru-kun been living with us for 4 years now? I can't live without him, Niisan ," answered Hikari, crying out of fear that Takeru would side with that woman.

"Stop crying in front of me, Hikari. I have endured this lie for 4 years, sacrificing the happiness of many people just for the sake of your happiness, Hikari," replied Takeru, snapping at his beloved sister.

"You said you would stay by my side no matter what happens, Nii-san," Hikari fired back.

"I will stay by your side if you are right, my sister, not if you are being selfish like this," Takeru replied as he left the crying girl alone and entered the patient's room.

Not long after entering the room, the patient started to regain consciousness. Takeru approached the bed where Amuro was lying.

"Hey, Amuro, how are you feeling?" Takeru asked, helping the man sit up. Amuro smiled at Takeru.

"I'm fine, what happened to me, Takeru? The last thing I remember is meeting that tomboyish girl, where is she?" Amuro asked, looking around.

"Do you know her? Do you remember something?" Takeru asked as he sat down on the chair next to the patient.

" I just had a dream about a woman, her hair was a bit shorter, almost the same color as Hikari's, her sweet smile directed towards me, but I couldn't quite make out her face. Have I ever been close to someone like that? Do you know her, Takeru?" Amuro recounted, smiling as he remembered his dream.

"It was just a dream, right, Niisan?" Hikari replied, who had entered the room without their notice.

"Niisan, you better go home first, let me take care of Tooru-kun. Tooru-kun, it's best if you rest," Hikari continued, walking towards the two men. Hikari stared sharply at her brother and then smiled softly at Amuro.

Shiho's House

That afternoon, Sera accompanied Hiro home. Upon arriving at his house, the child immediately hugged his mother.

"Mommy, I missed you. Last night I slept with Aunt Sera, and I didn't wet the bed, you know," Hiro recounted.

"Good boy, I missed you too, my dear," Shiho replied, kneeling down and kissing her son's cheek.

"Mommy, can I go to Grandpa Agasa's place for a little while? He said there's a new game," Hiro pleaded.

"Didn't you say you missed mommy? It seems like I lost to Grandpa Agasa," Shiho replied, pretending to pout at her son.

Hiro kissed his mother's cheek, "Mom, you'll always be number one for me, but I want to try Grandpa Agasa's new game."

"Alright, you can go, but don't stay out too late, my dear," Shiho allowed her son to go to Professor Agasa's house, which was just two houses away from their current home. Shiho's house was designed by Rei, and they had planned to move after Shiho gave birth.

After saying goodbye to his mother and aunt, Hiro went to play at Professor Agasa's house. Shiho and Sera sat down with cups of coffee made by Shiho.

"How are your wedding preparations going, Sera?" Shiho started the conversation.

''There's Mom, Ran, and Sonoko who are helping me. How about you? How are you doing now?" Sera replied while looking at her cousin.

"As for me? I'm doing fine," Shiho smiled while sipping her coffee.

"I met Furuya-san this morning," Sera said while observing Shiho's expression.

Shiho smiled sadly, nodded her head, and looked at Sera.

"Ah, so you've met him, Shiho. And you didn't do anything?" Sera attacked her with a question.

"He has amnesia, Rei doesn't remember me. I miss him so much but I can't bear to see him, it's devastating to see his eyes so cold like that, Sera," Shiho replied.

"That jerk doesn't recognize me either, I'm sorry Shiho, I was really mad when I saw that guy," Sera explained, sharing the details of the morning incident with Shiho, including her conversation with Yagami Takeru.

" Is Rei doing okay? How is he?" Shiho asked.

"To be honest, I don't know. When I left the hospital, he still hadn't regained consciousness," Sera replied.

"You know, Sera, I even pray to God, asking Him to give me a chance to see Rei again. My prayers were answered, and I got to see him again, even though I couldn't touch him. I'm being really selfish, aren't I? When I saw Rei again, all I wanted was to be with him, to hug him, to have Rei back with me," Shiho continued, crying. Sera then hugged her, trying to calm her down. In the end, they cried together.

" I never thought I would fall in love, especially not with Furuya Rei. Initially, I was deeply in love with Gin. You know, I was raised in that organization without parents, and I rarely saw Akemi, my sister. Since I was little, I was always with Gin. He was the one who always protected me. My world shattered when I found out that Gin was the one who killed my own sister. I decided to escape from the organization, but I failed. They captured me and imprisoned me. I drank that medicine because I thought it would be better to die," Shiho narrated. Sera remained silent, just listening to her story.

"As you know, the rest is history. I disguised myself as Haibara Ai and lived with Professor Agasa. Rei convinced me that he would destroy the organization and I could live freely. When that day came, foolishly, I followed them to the organization's hideout, and when I realized it, it was Gin who protected me from that bullet. He apologized to me and he said he loved me. Since then, I felt unworthy of being loved. Everyone dies," Shiho occasionally wiped the tears that fell on her own cheeks.

