Lisa suddenly jumped as the door closed and began murmuring, 'Rose Potter.'

Opened her book bag and pulled out a newspaper; she said, "OK, so this is going to sound weird, but I think there is a reason why the 'Girl Who Lived' might not be on the train. I mean, I hope not, but still."

"But she's supposed to be in our year," Daphne said.

"Right but let me explain. My parents own a bookstore; Dad runs the magical side, while Mum runs the Muggle side. And we get like every paper in the world."

She then folded the newspaper in half and pointed to an article about a missing child. "They know I collect the Rose Potter books, considering they've bought half of them for me."

"So do we," Tracey pointed to herself and Daphne, then looked over to Morgaine.

"I have read a few but don't own any." Reaching her hand out, she asked, "May I take a look at the article."

"Of course," Lisa said, then continued. "Mum tends to read the newspaper cover to cover every Sunday; it's a thing. In last week's paper, she noticed a missing persons case in Surry. Dad pointed out, however, and he looked it up, there are some thirty thousand Potter's in the UK, so chances are that it's her was pretty slim."

"Wait, 'The 'Girl Who Lived' is missing?" Tracey gasped in shock.

Lisa shrugged. "Maybe; I mean, her first name is pretty common, too, so I imagine there are quite a few Rose Potters running around. "

Morgaine half listened to what the girls were saying, surprised it made the paper. According to the article, the Dursleys hadn't called the police, but it had been one of the teachers when Rose didn't return on Sunday evening. Interestingly, foul play was now suspected because of a search of her old home, although there were no details given. It seems her disappearance had only become a larger news story because everyone in the community was finger-pointing at one another.

"We should show the article to Susan," Daphne insisted.

"Susan?" Lisa asked, taking back the offered paper.

"Susan Bones, her Aunt Amelia, is the Director of the DMLE."

"May I add something," Morgaine interrupted the conversation. "When did the letters for Hogwarts go out?"

"Well, according to my Mum, a week or so before a person's eleventh birthday, although that's not always the case. I actually got mine on my birthday," Tracey explained. "She said there are a bunch of reasons why it might come even later."

"I mean, if you had accidental magic growing up, you're going to get a letter eventually," Lisa said. "If not, then you're probably not going to get one."

"Right, but still, plenty of time for them to determine if Rose Potter will be attending Hogwarts."

"Oh, I see what you're saying," Daphne nodded. "Dad hasn't mentioned anything written in the Prophet about her missing. It would have made the news."

"And her coming to Hogwarts has been making the front page of the Prophet a bunch of times recently," Lisa said. "Dad did reckon it was a different Rose Potter, but I thought I would bring the paper to show her. I'm pretty sure she would have found it funny."

Morgaine smiled. "I'm sure she would have. How about waiting until we know for certain? No need to start unnecessary rumors. And send a message to your father instead of bothering Susan Bones. We're here to learn magic, not be detectives."

"Boo," Tracey grumbled. "You're no fun, but you're probably right. Dumbledore said she was safe, right?"

Thankfully, the rest of the trip had been uneventful, with no one slamming the door open to disturb them. Morgaine learned to play exploding snaps, which she was quite proficient at, and other magical games. She even had time to crack open one of her anatomy and physiology textbooks when the girls, now quite tired, kipped down for a little while.

Hours later, the train dropped them off at a place called Hogsmeade Station. As the returning students went off to take carriages to the castle, the first-year students were escorted by someone named Rubeus Hagrid, the groundkeeper of the school.

"Four to a boat," the truly massive man bellowed, leading everyone down to the docks.

Morgaine felt a small hand slip into hers and looked over at Lisa, who was staring at the water in a bit of panic. With a smile, she escorted her new friend down to the water, followed by Tracey and Daphne, taking the nearest boat. And as soon they settled in, it began to move.

As they sailed across the water, Hogwarts appeared in the distance, and it was truly enchanting in an almost fairy castle sort of way. However, the former Queen of Rheged felt something familiar and welcoming. She then realized that whoever had placed enchantments on the land had been family. These were her charms that she had passed down to her daughter Yvain.

