"I can't believe you! Tyson Granger!" A fiery brunette shouted back as she slammed the door of her room on Tyson's baffled face. Tears streaming down her young angelic face. They had finished their endeavors in Sydney, and would be leaving for Tokyo the very next day. Not an hour after the ceremonies, the two were found at each other's throats again. And the arguments wasn't even a major. One of them would say something, the other would counter with a remark, and once again the cycle would start.

The argument didn't even matter to her. She cared for the boy more than life itself and every time they fought, it felt like a part of her was dying inside. She scurried around her belongings. Eventually she brought out a small red book. The book held some of Hilary's most imitate thoughts and feelings. It was more or less, the only source of release for the young girl. Bringing out a pen, Hilary once again writes some of the secrets locked away in her heart.

'Dear Diary,

Date: 24th April, 2009.

I hate this. Fighting all the time. Why hasn't anything changed? He's still the same, the snobby stubborn kid I knew. Or have I changed? I can't say who's not maturing here. Do I really want him to change?

Why can't I just say what's in my heart? What's always been in my heart, ever since the first time I met him. I know he hates me for following him like a shadow, I don't blame him. I'm mean to him, I nag him, argue with him and tease him.' (she slightly laughed to herself as a tear ran down her nose.) 'Really, I don't even like to argue or to nag with him or tease him...But how else...how else will he notice me. He's my best friend. I mean, I'm not pretty, like other girls are. I'm not a genius or have lots of money. What do I have to offer him?

My heart? Yeah! How corny is that? But all I know is that, since I've been with Tyson these couple of years, I've realized that he is the one for me. He is the only one I want. I love him. I want Tyson to be the first person I see when I wake up in the morning and the last one I see at night. I want to be with him, through his loses and his triumphs. He's been through a lot. His Grandmother, Mother, Father, he didn't know much parental love growing up. He may not show it, but he's very lonely. I don't ever want him to go through that again.

But I don't have much to offer." Hilary placed her pen down, next to the diary. Pearl tears in her eyes soaked the pages.

"I wanna stay with him, forever," her voice croaked, as she brought her knees to her chest, "but what if he doesn't feel the same way."

She wiped the stray tears before resuming to write furiously again, after impulsively taking a decision, "I can't take it. If I stay with him, I'll just be unnecessarily expectant. It'll hurt at first, but this is for the best. It will fix the problem we will have in the long run.

Hilary placed her pen down. "I can't take it." she stated. "Staying with him, knowing I can never be with him." She started to cry again. I wish there were no fights or no arguments. I wish he could see how much he really means too me. But how can he. I'm just his whinny, scrawny, annoying classmate, who is dismissive for his decisions. Sure, he's not the brightest guy I've ever met. But his heart has always been true. He loves all life, big and small. He even let a bratty, abusive girl follow him on his journeys. I don't deserve someone so kind.

So instead of watching a girl that is more deserving of his love come by and take him away. As soon as we reach Tokyo tomorrow, I'll tell him that I am separating from the Bladebreakers, for good. Will he come after me though? Besides I'll hurt him more and more, the longer I stay.'

Hilary, searched through the desk and brought out another piece of paper. This one was going to convey all of how she felt to Tyson. The young boy that stolen her heart. But it was also her, Good Bye.

Meanwhile in the lobby of their hotel.

"I don't understand. What did I do wrong this time?" Tyson frustrated, tossing his hat to the side. "All we did was talk. I have been so busy in the Tournament, I could barely give her some time. And tonight, all I wanted was to make it to her, and the next thing we know, we are arguing about something! I don't even remember what was it!"


"I mean it wasn't even that important, now that I think about it. But still, I can't stand fighting with Hilary. How can I tell her how I feel about her?" Tyson exhaled, "It scares me you know…if we keep going like this…I'm afraid she'd leave me." Tyson gasped as soon as those words exited his mouth, the horror of it playing in his head. "Oh my God, if she'd leave, whose gonna treat my wounds, or cheer me on? Who am I gonna take my evening walks with? Who am I gonna share my bagel dogs with? Shit, who's gonna monitor my diet and exercise? Man, I'll never know where Hilary buys those Teriyaki that I like."

Tyson slowly realized what his life be without her. Sure her cooking was horrible, but she got better, just for him. If she'd leave, it would be like losing a part of himself. Worst, Gramps would never forgive him for it. He knew how much the old man treasured Hilary.

