Chapter 1: The Beginning

"This is the end, BRUCIE BOY! Everyone in Gotham dies tonight in one massive BOOM! Then we will end our never ending struggle where only one of us leaves here alive!" Joker says with a maniacal laughter as Batman lays on the ground injured, masked removed and utility belt missing as he grit his teeth while spitting out some blood while forcing himself to stand and glares at the Joker as he sees Gotham a flame with every villain he has ever fought lose and reeking havoc across Gotham, while his allies and the GCPD work together to defend Gotham City as an all out war has raged on within the city of Gotham. Nightwing and Redhood taking on Bane, Batgirl and Batwoman giving chase to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Robin and Red Robin taking on goons along with two face and Scarecrow, Clayface fighting off other goons and mad hatter, Wonder Woman and Catwoman at busy taking down Firefly, Black mask, and Killer Croc.

However, how did this happen? Where did this all start? Let us take you back…ten days ago where Diana Prince had come to Gotham with Donna to visit the Bat Family and as they come in while driving a classy car, Bentley Bentayga, and as they drove up Richard Grayson better known as Nightwing runs out with Barbara Gordon or as she known during the night, Batgirl. "Hey Diana! Donna, Glad you guys could make it." Dick says as he opens the door for Donna to get out of the car with Diana getting out of the car then opens up the trunk to pull out gifts! "Of course we made it, I am not missing my son's first actual birthday outside Themyscira. His first real birthday with his father and a normal aging up." Diana states while Donna grabs the cake that they had brought, "No offense to Alfred cooking, but since we are having quite a lot of people for this birthday, the less cakes he has to make the better." Donna says as they begin walking into the building but just as they walk in, the papers that were placed on a mantel go flying as three speedsters come running in with two of them carrying their wives.

"Sorry about the mess, we just didn't want to be late." Wally says as he gently puts Linda down, "And I told you we wouldn't be late, we could have stopped to get him something as a gift." Linda says as she 'smacks' Wally's chest as Iris chuckles, "our husbands will never understand going slow and taking it easy." She says as Barry puts her down while Wallace is just picking up the papers they caused to fall with Damien walking up and helping him, "You Flashs should learn manners like Kid Flash." Damien states as he and Wallace are cleaning up the mess of the flashes. "Sorry D, we are just so excited and happy for your brother Jay it's his birthday, his first REAL birthday…er No offense to you Diana or your mother…or the amazons… I'm just burying myself aren't I." Barry says as Diana chuckles, "No, no you are right Barry it is his first true birthday. I just hope Bruce is giving the cape and cowl a rest for today." but as she says that Jason Todd and Bruce come up from the bat cave after having trained, "I wouldn't have if our son didn't decide to tell me to sleep and rest thanks to these influencers." Bruce says as Jason, Dick and Damien just look away not wanting to look too obvious but it is very obvious to them.

"Well thank god for Dick, Jason, and Damien to have convinced our Son to convince you to take a day off." Diana says. Bruce just gives a sly smile as he walks off to take a shower with Jason looking at Diana, "Honestly it was more Jay idea then ours, the fact you named your son after me is still just beyond confusing with how kind he is even kinder than Dick over there. All we did was discuss how we could make Bruce take a break from being the batman and Jay thought of "Why not just do the night watch for him?" so that's what Jay is doing, the job of Batman for The Batman." Tim then just walks in with his girlfriend Stephanie as they look at the entire gathering right now. "Uh…Hi? Are we late?"

As more people began to start showing up and Alfred with the help of Cassie, Connor, Lois and Hal food was made and prepared as a massive feast was being made, but let us check on this Jay person…

The City of Gotham, a place where criminals tend to run rampant with stealing and killing as the gas and chemicals rise up into the air creating a dense fog with the city looking lively as it seems Penguin is having a party in his Iceberg lounge where normal citizens can comfortably enjoy a good dinner, entertainment and such with criminals there also having the same thing as it seems this place is a neutral ground for many things with Penguin smiling down at everyone then walks into his office to let them all enjoy the evening. As everyone enjoyed the party having food and alcoholic drinks, the glass above shatters as a man wearing a long black leather coat while wearing a black mask with white eyes, a shirt with a Bat symbol across the shirt he wearing as he glares out towards the guests and gang members with some members slowly reaching for their guns.

"WHAT ALL THIS RUCKUS?!" Penguin shouts out from his room as he then opens the door just to see the man that just crashed in with sweat running down his brow. "N-night…stalker, to what do we owe the pleasure?" He asks while looking at him, but the answer to his question gets answered by man-bat who comes flying down at Nightstalker wishing to continue the battle as he knows there is a tracker on him so unless he beats Nightstalker he will get followed.

"Sorry for interrupting everyone's meal." Nightstalker says as he backflips at the last minute with Man-bat attack as he claws at the ice breaking it as he screeches in anger while Nightstalker runs and then jumps onto Man-Bat back as he takes off into the air once more taking Nightstalker into the sky. Nightstalker punches Man-bat as he flies in the night sky but with each hit he stumbles while flying as he then turns and bites Nightstalker's fist as he begins to gain some air of flying then flings Nightstalker off of him as he goes to fly off.