Not wanting to break down in front of her new friends, she closed her eyes and smiled. Her precious child had survived the calamity that had taken so much from her. And by the looks of the beautiful castle, her family had prospered.

"Is that a squid?" Tracey asked nervously, looking across the water.

Wiping her eyes, Morgaine followed the finger. "Could be a Kraken."

"Mind your heads," the groundskeeper shouted unnecessarily, as there was plenty of room under the arch that took them to another dock.

As the children gathered on the landing, another adult appeared on the stairs in front of a large door—a grey-haired matron who looked down upon them with stern amusement. However, her eyes were trying to spot something or someone who was not there, and then her shoulders slumped. After the groundkeeper entered the castle, shaking his head, she introduced herself as Professor McGonagall. The speech sounded like one she had given numerous times, covering the houses and what the teachers expected of them.

"I will return shortly."

Draco immediately began to wander through the group, followed by his two friends, still looking for the 'Girl Who Lived." Then, for some reason, after running into the redheaded boy, the two started shouting. That gave Pansy a chance, much to Morgaine's amusement, to slip away.

"I should have stayed in your cabin, Daphene. The rest of the train ride was dreadful. Teddy kept his nose in his books, and the other boys just wanted to play Exploding Snaps or discuss Quidditch," she groaned.

"And I know how much you like the game," Tracey grinned.

"Stupid sport," Pansey sighed. "So, Draco never found Potter."

She then noticed the other three girls were looking at Morgaine and whispered, "You know something."

"Nothing for certain, and it's not the place for a discussion," the Sorceress replied as she noticed a new group arriving, ghosts of the castle.

Immediately, the fight between the two boys ended in a squeak, as most of the other children formed into a tight circle. The apparitions just glided past, exclaiming how exciting it was to have new students at Hogwarts, but not before bowing and giving a small curtsey. Most of the children thought it was for them, but Morgaine knew better. The wraiths on the battlefield, the fey spirit that served snacks on the train, and now the ghosts in Hogwarts had acknowledged her.

"Follow me," a voice called out, interrupting her musing.

They formed two lines, with Lisa standing next to her while Tracey and Daphne followed behind. Pansy, too, managed to slip into line with them, not going back to the boys.

"I read about it in a Hogwarts a History," the busy-haired girl said to her companion while looking up at the ceiling.

Morgaine agreed the enchantments were well done, but then a large, terribly dirty, patched hat sitting on a stool started to sing.

"Oh, you may not think I'm pretty, but don't judge on what you see; I'll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me. *"

"Merlin, the hat is singing." Tracey giggled.

"And he's off-key," Daphne groaned.

When the musical headgear finished, Professor McGonigal began to call out names. "Abbot, Hannah."

"My brothers told me we would have to fight a troll," someone groaned.

"You're an idiot, Weasley," came a reply.

The girl who had been called wandered off smiling, making her way to the Hufflepuff table. Susan Bones joined her soon after. Crabbe was called and went into Slytherin. Tracey followed him into the same house with a smug grin adorning her face. Goyle also joined the pair, but the bushy-haired girl, who was named Hermione Granger, ended up in Gryffindor. Daphne was called and took a seat next to her cousin, the edges of her robes and tie turning green and silver.

As McGonigal continued to call names, Neville ended up in Gryffindor, while the dirty old hat didn't even touch Draco's head before it tossed him into Slytherin. Pansey, after being sorted, sat next to Daphne, and when the name Rose Potter was skipped, the students began to murmur.

"Silence, please," the Professor called out. "Rheged, Morgaine."

As the former Queen approached the stool, she finally got a good look at the feast hall. Long tables separated the students by their houses on one side, and the teachers sat at a longer table on the other. The Sorceress noted an old grey-haired man with objectionable taste in fashion in the center of the teacher's table, sitting on what looked like a golden throne. Much like Hagrid and Professor McGonigal, he looked unhappy and worried.

"Interesting, not charm-based enchantment, blood magic perhaps," she thought as the hat was placed on her head, then stopped. The magic felt cold and familiar. "One of the Aos sí imprisoned you in this form."