"Seeing Gin's life slip away in my embrace is painful. I thought I loved this man so much. NPA offered me a new identity after that incident, but I refused. I still wanted to be Miyano Shiho. Rei was appointed as my guardian at that time. You know, Sera, initially I really didn't like that guy," Shiho continued.

"Yeah, he's quite annoying. I kinda hate him too. I mean, he can do everything so well," Sera said. Shiho chuckled softly at that comment.

" Yes, you're right, even Rei never hesitated to show his feelings. It was so different from me back then. During the two years I stayed in America with your family, he only visited me twice. Honestly, at that time, I think I was starting to like him. I even remember our conversation clearly," Shiho's dried tears turned into a smile.

"But back then, you still often looked at the necklace Gin gave you in your room and cried. I'm sorry, I accidentally witnessed it a few times," Sera replied.

" You're right, I was still denying my feelings for Rei. After finishing college and finally returning to Japan, I stayed at his apartment, for about 2 months. You know, Sera? I was really angry at Furuya Rei at that time. Just imagine, for almost 2 months I hardly ever saw him at home. And when he did come home, he would just change his clothes and leave, until we had a big argument and he confessed his feelings for me. I was confused about what to do, so I moved to the professor's place, and we started dating. Honestly, I still had some trauma, I was afraid that something would happen to him," Shiho continued.

"I think I'm just hearing this story from you for the first time, Shiho," Sera responded.

" Rei, he taught me a lot, Sera. I learned to love and be loved by him. I learned to keep moving forward even when things didn't go as planned. Rei lost everything, even more than I did. He lost his parents and his friends. You know, when I was pregnant, he said if our child is a girl, he wants to name her Akemi, just like my sister. And if it's a boy, Hiro, a nickname for Morofushi Hiromitsu, his childhood best friend," Shiho continued.

" Shu-nii has already told me about him. He was a great man, an NPA agent just like Furuya-san. He used to teach me how to play the bass when I was little. Oh, I even met your husband before back then,'' Sera said jokingly, and they laughed.

"Thank you, Sera, for listening to me reminisce. It reminds me of our past struggles. I will never give up, not for Rei," Shiho said firmly.

" Forgive me, Shiho. Forgive all of us who have often asked you to forget about Mr. Furuya and find a new father for Hiro," Sera replied, still crying.

"Sera, I want to see how Rei is doing right now. I don't want to lose him again," Shiho said.

"You can contact this person if you want to know his condition, but it's better if you stay here. I'm sure Furuya-san is doing fine," Sera reassured gave Shiho Takeru's phone number, of course, the tomboy girl already had a copy of it.

That night, as usual, Shiho gently put Hiro to sleep in his room until he was sound asleep. She looked at the face of her precious child, gently stroked his hair, and kissed his forehead before returning to her own room.

Shiho stared at the business card given by Sera, with the name Yagami Takeru and his number written on it. Shiho decided she would contact him the next day.

Akai's Residence

That night, Sera called her fiancé, Hakuba, and told him about the incident she experienced.

"You shouldn't have attacked him like that, Sera," replied Hakuba on the other end of the phone line.

"Besides, he is Furuya Rei, don't you forget. That man managed to infiltrate the organization for years and his abilities were acknowledged by them, as well as by Shu-nii. He won't die even if I attack him, and his reflexes are very good even with amnesia," Sera answered.

"That's not what I meant. What if he retaliates and you get hurt?" said Hakuba.

" That's not what I meant. I'm not doubting his abilities, but what if he retaliates and you get hurt?" Hakuba said.

"You know? I used to hate Furuya-san so much. He was able to do everything so well when he disguised himself as Amuro Tooru and worked at the Poirot. I knew he was very manipulative," Sera reminisced about her high school days.

"I know my girl hates losing so much, has he ever defeated you, darling?" Hakuba asked.

" Of course not, that's not what I wanted to discuss with you, Hakuba," Sera replied annoyed.

"Alright, how about your dress?" Hakuba asked.

"That's all taken care of, Ran helped me choose yesterday. Can we get back to the original topic? I went to Shiho's place earlier, and at first, I was hesitant to bring up Furuya-san. You know? She has even met Furuya and that self-centered girl, I really can't imagine how she feels," Sera continued.

" What will you do next? Please don't act impulsively, remember our wedding is just a month away," Hakuba replied.

"I intend to contact Yagami-san, at least to find out how Furuya-san is doing now. I hope his memory recovers quickly," Sera said.

"Hakuba, I want to sleep now, I'm ending the call, bye," Sera continued.

"Bye, my love," Hakuba replied and then hung up the phone.

Sera felt very tired today, she lay down on the bed, remembering Hiro who kept talking about the uncle he met at the airport. "Uncle Amuro, could it be that the child was talking about Furuya-san? Oh God, why does fate play with them like this," Sera said.