"No, no, no. This can't happen! I have to put a stop to all of this." Tyson scratched his head, and consulted his newly made friend he had found on the couch. "You think I should go and apologize first. Tell her how awful I feel?"

The toddler on the baby chair just stared at him blankly.

"Well, nice talking to you." Tyson thanked, and dashed away from the couch. He sprinted down the hallway, targeting Hilary's room. He was adamant to make amendments with Hilary, even though the ominous walk to her room seemed a lot longer this time.

There was a knock-on Hilary's door.

"Hilary, it's me" Tyson announced. Biting his tongue to remind it should have been an anonymous knock, Tyson trained off. "Look, I just want to apologize. It's totally my fault. I am sorry to irk you this time."

There was a responding silence as opposed to the expected. 'I told ya so!' or 'Took you long enough!'

His lips twisted on his puzzled visage. There was no way in the world that his Hilary would be so silent. He knocked the door once again. Anguished, he twisted the knob to find that door wasn't locked. He rememder that it was slammed hard before. He walked in the room, calling out for her. "Hilary? Hilary?"

The lamps was the only source of light in the room. Her back was facing him seated at the desk, but he knew she was already asleep, as evidenced by her breathing.

"She must have fallen asleep writing again." Tyson mused. Getting a better look at her, he crooned. She looked so peaceful while sleeping. So innocent. But in his heart, he preferred the bratty girl of the group. She had grown on to him after so many years. There were times they'd go camping. He couldn't sleep due to anxiety. He never had the luxury of a mother's lullaby, but when he'd look at Hilary's sleeping face, that would chase all his personal demons away.

He gently picked her up to tuck her in. As he held her, he marveled at how delicate she was. Hard to believe those skinny hands packed such power to break off his teeth. He gently set her on the bed. He was about to cover her with the duvet, when a soft spoken "Tyson" escaped her lips. Taken back, Tyson thought he awaken her. But then he soon realized, that she was just talking in her sleep. He looked at her face, by the facial expressions she had, Tyson could till she was having a bad dream.

Tyson hushed her, while stroking her face. Giving her quiet serene words of comfort. Her pain seemed to ease at his touch. In that moment Tyson knew he fallen totally in love with her again.

With her tucked, Tyson decided it was best to erase his presence and let Hilary enjoy a wonderful sleep. One last business remaining, he softly extended his hand to switch of the desk lamp when he saw the pages of diary disturbed by the wind. Curiosity filled the Beyblader, as he wondered what was that notebook anyway. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a diary.

He crept over to the desk and found a red envelope, with his name on it. 'I wonder what it is?' he hummed, while turning off the light. Gasping as Hilary yawned, Tyson switched off the lights and to all his possibility left her room without making an ounce of noise.

He had grown far too curious to rejoin his team partying in the pub. He made himself available in his room, and tossed himself on the bed. His head lolled into the pillow, as his mind were replaying the events of today. But for some reason, all his thoughts were leading him to Hilary. He flashed her book open, pondering what secrets would be stored in this diary anyway. He was conflicted whether it was okay to open or maybe it could cross a line. It was Hilary's property. But then he reasoned it could contain a lot about him anyway. Maybe what she likes, he could use it to gain her forgiveness the next day.

Finally, his curiosity got ahead of him. Shrugging off any thought of Hilary's privacy, Tyson opened the diary. Marked as today's date, there were three pages filled.

"She must have written this not too long ago.' Tyson deduced. The ink was still wet. Taking a deep breath, Tyson began to read.

"It will be the hardest thing I would have ever done. Just the thought of it scares me. I'll probably hand him a letter, or maybe ask Kenny to relay my message to him. But I can't leave without saying something to him. I will tell him everything I wanted to say to him, and all that I will when I am not there for him anymore. I'll tell him how proud I am of him that he has become an accomplished Beyblader. How grateful I am that he let me travel around with him and because of him, I have not only seen the whole world, but also made new friends. I'll scold him for his clumsiness. I'll make him promise me to not put his life on the line. I'll thank him for the person he has made me today. I'll let him know how special he really is.

It will be a long flight tomorrow, but I'll just relive all those years I have spent with him. But once we exit that airport, all these will just be a memory I'll take with myself. There's no school anymore, so we won't be running into each other often. It doesn't matter, because he's on his adventures anyway. But I have not decided yet. Should I tell him that I love him. That I have harboured feelings for him, ever since he had come unharmed when that Battle Tower collapsed.