"Yes, Your Majesty. Your ancestor Rowena interceded on my behalf. This was a better fate than what was planned for me," it whispered sadly in her head.

"Was the punishment just?" She commanded.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Then we shall speak no more of it. Please continue on your appointed task."

"Yes, Your Majesty. You're brave, but that's not your strength. You are loyal to your people and family no matter what history has written. If I placed you in Salazar's house, you would rule it like the Queen you are. However, throughout your life, you have had a passion for learning. To look beyond the accepted norm. You are a seeker of knowledge. However, question the 'Girl Who Lived."'

"She, like the evil Sorceress Morgan le Fey, is a fictional character created by those who have their own agendas. She has never truly existed," the former Queen insisted. "And it's just Morgaine; my kingdom is no more."

"I understand, then it better be..." The hat bellowed, "Ravenclaw!"

Stepping off the stool, she returned the hat to the Professor before crossing the room. Tracey gave her a thumbs up, which she acknowledged with a wink. Sitting next to another girl in her year named Padma, Morgaine introduced herself to the others before listening to the rest of the sorting.

Lisa ended up in Ravenclaw and bounced to the table while the red-headed boy, whose first name was apparently Ron, excitedly joined his brothers at the Gryffindor table. The sorting finally ended with Blaise Zabini, the last person to join Slytherin.

The wizard, who she now found out was indeed Albus Dumbledor, stood up from his throne and said, "Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are, Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you. *"

"Odd," Lisa said, then grinned as hundreds of plates appeared on all the tables laden with food. "I'm going to weigh a thousand pounds if they keep feeding us like this."

"We don't normally eat like this," an older girl laughed. "I'm Penelope Clearwater, a prefect who will be escorting you around the castle for the next few weeks.

As the others introduced themselves, Lisa leaned over and whispered. "Rose didn't show up."

"And neither Dumbledore nor the teachers brought it up, so who knows," she replied. "Send a letter to your parents, though, and just mention her not appearing. If you need to, have one of the other students, make a copy of the article."

Morgaine looked over to the Slytherin table and noticed that Daphne and Pansey had their heads together. She expected the owlery to be quite busy tonight.

As the full but sleepy first years followed Penelope up toward their new common room, Michael Corner, one of the new Ravenclaws, said, "Really, what is the headmaster thinking? Stay away from the third-floor corridor unless you want to die."

"Nope, he said very painful death," Anthony Goldstein grinned.

"Is the Forbidden Forest really that dangerous?" Padma asked.

"It's not something you first years should be anywhere near. Later, you might go into it depending on your electives." Penelope warned the group, approaching a door with a raven statue adorning the wall next to it. "All right, this is the entrance; ask the portraits or another Ravenclaw if you get lost. Each house's common room can be entered differently; ours is to answer a riddle."

The raven opened its mouth and said. "Mirantibus undis: aqua os fiet!"

"Wait, that's not English," Terry Boot exclaimed in panic, looking at the others.

"I think it was Latin, maybe," Su Li frowned. "Are we going to have to answer them in different languages?"

Penelope shook her head, "No, I have never heard it ask a riddle in any language other than English."

"You are right, Su, it's Latin. The riddle is, 'Wonder-wrought waves: water becomes bone!'" Morgaine spoke up. "I believe the answer is Ice on a frozen lake or, in Latin, Ice in gelida lacu vel littore maris."

The door then swung open, revealing the Ravenclaw common room.

"Now I know why you're in our house," she laughed.

Anthony looked at all of the first-year claws, sounding serious. "So, we need to make sure she's with us when we need to answer another riddle."

Penelope chuckled. "No, I'll speak to Professor Flitwick. I'm sure it was just a mistake."

"You know Morgaine, the raven on the door looks a lot like Breuddwydion," Lisa pointed out.

"I noticed," she said dryly.

Morgaine, the youngest daughter of Igraine and Gorlois, wife of Urien, mother of Yvain, wise healer, and powerful Sorceress, felt like she had just been pranked.

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