In a house outside the city gates, a young girl was getting ready for bed, excited for the next day.
"Mama", the girl asked, "could you tell me the legend of the picori blade again".
"Alright luz, but you got to promise to sleep afterwards. Promise?" her mom, Camila, asked her daughter.
"Yes, I promise!" Luz agreed, enchanted by the legend.
"Alright, it goes like this…"

A long, long time ago...
when the world was on the verge of being swallowed by shadow...
The tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing the hero of men a sword and a golden light.
With wisdom and courage, the hero drove out the darkness.
When peace had been restored, the people enshrined that blade with care.

"Wow" luz was still enraptured by the legend no matter how many times it was retold. "Do you think it's real"?
"While the picori haven't been seen in a long time, we still have the Picori blade. Even then, they're so tiny, I doubt we could see them. Now please head to sleep, I imagine your friends wouldn't want you to miss the event." Camila explained then pointed out.
"Oh yeah"! Luz gasped "Amity is meant to be given her title as princess. Night, Mama."
"Night, Mija! Te quero" Camila turned the light off and closed the door.
Luz drifted into sleep, wondering if she would be the hero to her best friend, the soon to be Princess Amity.

The following morning was a wonderful day with a sunny sky and moderate winds A fine woman was seen walking down a dirt path. She wore a pink dress with intricate patterns along the middle of the front, glowing yellow hair that flowed halfway down to her back and a golden crown that had white feathers sticking out the sides by her pointy ears. While excited to go to the festival with her childhood friend, she was slightly worried about something going wrong, but those thoughts were pushed aside as she entered a house on a small hill. Upon entering, she saw Camila coming downstairs with a plate, and a smith with a green bandana alongside work clothes.

"Good morning, Master Smith, Mrs Noceda." both turned around in slight shock

"Goodness me! Princess Amity!" The Master Smith proclaimed "Did you sneak out of the castle and come all this way alone? The minister is sure to be worried about you! You know how he gets!"
"Oh, don't worry about him! He'll be fine. Where's Luz? The whole town is bustling for the annual Picori Festival! I thought she and I might go together. Would you mind terribly? I doubt she'd want to miss it" Amity cheerfully calls out The Smith grinned "Oh, is that what you're here for? Well, Link was up late helping me last night, and she's still asleep... But I do have an errand at the castle... Yes, that should be fine." He turned to his wife. "Camilla, could you wake luz up?"

"Sure, Manny" Camila agreed, and then turned to the nearby staircaseand gave a gentle yell to the sleeping girl in question. "Luz, time to get up!"

On the floor above Luz seemed to just be getting up from what seemed to be more then just her papa working on the anvil for some reason. "whhhaaatt?" She groaned almost seeming to back to sleep.

"Luz, time to get up! Miss Amity is here waiting for you." Her mom called out, with a slight smug tone near the end.

Luz jumps out of bed, and quickly got dressed in a green and white shirt, slight brown trousers and a green flowing hat that just seemed to fit. Luz then went downstairs into the next room. when the two girls see each other, then ran to hug each other

"Luz/Amity" they shouted in joyfully in unison. after a few seconds they seperated and looked at Luz's parents.

"With the festival only coming once a year, you both get to go together ¡Adelante, diviértete, mija!" Camila happily says, with Manny walking over. "... and while you're there, you can do me a favour. I just finished making this sword for the minister at Hyrule Castle. I'd like you to deliver it to her." Manny motioned over to a sword wrapped in fine silk.

"Yes, yes, YESSS" Luz shouted as he ran over, but carefully picking up the sword to be delivered. she was then given a holder for the sword to be held around her torso.

"This is the blade that will be presented to the winner of the competition. Don't lose this extremely important delivery." to which Luz saluted to the instruction, earning a giggle from Amity and a smile from Camila. "And while the two of you may be childhood friends, remember... Amity is the princess of Hyrule. You watch over her. Don't let anything bad happen to her." That comment had Amity roll her own eyes

"Master Smith, quit worrying! We'll be perfectly safe. Come on, Luz! Let's go check out the festival!" With that they were off, and so the two of them walked out heading for Hyrule The two walked out, happily chatting along about the legend of the chosen hero and how they might've played their roles so long ago, despite being separated by time from the previous legend, their clothing was similar to them. Frankly many gossiped about them being the legends' reincarnations, which neither were bothered by seeing as in spite of their current positions. They saw each other as a cool person to be around. The Picori, while its own nice story, seemed more childish, which was why neither talked much about it despite both enjoying it.

