Chapter 1:

A/N #1: Now the story starts in earnest. For my scientists in the thread, forgive my pseudo-scientific babble. This chapter was a pain to write, trying to make semi-plausible sense of the abilities I have in mind for SI Laxus. But this is fantasy so a certain suspense of disbelief is needed.

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Dreyar Manor, Magnolia Town

"Huh. Is this what Dragonification looks like? Cool…"

I looked at myself in the mirror, appraising the new changes to my face. While my eyes maintained their original turquoise hue, they now featured reptilian slits instead of normal human pupils.

I had been doing a lot of experimenting with my Dragon Slayer Magic these past several weeks and it seemed that my magical power was responding in kind. The modifications to my eyes were merely the beginning. My hair was becoming spikier and more unruly, canines and fingernails slowly sharpening into fangs and claws, and even my ears looked a little bit pointier.

Truth be told I wasn't particularly worried, Acnologia had more than shown the ability to maintain his human form and manifest into a Dragon when needed. I'm sure as I matured my Dragon Slayer Magic I'd learn how to control it too.

Who knows? This might even be the beginning stages of achieving Dragon Force.

Besides, I thought it made me look pretty awesome. In canon, I could never quite understand why the Dragon Slayers had made such a big fuss about Dragonification.

Wasn't the whole point of Dragon Slayer Magic to blur the line between human and Dragon? To allow humans to take on the characteristics of these powerful creatures and wield magic that would be otherwise impossible?

Then again, I might be a little biased since this transformation was occurring as my Dragon Slayer Magic evolved.

At an exponential rate.

Dragon Slayer Magic was a very instinctive form of magic as befitting its namesake. The magical power that flowed through the Dragon Lacrima hummed with approval as I manifested my desire to become one of the strong. The sensations that reverberated within me when my Dragon Slayer Magic was wielded almost convinced me that the power had a mind of its own, my physical adaptations merely serving as proof.

I left my bedroom and headed downstairs toward the library, reflecting on the objectives that I planned to achieve during today's practice. Reaching my favorite space within the manor, I turned my attention to the five Laxus clones who were thoroughly engaged in their reading material.

"Brothers, how goes the journey for knowledge?" I asked my doppelgangers, drawing their attention from the scripts.

"Getting better everyday boss." Laxus Two responded back. "Eidetic and photographic memory really makes for effective study."

"Give us another week or two and we'll have this entire library memorized." Laxus Three said.

"I've gone back through the books you read prior to our brain enhancements. Did you know that lightning doesn't actually move at a third the speed of light?" Laxus Four enlightened. "Common misconception, but I doubt it'll make much of a difference."

I smirked in satisfaction and bid the clones farewell, exiting the manor to arrive at my usual destination.

Lightning was truly the greatest element.

During the initial testing phases, I focused less on crafting offensive spells and more on anatomical enhancement to accelerate my speed of development. If I could manipulate electricity to heighten the neural impulses that regulated cognitive function and muscle growth, then my progression would be staggering.

However, even after I managed to optimize brain performance into that of a supercomputer, I realized there was still only so much I could focus on at once. Unmatched parallel processing meant nothing if physical limitations restricted my task management.

It was the age-old problem of 'How do you look both ways at once?'

Luckily for me, I knew the anime character who had solved that problem. Truthfully, I had always preferred Sasuke Uchiha to the titular character, but Naruto Uzumaki was still a pretty inspirational MC. Overcoming adversity until… well becoming Ninja Jesus and all. But the point is, Naruto's signature shadow clone technique allowed him to accomplish multiple tasks at once while committing it to memory, the drawbacks of mental overload and chakra exhaustion manageable thanks to the most powerful of tailed beasts residing within him.

As the grandson of a Wizard Saint and a Dragon Slayer, I shared similar augmentative capabilities to a jinchuriki, possessing both a tremendous reservoir of magical power and rapid regenerative prowess. Bases covered, this would allow me to exploit such an extreme form of experimentation. All I needed to do now was learn how to make a clone.

