The change of the land was startling, even with her memories as Rose. Taking to the air, her familiar circled higher to get a better view. Through Breuddwydion's eyes, Morgaine found that only a few people were out this early. No surprise, she doubted even Tintagel Castle would have few visitors at this time of the day.

Then she spotted them; two staff members directing half a dozen yellow-jacketed bobbies and a couple of dogs. Beyond them were even more police walking among the lower ruins towards the beach.

"So, someone did notice."

Although she had no plans on returning to her relatives, at least the teachers had said something. So perhaps someone actually cared, or were they just covering their 'asses,' so to speak? Didn't matter, really, but still. A child vanishing from an English Heritage site would also be an issue. Unfortunately, she couldn't tell the police to stop looking either.

So where to go? As much as the non-magical believed Tintagel Castle was the birthplace of her brother, much less a magical enclave, it was not.

"Well, there was always something magical about the Damnii," she mused, then pondered. "Perhaps Londinium."

Although the Saxons allowed the once great city to fall into ruins, the magical community still had a strong presence. Did it still exist?

"Right, London," Morgaine corrected herself.

Cities and kingdoms' names had changed obviously over the centuries. So, her old knowledge would be of little use except for a historian or archeologist. Her new memories weren't much help, having just started learning about the Anglo-Saxons. Modern history or even geography, not really.

"Breuddwydion, what to do?" She smiled as she spoke to her familiar, who appeared on her arm. "We will have to be ever so cautious, but it's all fascinating, isn't it? A new world to explore, new magic even. Merzhin would be so jealous."

Perhaps she would travel. It had been some time since she visited the continent. The town she stayed overnight with her husband in Charibert was quite lovely. Maybe a visit to Rome or even Constantinople? She might not have been terribly fond of the wand wavers, but she couldn't deny their formidable magic.

"Did you know Breuddwydion that Merzhin even spoke about meeting a Magi from Persia during his travels? So, we need to see what has happened to our magical brethren. I may no longer sit on the throne of Rheged, but I do feel some responsibility."

With a tap of her staff, she wrapped herself in shadows and stepped in between and onto the beach near Tintagel Castle. She detested the Roman method of magical travel, the feeling of being crushed and pushed through a reed. It always made her unwell. Thankfully, the blood of the Tuatha Dé Danann flowed through her, allowing for a more comfortable method. Of course, she cheated a bit with her connection to Breuddwydion.

It took only twenty minutes for her to make her way to the Tintagel Visitors Centre. The car park appeared mostly empty. After being greeted by the friendly staff, Muirgen decided to look around. Her teachers had not allowed them to loiter except for a quick visit to the toilets.

Wandering around the exhibit hall a bit, she approached the gift shop. The Medieval and especially the Arthurian souvenirs were amusing, to say the least.

"Can I help you, luv?" A grey-haired member of the staff asked while setting up a display stand.

"Yes, thank you," Morgaine replied. "I'm looking for a book of maps. Maybe one with magical locations?"

"Magical locations?" She gave the young girl a smile.

"Oh, I mean like standing stones, circles, and other such sites."

"Ahh, yes, we do have that."

The book was somewhat helpful, although it wasn't really full of maps—more of a tourist book of what to visit in Cornwall and the rest of the country. It wasn't expensive, but unfortunately, paying with Roman silver was out of the question, and her modern money was limited. But at least she had enough for a can of Vimto and a bag of Potato Smiles.

Raised in the house of Gorlois and later the court of Uther Pendragon, Morgaine could hide her true feelings. So, she left the visitor center with a smile, thanked the staff, purchased her snacks then walked towards the beach. They would be surprised that the cheerful young girl now sat with food forgotten, staring at the sky.

There were not just tourist books she looked through. Teachers had gone over the stories. Authors like Geoffrey of Monmouth and Thomas Malory were mentioned. Rose knew the name Morgan Le Fey, her legend, her infamy. For some reason, it always bothered her too. But the memories vanished when she disappeared into Morgaine's sanctuary. But these books brought it back again.

"They made me a villain, Breuddwydion. Oh, I knew they blamed me for Merzhin's disappearance. Those wand wavers never respected the old magic. But to blame me for Arthurs's death, my dear brother? And poor Medraut, he never wanted the throne."

Wiping a tear from her eye, she mourned, wrapped in shadows, supported by her beloved familiar.

Morgaine, the youngest daughter of Igraine and Gorlois, wife of Urien, mother of Yvain, wise healer, powerful sorceress, and enchantress, stood high upon Bellever Tor in Dartmoor national park. She could feel the old magic of the moors. It still offered protection to the stone cairns of those who dwelled here before the time of the Romans. But the once thriving wizarding community of the Bellever Forest had vanished.

Perhaps her search was in vain, but even in her time, there weren't many wizarding communities; most lived happily among their non-magical neighbors. So, she moved east. Two days later, she found herself near Bathampton Down on a now ancient battlefield. Her father, along with Ambrosius Aurelianus, Uther's brother, stopped the Saxons led by Cerdic of Wessex from marching further west. At that moment, realizing that she only needed to follow the A4 to end up in Surry, she turned away in disgust, but not before overhearing a young girl's voice say, "Pappa, there are ghosts here."

Morgaine had met a couple herself, Britons wizards slain in battle while stopping the enemy from crossing the Avon River. What confused her was that they recognized her and inferred that she still held the crown. Which was, of course, ridiculous as neither Rheged nor her brother's kingdom existed anymore. But if they could see ghosts.

A young girl and what she expected to be her parents were walking down a path that had once been a tramway.

"Excuse me, did I hear that you have seen ghosts?"

The trio stopped, then turned. I didn't mean to frighten them, but they seemed quite surprised.

"Are you perhaps magicals?"

The two adults oddly enough appeared to panic, but the girl chirped, "Pappa and myself are, but Mama is not."

Morgaine couldn't help but smile. "Nothing wrong with that. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Morgaine Rheged."

The mother replied, "It's a pleasure meeting you as well; I am Agatha Turpin; this is my daughter Lisa, and my husband Richard."

"Are you here for the summer food festival?" Lisa asked, then added, "Mama really likes the music."

The sorceress shook her head. "Although it sounds quite fun, I am simply here to visit the battlefield."

"Battlefield?" Agatha questioned.

"Battle of Badon," Richard answered, then said, "I think I might have seen a plaque or some such at the end of the trail. It occurred during King Arthurs's time."

Morgaine pointed behind them and then said, "King Gorlois, along with Ambrosius Aurelianus, stopped a Saxon army led by Cerdic of Wessex right down there by the river."

"Brill," Lisa exclaimed.

"Indeed. I am sorry to disturb you on such a pleasant Saturday. But I wondered if there is a Wizard Enclave or even a Goblin Gwâl in Bathampton?"

Richard gave a soft laugh. "You must be from an old family. I don't believe many use those terms anymore. Unfortunately, the nearest enclave, I would say, is Diagon Alley in London, which you might already know, and of course, you will also find the Goblin Gwâl, but they call it Gringotts."

"I see, thank you." she smiled. "And once again, sorry for disturbing you, and have a good day."

"Wait, maybe we'll see each other at Hogwarts."


"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," Lisa replied.

Seeing the young girl's confusion, Agatha asked, "How does your family learn magic, Muirgen?"

"Master and apprentice, usually."

"Really old family," Richard murmured.

"But a magical school sounds interesting. I will have to look into it."