Nightstalkers wince when Man-bat bites him, but when he gets thrown he fires a bat grapple that wraps around Man-bat leg as he gets dragged around for a ride, "Langstrom you need to get a hold of yourself! You don't need this form or transformation, you can live a normal life without it!" Man-bat just snarls as he flies but doesn't seem to be trying to shake Nightstalker loose. As the two travel they notice another Man-Bat! But this one seems to have some extra parts to it, "A Female-Bat?...Oh god it's Francine Langstrom isn't it?!" Nightstalker states as he looks up as Man-bat frowns, leaving Nightstalker to realize that Kirk is not only in control of this form of his but his wife was given the same curse somehow.

Nightstalker looks at the She-bat as Kirk gets closer with Night firing another Bat Grapple to wrap it around She-bat leg to which she screams out in anger glaring at Kirk then tries to fly off with Nightstalker attached to her while Kirk flies after her. "Time to go to sleep Mrs. Langstrom." Nightstalker takes out a Gadget and aims at Franchine as she begins to fly wildly to the left, right, up, and down trying to shake Nightstalker off while avoiding getting hit by him while Kirk just tries to catch up and takes the same turns as hers.

"God…damn it, Stop moving around so much!" Nightstalker shouts as his aim is getting moved around, but then notices a giant billboard showing Bruce Wayne and Wayne Towers with the quotes 'Making a Brighter tomorrow!' Nightstalker quickly lets go of the grapple gun and gets flung towards the Billboard just to spin around and plant his feet onto the BillBoard just to run down and jumps off it as he flings himself onto the back of She-Bat as she screeches out in anger as Nightstalker takes the chance of taking out the antidote and stabs it into the back of She-Bat's back. "RAAWWRR!" She-Bat screeches out as she begins to fall while bringing NightStalker with as they plummet down towards the ground fast.

"Raww!" Man-Bat screams out as he tries to fall down to catch the two seeing them beginning to fall, but as he flies down greatly he doesn't notice that they stop falling within Midair as She-Bat reverted back to Francine Langstrom with Nightstalker coat wrapped around her as he holding her within his arms and is flying. "It's alright Kirk, she's going to be Alright." Kirk stops himself from flying too far ahead as he looks at Nightstalker holding his wife with a face clearly showing great sorrow and thankfulness for what Nightstalker has done as he and Kirk gently drop down on top of a roof. "Alright Kirk, it is time to revert back as well then I will be taking you both home, no one has been hurt and nothing has been stolen so I am just going to take you home and however this happened, you just need to stop."

Kirk gets defensive as Nightstalker sighs as he gets ready to start fighting, but then Kirk shoulders slump as he lays down onto the ground allowing Nightstalker to take out another Dart Antidote he had made for his condition and injected it into him. Nightstalker flies to their home and gently places them down onto the bed before turning around and leaving to allow them some peace and quiet after tonight's insane day, but before he fully leaves he notices an odd flower nearby and decides to investigate it. "Pretty sure Pamela is still in Arkham…" gets close to the flower as he goes to analyze it but just as he takes out the device to Analyze the flower unleashes a gas. "Wha-?!" Nightstalker backs away while waving his arm around to get the fog that the flower created to just see his entire area to begin to spin around, "What…" he then falls down seeing a shadowy figure walking up.

"Goodnight…Little Stalker."


Chapter 2: The Search

It's night in Gotham city right now, police are driving around going from place to place as an operator talks over the Radio, "There is a group of ex Poison Ivy Thugs having broken into a shop filled with fertilizer, Officers are needed to catch the thieves and burglar red handed." a rookie cop looks at his partner who is currently driving while their cop car sirens blare, "Ex Ivy Thugs? Seems like they are just doing what Poison Ivy always has them do." The rookie says as his partner just keeps looking ahead as he rushes towards the place, "Ivy is still in Arkham and hasn't left sense she was brought in by that new guy Nightstalker…She was behaving and doing her time, it's actually somewhat scary."

As the officers get closer they see someone gets thrown out a window shattering it as a man crashes into the cop car groaning in pain as the cops stop driving, "HOLY SHIT?!" The sounds of fighting and glasses breaking is heard as there are shadows jumping towards the Bat shape shadow just to get thrown off and their arms breaking while blocking other strikes and breaking people's legs. "Oh god, is that…the batman?" the Rookie askes as the elder partner just watches from the car, Batman taking down and breaking the thugs bones, "Yes…it is, but he has never been so violent."

As they start getting out of the car and grab the Thug that is on top of their car, we go into the building with the other thugs as the sound and bones break as a man's nose gets broken as he stumbles backwards holding his nose. "ARgh! My nose, you bastard!" one Thug shouted just to then get punched in the face by Batman as he grabs him by his jacket and glares at him. "WHERE IS SHE?!" Batman asks the beaten man, "I don't know what you are talking about. Ivy is where she has always been, Arkham!" the Thug gets punched in the face again as Batman glares at him, "Don't lie to me! Where is she?!" the thug just stares afraid of Batman as he just keeps saying that Ivy is still in Arkham which only results in Batman beating down the man.

