Chapter 1 A Better Candidate

At Japan in the city of Kuoh, it was nighttime and someone was walking through the streets, that someone was a 16 year old Naruto Uzumaki wearing a burnt orange shirt with a leather jacket over it, brown pants, and grey shoes.

"Nice night out. Don't you think, Kurama?" Naruto asked the Kyubi sealed inside of him.

"It's alright. A little too quiet for my tastes." Kurama said laying down on th grass of his improved seal which was now a meadow with trees, ponds, and animals with the seal being turned into a collar.

"Well we really don't have much to do now. I mean I went on the training trip with Jiraiya was actually taught more than I ever was with Kakashi, then got ambushed by the Akatsuki, with them planning to extract you from me only to be double crossed by a suicide seal bomb that me and Pervy Sage made killing them and somehow landed us into a whole other dimension. The good news is I can let everyone know about my statis through the toad summons that still work somehow." Naruto said.

"I guess you're right. Could be worse all things considered. Especially that we learned that the supernatural is real here."

"True. Still can't wrap my head around there being angels, fallen angels, devils, demons, yokais, and other species of different origin."

Naruto stopped as he felt a flicker of killer intent before it vanished suddenly.

"What was that?" Naruto frowned.

"Better go check it out." Kurama suggested.

Naruto ran off towards where he felt the killer intent which led him to a park where he found a brown haired boy his age covered in his own blood.

"Oh shit!" Naruto exclaimed rushing towards him before applying medical jutsu to the boy, something he learn through his notes from Tsunade. "Wonder what happened to him?"

"Looks like he was skewered by something." Kurama said.

"Well, the good news is that he'll live." Naruto said.

As Naruto finished something shot out of the boy which was a glowing red ball of light in front of whiskered ninja.

"What the...?" Naruto muttered. The red ball of light suddenly shot towards Naruto's left arm shinning more brightly blinding him. When it died down Naruto saw his arm covered in a red clawed gauntlet with gold spikes on the outer sides of it with a green jewel on the back of his hand. "What is this thing?"

"I am Ddraig known as a sacred gear called, Boosted Gear." The back of the jewel blinked as a deep rough male voice spoke.

"Kurama?" Naruto asked.

"It seems whatever that gauntlet is was housing a giant red dragon and now he's in here with me in your mindscape." Kurama said looking at the red western dragon with a long neck and green eyes covered in golden spikes.

"Greeting." Ddraig nodded to Kurama.

"Where you inside this boy?" Naruto asked the gauntlet.

"Yes. I was inside young Issei before he was attacked in fear because of me. It was when you healed him I exited out of his body and latched on to the next strong being in the area. Which was you." Ddraig said.

"I'm guessing that's the boy's name?" Kurama asked as Ddraig nodded.

"So, what's his story?" Naruto wondered.

"Allow me to explain." Ddraig said.

One Explanation Later

Naruto and Kurama had deadpanned expression on their faces.

"Kit, I think we may have found Jiraiya's long lost son." Kurama said.

"I can't believe this. A pervert who peeps like Jiraiya and dreams of having a harem." Naruto sighed in exhaustion.

"I know. But if anything Issei was mostly harmless who didn't hurt anyone one. Heck he was even a perfect gentleman to the fallen angel who did this pretending to like him." Ddraig said.

"So he's a victim of circumstances." Naruto frowned sadly.

"Unfortunately." Ddraig said bowing his head.

Naruto looked at Issei and thought how despite being a pervert he didn't deserve this. He was then struck with an idea.

"I think I have the perfect idea." Naruto smiled. He then took out his burnt orange smartphone and called someone. "Hey sis, I think I found you the perfect master."

"Really!" An excited female voice said from the phone.

"Yeah. Lock on my location and teleport here."

"You got it, bro!"

The line went dead before a red-pink magical seal appeared beside him before someone rose out of it as the seal went away.

The person was a girl around his age having long spiky red-pink hair with matching eyes wearing a black shirt, red skirt, leggings, and brown shoes.

"I'm here!" The girl exclaimed.

"Mari Setagaya, you got here quick." Naruto smiled. (The same Mari Setagaya from Itadaki! Seieki!)

"Yep! So where is the person you said would be the perfect master for me?" Mari asked.

"Right here." Naruto said pointing at Issei making Mari look at him.

Nothing happened.

Until Mari had hearts in her eyes and squealed happily.