I am crying right now, because I am hopelessly in love with him. But maybe it's best that I keep it to myself. I don't fear being rejected. I fear that I'll just be a distraction to him. I won't be harsh on him. I'll softly make him comprehend that how sorry I am. How sorry I am for the fights he had in the past. How sorry I am for all the insults I threw at him. How sorry I am for putting him down, when he just believed in his dream. How sorry I am to glue myself to him. I have no explanation, for why I've done these things. But I once heard "Love makes you do crazy things."

I know that's not a good excuse, but that's all I have. I just want him to forgive me. Forgive me, for sending him through hell for all those years and forgive me for loving him more than myself. I know this will make him more strenuous, that's why the only way to fix this is my leaving from his life for good. From tomorrow, I'll just be that plain, bossy Hilary I used to be.

It's getting late. My eyes are getting misty. I am yawning uncontrollably. I need to go to sleep. Tomorrow's a tough day. I need rest. I need courage to tell him Goodbye…"

A powerful fist whacked him on his head, making him numb.

"Ow…" he wailed, holding his head.

"You Idiot!" Hilary spat, fury contained in her veins. "WHAT GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO SNEAK IN MY ROOM AND STEAL MY DIARY?"

"Hilary I-"she didn't even let him finish.


"Hilary I-."


Then she turned away from Tyson, about to exit the door. When she felt a tug on her arm. In one fluid motion, Tyson spun her around and let his' lips meet her's. The kiss was like a charge of electricity coming from the two. They both held each other tightly, as wave after wave of sensations flowed through them. Arms wrapped around each other, both refusing to let go. Years and years of wanting and waiting for this moment, the two didn't want it to end. But eventually they're breath gave way. They're lips parted. But they're embrace was still firm. They both slid down to the floor, eyes locked on to each other. Not even a word spoken. It was not really needed. Both knew what the other felt.

The two, made themselves comfortable on the floor and laid down. Hilary nestled her head on top of Tyson's chest and listening to his heartbeat. A sound that some how was very soothing. For a few minutes there was silence throughout the room.

Tyson was the first to speak. "Do you know what was the first day I started falling in love with you?" he asked.

Hilary tilted her head up, so she could see his eyes. "No, I never thought..."

Tyson cut in, "Remember that time in the woods? I got sick from eating that berry, and you…"

"Went through a hell to bring you that herb." Hilary completed, rolling her eyes. "If only you had listened to me."

"Well, I was having a hard time getting to sleep, that night." Tyson admitted, "It was dark. I couldn't make out anything. But I felt someone's hand holding mine. It was you, Hil. And then, I saw you next to my bed. There wasn't much light in the room, but I could still see your face. You were flowing a little," Tyson appeared in a trance, as he was trying to recall, every thought, sound, and feeling from his memory. "I was thinking 'you know, when Hilary isn't shouting, yelling or hitting...She can be kinda cute.' Then I felt kinda embarrassed. But I knew from then on, I had feelings for you. I never wanted to be separated from you...Hilary I love you."

She gasped. "Tyson I never knew" Tears were running down her face. "I always thought you hated me because of the stuff I made you do after school." She hugged him tightly.

"That too." Tyson smiled, while turning to her. "I guess we both used the 'Class President' for an excuse to be together." He returned her embrace. Tyson cradled her soft face, while stroking his fingers through her hair.

"I guess so." She laughed while gazing into Tyson's eyes. She then grew quiet. "Tyson..." she spoke softly. "Everything in that diary...I really meant it. I do love you." She pressed firmly.

"I know Hilary," Tyson assured her. "I know..."

"So where does this leave us now..." Hilary asked.

"Well...how about we do this first" Tyson said, while bringing Hilary closer for another kiss. They're lips meet again, giving a mixture or pleasure and ecstasy. They broke the kiss.

"Then we'll discuss this in the morning." Tyson suggested, while catching his breath.

"Alright," Hilary smiled, while taking Tyson's hand, and scanned the bedroom. "Is it okay if I bunk in here?" Hilary asked, wondering if there was room for two.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Tyson answered, while sliding over.

Hilary laid down beside him. Tyson threw his arms around her and turned off the light.

"Hilary..." Tyson's voice called out from the darkness.

"Yes, Tyson" she returned.

"Sweet Dreams"

"Don't need 'em." She stated bluntly "They've already came true."