Eventually Batman decides to drag the man towards the broken window and flings him over the edge as he holds onto his leg only, "Last chance! Tell me where she is or I'll drop you." The low life just starts screaming for mercy as he swears he doesn't know anything, that the last time they heard Ivy was in Arkham and if she escaped he wasn't told. Batman just glares down at the man as he slowly begins to 'lose' his grip causing the Thug to scream bloody murder as he doesn't want to die which only makes Batman grip become even more lose, but thankfully for the Thug gets saved by Flash who runs up the side of the building and brings him back inside as he turns to Batman.

"Have you lost your mind Bats?! You cannot just go around breaking low lifes bones and threatening to actually murder them! You are not the only one looking for him, but you need to be calm!" Flash says as he looks at Batman who just glares darkly at him as he walks up close to Flash as he says, "Nightstalker has been missing for THREE DAYS! Gone for three days and this is my fault, if I didn't allow him to convince me that he can do my job wanting me to rest from working that night he would have been able to be there for his birthday, but no instead he missed it and we found nothing but that flower!"

Three days ago, the night that Nightstalker went missing Batman and Nightwing jump onto the last location that the tracker that was placed on his Belt was at where they land on the Balcony of the Langstrom residence seeing the two asleep and an odd flower is still there with the scanner nearby it as Batman picks the scanner up as it seems it an rare Plant that comes from a snake plant that is a Lavender flower that excretes a pollen that causes those who smell it to fall asleep.

"Poison…Ivy." Batman says while crushing the flower as Nightwing picks up Nightstalker's utility belt as he looks at Batman, "Batman, Ivy has been locked up sense Nightstalker put her away and has been staying there, why wou-" Batman turns and glares at Nightwing as Nightwing just feels the anger and hate Batman is feeling, but also sees the guilt. "Bruce it wasn't-" Batman jumps off the Balcony leaving Nightwing to sigh as Batman Glides away, "It wasn't your fault…if anything blame us." Nightwing then jumps off and goes after him.

Back in the Present day, Batman gets followed around by the Flash as he tries a local run place where most Thugs and Gangs go for a rest place to try hiding from the Police and Batman, but this Local Bar that they went to is closed and is foreclosed. "Seems this place is closed for business permanently Bats." Flash states as he goes to look at Batman but sees he is gone, the batmobile is there but Batman is nowhere to be seen, "Oh come on!"

Above the streets of Gotham, Batman flies in the Batjet going towards the true spot where Criminals go out to just have a relaxing night to not have issues with cops or him, it's a little bar owned by Penguin under another Alias and is suppose to be a neutral place just like the Iceberg lounge but tonight it's not going to be rather Neutral. The Batjet flies over head as Batman ejects himself out as he falls down towards the Good Barrel Bar and Grill and breaks a window from above as Batman lands in the middle of a pool table with henchmen, thugs, villains and the such looking up in surprise with some reaching for their guns.

Batman just glares at them all as he throws a batarang as those taking out their guns drop as they get hit in the hand by the batarang before it hits a wall. "I am going to ask this once, if you don't answer truthfully you will regret it…WHERE IS IVY?!"

The scene changes to a dark place with men and women walking about wearing Prisoner outfits that says Arkham on it's white cast as we see a beautiful Red hair woman with her shirt somewhat open at her chest area with the rest past it are completely wide open with only her chest area still concealed to the many stares of men and women. This is Poison Ivy who is where the one thug claimed she is at, she is tending to her plants while reading a book that has "Owner Jason Wayne" on the side of the book seeing it as if it is a book bowered to her by this man named Jason.

Two women walk up to her Cell as a prison guard pounds on her Cell window, "You got Guests Ivy." Ivy turns to see who is there looking somewhat hopeful when she sees Batgirl and Wondergirl there as her eyes no longer has a shine to them when she noticed them. "Ah, I see…and to what do I owe your visits?" she asks the heroes as she goes back to tending to her plants. "We are hoping you will be willing to tell us where you were three days ago Ivy, There was this Plant there near a crime scene." Batgirl tells her as Poison Ivy turns to look at her then at the plant, "Well you can check the cameras and the prison guards…while they are not the most intelligent people, no offense Bob, they did see where I have been at and the Cameras have not been tampered with."

Suddenly Wonder girl slams her fist against the plastic glass of the cell as it cracks with Wonder girl glaring at her, "Don't bullshit us! This plant was left behind where Nightstalker was last seen!" she states with much anger in her voice as Ivy looks at her with widened eyes as she looks at Batgirl who looks away, "What?! Nightstalker…is missing?! Let me see the plant please!" Ivy pleaded to Batgirl and while wonder girl was about to just walk away, Batgirl handed Ivy the crushed Plant. "What?! What are you doing Batgirl?!" Wonder Girl says as Batgirl just looks at Poison Ivy, "I am using our best chance to find Nightstalker…the one who can communicate with Plants."