Accessing the depths of my memories came even easier than before and I was reminded of the fact that the Fairy Tail universe had its own version of the clone technique called Thought Projections. Normally, Thought Projections are intangible, hologram-like constructs mainly utilized for communication at long distances.

But I remembered that Jellal Fernandes had managed to create a fully corporeal copy that could physically interact with the world. In canon, he had created a twin named 'Siegrain' to infiltrate the Magic Council and further his plans for completing the Tower of Heaven.

Now that I knew that creating corporeal clones was possible, I located a text within my grandfather's library on creating Thought Projections and utilized my lightning as a medium to give my doppelgangers physical form.

After all, if Kakashi was able to create lightning element shadow clones then why couldn't I?

The results? Spectacular to say the least.

Fully autonomous replicas that required no sustenance other than the magical power they were composed of, the clones retained all memories and transferred the experience back to the user after dispelling.

My learning curve, already at lightning speed, went ludicrous.

I started slow at first, not wanting to kill myself from magical exhaustion due to creating too many clones too fast. In addition, I wasn't quite sure how the constant influx of experience would affect my brain. Even with me using electricity to mimic Gojo Satoru's usage of Reverse Cursed Technique to refresh his brain from uninterrupted activation of infinity.

But as days turned to weeks, my confidence grew and so did my tolerance for risk. Which was why I had five clones at home doing nothing but reading 24/7.

Five more clones, I would send into town to find more libraries and other information sources. Gaining a greater understanding of the world I planned to explore.

The scene changed as I entered a familiar glade within East Forest, taking stock of the masses of clones engaged in all manner of electrokinesis.

"And finally… another nine hundred and ninety clones doing nothing but making me strong." I thought with satisfaction. "A thousand man army."

Naruto, the relentless chakra battery that he was, had summoned hundreds of clones to speed the process in creating the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken. It still amazes me that it took Naruto so long to realize the memory transfer capabilities of his clones even when he spams them so much.

But Naruto had always been a knucklehead. I, on the other hand, am going to abuse this stratagem maliciously.

The horde of clones were grouped into teams of twenty, working on various skills ranging from the refinement of magic power reinforcement, output, control, and efficiency.

Lightning enhancement, transmutation, and emission.

Shape manipulation to form constructs. Manipulation of positive and negative charges to alter magnetic polarities. Tapping into the Earth's electromagnetic field. Sensory mapping through monitoring of electromagnetic energy. Heat generation to manipulate ambient air pressure, mimicking the effects of thunder and hastening the creation of thunderstorms.

Etcetera. Etcetera.

Looking up at the sky, I heard the insane laughter of my clones as they performed acrobatics in the airspace, basking in the gift of flight as they powered themselves through electromagnetic telekinesis. I shook my head at the crazy bastards, but you shouldn't restrain creativity so I left them to their fun.

Sending out a mental impulse, I prepared myself for my own training by coursing electrical energy through my system, accelerating neural synapses and energizing muscle fibers. Strands of static electricity arced from my frame as I elevated myself into overdrive.

As I activated my version of Killua Zoldyck's 'Godspeed', ten clones who were waiting on standby encircled me. Their hands crackled with high voltage as they awaited my signal for the start of the exercise.

Spamming practice clones was probably the most effective stratagem I had employed so far, the ability to brute force countless approaches through sheer force of numbers paying off in spades. While I wouldn't replicate myself to such an extreme extent during battle in order to reserve magical power for offensive spells, as a training tool my lightning clones were unmatched.

What would take the average mage months, if not years?

I would do it in weeks.

There was one downside, however. While frighteningly effective, my clones were still constructs of magical power. Although given physical form through lightning they weren't living beings. Simply put, even though their efforts would benefit my mental and magical capabilities, any physical gains had to be done personally.

I nodded my ascent to begin, the area swiftly exploding into a maze of lightning. Streams and arcs of current chased after me as I evaded in a burst, my movements drastically improved through the electrical enhancement. As I practiced my evasive maneuvers, I reflected on the principles of Killua's masterpiece.

