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We were taken to a classroom, more similar to a college or university classroom with benches and long desks, with ascending rows. I sat at the corner in the back so that I could continue to observe any obvious reactions. In front of me sat the blonde, the white haired kid, and a newcomer with black spiky hair. His facial expression was blank, while the blonde's was slightly pained. The white haired kid looked unbothered.

Well, I couldn't care less. They're children, and I have grown-up things to worry about. Like finding out what I won.

And watching a green bean explain the card I apparently worked so hard to attain awakened me to the possiblity that maybe I wasn't the only extraordinary guy around. Maybe this whole world wass some kind of fantasy thing. I couldn't explain why I thought this way. The green bean just didn't feel natural, it didn't feel like I was used to seeing such a creature talk in comparison to how I've reacted to other humans.

"This is your hunter's license," he announced merrily, "Not only will it grant you access to 90% of countries normally travel restricted, it will also grant you access to 75% of all the world's restricted areas!"

I almost whistled. That sounded impressive. And also clued me in on what I now know as the, "Hunter exam," being a bigger deal than I thought it was.

"Sell it and you can live in luxury for seven lifetimes, keep it and you can enjoy material comfort for the rest of your life as well, because the card allows you free access to 95% of public amenities," he confidently proclaimed, and I could tell even some of the people who knew what they were getting into were impressed, "So make sure you don't lose it. Our estimates show that one in five hunters lose their license one way or another within a year of attaining it."

One in five, huh? I drag my eyes across my fellow, "Hunters," and I make a bet to myself. It'll be one of the kids. The clown is familiar with someone apparently as strong as I am, so it's safe to assume he's pretty strong. The baldy looks competent. The rest, however, are a toss up, but I'll place a bet on the kids.

With my sensing ability, it's safe to assume I won't be losing it to some thief.

"Therefore," Mr. Bean continued, "Your first challenge as a Hunter is to protect your license. Should it be lost, you will not receive another one," he intoned rather ominously, in spite of his cheerful tone.

"Rise above your challenges," he inspired, "believe in your strength, and keep working towards your dreams. The rest, is up to you!"

The bean nodded to the chairman behind him, standing comfortably behind the podium, who nodded back.

He confidently gave us all a smile, "And with that, I proclaim the eight individuals present to be Licensed Hunters!"


And with that, we all streamed out of the classroom, each with our own thoughts and plans regarding the future we had now seized. Some chose to linger, while some chose to leave right away after saying their goodbyes. I was one of the latter, except I said no goodbyes. I had only gone against the flow once during these few hours, and that was already enough to get me weird looks from my apparent acquaintance. I wasn't going to risk any more suspicion.

While they were still at the venue, I was already out in the city, on the hunt for information, and more importantly, a hotel.

I found the latter rather quickly, and booked a night, uncaring of the odd looks I was receiving by the hot brunette receptionist. I went to my room without a second thought, and speed walked my way to the bathroom.

I took a slow breath, and examined myself in the mirror. The needles didn't look like they were hooked into my skin, so they were probably safe to remove. Sure, I had this whole, "Just let out of jail," look about myself, but I believed I could at least pass as normal withot these goddamn needles in my face.

And so I slowly removed one, and then another, and one more. When I got to the ones in my ears, I shivered in disgust as I pulled them out, feeling them sliding through my ear canal, somehow not having killed me. All that was left were the ones in my forehead.

When I pulled the final one, every cell in my body rebelled at the act, the pain came out nowhere as they burning themselves up, slicing eachother apart, dying and being reborn. I was brought to hell, a spectator to my own suffering yet I felt every moment of it.

My entire world was pain. I hadn't even realized it at that point, but I'd stopped breathing, and I wasn't standing any longer. The pain ceased as swiftly as it started, but the phantoms remained, making me shiver constantly.

What the actual fuck was this guy doing with his life?

Anger flooded through me, and my rage threatened to boil over as I stood up and suddenly I wasn't Gittarackur anymore.

I was a black haired guy with long hair and eyes resembling a pit of tar or an abyss, wild and wide open, murder on my mind.