Wonder Girl grumbles as she looks away as Ivy examines what is left of the Plant as if communicating with it while Two-Face and Harley Quinn, who are in their own cells, notice the two heroes. "Well well, what do we have here? Two lost heroes coming to harass us?" Two-face says as he glares at the girls, Harley just makes a bubble as she chews on bubble gum and smirks at the gals, "What Bats? No Batman, nightwing, or oh i know! The really cute one, Nightstalker! Why are you girls here alone?" Harley asks which causes Wonder Girl to glare at her as Batgirl looks at her, "Nightstalker is missing Harley…That is why we are here talking to Ivy."

Two-Face just chuckles a bit before speaking, "Oh that little bastard finally got what was coming to him, serves him right for always looking down at us and thinking himself to be our better." which causes Wonder Girl to step towards Two-Faces' cell with her fist balled up as she punches the cell causing a rather massive dent into it which forces Two-Face to step back in fear as Harley shouts out towards Two-Face, "Eh shut up Harvey! He is your better, he has his head on straight and doesn't argue with himself like he is talking to another person while you do." she states with a chuckle.

"This flower was the one I sent to Jason Wayne who asked for this flower specifically, though I do not think that he would use it just to take down a hero when he thinks ever so highly of Batman." Ivy finally states after having finally figured out what it was, "You should ask some of the guards as this was sent to within a protected seal and shouldn't have been let out." Batgirl looks at Ivy confused as to why she would send a flower to Jay, but it makes some sense as she turns around and starts walking while grabbing Wonder Girl by her arm. "Thank you Ivy." Batgirl says to her.

Ivy just watches as they walk away and then looks at the flower and frowns, "What's wrong Red? They'll find that Nightstalker, I mean they do know Batman and he is a detective." Harley says to her as she just looks at Ivy. "I am not too concern about them finding Nightstalker, I know they will find him…but I gave this to Jason Wayne who was using the plants that I use and create…that I communicate with to find me a cure and this should be with Jason not being used as a weapon…why would it have been used for such a thing?"

Water drips down hitting the floor with some water hitting some pipes as it is a rather old and rundown apartment down in south Gotham as Nightstalker is left hanging onto a pipe with some rope binding him as the sounds of footsteps are stomping towards him as a door is pushed open with a man dressed in an odd getup with a metal shoulder pads similar to the golden shoulder pads of Judge Dredd with the two connected by a metal link, the man wears a black face mask that covers his entire face with only his eyes being seen.

"Wakey wakey Stalker boy." the man says as he takes out a taser and electrifies him causing Nightstalker to scream as he gets tased, "It's time for you to pay for your crimes. Calling yourself a hero while you are out there BREAKING CRIMINALS OUT! Criminals you supposedly bring in!" The man throws down several pictures taken of Nightstalker walking around and flying with Poison Ivy after she was supposed to be behind bars. "Don't worry too much, Poison Ivy will get the same treatment as you do and when I get a hold of her I will do what you failed to do, actually Lock her up!"

The man face becomes a bit more clearer as it is Lyle Bolton or as he calls himself, Lock-Up and he continues to torture Nightstalker calling him a false hero who is doing more harm then good, but as Lock-Up keeps on torturing Nightstalker there is another face there watching, listening, and having a sickly grin as he listens to Nightstalker's screams.


Chapter 3:

The Trap is Set

Nightstalker is dangling from the pipes that he is bound to as he looks around the ruined place in hope to get use to his surroundings and plan an escape while planning Lock-on defeat. As he looks around he notices that there is a broken bed and bed post, rusted pipes, worn down dressers with missing parts and barely any feet to stand on, there is a lamp post with no shade or lightbulb in it, with a newer bought in table with a computer on top of it and a chair nearby it. "Don't get any ideas little stalker~" a voice says causing Nightstalker to look around to try and find the person who is speaking, "Don't worry you will see me soon enough, not that you need to see me to know who I am, little Stalker. However, we can spend so much time together while Bats takes down Lyle and brings us to our final hour to begin! heheheheheHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!" the laughter echoes in the abandoned run down building as a rather audible flipping of the switch is heard leading to Nightstalker to start screaming in pain as he gets electrocuted all while the Joker's laughter is mixed with Nightstalker's screams.

As the night sets on the fourth night of no one being able to find any clues about Nightstalker's wearabouts, Bruce slams a table into the case holding his other Batman outfits as Alfred comes into the batcave where the entire bat family, Wonder Girl, Donna, and Wonder Woman are sitting down tired from their relentless search for him. "Four days…FOUR DAYS AND NIGHTS WITH NOTHING!" Bruce shouts as Diana stands walking to Bruce to gently place a hand on his shoulder, "Bruce…you need to rest, you will do our son no good if you been up for four days straight with no rest, so for your sake please sl-" Bruce Gently places his hand on Diana holding her hand for a few minutes before gently removing it, "I can't…Jay needs me, he needs us and if we stop searching for him even for a little bit he-" Suddenly a batarang hits the wall near Bruce and Diana as Dick stood up and threw it.

"We won't sleep Bruce until we find Jay, but even we take breaks and you GREATLY need a sleep… Jason would be more upset if you never slept because then the ones who did kidnap him could get beyond lucky and kill you which will make Jay hate himself." Bruce stares at Dick for a while, not saying anything as he knows there is truth in Richard's words but Jason is his son and he needs to find him to save him. However, a needle was injected into Bruce's arm as Alfred injected into him a powerful Tranquilizer as Bruce was about to fall over but was caught by Diana who picked him up taking him to his room.