Technically, Godspeed didn't actually allow him to move at the speed of lightning. Lightning was a flow of particles and a human body had too much mass to replicate that speed. What Godspeed did do was erase the lag time from Killua's reactions, allowing him to achieve maximum physical performance in an instant. A physical performance that was still massively heightened from the surge of electricity invigorating his muscle fibers.

The performance of my Lightning Dragon's Overdrive would increase as my muscles developed, allowing me to push them even harder. Leading me to alternate days between movement training and working out, utilizing calisthenics to strengthen myself.

Performing anime-style workout montages seemed like an insane idea at first glance, especially when the characters in question didn't understand the phrase "in moderation".

I had commissioned my clones to fashion me a personalized calisthenics gym, using materials from the forest to craft equipment that allowed for extensive variations of: Pushups. Pullups. Dips. Muscle-Ups. Dead Hangs. Squats. Lunges. Calf-Raises. Core work. So on and so forth. Furthermore, not only could I utilize electricity to stimulate my muscles for improved performance, I could also induce accelerated muscle regeneration.

Lactic acid build up was prevented, stymying fatigue and muscle tears were rebuilt at speeds far surpassing the norm, enabling more intense sessions and faster recovery. At sundown, I would leave physically exhausted, but a good night's sleep would see me right as rain the morning after.

Nevertheless, I was still in a child's body, so I stuck with calisthenics for the time being so as to not overburden my frame. Yet through the efforts of electrical muscle stimulation and the heightened physical development owed to my Dragon Slayer Magic, I was already beginning to notice greater muscular definition.

It wasn't substantial, I was still quite lean as you'd expect a child gymnast to be. Even so, the fact that it was discernible at this early a stage meant I was on track to surpass even the physical behemoth Laxus would have become in canon.

Day by day I could feel the improvement mounting.

A little faster here. Greater stamina there. Workouts easing as my muscles adjusted, allowing me to increase the difficulty.

If this was real life, the struggle to stay motivated would be much more prevalent when it took ages to see any real progress.

But in an anime world where progress could be measured in mere hours?

Where magical power surpassed even the greatest steroid?

When I took the rules and threw them by the wayside?

It was almost like a videogame, watching a metaphorical experience bar soar upwards. I could sense myself evolving, shattering ceilings that I didn't even have time to impose. I was addicted, every day a burning desire to see just how far I could go.

Laxus was always going to be powerful as canon shows. But as far as I'm concerned, the aim is to become the Gojo Satoru of this universe. There will come a time where people will be asked how I do what I do.

The answer? Because I'm Laxus fucking Dreyar, that's why.

I grunted in surprise as a lightning bolt impacted my chest, breaking my musings and knocking me on my back. Panting from the exertion, chest smoking but more than fine due to my lightning immunity, I sigh at the reality check.

"I'm getting a little too ahead of myself." I thought in reflection.

I had potential in droves but it would be prudent to remember that this universe had its own homegrown monsters. Lofty ambitions were all well and good but there was an extensive path forward.

"Fortune does favor the bold however." I conceded to myself, magical power humming in agreement.

I activated Lightning Dragon's Overdrive for another round and dove back into the fray, Laxus doppelgangers more than willing to oblige.

Three months after the incident, Depths of East Forest

I walked a trail into the deepest annals of East Forest, conviction guiding my steps.

This was it. Time to put my hard work to the test.

I had accomplished a great deal these past three months as Laxus Dreyar. There was still infinitely more to do.

More to learn. More to see. More to achieve.

Yet training alone was never going to be enough. If it was that easy then anyone could become one of the strong. But it was only in the heat of battle where your true nature was shown.

Where your strength of will was tempered and forged.

Where your ability blossomed.

I could hide behind my 'age'. I may be an adult in mind, but five years old was surely too young to be putting your life on the line, no?


