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Instinct rather than intention propelled my body. I moved faster than I ever had, propelling myself to the wall feet first, squatting into it, before I propelled myself to the opposite one.

But the behemoth's eyes followed my every movement with ease. That's when I realized I wasn't dealing with a normal person.

I was about to move again, to transform all the energy stored right now in my legs into an instantaneous dash, one faster than anything I'd done before now, and pass him by before making my escape right over his shoulder.

But he read me like a book, and the barrels of his minigun met the exact path he predicted, and started spinning like a top.

"Fuck-!" I screamed internally, stabbing my hand, tempering it to pure metal unconsciously, into the wall. The gun started spewing bullets like a hailstorm, but thankfully they were missing me by a hair. A split second later I dropped to the ground with a kick at the wall enhancing my drop. His barrel was following me, licking the long hair that was trailing behind my head as I dashed straight towards him, brandishing four needles between my knuckles, running form dropping lower and lower, at the same rate his gun was descending, until I was in front of him almost parallel to the very floor.

But now I was too close for a bullet.

Then his foot hammered my face in and sent me flying back the way I came, until I hit the wall.

But he didn't come out of this encounter unharmed, for I was one needle short. The anguished roar that followed satisfied a part of me I didn't know existed, but I didn't dwell. I swung my arm out, letting go of another needle, aimed perfectly to hit the gunman right between the brows, right as I turned all of his joints into unusable messes.

Or rather, I tried to, but for some reason my commands faced resistance. Not quite a wall, stopping the metamorphosis from going through, but rather, a river running against me.

This resistance let him use his not yet ruined legs to desperately dodge.

Instantly, hypotheses after hypotheses ran through my brain, but I didn't have the time to consider them. This bastard brought friends, and I could hear their footsteps echoing from the entrance as they ran this way, instantly aware something had gone wrong. Probably due to big man over here squealing.

I dashed straight at big man, no longer able to move, and kicked his face in, right before I took my needle back, dashed out the room and pocketed the other one on my way out the window.

Then I ran away at full speed, pedal to the metal, dashing down alleway after alleyway, avoiding street cameras, blending in with crowds at random before abandoning them in favor of new alleyways. I must have looked back hundreds of times, spying for pursuers, only to keep running on the suspicion that they might just be better at hiding than I was at seeking.

I didn't stop running until I was absolutely certain that if I still had pursuers on my tail, then I was dead in my sleep regardless. I booked into a hotel using money I'd pocketed on the way here through easy sleight of hand.

I didn't leave the city aware that I'd just be a sitting duck to that minigun out among the trees, if they managed to catch me there. At least here, I had a last resort in the form of the transformation needle.

That night, sleep did not find me. Instead I slept the entire next day away.


For hours, I simply sat there, going over the fight. That man was both weaker and slower than I was by an order of magnitudes. His kick wasn't even close to as fast as a kick of mine would have been, and I only got hit by it to guarantee a needle, and because dodging with that much momentum behind my movements would be far worse.

It wasn't going to hurt that bad either way, simply because of how slow the kick was.

Or that's what I thought, but catching me completely off guard, that kick fucking hurt, and somehow, it sent me flying. I had it all under control. It was only meant to stagger me. I read the kick correctly.

So why did it hurt so fucking bad?

My answer to this was the same as my answer to his fast tracking ability. Super powers. I sincerely doubted a man that weak was naturally able to track me at the speed I was moving. No, he was somehow enabled to act above his own faculties, and the reason why that was possible was no doubt due to power.

But what is this power? Now that it has been made clear that it isn't something innate to me, it stands to reason that my needles were using the very same power as that man was. That means that I should, therefore, be capable of enhancing my strength as he did. Likely, this power was some form of energy.

An energy I didn't have the slightest clue how to go about accessing. My use of the needles never drained me in the slightest. Just focusing on making my kick harder than it actually was didn't really lead to anything.

I wasn't getting anywhere with this without more information; information which was suddenly a far more dangerous prospect for me to try to get my hand on. It was obviously the hunter license that they'd tracked down in order to find me. I assume through hacking.

I groaned. Everything was suddenly made a lot more difficult.

But as I leaned back, sipping on a beverage known as Tikki Juice, included in my hotel fee, I couldn't stop the thought that crossed my mind.

"This puzzle just keeps getting better."


Walking through the city after signing out of my hotel that afternoon, I didn't flash my hunter license. I didn't show it to a shopkeeper in exchange for a free meal. I paid in cash, and cash only, and I acquired my money the same way I did last time.

And although I made sure to glance around every once in a while, just to make sure I wasn't being recognized or followed, I tried not to dwell on that day. I had already gotten all I could out of the encounter, there was no point. What there was a point to doing, though, was to find a super powered individual.

But this wasn't the sort of thing I'd just find on a whim. I had to research further, making minimal use of my hunter license, frequently jumping netcafe, and always planning an escape route.

I also had to figure out the use for my other two needles, and the extent of the control I exuded over corpses pierced with my needle. I also had to find out if a second needle amplified, or was a simply redundant addition.

I had a lot on my plate.

But that wasn't my only avenue of attacking the situation. What I learned during my last unfortunately interrupted study sessions wasn't much of use, but that doesn't mean I learned nothing.

Apparently, rich clients often hired hunters to work for them.

I wasn't terribly excited to go back to studying. Being stuck in a small room with little to no realistic escape routes should my opponent be stronger than me, and being very possible to track down, it didn't feel as safe as it once did.

But of course, if I wanted to actually get in touch with these rich clients looking for muscle to hire, first, I needed to go back to hopping net cafes, because obviously, the "Secret Hunter Website," wasn't public information, and I needed to find my way around that.

I sighed, feeling like my soul was being drained by these net cafes. Learning by doing was so much more fun.

I bet my fellow, non-amnesiac examinees were fucking thriving.


Everything, he thought, I put my absolute everything into the hunter exam, and I let it all go down the drain, for what?

Since the start of the exam Leorio had been sworn to do anything it took to become a hunter, but no matter what he stayed true to his morals. Despite his mind telling him what a stupid idea it was, he turned back, and stared death(hisoka) right in the face.

I should have known my luck would catch up with me. Leorio knew that in the end, he was just your average guy. He was braver than most, and that's all he really had going for him. But he had spent the entire hunter exam overcoming all odds, surrounded by a group of friends that fought like they were machines.

He had spent so much time around them, that he had forgotten. Leorio was the average, run of the mill guy who had just been riding their coattails. Come to think of it, did Leorio ever even help them in return for all they did for him? During the third exam, his temper almost cost them everything. During the fourth exam, it was he who had been tricked, and it was Kurapika's help that let him recover from his mistake. During the first exam, it was only thanks to Gon that he had been able to keep going.

And during the final exam, he threw it all away because he thought it wouldn't have been fair to win by default.

"Why couldn't I just take the win?" he asked himself, gritting his teeth until it felt like he could crack them. "Why did I have to play the hero?"

"Leorio!" a voice interrupted, and it was just the voice he didn't want to hear right now.

He looked up, and there he was, along with the rest of them.

Gon, Kurapika, Killua.

The hunters.

"What are you guys doing here?" he asked in a dry voice, "Shouldn't you be celebrating."

Gon stared back at him, filled with far more determination than someone like Leorio deserved. Leorio looked away. Gon was completely unbothered by Leorio's attitude. It was like he didn't even take it into account, "We wouldn't celebrate without you," he said, and Leorio almost believed him.

But he wasn't that stupid. Just a glance, and he could already tell Killua didn't really care. Even Kurapika, who he thought he'd clicked with best out of the three, wasn't really present. His mind was elsewhere. He was far too preoccupied with considering what his hunter's license would let him accomplish than little old Leorio.

"Is that so?" he barked, oddly aggravated. Calm down, it's not like you really saw them as your friends. The anger he was so familiar with was different this time. It reminded him of back before he got to know these guys- before he thought he got to know these guys. Back on the boat. "Well you can take your celebration elsewhere, because I don't have anything to celebrate!"

He wasn't even aware he'd stood up, up until he saw Gon looking up at him, hurt.

Leorio turned away, teeth gritted and lips pulled back in a snarl, disgusted with himself.

*Gon didn't deserve that..*

But he couldn't say that, so he just walked away.

Perhaps it was his guilty conscience, it was probably his embarrassment realizing what a sore loser he was being, that made him choose these parting words.

"I'll get it next year, just you watch."

He expected silence. A royal ovation of nothingness.

Gon gave him neither, "I believe in you," he said.

And Leorio couldn't stop the waterworks.


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