"We have to tell somebody!" Hilary bit, agitated by the second.

"I don't wanna tell this to myself!" Tyson complained, evading a swift smack on the head, "If this gets out, the whole place is gonna explode!"

"Tyson…they'll know. Everyone will know eventually," Hilary sighed defeatedly, stroking his arm. "We don't have to disclose it as a breaking news. Maybe, we just need to tell one of our friends. If we get this off our chest, we'll feel much better and you'll be much more focussed."

Tyson Granger swallowed hard. "Yeah, you are right." And knowing Hilary, the pressure of disclosing their secret was already upon him. "So, whom should I tell?"


"Hilary, if Gramps found out about this…he's gonna cleave me in half with a real sword…" Tyson lamented.


"Guy's got problems of his own." Tyson rejected the idea.


"We both will get an earful. Not to forget, after what we have done…we'll be out for a few months."

"Well, I am running out of options, Tyson!" Hilary grimaced, "Think of something fast!"

In front of their bench that they were seated on, only at a few distance, they found their pick, when a jovial blonde was approaching their way.

"Him?" Tyson casted his girlfriend an inquisitive side-eye.

"Better than anyone else we got," Hilary groaned, "Let's go with him."

Max blinked hardly, seated between them, and batting the nervous gazes of his two friends.

"So, what's shaking, guys?" Max tilted his head, a little bored by the silence. "You look strung on something."

Hilary smacked Tyson's shoulder hard, "Tell him!"

Tyson winced, rubbing the spot. However, this was no time to complain about the redness spreading o his shoulder. He had a big secret to unveil.

"Here we go…" he mumbled under his breath, but simply froze again as the next words simply refused to come out of his mouth.

"Tyson!" Max prompted, tetchily. Tyson sighed, and scratched uncertainly at his chin.

"Er, Max…" he winced slightly at his suddenly shrill voice. "Over the years…" he went straight into his well-rehearsed speech, "You know that I and Hil have been an item for a while now…right? Like…we're kind of deep now."

Max raised his eyebrow and turned left at the highly amused Hilary, leaning back into the bench, her face glowing crimson.

"Yeah…we know you guys are deep. Like, totally inseparable," Max chuckled in agreement, "I think it's kind of cute."

Hilary shook her head, commanding Tyson to try again.

Tyson gestured widely, calmed to some extent by the fact that Max had taken the first section of the news in a totally un-reactive fashion. "Max, as you know, me and Hilary have been involved in a relationship for fifteen months now. We have become a little 'serious.' You know, what I am saying, 'serious'." Tyson emphasized louder on the last word.

"Serious, huh?" Max pondered, switching his gaze between the two, "Oh wait, I get what you're saying!"

"Finally!" Hilary dropped a huge breath of relief.

"You guys are so serious you wanna contest in reality shows as 'couples'!" Max beamed a bright smile.

"No!" Tyson groaned and banged each side of his head with his knuckles.

"Double dates?" Max blinked at an aggravated Hilary.

"No…" she denied.

"Than what is it?" Max whined. "Just come on out, already."

"Max, listen," Tyson tried again, this time with more persuasion. "When a boy and a girl are too committed…they tend to…umm…they get…you see,…they have…"

His struggles were interrupted by a wincing wail from an enervated Hilary. "Max, I AM PREGNANT!"

"Real subtle, Hil." Tyson deadpanned.

"Waaaa-waaaaa-wait!" The blonde flustered, waving his arms around so much that he had to be restrained by the couple.

"Max," Hilary removed her hand from his lips. "We would really appreciate if you don't tell anyone about this."

"Max," Tyson reasoned, "We are sorry to burden you with this, but could you just for a few days be mum about this. We are about to have a lot on our plate now. Gramps, Hil's folks, Mr. Dickenson, media, everything…"

"Butbutbutthebutbutbut-" Max fell back to the couch weakly, feeling his head spinning. "You guys are just teens!"

"We are nineteen, Max." Tyson frowned, indignantly. "And this was an accident. Well, Hilary said that it was…" he added, thoughtfully, pointing at her accusingly. She blushed and looked the other way.

"It's not that!" Max yelled, looking at the two of them in total horror. "It's just… just… arg!"

"You are totally focusing on the wrong part of this," Tyson pointed out, folding his arms. "We just wanted to let someone know. And we trusted you Max."

Max stopped hopping and stared.

"Hey, yeah, there is tha-" Max huffed, "This is just such a lot to process. To think, next year, there's gonna be a baby in the Bladebreakers."

"You get to be a godfather!" Hilary interjected. Max stopped, tilted his head and smiled.

"Sure, like that's assuring!" Max hissed, but his demeanor changed, "Can we call him Max Jr.?"

The couples eyes turned beady and they straightaway dismissed, "No!"

"Ok, okay…" Max held his hands defensively, "But now that you repeatedly mentioned you guys are 'serious', how about you both get hitched?"

Hilary gasped, "Now that you have surfaced it up…Tyson!" she pulled him by the collar, he elbow smacking Max in the face, "A wedding is the perfect way to conceal this! After all, its just been two weeks!"

"Hil!" Tyson moaned, "How do you expect to convince our peeps?"

"I can convince Gramps!" Hilary chattered, "He'll never say no to me! And he'll talk to my parents from there!"

"What if they don't agree on the dates? A wedding's not an easy thing to plan!" Tyson disagreed.

"You don't worry about all that! In our culture, we get married at an early age anyway!" Hilary cheered.

"Man, if you both were in Las Vegas right now. A bottle of scotch and a chapel would have solved your problem." Max quipped.

That suddenly seeded something in Tyson's mind, "You know…Hil…he's not…"

"No!" Hilary rebutted.

Max watched them squabble, feeling squeezed between them. He groaned upwards, "And to think, they teach "Sex Education" here better than any other city…"