Son Gohan at the age of four showcased power far superior to the combined efforts of his father and Piccolo, who at the time were by and far the strongest warriors on Earth. Time and time again, the boy's hidden potential toppled enemies that overcame fighters several times his age. Culminating in being the first and youngest to unlock the second level of Super Saiyan, triumphing over a foe who had transcended the strength of the adult Z-Fighters.

At the mere age of nine!

The potential of Gon and Killua was marveled by Hunters of renown, mesmerized by the rate of their development and fearful of the implications that foretold of their future prowess.

What of Itachi Uchiha, the scourge of the venerable Uchiha clan? Genin at seven. Chunin at ten. ANBU at eleven. ANBU Captain at thirteen.

Kakashi Hatake, the sensei of the main characters, was even more insane. Genin at five. Chunin at six. Jonin at twelve. Then meteoric rise within the ANBU during his teens.

No. Prodigies were prodigies because they achieved the impossible at an age inconceivable. There are no excuses to be made on the path to greatness.

Thus, I had recently started testing my powers on the magical creatures who inhabited East Forest. Practicing my aim. Building the foundations of my battle IQ. Testing the potency of my spells to see if they had what it took to penetrate their magical defenses.

It had been easy work thus far. East Forest was on the outskirts of a populous town after all. There was no way anything truly dangerous resided here. Those would be found in habitats faraway from human civilization.

From my research, I had deepened my understanding of how magical society within this universe worked. Canon had been pretty sparse on details, only the first few story arcs showing the main characters going on Jobs and exploring the setting before conflict with Dark Guilds became the name of the game.

To become a full-fledged mage, one usually needed to join a Guild. Guilds were associations based around a common trade, and not just specifically for mages, there also being mercenary, treasure hunter, alchemist, workmen, and even bandit Guilds.

In respect to Magic Guilds, to keep themselves in good standing, reputation was paramount. Job completion success rate, public outreach, popularity of their members, legal standing with the Magic Council, all these metrics mattered to continue operating.

If a Guild's reputation faltered, it would lead to the drying up of Jobs. A lack of Jobs meant a lack of money, or Jewels in the case of Ishgar's currency, causing economic ruin and eventual disbandment from inability to pay their registration fees to the Magic Council.

There were ways around this, but that often led to illicit trades and practices, and if caught by the Council gave the risk of being branded a criminal organization or Dark Guild.

Therefore, Guild members took on Jobs to support the welfare of their livelihoods, the difficulty of these tasks ranging from Normal, S-Class, SS-Class, 10-Year, and 100-Year Jobs. Obviously, to undergo an S-Class or above Job required the person in question or a party member to be a recognized S-Class mage.

So the vast majority of mages took on Normal-level Jobs and these ranged anywhere from menial labor, mystery solving, treasure hunting, thief chasing, bandit crackdown, Dark Guild suppression, and…

Monster Hunting.

Once again, in the original canon, the hunting of monsters or to be more specific magical creatures was a subject with very sparse detail. But in this specific version that I found myself in, there was a bit more to go on.

To summarize, monsters are classified into categories of threat level by the Magic Council. Things taken into account are metrics like species and or race, magical resistances and capabilities, and most importantly their danger to humanity. There are five categories as a whole, one through five, in escalating order of threat level.

A Category One monster is generally low-threat. Now you should never underestimate a magical creature, but on average, this category of monster can be handled by a team of beginner mages, an intermediate-level mage, or a large force of armed civilians.

Their magical power is low, meaning that most spells or magically enhanced equipment can penetrate their defenses, and they lack intelligence. A good challenge for an adventuring party just starting out to cut their teeth on.

A Category Two monster represents a drastic jump in strength. Their magic power levels heightened several fold in comparison to the previous category, which means that their hides can resist the spells of the average mage. In addition, their intelligence is also substantially higher, with some of the stronger category two monsters displaying a capacity for human speech and/or the ability to wield magic.

A civilian should never attempt to attack this category of monster, the recommended level for engagement being a team of intermediate-level mages or a journeyman deepening their breadth of experience for future progression into the S-Class.