"I'm sorry sir…but I cannot allow you to go one more day without rest." Alfred says as Dick just nods to ALfred while turning back to the others, "Okay we need to double check where we were at and with our allies, now I will not ask any of you to actually go back to where you were last night but you can go to where another person was at because maybe you will have better luck but first we need to sleep a bit and eat, if you don't want to sleep at least a rest before going back out."

Everyone just grumbles mostly due to being tired and sore as they all walk away to eat and rest while Dick takes the batarang out of the wall as he puts it back where it was, "That little speech you gave also goes towards you Master Richard." Alfred says as he watches him while Dick just grabs a sandwich that is there taking a bite from it. "I know Alfred, but it's been four days…at least one of us should be looking, I'll sleep tomorrow." he states as he places the sandwich down leaving only ¼ left as he jumps down onto the Batcycle as Alfred frowns while watching Dick drive off to continue the search.

Pamela, better known as Poison Ivy, is communicating with her plants as she is trying to find Nightstalker herself wanting to assure his safety but being stuck in Arkham is not helping her as she can only do so much from inside. Harley is just looking at Ivy from her cell while sitting down and thinking of somethings, 'How could I break out with Red…would she even want to break out as it would violate the deal she made with J and she does want to be human or at least enough human to be able to have kids again… Then again this is an emergency!' as Harley is stuck thinking she sees a prison guard walking up to Ivy's cell.

"Ivy! He needs another plant, the same one as last time." the guard says as Ivy looks at the guard a bit confused as the plant she sent last time was the one that was used on Nightstalker, but she didn't have too much time to think about it as Harley jumped up from where she was sitting and yells "YOU STOLE THE PLANT YOU BASTARD! Where's Nightstalker?!" the guard turns sharply at Harley with an menacing glare as Ivy suddenly stands up and suddenly sends vines out via the holes in her cell to bind the guard, or at least try as the guard was prepared so he just rips away his arms from the vines while cutting them clean in two as Ivy screams out in pain.

"Red! GUARDS HELP!" Harley screams out as Harvey rolls his eyes and says, "Yeah sure ask the cops for help when Ivy is the one attacking him." He just scoffs and sits down on his bed as the 'Guard' takes out a weed whacker and turns to Pamela. "Give me what I need Ivy or I kill the plants you have there, maybe even you!" Pamela looks at the guard, seeing his face fully now, noticing it is the fired ex-guard Lyle Bolton, "You…" she glares at him as she just gets ready to defend her cell. "Fine, the hard way it is!" Lyle begins to turn on the weed whacker just to get kicked in the head hard by Nightwing, "Looks like I made a good decision to come here first." Nightwing says as Ivy feels a bit safer while Harley just yells at Nightwing, "He the one who got Nightstalker! He was here for more of that sleep plant!" Nightwing's eyes widen then his rather normal cheerful attitude disappears as he glares at Lyle as he takes out his Escrima Sticks.

"Tch, doesn't matter now if you know or not you're not going to find him!" takes out a grenade as he is about to pull the pin from it and throw it, but he suddenly feels vines wrapping around his arm again as he glares at Ivy and is about to repeat what he did last time but he gets punched in the head by Nightwing who removes Lyle's gear as he spins around one of his sticks and tases him so he doesn't try fighting. "I am going to need to have a long talk with you Bolton starting first with the most important question…" Nightwing forces Lyle to stand as he glares at him and holds him up, "Where…is….NIGHTSTALKER!"

The sound of water dripping can be heard as Joker finishes cleaning his hands, "Hrmmm Lyle should be back already, it would be pretty disappointing if he got found out so fast…then again." Joker turns to smirk at Nightstalker as he drops the crowbar he was using as he had gotten bored with electrifying him, Joker would just pull off Nightstalker's mask as his eyes widened. "Impossible, you're that Wayne child…which would mean…Oh, this is some sad information. Oh well!" Joker takes out a device as he has a dark malicious smile while dropping the device as gas fills the area while the Joker starts laughing to which it gets joined by another laughter as the device that was dropped was laughing gas.

Bruce's eyes snap open as he sits up catching his breath as he looks outside seeing that it is night as he glares out the window then tosses the blanket off of him as he begins walking down towards the batcave. "Alfred! We are going to be having a talk after I get back!" he says aloud as he walks down the stairs only to see the Bat Family and Wonder girls with Wonder woman down there having a discussion, "What's this?" Bruce asks as Damian looks at his father then informs him, "We found Jason, some man named Lyle Bolton had kidnapped him and we are about to go get him." Everyone seems rather overjoyed about having found out where Jason is at and are all geared up to get going, but Bruce just stares at them all.

'Lyle is a cruel man and rather smart…but he is not a genius and couldn't have kept Jason bound for long as I'm sure by now Poison Ivy flower effects have faded so he needed to have help.' Just then the doorbell rings which alerts everyone towards it, "Who would be here at this hour?" Dick says as Alfred goes to answer it, "Whomever it is they are going to have to wait, we need to get going to get Jay and then finish what was suppose to be his birthday fi-" suddenly Alfred runs back looking pale as a ghost as everyone stares at him having startledly popped up.

