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Morgaine watched Charline as she fretted over a large pile of supplies. "You know, looking over what they want you to bring with you won't change after the fourth, or was it the fifth time now you checked? And I doubt Pickdark would be negligent in sending the wrong or the incorrect amount of what your new bosses are asking for."

The curse breaker nodded, then kept on looking anyway. "Thank you, by the way."

"What for?"

"For putting in a good word for me," Charline sighed. "When they told me that I would have to wait another few weeks before I could start work again, I was worried. I've only been doing this a few years, and this is the biggest expedition in at least a decade. There are senior curse-breakers that would happily stab someone to be invited."

The former Queen chuckled. "Well, you had to put up with me for the last month. Not sure if me putting in a good word, as you say, got you this job, though."

"Oh no, I am absolutely positive I have this job because of you," She grinned. "You're still one of the oddest kids I have ever known, but thanks."

Morgaine childly rolled her eyes and then took one look last look around the room, "So, you're leaving right after you drop me off at the train?"

"I'll have just enough time to sit with Gwendolyn and her family for a bite of lunch, but that's the plan. Sorry, I am the one seeing you off and not your mother, though."

"You have already mentioned that a couple of times, and as I told you before, it's fine. Once my stepfather came into my life, she had very little to do with me," Morgaine explained as the two began to walk down the hallway toward the exit to Diagon Ally. "Oh, it would be a pleasant surprise if my mother suddenly appeared, but I don't expect it."

It was a rather brisk Wednesday morning at Kings Cross Railway, London, when the pair looked upon Platform 9 ¾. They could have taken the Floo or apparated; however, going through the Muggle entrance was much more amusing. Stepping around a group of loitering redheads, the pair passed through the barrier and was greeted by the sight of a bright red, 4-6-0 steam engine.

"Can't say I wasn't impressed with the enchantment, but what's with the name?" Morgaine commented as the two moved out of the way of the portal because of incoming traffic; with half the platform already full of witches and wizards saying goodbye to their children, it was getting crowded.

Charline laughed at the look on the young girl's face at the strange platform number. "It's been that way forever, you know. Plus, you will probably arrive and exit through the Floo after today."

A loud squeal caused both of them to turn, but not before Morgaine was glomped by a grinning brunette.

"Hecates breath, Tracey," she groaned as she tried to pry herself out of her friend's firm grasp. "It's good to see you too; been what a whole three days."

Gwendolyn Davis could only sigh at her daughter's antics, then smiled. "Well, I see everyone is here. Morgaine Rheged, let me introduce you to my husband Edward, and the gentleman standing beside him is Daphne's father, Cygnus."

"It's a pleasure to meet you both," she said, stepping away from a grinning Tracey.

"From what I hear, my cousin has been treating you well," Edward Tracey said.

Morgaine looked up at the grumbling Charline and nodded, "She has, although I am sure she is looking forward to her next job."

"Your off to Alexandria?" Evaline Greengrass smiled. "I know your parents are very proud of your new assignment."

"Morning, "Daphne whispered, moving over as the adults began to talk among themselves. "Sorry about Tracey; she's a little excited."

"And you're not, come on, this is so Brill; the two of us been talking about it all year. Why just this morning…"

"Stop," she gave out of a soft whine. "Yes, it's exciting."

Tracey's grin turned into a nervous one as she looked up at the train.

"It's going to be fun," Morgaine said, reassuring her friend. "We're going to learn a lot."

Rose did not have a good time when attending Primary back in the mundane world. At first, it had been quite amazing, but as time passed, the teachers and children began to ignore or be outright hostile toward her. However, she knew this time would be different, or at least she hoped.

Both the Greengrass and Davis families were good people, and their daughters were a pleasure to be around. Very different from the ones her mother picked out or those whose parents introduced her to curry favor at court. And she found it strange, but in a pleasant sort of way, that although her magic and memories were more Morgaine, she did not find it odd to be in a child's body. She was still Rose in many ways, which included the thrill of making new friends.