A Category Three monster, while uncommon, represents a severe escalation in destructive power. The latent magical ability possessed by this category of monster is incomparable to the two categories prior, and there's a considerable scope in strength between the upper and lower bounds. Possessing tremendous magical power reserves and resistances, a category three monster is both highly intelligent and highly dangerous, with every monster of the category possessing the ability to wield magic.

Unless legally recognized as an S-Class mage through a Magic Council-accredited national examination, a mage should never engage. The risk of death for a mage not recognized as an S-Class is extreme. Only in the most dire of situations where there is no S-Class mage to be found should a force of non S-Class mages be sent to handle such a crisis. Finally, if a category three threat is allowed to reach a population center, the collateral damage and death toll are expected to be horrendous.

A Category Four monster is a rarity, which would be relieving if it wasn't for how insane the requirement to be considered one was. A monster of this category is a national emergency, and the strength scale is greater than the previous three combined. The minimum requirement to be declared a category four threat is to be capable of laying waste to multiple population centers in a short amount of time and capping out at the potential to lay waste to the entire continent of Ishgar.

Akin to walking calamities, these creatures are of gargantuan proportions and spread catastrophic damage wherever they approach. The capabilities of a category four monster utterly eclipse that of the previous three, possessing both immense magical power and near-immunity to almost all forms of human magic.

As an example, while considered to be extinct by most, Dragons are considered to be of this classification. The Dragon-Human Wars of legend leaving total chaos in their wake. In the current era, the most recent spotting of a monster at this threat level is Deliora, an immortal demon created by the Black Wizard Zeref himself. A pure force of nature, Deliora is credited with the complete annihilation of dozens of towns and cities, appearing unannounced and leaving few survivors.

The sheer peril of being anywhere near a category four monster is so total that at minimum a task force of numerous S-Class mages or a Wizard Saint-level combatant is required. In fact, one of the core reasons the Ten Wizard Saints was formed was to have vetted powerhouses on call. To have first responders on the scene the instant reports of a Category Four sighting reached the Magic Council.

A Category Four event was not to be trifled with, serving as a doomsday scenario for the national governments on the continent. However, there is still one final threat level above even the likes of Demons and Dragons.

Category Five: the Apocalypse.

Category Five was somewhat unique when compared to the previous four. It didn't exactly specify what would cause such a nightmare scenario. Category Five was less of a classification for powerful beings and more for designating the measures to be taken during an extinction level event for the human population of Ishgar.

It was an event where the entire might of Ishgar's magic wielding population would need to unite to combat whatever threat forced the Magic Council to declare such a rating.

It was an event for which the deployment of Satellite Square: Etherion was intended, the Magic Council's ultimate countermeasure that could erase an entire nation in a single strike. A final solution only to be taken in the most hopeless of circumstances.

A chill ran through my body at the thought of such terrors. Category Four already sounded nightmarish, not to talk of the latter. A whole lot different than in canon.

So why does all of this information matter? Knowledge was power of course! It was a good idea to be aware of what kind of threats I could come across in the future.

East Forest was pretty much a tutorial zone however, the vast majority of magical creatures being Category One at best. Weak, slow, and stupid. After a couple weeks of smiting overgrown turtles, bats, and other pests, I was hungry for a real challenge.

My electromagnetic sense alerted me of my approach to the target. Halting my trek, I entered a clearing and appraised the object of my search.

Standing twenty meters in front of me was a Forest Vulcan, the strongest species of monster within East Forest.

The sole Category Two.

The monster was a great ape-like beast, several times the size of an adult human. Green colored fur was draped over its sinuous muscle, the bare parts of its skin a purple shade. The Forest Vulcan had been enjoying a meal of some sort, the dead creature's shape already left unrecognizable. At my arrival however, its pointed ears twitched and the magical creature turned to face me, a shrewd look that belied human sapience adorning its features.

A small smile crossed my face, I could guess what was flickering through the monster's mind. Vulcans were interesting creatures, utilizing Take Over magic to hijack the bodies of defeated mages and sustain themselves.