"What is it Alfred?" Bruce asks as Diana goes to see who was at the front door which causes Alfred to try and warn her, "Ma'am please don't go, you don't wa-" but it was too late as she reached the doorway and sees Jason there bound to a chair, his mask taped to his chest with writing on it as Jason has that sickly dark smile those gain from having been infected by the Joker's laughing gas.



Chapter 4


Bruce and Diana sit on opposite sides of Jason's bed as he is hooked up to an IV machine as his heart beat is monitor, Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian are all out on patrol taking down any thug and henchmen who are or were apart of Joker's group as the question each one has for them is where is the Joker to which they either get no information because they honestly don't know or they break a small vial and start laughing before dying which angered and annoyed our heroes.

Barbara is just downstairs in Wayne manor aiming to keep her composure as Cassie and Cassandra are traumatize as to what happened the night before as after Diana screamed seeing Jason in such a state with that darkly smile and not moving with Bruce running down towards the batcave to get the antidote to Joker's toxin as Dick and JT (Jason Todd) become furious while Tim and Damian carefully removes the taped Mask to Jason body as a note fell that Barabara noticed and picks up as she reads it, 'Well Brucie boy or should I call you BATMAN?! I must say it was a very sad point in my life to have found your identity out this way although there were many things hinting at such a reveal. Now with your Identity known, I got to play with you one more time Bruice boy so come after me but ONLY YOU! Unless you want another robin to die~' Bruce rushes up and goes to stab the needle into Jason but his arm gets caught by Jason as he looks at Bruce, looking at him with that creepy joker smile as he says "It isn't your fault…it isn't…" Jason then lets go of Bruce's arm as Bruce quickly injects him with the Antidote with Diana picking her son up and carrying him to the room in the mansion that is used for most medical needs as most times Bruce, Dick nor the others can actually go to an actual doctor. "I will make a call to Leslie." Alfred says as Bruce follows after Diana.

"It's been two days…is Jason ever going to get up?" Cassandra finally asks, snapping Barbara out of her trance as she looks at her. "Jason won't fall to the Joker's laughing toxin…he's too strong for that." Barbara says as she puts the book where she placed the note from the Joker in as she does not want Bruce to read it but she can't force herself to throw it away. "Jay is strong, but is he strong enough?" Cassie finally chips in as she too is concern about Jason welfare but the girls notice Superboy, Cyborg, Starfire and Raven walking in as Raven looks at Cassie with a glare not out of anger or hatred towards her but she is furious clearly, "Jason is not weak, no offense to Connor or Superman but he is clearly the strongest out of everyone we know…he won't be beat by this toxin." Starfire gently places her hands on Raven's shoulder to comfort her as she knows Raven is struggling with her emotions.

Clark and Lois with Johnathan walk into the Manor next as Clark greets Connor while Jon runs and tackles Connor down, giving him a big hug. "Where is he?" Clark asks Alfred as he motions upstairs with Clark starting to walk up the stairs to go check on Bruce and Jason with the front doors to the Manor with Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris walk in as Clark is heading up the stairs "Hey Jeeves, where is Bruce? Is Jason doing al- OW!" Hal says as Carol smacks him upside the head, "His name is Alfred Hal…I know you're not good with your feelings when a good friend and someone you care for are hurting but don't turn into a disrespectful person, it's not who you are."

Clark reaches the room where Bruce, Diana, and Jason are at right now as he knocks on the door, "Bruce, can I come in?" he asks then waits for an answer though he doesn't get it from Bruce as Diana speaks up for some reason which shocks Clark due to him not expecting her to be here so soon as she is a hero in a further city. "Diana, Bruce… Surprise to see you here Diana as you are usually at Washington D.C." Clark says as Diana just looks at him with a dark glare before looking back at Jason gently rubbing his hand, "She's been here since Dick and the others decided to try and surprise Jason with his first ever Birthday Party, she hasn't left and has been here for four days Kent." Bruce says as Clark just sighs while taking a seat and sits down at the foot of the bed with Bruce to his left and Diana to his right with silence filling the room once more.

Alarms begin to sound off with red lights flashing in Arkham Asylum with the inmates looking around confused as no one has yet tried to break out, at least not from what they can hear with multiple guards running by then past their cells. " Hey Jeeves, what's with all the noise?" Harley asks a guard as he runs by but stops to look at Harley, "Your boyfriend is here to probably break you out." the guard says rather coldly then returns to running towards the front to try and stop Joker. "Boyfriend? J isn't h- Oh…he means Mister J huh." Harley says sighing, she hasn't been with Joker for years now and has left that man behind a long time ago, yet guards always see her as Joker's main squeeze. "He must be insane to come into Arkham, he usually always escaping so why would he c-" but before Two-face can finish his words the door to his cell and the cell to every inmate in Arkham suddenly open suddenly and quickly.