"Oh my god! I can feel the sexual energy coming off him. It's huge! Plus, I feel a strong pull towards him, and he not bad looking either! He IS perfect!" Mari shouted.

"Glad you approve." Naruto chuckled. "I figured since your a succubus/vampire hybrid you need someone just as perverted and innocent as you. Plus, your condition will go great with him."

"Got that right." Mari nodded.

"Now just let me see if I can alter his memories of the fallen angel who attacked him." Naruto muttered.

"I can help with that." Ddraig said.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, just place the Boosted Gear gauntlet on Issei's head and I'll take care of the rest." Ddraig said.

Naruto did just that as the gauntlet and Issei's head glowed red for three minutes before it stopped.

"What memories did you give him?" Naruto asked.

"I took Issei's memories of Raynare trying to kill him and replaced it with letting him think she was only dating him as a prank before harshly beating him and walked away." Ddraig said.

"That works." Kurama said.

"Sure does." Naruto nodded before turning to Mari. "I feel he's waking up. I'll leave the rest to you."

"You can count on me!" Mari smiled.

Nodding Naruto jumped into the trees just as Issei woke up and sat up holding his head.

"Damn. Can't believe Yuuma played me like that." Issei sighed in depression.

"Hi!" Mari said startling Issei.

"Gah! Who're you?!" Issei exclaimed.

"I'm Mari Setagaya! And you're just the kind of person I've been looking for!" Mari grinned.

"I am?" Issei blinked.

"Yep! I understand you're a pervert, right?" Mari asked bluntly.

"Y-Yeah?" Issei stammered wondering if he was going to get beat up.

"That's great cause I'm a pervert, too!"

"You are?"

"Yes sir!"

"Oh, ok. So, what do you want with me?"

"Well, I've been trying to find the right perverted guy for me to be my boyfriend! And you qualify!"

"Seriously?!" Issei said baffled.

"Seriously. I can feel the sexual energy within you, and I felt an electric charge just being near you. Which is great cause you're perfect for my condition!" Mari giggled.

"What condition?" Issei frowned.

"See I have this thing where I can alter my body in any way or form depending on the guy I'm dating, but only if we're compatible. It's a thing that runs in my family." Mari explained.

"Alter your body?" Issei said before looking at Mari's small B-cup breasts. "So if I told you to grow E sized breasts you would do it?"

As if responding to his thought Mari's breasts started to swell up before there were the E sized Issei said.

"Holy cow! It's real!" Issei shouted in shock.

"Yep. What ever form you want me to take my body will comply." Mari said.

Issei gulped at that.

"T-T-Then, grow cat ears and a tail while also looking 20 year old!" Issei said.

Mari's body suddenly started to grow until she looked 20 years old while having red-pink cat ears on the top of her head and a cat tail coming out from under her skirt.

"So Issei, think I could be the perfect girlfriend for you?" Mari smirked.

"ABSOLUTELY!" Issei shouted to the sky. "You are REALLY perfect! You can change your body into anything I desire!" Issei then paused at this before looking at Mari. "Quick question; does this deal come with lots of sex?"

"Why don't we go to a hotel room and find out." Mari purred.

"LET'S GO!" Issei shouted grabbing Mari's hand and ran off to a hotel room with Mari laughing along the way.

Sitting up in the tree Naruto smiled feeling happy for both Issei and his little succubus/vampire 'sister' Mari.

"Well they seem to hit it off perfectly." Kurama smirked.

"Indeed. I would even say that Issei now has the exact girlfriend he needs." Ddraig said.

"So I'm guess I'll be your new host, huh Ddraig?" Naruto said.

"Indeed, you will be, Naruto." Ddraig said before turning to Kurama. "Is that alright, my furry friend?"

"Sure, why not. Plus, it'll be cool to have some company in here with me." Kurama shrugged not minding.

"So are there any benefits that come with you?" Naruto asked the dragon.

"Oh plenty." Ddraig smirked.

Three Days Later

It's been three days since the incident with Issei and Naruto has been training to know the ins and outs of Boosted Gear, a tool in the shape of a gauntlet that allows the wearer to boost one's power every ten seconds and had the power to kill gods. Given the power that comes with it and everything Naruto's been through he was willing to believe it.

With the training Naruto already had he was able to use Boosted Gear better than any beginner that had it, even incorporate the energy he boosted himself into a fighting style of fast and fierce attacks impressing Ddraig.