In canon, Macao Conbolt had tasked himself with defeating twenty of a similar species, the Mountain Vulcan that resided in Mt. Hakobe. He managed to defeat nineteen of the beasts but tripped at the finish line and got taken over by the last one, ultimately being rescued by Natsu and Lucy.

But that was in canon, and from what I had been reading up on, it sounded like the threat of a Forest Vulcan in this universe and the original story were two completely different things.

I saw the Forest Vulcan break out into an evil leer, figuring that it had sensed my magic power and was celebrating the arrival of a rare treat, underestimating the threat due to my appearance.

"Human child… strong magic… must… consume." the Forest Vulcan muttered, mouth drooling from hunger.

"Lightning Dragon's Overdrive." Yellow sparks began to fly as I coursed electrical power throughout my body, the elevated state activating with a hum. Synapses made connections, neural pathways accelerated, and muscle fibers energized as I readied myself for battle.

"Gotta catch me first. Dumb monkey." I replied cheekily.

The Forest Vulcan beat its chest like a drum, answering my taunt with a roar. Crouching down on all fours, the beast's muscles coiled like a spring.

Then it moved.

The ground cracked from the Vulcan's forward charge, the monster closing the distance in mere moments. Massive arms raised in a hammer blow to pulverize me into the ground.

I calmly analyzed the monster's movements: the contraction of its muscles, the flow of electrical impulses from its brain, information was gathered and processed at the speed of lightning. Heightened sensory capabilities providing me with a precognitive visual prowess that rivaled the venerated Sharingan.

The hammer fell before being halted at a distance above my head, the Vulcan's eyes widening in shock at the repelling force that stalled it in its tracks. Electromagnetic energy swirled around me in a static forcefield, powering a defense that the beast couldn't penetrate.

"You misunderstand something." I said without preamble, the Forest Vulcan struggling to push through my forcefield. "Monkeys don't hunt Dragons."

My eyes flashed as the world exploded. "Lightning Dragon's Electromagnetic Pulse." An electrified shockwave erupted in an omnidirectional force of repulsion.

The ground below me shattered into a crater of destruction ten meters in diameter, blasting the Forest Vulcan backwards at breakneck velocity. The beast shrieked from the pain of its ribcage fracturing and electrocuted nerve endings.

The monster raked its fingers against the ground to slow itself to a stop but had little respite as I appeared before it in a flash, right fist cocked back for a wild haymaker. A dense sphere of electromagnetic energy whirled around my fist, magnetic force compressing an unstable mass of superheated air pressure. "Lightning Dragon's Thundering Fist."

My swing smashed into the Forest Vulcan's jaw, a ring of pressure being displaced from the force of impact. The attack sent the beast sailing into a line of trees, ripping them from their roots as it went tumbling. I blurred forward, keeping up the intensity to allow no room for respite.

Regaining its wits, the Forest Vulcan clenched a fallen tree trunk and swung it at me like a club, quickly learning to keep its distance lest it continue to be electrocuted. Reading the trajectory of the swing, I somersaulted over the acquired weapon.

Not to be deterred and displaying impressive dexterity for its size, the monster turned on a dime to bring the trunk around for a downward smash. I easily sidestepped the maneuver and punished the misstep by pulverizing the trunk with a backhand swipe.

Smoking wood chips flew into the air from the force of the blow, causing the Vulcan rear back in alarm at the loss of its weapon. The beast launched the broken ruin of the trunk at me like a javelin, simultaneously springing backwards to maintain separation.

I clenched my fists and generated a crackling mass of electricity within them, firing a lightning bolt that demolished the thrown projectile into cinders. The Forest Vulcan's movements now became frenzied for fear of the prey it had grossly underestimated, quickly repeating its tactic with greater numbers.

Fallen trunks and branches were hurled towards me with significant speed and force, resembling an artillery barrage. But none would hit their mark, my lightning bolts incinerating the missiles before they could even land, the crumbling debris disintegrating as they came into contact with the electric aura that surrounded me. Eventually the monster ran out of ammo and I blurred forward once again, regaining the initiative.