Anger forgotten, I got up close and examined myself. Flawless skin, black eyes rather than whatever I had before. I was certain they were different, but I wasn't really paying all too much attention to anything other than the needles. Long, smooth hair, rather than the blue mohawk of Gittarackur.

Was that all just a false identity?

I actually wasn't in the body of some weird fighting monster that just got out of jail?

Wow, I really can't think of a way to express my relief with this situation. Other than to laugh. It was like I finally understood a joke, half an hour out from the comedy club, and I just couldn't stop laughing. If this was someone's idea of a prank then I approve.

But regardless, I had just witnessed something incredible. No matter which avenue of logic and reasoning I tried to apply, there wasn't a world in which twenty normal needles could change my hair color.

I desperately needed to find out how the hell it worked.

I picked all of the needles back up and made my way to the living area of the hotel room. I realize I didn't actually pay it all that much attention on my way in, but they hooked me up with the penthouse suite, with the entire wall being just a window, and a grand piano in the corner. Yeah, the hunter license was staying with me.

I sat down on the couch, placed all of the needles on the table, but kept one in my hand. and analyzed it.

It looked pretty average to me. Yellow head, with a half centimeter thick yellow needle of the same metallic material, about the length of my hand. I touched the tip and it was sharp. How the hell I managed to stick this into my ear without killing myself, I didn't know. In the end, the needle was nothing special.

But I knew it was. And I had a feeling that aspect of the needle was connected to my superhuman ability to sense the looks I were given.

I just had to figure out what it was.

Do I have any more of these?

I checked my pockets and viola, I find hidden pockets in my pants, hiding away dozens of needles so perfectly that even I didn't notice them before I actively patted myself down. And apparently the yellow orbs on my shirt weren't decoration, they were needles, cleverly placed to not pierce myself, with an extra layer of protection due to the thickness of my shirt.

These were different. There were two kinds. The heads of the ones from my shirt looked just as yellow as the kind I stuck into myself, but when I looked closely I realized it was a wavy pattern of yellow and subtle orange. As opposed to the first ones, however, these had thin silver needles rather than thicker yellow ones. The ones inside of my pants were tightly packed, and unlike the other two orb headed editions, they were golden sewing needles instead.

Just making an assumption here, but they probably all exhibited different abilities, otherwise the only point to them would be to choose the right needle to match the venue I would use them in.

Yet another mystery for me to solve.

I was oddly excited about my prospects.

I took a deep breath and chose to make myself a plan going foward, or at least to organize what I have going on.

First I needed to find out what these mysterious powers at play were. If I had these powers, it was likely the clown had them too. Or maybe the clown was just someone I had been using for one reason or another during my time as Gittarackur. But the security at the venue subtly hinted otherwise. The chairman likely had these powers as well, now that I was thinking about it, and maybe the hot babe and the giant fatty had them too. They weren't even slightly concerned about guns, but they still needed security. It was likely they were there to guard against power users. The hot babe wasn't a part of the hunters exam, but she was still there observing. She was likely in a position of power in comparison to us, perhaps she was a proctor from a previous stage, or she was just another hunter hired for security purposes. She wasn't standing by the guards.

Secondly, I needed to figure out who I was. This was a significantly tougher area of research, I'd assume, considering my only lead, my name, was probably fake.

And finally, I needed to figure out what being a hunter entailed.

Luckily that last one was something I at least had somewhat of a good lead on, in the form of the informational handbook they gave us as we left.

Only after all of this, would I decide what I would be doing, going forward. It was sure to be good fun.


Right, I also wanted to tell you guys a few things about what this story is probably going to be.

I'm pretty inspired by Dark Wolf Shiro, and Sir Lucifer Morningstar's writing styles, in how the butterfly effect spirals, and how they actually take those things into account. Of course, in dark wolf shiro's case, it usually ends with someone sucking the main characters dick, or someone's girlfriend leaving their relationship for the main character.

That's not really what I want.

But anyways, I want a spiraling story of butterfly effects and beautifully increasing scale. And I WANT THE DARK CONTINENT. Badly.

I heavily recommend you guys read Reincarnated in a shonen manga, and Weapons of mass destruction, over on Royalroad. They are also two of my prime inspirations behind this.

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