Author's Notes

So far, this is the only fanfic I can think of writing when it comes to Teen Titans (2003). Either this, or some more taboo pairings, like Slade and Terra, or Blackfire and Starfire. Maybe even Slade and Raven.

In any event, this came to me suddenly when I thought of the first season of the show. I'm pretty sure this story of Slade observing Robin in action has been done before in fanfiction several times over and then some. Still, here's my short little drabble of it.


I don't own anything except this story.

Inside his secret lair, the mastermind's one good eye observes the various giant monitors, each playing footage of the young spiky haired teen boy clad in red and green. The way he moves, how he takes out his robotic minions one by one, by hand, by his metal staff or by his numerous gadgets. The boy's dedication to his duty, his determination, how he hates to lose...

It is equal to that of his own qualities.

He's impressed with this teenager. He has to be.

So obsessed was the kid with stopping him that he played dress-up, masquerading as a master thief to find out more about him. A low, cool and breathy chuckle escapes his mouth as he considers that. He wasn't gonna make things easy for the boy like that. And no doubt he left his goody-goody friends in the dark with that devious plan. Whatever their reactions, that is sure to put their trust in their fearless leader into question.

With how driven and focused he is, he knows that the teen wants him... badly. He knows that he is obsessed with him, that there's a burning desire to find out more about him. To stop him.

The boy shouldn't feel alone. The older man feels the same about him, in so far as he's interested in him, too. In fact, he desires him the same way every man his age would desire the boy.

He desires to make an apprentice out of him. To mold him. To groom him, make him like the second son he never had.

And should the kid refuse his offer? It would be unfortunate, but predictable. Still, he knows he can take every advantage he can in order to get what he wants.

Final Notes

I tried to make it sound real creepy in both the summary and the story itself regarding Slade's interest with Robin during Season 1.

What do you think? Comments, constructive criticism is much appreciated. Thanks!