My fist smashed into the Vulcan's nose sending it skidding backwards once again, followed up with a roundhouse kick to the temple that painfully smashed its head into the ground. There was no reprieve as I fired yet another lightning bolt at the creature, eliciting more pained roaring from electrocution while I adjusted magnetic polarities to put the beast under my telekinetic control.

With the swing of my arm, I yanked the beast from the ground and smashed it into various trees and boulders across the battlefield, ending the pummeling by hurling the creature into the air. I swiftly became airborne, rocketing myself upwards through electromagnetic propulsion.

The Forest Vulcan immediately found itself besieged by a series of blows from all directions, my aerial velocity overwhelming its ability to defend.

A kick to the sternum.

An elbow to the cranium.

A shoulder tackle to the spine. All serving to keep the beast unbalanced and disoriented in the sky.

I ended the aerial barrage with a dropkick to the clavicle, sending the Forest Vulcan into an uncontrolled spin towards the ground, but I descended alongside the monster to prepare for a devastating finisher. Clasping my hands together, I summoned another sphere of electromagnetic energy around them to condense a mass of superheated air pressure.

The strength of this technique was far superior to that of the Lightning Dragon's Thundering Fist however, an extreme repelling force generated by the identical polarities emanating from my tightly gripped palms. A spatial distortion formed around clasped hands as my opponent and I neared the ground, the piercing howl of the repelling force reaching a fever pitch.

"Lightning Dragon's Judgement Hammer." My hammer blow pulverized the Forest Vulcan into the surface, deep fissures overflowing with lightning propagating along the forest floor.

Trees and earth were uprooted as gale force winds leveled the surrounding area, a small mushroom cloud visible to the denizens of the forest as static electricity crackled within the atmosphere. When the noise died down and the dust settled, a large clearing had been formed, the ground uneven and cracked from the large chasms.

I eyed the unmoving Forest Vulcan within its crater for a few moments, deactivating my elevated state before turning away with a satisfied grunt. That had been a worthwhile test of my Dragon Slayer Magic, being in the heat of battle against an enemy trying to kill you was a far different beast than training with clones.

I had performed better than expected, the Forest Vulcan unable to really contend against my superior speed. It was shockingly durable though. I expected the monster to be stronger than in canon, but even still, Natsu hadn't needed anywhere near this many attacks to put it-

"Urrrrgggghhh…" came a familiar grunt. I whirled around in surprise, amazed that my barrage of techniques hadn't been enough to put down the magical creature.

Slowly, the Forest Vulcan pulled itself out of the crater, glaring at me with unmasked hatred. It panted heavily from exhaustion, covered in serious burns from the fury of the devastating attack I had unleashed on it.

I frowned in annoyance at the magical creature, it seemed that this universe's Forest Vulcan was yet again tougher than predicted. Not to disparage Macao's abilities or anything, but despite his experience as a mage he was not what I would call a magical powerhouse. If a mere Category Two monster could handle this much punishment from Dragon Slayer Magic then I had to further revise my appraisal of the differences between this reality and canon.

Snarling in unadulterated fury, the Forest Vulcan burst forward once more, all higher reasoning lost to its desire to see me dead at its feet.

My contemplative frown flipped into an anticipatory smirk. "No problem. Stronger monsters means more fun in the end." I thought to myself, right hand crackling with lightning once more. "I've already gathered enough charge, so let's try something a little more advanced."

Magic was truly great, allowing humans to manipulate the forces of nature and achieve power far beyond normal limitations. However, there were just some things that you couldn't properly mimic through magic alone.

Natural lightning for example, did not travel the way magical lightning did. Lightning traveled through the path of least resistance between positive and negative charges, and those charged regions were fixed. Lightning couldn't be fired like a laser beam, or at least it couldn't be fired that way while moving at its natural speed.

When I fired a lightning bolt, I was emitting a stream of magic power and then transmuting it to mimic the properties of lightning. But that meant that the speed of my blasts was limited to the speed of the pathway I had created for the magical lightning to travel. While the speed and distance of my emission skill would continue to increase as I grew more powerful, it would never truly match the real speed of lightning.