Heading into the town, it all seemed so busy. Everyone seemed happy, hell, some dude was walking around loudly cheering about some medallions said to create bonds and change the world; Luz didn't fully understand. they went all around to see and hear the sights and sounds of the festivals. they headed over to one shopkeeper claiming the princess won a drawing competition (which while Amity didn't want to show what she drew, Luz thinks it was of her as the princess of legend with what looked like the chosen hero) and could claim one of three prizes. These were dither a heart stone, a big rupee, or a shield. Amity chose the shield in spite of the man's insistence to the other prizes. She handed it to Luz as a gift and both agreed it fit her look.

That shield would come in handy as when the way to the castle is blocked by a wooden creature that was attacking amity by shooting acorns out of its mouth, Luz put up her shield to block them. this got the wood thing (which seemed to be a Deku scrub) to move out of its way. So they could finally head into the castle.
As luz and amity approached the courtyard, look around at it. Guards marched and guarded a few pathways aside from the central one straight to the keep of the castle. The flower beds looked like there were cleaned specifically for today. She waved at one of the guards who waved back. Next to the door, stood a woman about as tall as Luz and Amity herself. Her hair 'vaguely' resembled a hand. She wore a blue and red robe for her side, standing there professionally. The two best friends approached and Luz waved to the minister

"Hey Kiki!" Luz calls out to the minister; who seemed a bit annoyed, but didn't say anything, while carefully taking the wrapped blade off her back.

"Ah, Luz! You brought the sword, did you? Then, as minister to thekingdom of Hyrule, I, Kikimora, accept this blade." Kikimora proclaimed, taking the sword from Luz "You both came just in time. The award ceremony will begin soon."
"I'm sorry, Luz, but I'd better go. I have to prepare for the ceremony.I had a good time at the festival. Thanks for coming with me, Batata!" Amity gave a brief kiss before entering the castle. Luz was left in a bit of a daze and slight blush.

"Since you're here, Luz, why don't you join us for the award ceremony?" Kikimora asked her, which got luz out of her daze.

"I would love to Kikimora! First year I actually get to." Luz answered, excited to watch the ceremony.

After some setup for both Amity and the blade, everyone involved aside from Amity and her father; King Alador, is outside, with four guards coming out, carrying the sword Luz's father worked on, stabbed into a chest. Kikimora looked to Luz while waiting for the guards to set the chest into position. "Do you know about that sword, Luz?" Luz herself waved her head no, gaining a sigh from the minister. "It is called the Picori Blade, and it locks much evil away in that chest. The Picori Blade is sacred among the people of Hyrule. The legend has it that, long ago, the Picori gave us this blade. Whoever wins the competition earns the honor of touching the sacred blade." kikimora explained, with luz curious about how the sword would act like a lock for a supposed pandora's box.

Most shut up once the King of Hyrule and Amity walk out of the castle.
"Let the award ceremony commence! Belos, champion of the competition, you may approach the blade!" Kikimora shouted out to all, especially the one who approached Belos comes in and walks up to the sword. He seemed draped head to toe in purple; aside from some gold and ruby red, with a cape, and a hat that looked similar to luz's own, her hair covering one eye with the other seeming to glow red. he smiled with an energy that creeped Luz out.

"Heh heh heh... To think things would go well! The Picori Blade and the Bound Chest spoken of in Hylian lore..." He talked, before he stated "This chest must hold that which I seek! I'll relieve you of its contents now."
This worried everyone else. Before Belos could reach the chest, all the guards come forth and attack him. The guards are easily overpowered. Two more guards come up to him."
"Mmmm ah hah hah hah! Do not interfere with me... As victor, I've earned the right to approach the Picori Blade... I've been waiting for this moment!" Belos boasted like they were children. He kills the last two guards, then opened the chest and evil monsters fly out, with most seeming to be knocked out. A yellow light surrounds Amity and she steps towards Vaati, with Luz walking by her to seemingly intimidate the man in front of them."
"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Amity demanded with a strong visage trying to hide her fear.
"The princess who holds the power of light... That mysterious power is said to flow in the veins of every royal lady in your family ever since that day when it was gifted to your people. If I leave you now, you'll only cause me trouble later. That will never do." Belos droaned at her, like she and her family didn't deserve her position.
Belos charges up an energy ball aiming towards Zelda and Luz steps in front of her with her shield raised, shocking Amity.

