Sam indeed went looking for Carolyn but didn't find her in the coms room. She found her outside, sitting on a tree, crying.

"Mind if I join you?", Sam asked slowly.

Carolyn wiped the tears.

"Sure", she said.

"Any word from SGC?", she asked already knowing the answer.

"Nothing", she said.

"I'm sorry, Carolyn", Sam said. Putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Well, I was just hoping…", she said.

"Sometimes hope is all we have", Sam said looking at the trees.

"How are you feeling?", Carolyn asked sniffling.

"Pretty much the same", she admitted. "Vala told me to speak with you. Why?", she asked.

Carolyn sighed.

"Ah…well she and I don't exactly agree with how to address your memory loss treatment", Carolyn said.

Sam lifted an eyebrow.

"Oh! What's the difference?", she asked curious.

"I defend that you should recover the memories by yourself, letting your brain heal. Vala defends that we should tell you the truth and then let you process that information", she said.

"Opposite theories", Sam said, thinking.

"Very much so", she said.

"Any more intakes from the other members of the group?", Sam asked curious.

"Daniel agrees with me", Carolyn said.

"And the General?", Sam asked. Her heart beat increasing again.

"No opinion", she said.

Sam looked surprised at the doctor.

"Really? He didn't say anything?", she asked.

"Oh no, he said he couldn't choose", Carolyn clarified.

Now Sam was confused and intrigued.

"Why couldn't he choose?", she asked.

Carolyn looked at her.

"To answer that, Sam we would have to go with Vala's option", she said slowly.

Sam swallowed.

"If…If I choose Vala's option would you tell me the true, Carolyn?", she asked.

Carolyn sighed.

"Actually it wouldn't be me telling you anything but another person, Sam", she said.

"Who?", Sam asked immediately but already suspecting the answer.

"I guess you already know the answer to that question. Even without all your memories", Carolyn said.

Sam looked down for a couple of seconds. Yes, she did.

"I've to speak with someone first and then I'll let you know my decision", she said. Getting up.

Carolyn watched her leave and enter the main building. She too already knew her decision.

When Sam went inside to look for Jack she wasn't expecting shouting. But that was what she was hearing. Coming from one room in the back of the building. She went there.

"I don't fucking care, Daniel!", Jack yelled.

"She doesn't remember, Jack", Daniel tried again.

Jack kicked a box with all his strength.

"She still remembers HIM!", he yelled again.

Daniel passed hand through his hair. They were having this argument for minutes now and Jack hadn't calmed down yet.

"She loves you", he said again. He sounded like a broken record.

Jack threw some books against the wall.

"Not enough apparently", he said.

"She will remember, Jack", Daniel said for the tenth time.

Sam entered the room without any of the men noticing.

"Daniel do you mind leaving me alone with the General?", she asked.

They both turned around surprised. Jack dropped the book he intended to throw at the wall and Daniel bit his lower lip.

"Sure, Sam", he said leaving and closing the door.

Jack took some steps back and leaned against a pile of boxes, crossing his arms. He was sweating from yelling, kicking and throwing things.

"What do you need Major?", he asked coldly.

"First you can start with telling me my actual rank", she said looking at him.

Jack looked at her for some minutes in silence.

"Colonel", he finally said.

"Oh…", she said surprised.

"What else?", he asked.

"Why are you mad?", she asked. Siting on one of the boxes.

"Next question", he merely said.

"You don't like Pete", she stated.

"No", he confirmed.

"Why?", she asked this time.

"He doesn't deserve you", he answered immediately.

Although a little surprised with his honesty, Sam decided to continue. She was there for that, after all.

"I spoke with Vala and Carolyn and they told me about their opposite positions towards my treatment. And they said that you were the only one who didn't voice an opinion. Why?", she asked.

"Conflict of interests", he said.

She looked at him confused.

"I don't understand", she said.

Jack cleared his throat.

"No, you don't. You had to remember to understand", he said.

Sam looked at her hands and her eyes stopped at her bare ring finger. She gently caressed it, like it was something she was used to do it. She suddenly looked at him.

"It can't be…", she whispered.

"What?", he asked.

She started to breath faster as her heart rhythm accelerated.

"Show me your tags", she asked getting up.

Jack paled.

"What?", he asked straightening his back.

"Your tags, Jack!", she said again. Not even realizing that she had used his given name.

Slowly he took his tags from around his neck and gave them to her. His wedding ring firmly attached to them.

Sam picked the ring and looked at him closely. She already knew that she had a similar ring in her own tags but was fascinated with his ring. Like she was seeing it for the first time.

"We are married", she said looking at him.

"Yes", he confirmed.

"How long?", she asked. Tears falling through her face.

"Two years", he said. Cleaning her tears with his thumb.

"Dear God. I'm sorry, Jack", she said closing her eyes.

He pulled her to him and held her tight, kissing the top of her head.

"You don't have to be sorry for anything", he said, breathing her scent.

"I didn't remember we were married", she said, silently crying.

"It's okay", he said, holding her in his arms.

"And I spoke about Pete…Jesus", she cried even more.

"It's okay, honey", Jack said. Moving his lips to her neck.

And suddenly they were kissing. Passionately. Sam still holding his tags and his wedding ring, with one arm around his neck, pulling him to her. Jack with one hand in her back and moving slowly to her ass and the other on her head, gently caressing her hair.

They just broke the kiss because they both needed air to breath. Both panting they put their foreheads against each other.

"I missed you so much", Jack said. His eyes darker with passion.

"Well, apparently I missed you too", she said with a smile.

He kissed her again, this time slowly, taking his time and enjoying tasting her. She just melted in his arms. They stopped again to breath.

"I think Vala was right", Sam said.

"I always liked Vala", Jack said with a smile.

"You're saying that because I came here asking questions", she said. Kissing his jaw.

"I always liked your questions. Even when I don't understand them", he said.

Sam giggled. And had to stop kissing him.

"If you don't remember I've this rule about giggling…", he started to say.

She passed a hand through his hair.

"Oh I remember that rule, General", she said with a smile.

"You do? Anything else?", he asked with a hopeful look.

Her hand moved down to his chest.

"I may need some reminders on other areas of our marriage", she said in a husky tone.

Jack groaned and kissed her again.

"I don't see any problems with that", he said after some more kisses.

"Good", she said smiling.

They heard someone clearing a throat. Carolyn was at the door looking quite embarrassed.

"Sorry to interrupt but the coms officer got something on the radio, General. He asks if you can go there", she said.

Jack and Sam moved apart and composed their BDUs. She returned his tags that he quickly put around his neck.

"Very well, doctor, let us see what we have on the radio", he said.

They left the room and went to the communications room. Apparently someone was trying to get in touch with them. Now they just had to figure out if it was friendly or foe.