That is, unless I had already transferred positive charge to the target I wished to hit before discharging.

Like say… during all of the times I had landed a blow on the Forest Vulcan. Creating a pathway prior to the release of lightning would allow for the powerful energy to travel unencumbered.

"Lightning Dragon's Radiating Lament." A thin, jagged illumination the width of a pencil rent through the air between myself and the charging Forest Vulcan.

It ended in an instant.

The entire upper torso of the monster detonated in a deafening caterwaul, the space around the scorching corpse warping from the tremendous distortion of air pressure. A sonic boom that heralded the sound of thunder roared while the Vulcan's remains collapsed in a heap, barely across a third of the distance from where the recently deceased monster began its death knell.

I couldn't help the unsettling burst of laughter that erupted, adrenaline from the momentous event fueling my delirious high.

What a fucking rush.

True lightning traveled at a speed of Mach 352 and could reach temperatures in excess of 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, hotter than even the surface of the Sun. The massive expansion of air pressure from such a quick and rapid rise in temperature is what caused the shockwave phenomena known as thunder.

While the added preparation time for this technique was a drawback… the killing potential more than made up for it. Not to mention this move was completely auto-targeting. Once I tagged my opponent with enough positive charge?

There was no escape.

If I could already do this with my own magically created lightning, imagine what could be achieved when I mastered summoning natural lightning from a thunderstorm a la Sasuke's Kirin.

My feeling of euphoria finally died down and I turned to make my way back home. Three months of preparation had paid off remarkably, it was a brave new world I was ushering in where a five year old could defeat a monster that could overcome even veteran mages.

But now it was time to take off the training wheels. I knew I had the power, what I lacked now was the experience.

Job experience.

Battle experience.

Personal reputation.

It was time to demand Gramps to join Fairy Tail so I could start making a name for myself in earnest.

"One Year." I swore to myself.

Erza Scarlet had been the youngest member of Fairy Tail to reach the vaunted level of the S-Class, attaining the rank at fifteen. I was going to decimate that record. With the potential that I possessed, I was betting that I could make the jump in a single year.

That's the immediate goal.

In this universe, another difference I noticed is that the title of S-Class is not given out by the individual Guilds. Instead it is through a national examination, hosted by the Magic Council and proctored by members of the Ten Wizard Saints in attendance as a spectacle for the citizens of Ishgar to celebrate their magical up and comers.

Which honestly made way more sense to me. Individual guilds determining the criteria for what made a mage S-Class level would lead to widely varying standards.

Phantom Lord's Elemental Four and Gajeel, their at the time Guild Ace, had been mostly been defeated by the non S-Class mages of Fairy Tail. Aria, the wind magic specialist and Elemental Four's strongest member was easily dealt with by a weakened Erza. Who immediately prior had sustained serious damage repelling a powerful Abyss Break spell from destroying their Guild Hall.

It was laughable in the extreme that those clowns could have handled the combined might of a full power Erza, a restored Mirajane, Mystogan, and canon Laxus.

Not to mention fucking Gildarts.

When this world possessed beings of such danger that its elite needed to be of a certain caliber to handle, a more consistent standard definitely warranted necessity. Fiore had its own annual exams as did other countries and I planned to be ready.

I will hit the magic scene within Fiore with such ferocity that the various power brokers will remember the name Laxus Dreyar. Once I'm S-Class, I'll scour the continent and deepen my understanding of magic, someday becoming the youngest Wizard Saint in history.

Along the way, I'll also discover what became of the Dragons in this universe.

"Kakashi made Genin at five, Chunin at six, and Jonin at twelve. Let's match that." I decided to myself.

Anime MCs gained strength from the conviction that they would achieve the impossible dreams that they set forth for themselves. So then, it was only proper that I made one for myself.

"Guild member at five, S-Class at six, Wizard Saint before I turn thirteen. That sounds like a good start."

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