"To stone with you!"


Belos and Amity respectively screamed when he shot the energy ball and Link is knocked aside to the floor. It hits Amity and she's turned to stone. Things are quiet for a few seconds before Belos seemed satisfied.

"Heh heh heh heh... All who stand in my way shall share this fate! Now, to find out what power awaits me in this chest!" Belos bellowed out in victory. He walks over and peers into the chest, leaving him to stop for a bit ...?! Empty? There was nothing in there but those monsters? Belos wondered, disappointed. "What is the meaning of this? Well, I know the force I'm after is somewhere out there. I'm in no hurry. I can take my time searching for it. Heh heh heh..." He teleports out of there, with Luz trying to get up before succumbing to the feeling.

Later on, Luz woke from a sleep in a bed at Hyrule Castle. She was left reeling from what Belos did; most notably petrifying Amity. She pulled back her tears and joined Manny the smith, the king of Hyrule, Kikimora, six soldiers and Zelda who is turned to stone in the throne room; which still left her wondering about it all. fortunately, her father noticed her dragging her self in

"Oh, Luz. You're awake. Are you feeling all right?" Luz nodded her head no. Which made her father to lift one of her arms up. "Stand at my side. The king of Hyrule is about to speak." Manny's calm voice got Luz to calm down and lean into him.
"It is as you have all heard. A man named Vaati has cursed my fair Zelda and turned her to stone. If we had the sacred Picori Blade,we likely could have broken the curse. But Vaati shattered the blade..." King Alador recapped before continuing into the solution. "However, I have not given up hope. What do you know about the Picori?" This left a gasp amongst most in the room, especially her dad.

"The Picori? You mean...those thumb-sized little imps from the fairy tales?" Manny asked, wondering about the stories her wife told Luz before bedtime. "Yes, the same. But the Picori are no mere legend. They most certainly exist. No one outside of the royal family knows the truth about them. The Picori, who forged the sacred blade, live deep within Minish Woods. They should be able to repair the broken blade and reforge the sword."

"Wh-What!? Then we must dispatch the soldiers there at once!" Kikimora orders, but Alador holds his hand up to cancel the order or at least delay it.

"No, soldiers will not do. The Picori do not show themselves to anyone but children. Our soldiers could search for days and still no sign of them." he pointed out.

"I see... If that's the case, then why not send Link?" the Smith suggested, surprising luz.

"If Luz has recovered, then yes, I would like to ask this of him." the king looked at her. "Please, turn my precious Zelda back to normal. The Picori should know how to create a new sacred sword. It will be a dangerous journey, now that those monsters have been freed. Please, take this sword with you, along with the broken Picori Blade."

"... I accept this quest." Luz agrees and walks over to the King. She accepted the Broken Picori Blade along with the Smith's Sword, sheathing the sword while putting the blade safely in a bag she was given.

"Very well, then. Send the soldiers to search for Belos at once!" The king ordered, which made the soldiers run out of the room. He looked back to Luz. "Deep within the Minish Woods, you will find a place called Deepwood Shrine. Once, humans and Picori shared that shrine as a meeting place. I think it would be best if you started your search there." He recommended. Manny walks over to Luz.

"Take this map with you. If you get lost on your way to the forest, simply check your map. Good luck, and be careful.

"Thanks, Papa! Now, I hope to never get lost out there again." Luz bashfully said. They hugged for a brief bit "I am counting on you, Link. Only you can break Belos' curse and free Princess Amity." He asked of the new hero. Luz simply nodded.

Luz look at the statue of her girlfriend. "Could I have a moment with amity?" Luz requested. It was granted Luz didn't say much when she walked over. She simply hugged her and cried for half a minute before seperating. She walks off looking at the statue trying not to fall over. As she made her way out the castle she thought about who she was doing this for:

for her home.
For her family.
For the king.

For Amity!

She breathed for a second and headed off.