"Well this is an unexpected gift from that clown." Riddler says as he sees his door open but makes no attempt to leave, "Heh, I guess he sees the only way to get you out Harley is to let us all out!" Two-Face states as he rushes out and slams into a guard knocking him down as he takes the guard's gun and aims it at him. Soon after quite a few of Arkham inmates come rushing out of their cells and tackle down the guards from behind and start beating down on them with some just sneaking out while the guards are distracted.

Ivy just sighs as she goes to close her door but Harley swings it open and looks at her, "Come on red we need to go!" Ivy raises an eyebrow at Harley then closes her eyes as she shakes her head, "No Harley, I won't leave this cell… I made a deal with Nightstalker and Jason Wayne, in return I get a chance to have a normalish life…to have kids in the future." Harley just groans as she grabs Pamela arm and pulls her out, "Yeah well Mister J is here to get more of that flower from ya so we need to get you OUT of here now!"

Ivy just rips her arm away from Harley and glares at her, "Then let him come and if I die I die!" Harley eyes widen at Ivy's words before suddenly becoming enraged by what she said as she jumps at Ivy and the two begin to fight one another causing some escaping men to stop and just watch the two fight. While the inmates are watching the fight they hear gun fire and quickly turn towards whoever fired as Ivy and Harley stop fighting as well, "Now what is all this? Gone for a short while and it turns into a madhouse! Hahahaha!" the Joker has arrived near the cells much to Harley dismay,

Harley quickly kicks the cell door close and then gets the bed slamming it up against the cell, "So sorry 'Puddin' we are not going to be leaving the cells and forcing your way inside would be…bad for you." she says with a smirk with the Joker looking at Harley, his face just smiling at her with the same malicious smile, "Oh that's fine, no need to come out of your cell. I came here to let out all the inmates! To let loose the ANARKY! With Batman and the Robins overly busy as well as exhausted from the days and nights searching for Nightstalker, they will be too tired to stop us." Joker then gets closer to the cell window/gates as he whispers so only Ivy and Harley hear him, "Besides, Brucie boy won't be able to save his son's life with the updated Toxin I gave him Jason or…should I say Nightstalker~?" Harley instantly tries to grab Joker to slam his face into the wall but he backs away while laughing while Harley pounds at the damn wall, "I'LL KILL YOU!"

Joker just laughs as he walks away with the other inmates while Harley tries to force the door back open, "GET BACK HERE! GET BACK HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU!" Ivy just tries to process what Joker just told him, that Nightstalker…IS JASON WAYNE! The man who been working on Poison Ivy treatment to allow her to have children once more and also to just kiss people normally or just to kiss Harley without having to inject herself with antivenom, "Wait…so then, jason hasn't been working on the cure these past four practically five days because he was kidnapped?!"

Harley just sighs as she has overexerted herself as Harl's grits her teeth, "Yes Red…he hasn't been able to work on it because he was busy doing his other job and you CANNOT tell anyone!" though it seems a little too late as Riddler and Catwoman walk up to them, "It seems you can use a little help ladies and we are also in need of some help." Riddler says while Harley glares at him, "What kind of help Riddler? If it is to do some crime I-" Catwoman uses her whip to hit the door making a loud crackling noise to silence Harley, "No, no stealing no nothing…we need both of your help so you need to come out of that cell Ivy." Pamela just starts shaking her head, causing Selena to glare at her wanting to whip her but Riddler grabs her wrist to stop her, "I understand the promise you made to Nightstalker, but I think he would look over it when all of Gotham is about to explode."

Harley and Ivy's eyes widen greatly as fear is instilled in them as below Arkham, below nearby streets and all over Gotham bombs begin to count down ticking away all while the heroes wait for Jason to recover…but will it be in time?


Chapter 5

Gotham vs Joker

Harley is seen driving a Harley-Davidson with Ivy holding onto her from behind, the two race down the highway making their way all the way towards Wayne Manor. However, in Gotham there are inmates and criminals out on the street breaking windows, shooting people, stealing all kinds of stuff with Joker, Two-Face, Clayface (the second one Matthew "Matt" Haggen), Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, and their henchmen working together to bring down lawless order and murder upon Gotham. "Now this THIS IS A SHOW!" Joker says with a triumphantly sound in his voice as he begins to laugh with such a maniacal laughter with Two-Face and Clayface just having a look of unpleasantness about them while Croc and Freeze just stay focused on the task at hand.

The sounds of police sirens ring throughout the city as Freeze powers up his gun taking aim at the police cars zooming towards them, "Wait Freeze, just wait…" Joker says with a grin as the cops pull up to the cars of the villains and thugs as the officers get out of the car ready to fire at them as more police begin to come speeding towards their location, "NOW!" Freeze fires his cryogun unleashing an intense ray blast of freezing beam creating an icy floor to cause the incoming cars to begin to slide while being unable to fully stop as the two cops that are outside of their car run to the side and dives behind newspaper stands and a light post with the officers driving the police car open the door and jump out as the two speeding cars crash into the other cars creating an explosion all while Freeze begins to build an massive wall of Ice.

