A/N: This story came to mind after seeing a few NSFW pics with Jefferson Pierce and Dinah Lance. The original plot for this ficlet was that Dinah was reminiscing about getting back at Ollie for constantly cheating on her by having a revenge screw with her colleague, Jefferson Pierce. But I decided against it, seeing that I've already written a few stories on my Google Docs about that, or at least having an idea about doing something like that.

So instead, I decided to write a short ficlet about her and Ollie making their steady relationship more... open, and this is her reminiscing about having a three-way with Ollie and Jeff the morning after. This is loosely set in-between Season 3 (Outsiders) and Season 4 (Phantoms). No dialogue.

If you've already read the version of it on my AO3 account, you'll know it when you see it.


I don't own anything but the story.

Bright amber rays peered through the window and cavorted across Dinah's face, tugging her from her slumber. Her eyes blinked. Morning, already? A soft groan escaped her mouth, as she lifted her free hand towards her forehead to shield herself from the blinding light outside. She wasn't drunk, by any means. May as well have been, with the way she felt.

Assessing her surroundings, she was sandwiched in-between her boyfriend and her best friend. One broad, robust arm rested limp along her lap. Dinah could see that it wasn't her boyfriend. Shifting her body slightly so as not to wake up either man, she sneaked a glance to her right. There she found the sleeping form of her best friend and colleague Jefferson Pierce.

Rubbing sleep from her eyes to clear her eyesight, she slowly picked up the pieces of what happened yesterday. She had asked the new JL chairman to join her and Ollie for some... fun back at their house. To her surprise, he agreed. It'd been a slow week at the Watchtower, and he felt the need to let off some steam.

What happened later that evening came back to her with the intensity of a car horn. Their collective dicks penetrating her over and over like a jackhammer. The rush of pleasure that ran down to her core. The touch of both men's calloused hands caressing every curvature of her body, her cries of pleasure rising like a tide rising before reaching the surf. Good thing she'd told them to put a ball gag around her mouth during this sexual episode. No shattered glasses or windows due to her Canary Cry and all that.

Who knew Jeff could be so... rough when he could be? The feeling of his hands all over, his rough, calloused hands exploring her body like a practiced sculptor. He also could be tender when he needed, and when she wanted it. The taste of his lips and tongue each time she kissed him were still present on her mouth. Affectionate, considerate, sweet.

Yet when he was inside of Dinah...

A sudden rush darted through her body, and she swallowed a bit of saliva back down her throat. She could still practically feel Jeff inside right then and now. Like she did last night when she bent over the foot of the bed with her creamy legs spread open, and he filled her up from behind with each thrust. When he said he was letting off some steam, he showed he wasn't being figurative.

In and out. In and out. Each time increasing his pace, Jeff had constantly hit her inner walls with the force of a twister, until he hit the spot. Hard, fiery, and intense. Just the way she liked it.

It was like a personal 'therapy' session for her, only she was the client this time.

A small, low chuckle brought Dinah back to the here and now, and she shifted to her left. There was Ollie, snoring softly as he faced her with his head on his pillow and his hand also resting on her forearm.

Of course, he felt the same as he did whenever they got down and dirty.

A soft smile was on his face, as he obviously was having some kind of dream about her. His hand was slowly moving down her body, a mere inches from grazing her upper right thigh underneath the covers. In a tentative motion, her hand settled on top of his.

It was more out of instinct than anything. She smiled, but it didn't meet her eyes. Although Ollie was always good in the sack for her, a part of her felt he was going too far out of his way to try to get back in her good graces. Since what happened several months ago, when he joined Bruce in that stupid plan to out-do the Light and their shady tactics. Even he had to admit that Bruce went too far, even if it did get rid of those restrictions enforced by Lex Luthor.

It was agreed that their love life needed a shake-up. They would have a more... open relationship. Not necessarily being swingers, or experimenting with polyamory. Just... expanding their tastes and options. It would be harmless, he said. It was what they both needed, especially given Ollie's womanizing, and her mindlessly putting up with it. And she certainly didn't need to be reminded of what happened months ago with the whole Batman, Inc. crap.

It sounded logical enough. Or so, she thought initially.

Now, as she lay between the two men, she was wondering. Was it?

Was it really what they both needed? Or did it make things more... complicated?

Basically a writing exercise I thought up. What do you think? Should I continue this, or what?

Comments, suggestions or constructive criticism is much appreciated.