I own nothing. Enjoy day 3, moonlight/sunshine!

It was a scene out of one of those romance movies he'd filmed, she was sure of it. But better, because it was real.

They were in California for work, and to visit Mom and Dad. But that night had been theirs alone - it was an anniversary of sorts. Not of when they started dating, but of that fateful day in the elevator. So they'd gone dancing in a city where no one knew them and even fewer people cared who they were, at least not yet. And now they were on a moonlit beach, her shoes carried in one hand as she danced along the wet sand, her dress twirling with every step.

He watched her. The moonlight shining down on her made her look more like a fairy than he ever had. Or perhaps a mermaid - her glittering sundress could pass for scales in the night air, shimmering as she moved. He reached out and took her shoes from her, then offered her his free hand. He didn't know where they were going, but with her, he didn't care, so long as her hand stayed in his.

Kyoko beamed up at him, brighter than the stars that decorated the sky above them. She swung their joined hands just a little as they walked. She didn't know where they were going, either - she'd never been to this beach before - but she couldn't bring herself to care. They were together, here, on this beautiful beach. This was all she needed - all she'd ever wanted.

Every now and then, Kyoko would pause, bend down, and pick up a treasure. Mostly shells, but sometimes the rare piece of sea glass. Later, she would make jewelry out of the best pieces she'd found, so she would always have a piece of this moment. For now, they found homes in his pockets.

In the distance, they could hear muffled music - maybe from a far-off concert, or just a particularly strong backyard speaker. Experimentally, he lifted their joined hands and spun her. The smile he received was all the permission he needed. He caught her other hand and brought it to his shoulder, then traced a line up her arm. He loved the thrill of goosebumps that followed his touch. His fingers led the trail down to her waist. They started to sway.

Then he spun her again, and the light in her eyes encouraged him. He pulled on any training he'd had and started leading her in a mish-mash of ballroom dances. This led, of course, to the song ending with Kyoko in a dramatic dip.

So what else could she have done but wrap her arms around his neck? What else was there to do but kiss him there in the moonlight?

And what else could he do but lower her to the sand, and lie there with her, sharing kisses and whispers in the same breath, until the sun rose? Until the sunshine made her golden eyes glow and her hair shimmer?

What else could he do but love her for the rest of their lives?