"Charline and your mother are just as bad as you, Tracey, and can be just as embarrassing," Daphne grumbled as the three made their way onto the train. To say that her mother's farewell was quite entertaining, much to the amusing displeasure of the other adults. Charline hadn't even tried to be standoffish, grabbing Morgaine a big hug but not before promising to write.

It would be nice to have someone to correspond with. However, the sorceress felt a bit jealous that the curse breaker was off on some grand adventure, admonishing herself for not taking the chance upon waking up in the sanctuary. But no, this was better. Physically she was a child, and in many ways, mentally. She also needed to learn how to live in the modern world, and in truth, there was so much new magic to explore.

In another part of the train, Lisa Turpin sat alone inside her compartment; she had arrived early, quickly finding a seat. Although most of magical Britain treated the Hogwart's annual train ride like a Bank holiday, her parents had several shipments arriving early at their family-owned bookstore.

She would admit the summer hols had been quite fun even after being dragged to all the summer festivals her mother wanted to see. Although, having to spend a good portion of it lugging around books had been a bit of a drag. But what had been in her thoughts lately was the girl she had met outside Bathampton. Admittedly, she was a tad jealous; the girl was very pretty, had a lovely voice, and held herself in a way that no other girls in Primary, even the snooty ones, could hold a shine to.

"Speak of the devil," she whispered and ran and opened the compartment's door. "Morgaine."

The girl in question gave her a warm smile. "Lisa, right. How are you?"

"Good; do you need a place to sit? There's plenty of room."

It was then she noticed there were two other girls, and suddenly the excitement dwindled, now feeling unsure, but Morgaine just turned to them, and both nodded with a smile. With everything put away in the racks above, introductions were quickly made, and the three girls settled down for a long ride to Hogwarts.

"So, did you enjoy the festival? If I remember correctly, that's what you and your parents were visiting when we met."

"Oh, it was fun. Although Mum and Dad are into some really bizarre music, at least the food was good."


Morgaine nodded, "Some sort of summer festival outside Bathampton. In the non-magical part of the city."

"Oh, Daphne, you remember the one Uncle Tarquin took us to when we went to Yorkshire?" Tracey grinned. "You got sick on those Mincemeat Pies."

"I was eight," she replied with a grumble. She then began, "Since you went to a Muggle festival…"

The blonde then stopped to stare at a Raven that suddenly appeared inside the compartment. "What?"

"Oh, it's just Breuddwydion," Morgaine explained while reaching into her robes and pulling out a small bag that contained dried fruit, which she offered to her avian companion.

"Oh, yea, it's her familiar," Tracey leaned over. "Can I have some candied figs too?"

"But she just appeared."

"It's a he, and he does that. Freaked Mom out the first time when we were having lunch at Brogdon's."

Morgaine nodded, offering the bag to the others. "I think he finds it amusing."

The compartment door then slammed open, startling the three. The intruder was a young boy who immediately apologized, with his face now looking as red as his hair. "There's no room anyplace else."

Lisa gave a small friendly laugh. "Go down two compartments; there are a bunch of boys in there our age."

"Thanks," he said with a grin, then quietly closed the door.

With her question now forgotten, Daphne said, "By the color of his hair, that must have been a Weasley."

The four girls then started to talk about what they did over the summer.

Lisa was amazed to find out that Morgaine was an apprentice healer. "Mom was concerned that you were wandering around by yourself. Dad said you must have had a house-elf nearby looking out for you."

"I'm hardly alone nowadays, plus I have Breuddwydion," Morgaine insisted.

Tracey nodded. "Then there's Charline and, of course, the goblins because of the pax."

Once again, the door opened, revealing a bushy-haired girl who asked, "Have you seen a toad? Neville here seems to have lost his."

"Hello, Longbottom, good summer?" Daphne asked the cubby boy standing behind the young witch in the hallway.

"It was all right; my uncle gave me a toad," he replied, slightly upset. "He keeps disappearing."

"One of the prefects could probably find him for you," Tracey offered.

"Get one of the older students to conjure a cage, too, if you don't have one for him," Lisa added.