The officers that are outside of their now destroyed cars looks at the villains while having to listen Joker laughing with henchmen coming up from all sides of the cops with those on the opposite side of the ice wall call into the station to inform them of the situation and that they are locked out on the side of the street they are on but there should be the other sides to which cops begin armoring up and heading down the right and left paths. However each path is protected, with two face ready to light up the left side with his henchmen and bullets while the place as many trip mines and minefields in placed as the right side Clayface on some Joker and Croc Henchmen are ready to defend, with clayface smirking as he left pieces of himself all across the way as traps for unknowing cops.

As this is happening at Gotham, Harley and Ivy finally pull up to Wayne manor with Harley stopping at the house and turns off the engine with Ivy getting off the bike first just for a bullet to miss Ivy just barely as it leaves a mark on her cheek, "Hey Deadhood! Watch where you are firing that pistol." Todd just glares as he aims at Harley Next, "What are you two doing here?! You're supposed to be in Arkham so what happened? Decided that the Nightstalker promise was too good to be true?" Harley grits her teeth as she reaches for her Mallet just to see Ivy motioning Harley to stay there as she walks forward, "I am sure Jason Wayne, Nightstalker, was truly trying to find me a cure but it would mean nothing if Gotham is blown up." Todd eyes widen as he holsters his gun then turns and walks into the manor leaving the front door wide open as Ivy and Harley sees Raven, Starfire, Oliver Queen, Donna, Cassie, Cassdenra, and so many people are inside as their eyesight looks towards Ivy and Harley with half glaring at them and the other looking at them with worried eyes.

Barbara walks out of the Library to notice Harley and Ivy as she walks up to Harley, "Hello Harley, is there something you need?" Harley sighs deeply as she looks at Ivy then looks back at Barbara as she speaks. "I wish I could just tell you that we are here to just check on J but we need to really speak to the Bats, aside from the fact that Joker now knows who he is he is also aiming to burn Gotham down if he isn't stopped and he has Dent, Freeze, and that new clayface guy with him helping him." Barbara and the other heroes look shocked but then a shadow looms over them all, "Then I shouldn't disappoint and show up to knock them down and then break Joker." Bruce says with a dark glare in his eyes with Clark placing a hand on his shoulder, "You don't have to do this alone, we are here and can easily knock this out you don't-'' but Clark words doesn't finish as Bruce glares at him causing him to go silent while letting out a sigh, but then Diana comes up and looks at Bruce, "I almost lost my son Bruce, do not make me lose you as well…we can help you, you do not have to do this alone!" Bruce just looks at Diana then towards the other heroes, Harley, and Ivy before letting out a deep sigh. "Alright, alright…but first, Ivy and Harley what are you doing here? Jason is sleeping and needs his rest." as Harley was about to speak, Todd speaks first clearly interrupting her. "They came here to tell us that the new Clayface, Two-face, Mr. Freeze and the Joker have set up bombs all over Gotham aiming to make Gotham burn." Quinn glares at Todd with Todd not paying any mind to her as Ivy walks a bit forward, "Can I…see him? I might be able to help him Bruce and don't worry we didn't tell anyone, though Joker might not be as kind…" Bruce sighs at that last bit of what Ivy said as he is worried about that as well however he just looks at Diana who nods her head and shows Ivy and Harley, as Harley was going to come with no matter what, to Jason room.

Bruce looks back towards the others as he begins to plan against the Joker as he asks Superman to fly around the city and look for the Bombs with his x-ray vision with the Flash assisting in finding them as well, he asks Donna, Raven, Starfire and Cassie to assist the civilians and keep them safe while Oliver (Green Arrow), Hal (green lantern), Black Canary, Carol (Star Sapphire), and Roy (Red arrow/Arsenal) Work together to make sure no other villains that have associated themselves with Joker in the past, do not come into the city complicating matters more. "That will leave Dick, Jason, Damian, Tim, Barbara, and Cassendra along with the rest of the bat family to deal with the inmates and thugs. However, under no circumstances are any of you going after the Joker." Bruce then turns and walks towards the batcave, "He's mine."

"Everything has led up to THIS BRUCIE BOY!" Joker is staring out at Gotham burning with heroes and villains fighting as Batman grits his teeth forcing himself up, "Can't you feel the excitement?! In just five seconds we will all burn together. You don't have to worry about your son dying because you are going to be joining him ever so soon!" Suddenly a right hooked fist goes and hits Joker in the face causing him to stumble to the side. "Don't think you won Joker, there is still time and I am not alone, the others will disarm your bombs."

Joker just starts laughing causing Batman to raise an eyebrow, "You think I don't know you have the justice dweebs here?! I hope they find my bombs. I left a nice surprise for them!" Batman eyes widen as Superman is shown right next to a bomb trying to breath in a green lit room surrounded by kryptonite with the door locked trapping him inside with green flakes in the air as the Flash is trapped in a goo glue trying to move but is too weighed down to do anything.

"Green Lantern, Superman and Flash a-" Joker runs and punches Batman in the face then rips his mask off while removing his ear piece and breaks it, "Ah ah ah! Not nice Brucie boy, let them be surprised it will be much more fun!" Joker takes out a device as Batman eyes widen and rushes to try and steal it but it is too late as he presses a button and explosions begin to ring out with Joker Laughter echoing with Gotham burning.