Author's Notes

First, this is written on here off the top of my head in a spontaneous moment. Yes, I am aware of the fact that there is a huge age gap between the two ladies, and no, I don't care. I couldn't imagine doing this with any other character besides these two. I didn't outline this story or anything.

Second, I haven't seen Legend of Korra in a long time. This is just going by rote memorization of the characters. So if they act somewhat out of character here, you can understand why.


I don't own anything but this story.


Lin Beifong had seen that look before. Whenever the CEO of Future Industries asked for a favor from her — which wasn't too often by itself — she'd always give her that look. That look of knowing eagerness and hope and anticipation.

Asami sauntered towards the police chief's desk, her heels clicking each time before she stopped. "Please?"

"Why?" Lin knew the Avatar was recuperating down in the Southern Water Tribe thanks to Zaheer and the Red Lotus. But why her? And why the police? If Asami was so worried about something bad happening, it wasn't like she couldn't hire a security force of her own, or that she was the daughter of a now disgraced business mogul.

"You'd be doing me a huge favor here. Just for this weekend. It's only for the special presentation this weekend – the new line of brand new Satomobiles that will be released by the end of next month. Sources tell me that –"


"O.K., Mako and Bolin told me – that the Triple Threat Triad gang is planning to try and steal them before they're put on display."

Lin raised an eyebrow. Some of her officers had mentioned to her about the street gang zeroing on stealing Satomobiles recently. Whether they were planing to steal car parts, or what... was anyone's guess in the precinct. "Is that true?"

"I don't know," Asami admitted, shrugging her shoulders. "but why take any chance? And sure, I could hire my own security force to stop them, but I thought I could turn to someone I consider a friend."

You mean a friend with benefits. Lin kept that thought to herself. Instead, she repeated the same answer as before. "No. If you can hire your own security, then there's no need to come to me."

Looking up at the young businesswoman, Lin gave her the best 'fuck off' expression she could manage. This wasn't gonna be like the last few times that Asami asked for a favor.

It didn't work.

Asami was unfazed as she clutched the front of the police desk. Leaning forward, the distance between the two women narrowed until only a few inches separated her from the older woman's face. Her irises seemed to shine and sparkle like jade-colored diamonds in a jewelry exhibit. Behind that veil of innocence she was good at showing stood not so innocent intent.

Lin showed a pinched expression. It almost annoyed her that it suddenly felt warm in this room. Or maybe it was Asami who was so close to her, as her form radiated warmth. Or was it her?

The police chief only knew she had to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, her eyes found her cleavage, which seemed to show through her dark business suit. If she didn't know any better, she could feel her heartbeat quicken at this attention. That hadn't happened since she was younger, when she and Tenzin were dating. She had to admit, Asami was even more beautiful than when they first met four years ago. When she was still 19 years old – not a girl, but not yet a woman. When reality hit her in the face in the wake of her father aiding Amon and the Equalists. Since then, after her adventures with Avatar Korra, Mako, and Bolin, and taking over her father's business, Asami seemed to have matured somewhat. She'd become a young woman now, a beautiful young woman at that.

A part of her was beginning to wonder what Asami looked like underneath...

Oh, no. Not again. Not this time. Someone had to be the rational adult here. Especially someone who was thirty-two years the woman's senior. "You cannot solve every problem you have with such... inappropriate propositions."

"Why not? It worked the last time I asked you for a favor." Asami's voice dropped from her normal range on that last remark. Lin's muscles tensed, as if she needed to be reminded of that previous unprofessional act.

"The answer is still no." She crossed her arms against her chest, as if the issue was settled.

There was silence for a few moments. As if playing a game of chicken, the two women stared at each other. To see who would give first. Finally, Asami sauntered her way around the desk. Placing her hand on the rigid sitting form of the police chief, she tilted her head and batted her eyes innocently. "Please, Chief Beifong?"

Lin snorted. The girl infuriated her sometimes, with her sad but sweet-as-pie act, and always getting what she wanted when it came to favors. "Fine."

She could practically feel Asami light up instantly like a light bulb at her concession. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the girl almost smiling with glee before clearing her throat.

"Thank you. You won't regret it, Chief. I promise."

The metalbender rolled her eyes. If she wasn't such a successful businesswoman, she would easily mistook Asami for the spoiled brat most people thought. "You know, sometimes, little girl, I hate you." In spite of her sour expression, her words came out a lot softer than she had wanted.

"Well, that's too bad." Asami simply let her business jacket roll down her nicely toned arms, showing them off in a suggestive manner. Tossing it on the empty chair in front of the desk, she smirked as she held her clenched fists before the older woman. "But hey, if it makes you feel any better, Chief, I'll let you handcuff me this time around."

Final Notes

I might consider doing a follow-up based on the first time Asami convinced Lin Beifong to do a favor for her. And maybe I'll consider doing a series of one shot collection of these kind of scenarios. No promises here, given I'm focused on other stories, like Young Justice and DCAU-related. But if I watch a few scenes with Asami and Lin and re-familiarize myself with the two, I just might.

Otherwise, what do you think? Should I make this story a series of one shot drabbles involving Lin Beifong and Asami Sato? A multi-chaptered story? Or should I leave it as it is and just do a proper follow-up story with these two?

Comments, suggestions, constructive criticism are much appreciated.