The bushy-haired girl who had been silently staring into the compartment suddenly said, "That's a raven. You'll get into trouble; they weren't on the list."

"I believe you're mistaken," Morgaine smiled. "Breuddwydion is a cat."

Everyone looked, and indeed there was a black feline lounging on her lap.



With a harrumph, the bushy-haired girl retreated, marching down the hallway, leaving Neville, who just looked amused. "Magical animals are allowed, so you shouldn't have to worry."

"Thank you, I am aware. Also, please apologize for me, Mr. Longbottom; my familiar tends to be a bit of a prankster," the young witch laughed softly as she scratched her cat's head. "And my name is Morgaine Rheged. I assume you are familiar with the others in my compartment."

Tracey gave the young boy a cheery two-finger salute while Lisa introduced herself. Neville only stayed for a few more seconds and then closed the door. Breuddwydion, however, was now back to normal on Morgaine's shoulder.

"That was bloody brilliant," Tracey exclaimed.

Lisa couldn't help but agree.

The Trolly Witch was the next visitor, with Morgaine buying snacks for the rest of the compartment. She was amazed at the selection, although it could have been done without Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, in which Tracey insisted on making a game of tasting them. The only odd thing, which no one else noticed, was that the unusually old witch bobbed her a curtsey before closing the door.

"Oh, look, I got Morgane le Fey," Lisa exclaimed, sounding quite excited, showing everyone her Chocolate Frog Card.

"Nice, those are pretty rare," Tracey said, looking at the one she found. "Dumbledore again, another duplicate."

Morgaine took a small chocolate bite out of a leg and asked, "May I see them?"

"Oh, you don't collect them? You can have my Dumbledore if you want."

The headmaster's card gave a little information on what made him famous, including his alchemic discoveries. He had claimed in the papers that she was safe not too long after that fateful Halloween. So there was some discussion among the goblins about whether he was the one who gave her to the Dursleys. With a smile, she handed it back. The old wizard was someone that she needed to keep an eye on.

"King Arthur's half-sister, Dark sorceress, and enemy of Merlin. Morgan Le Fay, also known as Morgana, affected many events during the time of King Arthur. She was the Queen of the island of Avalon, and she had great skill as a healer."

She ran her thumb over the magical portrait, which of course, looked nothing like her; they didn't even get the eye coloring right. Before she could return the card, the door slammed open again.

"I heard that Rose Potter was on the train; have you seen her Greengrass?" A towheaded boy announced. Accompanying him was a pug-faced girl and two rather large boys who stood menacingly, or at least they pretended to be behind the pair.

"No, Draco, so go away," Tracey sighed, slumping back in her chair.

"Wasn't asking you, half-blood."

The pug-faced girl stepped forward, looking annoyed but not at the girls in the compartment. "We're looking for her, Daphne; have you seen her anyplace."

"Can't say that I have, Pansey," she replied.

"Oh, you get any decent cards, Tracey?" One of the boys in the hallway asked, noticing what they were eating.

"Dumbledore for like the millionth time, but Lisa got Morgan le Fey," she said with a grin.

"Cor, can I have a look at it?

Lisa nodded with a smile, and it was passed to the front.

"Pansey," the boy called Draco, let out a small whine.

"Oh hush, we're socializing," she said, then looked up. "Oh, you have a raven familiar just like her. I'm sorry, my mother would get on me for my manners; my name is Pansey Parkinson, this one is Draco Malfoy, and the other two boys are Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance; my name is Morgaine Rheged, and sitting next to me is Lisa Turpin. I assume that you already know Tracey and Daphne."

"You have an accent…" Draco began.

"It's pretty," Vincent murmured, then turned beet red.

Morgaine musical laughter filled the compartment. "I thank you, good sir. And I am from Cornwall, before you ask."

"Fine, whatever, let's go," Draco turned around, grabbing the two other boys who waved before they left.

Pansey cringed.

"Sorry about that, our parents, you know. Maybe we'll be in the same house," she said with a hopeful smile before running off.