But that's not the only thing Naruto's been doing. He's been checking on Issei and Mari to see if the Raynare or the fallen angels would attack him again, luckily that hasn't happened.

Manly cause Issei and Mari have been in the hotel room the whole time and only left to eat or take a break.

Say what you will about Issei, but the fact he is a regular human that can keep up with a succubus/vampire hybrid is impressive.

Not Naruto MASSIVE stamina impressive, but impressive all the same.

Right now, Naruto was on top of a building just chilling eating a bowl of ramen looking at the view of Kuoh.

"Y'know I'm surprise Raynare and the fallen angel still haven't attacked Issei." Naruto muttered.

"I think it might be because since they don't sense me inside Issei anymore, they mostly likely thought that though he survived he lost me as a gear being near death and is just a regular human." Ddraig theorized.

"Makes sense." Kurama said.

Just then Naruto picked up multiple devil energy build up behind him making him turn his head to see a red magical seal appear on the floor as it shinned.

"Hmm?" Naruto hummed.

Out of the seal came four people around his age. When the glow vanished along with the seal Naruto was able to make out the people.

The first person was a girl having long crimson hair with blue-green eyes having an impressive figure with D-cup breasts.

The second person was a girl having very long black hair with violet eyes having a voluptuous figure with DD-cup breasts.

The third person was a boy having short blonde hair with bluish-gray eyes that had a mole under his left eye having a lean build.

The fourth person was a girl having short bot cut white hair with gold eyes having a small frame with A-cup breasts.

They all seemed to be wearing uniforms from a school.

"Can I help you?" Naruto asked.

"I believe you can. We want to know who you are as we been trying to keep an eye on you since that fallen angel attacked Issei. Now suddenly he's gone and you were the last person to see him." The redhead frowned.

"Shouldn't you introduce yourself before you start demanding stuff?" Naruto said.

The redhead flushed at that, thinking she may have acted a little too hasty.

"You're right. Sorry about that. I am Rias Gremory." The redhead said.

"Hello there, I'm Akeno Himejima." The blackette girl said smiling.

"Greeting, Yuuto Kiba." The blonde boy waved,

"Koneko Toujou." The whitette said.

"Nice to meet you all, name's Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto said.

"So if you don't mind us asking, who're are you? As we can't seem to find any information on you." Rias said.

"You won't be able to find any about me." Naruto said.

"Why's that?" Yuuto asked.

"Because I'm not even from this dimension." Naruto said.

"What do you mean?" Akeno asked.

"Perhaps it would be better if I explained." Naruto said feeling that they can be trusted.

One Explanation Later

"Then I healed Issei, somehow gained his sacred gear, and been training for the last three days to get into the groove of using it." Naruto finished.

Rias, Akeno, Yuuto, and Koneko were stunned by what they just heard.

"You have the Boosted Gear that was previously Issei's?" Yuuto gawked.

"Yep." Naruto said.

"And you come from another dimension where all humans, even animals have chakra?" Koneko gaped.

"Uh huh." Naruto nodded.

"And you have all these abilities that revolve around chakra while basically have a Kyuubi inside of you?" Akeno breathed.

"That's right." Naruto placing his hands behind his head.

"I have to have him in my peerage!" Rias squealed in her head, feeling Naruto was the answer to her 'firebird' situation. "Wait, what happen to Issei? The last host of the Boosted Gear?" Rias asked a little hesitant to hear Naruto's answer.

"Well let's just say he's spending time with a succubus/vampire adopted sister of mine." Naruto replied being completely serious.

That answer surprised Rias, made Akeno blush and giggle mischievously, Yuuto blink in shock, and Koneko sneer in disgust.

"Surprisingly he's been able to keep up with her. Pretty impressive for a pervert." Naruto shrugged.

Rias shook her head and decided to change the subject.

"Naruto if you know about the supernatural world, then can I ask you something?" Rias said.

"What is it?" Naruto wondered.

"Please! Will you become a member of my peerage?!" Rias begged bowing surprising Naruto and her friends.

Naruto said nothing but was actually talking to Kurama and Ddraig.

"What do you guys think?"

"I say go for it."

"I agree."


"Yeah, they're not that bad. I feel they are good people despite being devils."

"Yeah, you're right about that."

"Plus, it would be good to have some important devil family protection, as the Gremory's are one of the pillar families in the underworld. It's best to have them as allies and not as enemies."

"Then I guess we're in a agreement." