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Kuon stared at the ceiling of the private room in the club, wondering how he'd gotten himself into this situation. Kyoko was tipsy and giggling - always a fun state for her to be in - but the rest of the scene… he wanted to be anywhere else.

He'd suggested they go out dancing tonight. Kyoko loved to dance, and he liked doing anything that made her happy. And hey, they were in California - he knew of a decent club, and why not? It's not like anyone would recognize them here. At least, not as much. Or so he thought.

Not twenty minutes after arriving, he'd heard, "Omigod, Kuon? Is that you?"

He'd frozen up. Kyoko gave him a questioning look, and then met someone he'd never anticipated introducing her to. He turned around, wearing his fakest, sparkliest gentleman's smile. "Long time, no see."

A girl wearing a flannel shirt hugged him. "It's been soooo long! Where have you been?"

"Around," he said, trying to extricate himself.

"I don't think we've met," Kyoko interjected, her own sparkly smile on her face as she stuck her hand out for a shake. "I'm Kyoko, Kuon's fiance."

"No way!" the stranger squealed, letting go of Kuon and instead embracing Kyoko. "I'm Taylor. Kuon and I used to date, like, forever ago."

"Pleasure." This was so awkward. What was with Americans and greeting people they didn't know with hugs? Or was it just because this Taylor girl was tipsy?

She let her go and stepped back with a smile. "You guys should come hang with us! We have a private room. I'd love to get to know you!"

"I… alright?" she said, missing Kuon shaking his head. She reached back and grabbed his hand as Taylor took her other and led her deeper into the club.

"Awesome-sauce! Right this way."

Kuon bit back a groan as they entered the private room and saw even more familiar faces.

"Ash, Mar, look who I found!" She tugged them forward. "Kuon - and his fiance!"

"Holy fuck, for real?" one of the women asked, looking up from her phone. "Dude! It's been ages. How've you been!"

"Better," he answered honestly.

"I can't believe you're getting married!" the other said, beaming. She seemed genuinely happy for him. "Ooh, she's cute, too. I mean, shit -" She shook her head and laughed. "Girl, you're cute! How'd you end up with this lug?"


"Right, right, names." The woman holding the phone swept her long, braided hair out of her face. "I'm Ashley, the one who dragged you in here is Taylor, and this is Mary."

"I'm Kyoko." Out of habit, she dipped a partial bow. "It's nice to meet you."

"Babe, did you get the drinks, or did you just bring company?" Mary asked, a smile playing around her mouth. She had two piercings through her lower lip.

"...Fuck. I totally blanked." She clapped her hands. "Okay, Kyoko, right?" When she received a nod, she continued, "Great. What're you two having? First round's on me."

She glanced at Kuon, unsure. "I - I usually have sake."

"I think you'd like a pink wine, if they don't have that," he said. "None for me, I'm driving."

"Ooh, how responsible! Our little boy, all grown up!" Ashley clasped her hands over her heart, the shit-eating grin on her face ruining the effect.

Kuon immediately regretted his decision to come here tonight.

"Okay, drinks. Go!" Taylor finger-gunned at them and left the room.

"So, still doing the acting gig?" Mary asked, swirling what little was left of her current drink.

"Yeah. In town for it, actually." This was fine. He glanced at Kyoko nervously. This was totally fine. Just him, his fiance, and three of his ex-girlfriends having drinks together. Totally, completely fine. He didn't want to scream at all.

"Cool! Anything I might've heard of?"

"It's not really been announced yet," Kyoko offered. It couldn't hurt to get to know these girls. They might have some fun stories, and they seemed nice enough. "We just started filming last week."

"Dude, you're an actress?" Ashley interjected, then screwed up her face. "Wait, that came out wrong. I just mean that's cool. I skipped out on that scene after highschool."

Kyoko nodded. "I am. What do you do?"

"I'm a herpetologist. I study frogs," she clarified, at the confused look on Kyoko's face. "Mary's still in the scene, though."

"Behind the scenes, more like. I do practical effects." She gave Kyoko a lop-sided smile. "Is that how you guys met? Acting?"

"Something like that," she said, thinking about how Kuon had played Corn for her.

"Okay, I'm back! What'd I miss?" Taylor set down a tray of drinks. There was a water bottle for Kuon.

"Kyoko's an actress," Ashley said, "she and Kuon are filming in town, but we don't know what. Sounds like an NDA's involved."

"Oh, nice." She plopped down on the couch next to the other two and swung her legs over their laps, then grabbed her drink. "Let us know when it comes out, it'll be good for date night."

"Sure." Kyoko wasn't quite sure what to say, so she took a sip of her drink - the aforementioned pink wine. It was a little sweet, but good.


That had been an hour and a half ago. Now, Kyoko was properly tipsy and had befriended all three of his ex-girlfriends. Who, apparently, were now each others' girlfriends.

"No, no, no - listen, here's the thing," Ash was saying. "We all knew, right? Like everyone knew that poor Kuon couldn't keep a girl. Never could." She shook her head, giggling. "So that's why we're so happy for you!"

"He did make the best beard, though," Mary added.

"Seriously. The best fake boyfriend ever," Taylor agreed.

"Wait, what?" Kuon asked, his first words in an hour.

"Dude, we thought you knew." Mary glanced over at her girlfriends, who nodded. "Like, we thought you were closeted too, and were just like, keeping up appearances. Staying out of the gossip rags and all that."

"That's why we were so surprised to meet Kyoko!" Ashley, who was now sitting next to Kyoko, threw an arm around the girl. "Though gotta say, you did a good job. She's a damn delight."

"Thanks?" Kyoko said, not completely following. The wine was excellent.

Kuon was, of course, a bit irritated to learn he'd been used like that, but understood. He didn't mind them thinking that he'd been in the closet, though - nothing wrong with it. Hell, back then, he hadn't really cared who he'd hooked up with. Now, though, he was 100% a Kyoko-sexual.

"Makes me wonder about you, girlie," Ashley said, gently poking the actress's cheek. "Got any secret crushes your man needs to know about?"

"No?" she replied, a little bewildered.

"Weird. I would've totally clocked you as bi."

"Same," Mary chimed in.

Kyoko stared into her wine. "I dunno… it doesn't really matter though, does it? I have Kuon. I'm happy."

"Aww," Taylor sighed, resting her head on Mary's shoulder. "I'm so happy for you guys."

"Yes, excellent mush," Ashley said. "Now, do you wanna hear some stories?"

Kyoko's eyes sparkled.


Even later in the evening, Kuon had Kyoko in his lap, which did wonders for his mood. It was a little startling to discover just how many of his exes had used him as a beard, but they'd been fifteen at the oldest, so he couldn't blame them. Besides, now he felt a little better about how easily he'd let them go - and how in his heart, none of them were anything compared to Kyoko.

Besides, he thought to himself as Kyoko bounced up and led him to the dancefloor, it wasn't like he could never keep a girlfriend.

Kyoko had promised to have him always.