Shion and Nezumi -No.6 AU. (This wont be a whole lot different from the original. Mostly following the same-ish path)

"Shion! Seriously! You can't still be asleep can you? Your gonna be late and mom wont be happy!" Shion knew Safu was lying. Ever since losing our dad, mom seemingly lost the ability to be mad about anything. Shion knew it was because she feared driving the little family she had left away. Not that Shion would ever consider abandoning his mom. Or his sister Safu. He knew they deserved to be happy. Especially with the sacrifice they had to make after losing their father/husband.

With a sigh, Shion finished buttoning up his sweater, and skipped down the stairs from their apartment to the bakery down below. Right on time too, Shion was pleased to note, as the bell above the glass door jingled, announcing a customers entrance.

"Miss Karan! Miss Karan! Do you have any cheese muffins today?" The voice belonged to a six year old Lili. Lili and her uncle would come in twice a week for a few cheese muffins for them and her mom.

Shion smiled down at her, his heart warm and her genuine display of happiness. "Sorry Lili, mom is tied up for just a minute. I can get those muffins for you, if you'd like while we wait for her to finish. How does that sound?

"Yeah! Yeah! Mommy needs a muffin too."

The exchange was quick, and after greeting mom, the two left, on their way back to bring the muffins home. Karan's Bakery was in a lower class neighborhood, the best place Karan and her two kids could find for a home and business. After the economy collapse in 2023, the government had made it their number one priority to improve the countries economy and homeless population.

As well intentioned as it was, many of us were aware that the government had steered away from it's original path. They went from making sure everyone got paid a living wage, to building a wall and restricting access to the Outside. Shion never had a reason to go beyond the border so it never really crossed his mind to think it a bad thing.

In fact, Shion doesn't really question much of anything. Something he'd come to regret later on. Shion didn't realize that the next customer to enter the store would be the reason his entire life would change.

"Hey Shion! Safu and I are going to the store for just a min. I didn't order enough cupcake papers. Can you watch the shop for me?"

Shion smiled warmly at her. " Of course mom. i'll be here when you get back" Shion kissed her cheek and waved as they left. She had a tendency to under order every now and then. It was something Shion had grown used to. One of those things that made her human and lovable in Shion's opinion.

Only a couple minutes after his mom and sister left the shop, the bell jingled, signaling another customer. "Hello! Welcome in! Is there anything i can get for you?" Suddenly Shion was glad for the fact that he'd gotten the greeting out before seeing the customer. The customer had to be around the same age as Shion. And most likely male, though the confusion only came because of how pretty they were.

The strangers frame was feminine yet not. Tall, lithe, elegant. Long black hair, loose strands framing their face and the rest pulled into a sloppy bun seemed to match the androgynous feel. Silver grey eyes assessed Shion for a second, allowing Shion to make the connection. He was male. A very otherwordly beauty, but male non the less.

The look in the strangers eyes made Shion pause. It was hard. Glinting like the steel his eyes took after. Shion watched in silence as the boy whipped around, turned the open sign to close and locked the door. Fear lanced through Shion, but he held his ground. Something told him he had nothing to fear, the feeling drifting away on non existsnt wind. Shion knew he probably should have been scared but he just couldn't dredge up the level of fear that he knew would have been justified.

It especially would have been justified in the next instant, as the weird boy snapped a large knife seemingly out of nowhere. In the next instant, the boy had the knife pressed against Shion's throat, the other arm locking Shion's wrists behind his back.

"Don't move." The knife pressed deeper. The motion infinitesimal, yet effective. However the fear never came. Shion had seen the hidden look in the boys eyes. Fear. If Shion was right, then the boy was on the run and scared of being found. Besides, Shion needed to treat the wound on the boys arm, gushing blood as it was.

"I can help you." The hand holding his wrists tightened, and Shion was slightly ashamed to admit to himself that he liked the feel of the smooth skin of his palm. Shion shoved the thought out of his mind and tried again. "I can help you. You're bleeding. I can patch it. Stop the bleeding. Please."

The boy stayed the way he was before pulling the knife away and slipping it back where he'd hidden it. He said nothing as Shion led him up the stairs and to the single bathroom. Without a word, Shion pulled a silver medical kit from under the sink, an advanced one that was a remnant from when his dad was still alive. "What did your wound come from?"

"Got shot." The statement was quiet. Shion made note if how pretty his voice was too, though it was deeper and more masculine. His voice though, bit as feminine as his looks, seemed to be just as beautiful as the boy himself.

"Shot? Who would shoot at you?!" The boy didnt respond, so Shion got back to work, cleaning and bandaging. The boy gave him a fearful look when Shion pulled out the stuff needed to stitch him up, but he remained still. Shion sighed. Finally done. And thankfully no one had come busting down the shop door.

"Can i get you some food?"

"You're gonna feed me too? You're a weird one huh?"

"Im not that weird. Is helping someone who needs it, weird?" Shion felt slightly indignant at the comment. Weird. Psh.

"Yes. No one helps without expecting something in return. Thats how life works." His voice was iddly melodic.

"Well thats not how i am so suck it up."

"You're weird because you haven't asked me for my name yet." He didn't did he? Not that it mattered.

"Would it make a difference? I doubt you plan on me seeing you again, so what good would it do? Ignoring the fact that i really would like to know." Shion wanted to know a lot more than just his name but he knew that would he pushing it.


"Huh?" Rat?

"My name. Nezumi." Theres no way his name was rat.

"It doesn't seem fitting."

"Excuse me?"

Shion blushed. "Nevermind. Lets get you some food. Mom and Safu should be home any minute now, so if you want, you can rest in my room while i run the shop. I'll bring you up some food and you can rest here for the night. No need to tell the family. They worry enough as it is."

Nezumi stared at the strange boy, unable to comprehend such an odd personality. He didn't expect help. People usually didn't help the likes of him, not that he typically gave them a chance. When you hide from people for too many years to count, you learn to not trust anyone. No one was selfless enough to help without expectation of returned favors. "What's your name?"

The boy looked his way from the doorway, allowing Nezumi to study his weird companion. He had soft brown hair that fell into his eyes easily, and eyes to match. He was a bit on the shorter side, maybe 6 or so inches shorter than his Own five eleven frame. The boy also had an odd sense if style. Almost as if he were elderly, wearing khaki pants, a pastel button up and matching button up sweater. Definitely odd.

"Shion. My name is Shion."