Chapter 1: Idea Index (you are here)

Chapter 2: idea #1. Legend of Amity: The Minish Skull (LOZ: TMC AU)

- Inspired by Soulblade's Legend of Amity: Light of The Owl after Loz:TMC came out on NSO GBA. takes the tale of the legend of zelda: the Minish Cap.

Chapter 3: idea #2. Gem Witch Luzura (up for adoption)

-when magic stones fall in a meteor near to where luz & co. live, luz finds a persona that lets her live her wildest dream: being azura herself. not only does she recieve a conscious, there are malevolent forces searching for that magic.

Chapter 4: idea #3: Beta Recap

-After the adventure ends, two or three older sisters finally return with plenty of happy moments and questions

Chapter 5: idea #4. Azura/Hectate reincarnation AU

-Where luz and amity learn they might be reincarnations of the two witches and need to finish a mighty rivalry.-

Chapter 6: idea #5. Legend of Marcy: Swampard Sword

-Take the tale of Legend of Zelda: SS, but with the Amphibia cast, especially with anne sasha and marcy as Link, Groose and Zelda.-

Chapter 7: idea #6. King in boots: the last wish

-With King being reckless enough to lose all but one of his lives, he sets off with tinella nose and hooty to search for the last wish: to give him back his lost lives. Unforunately, others intend to grab it instead, and death itself (nicknamed Belos) is hunting the demon himself for being reckless with his previous 8 lives.

Chapter 8: idea #7. Hi-fi Rush x The owl house (title undecided)

-Luz joins a program known as The Armstrong initiative to regain used of her broken arm, and perhaps powers, just as the program claims. However, shenanigans turn her into a defect, leaving her alone against Belos and his Company town. Fortunately, A cat codenamed 808 and nicknamed Ghost approaches her on behalf of her creator, Amity Blight, whose family's company was previously bought out.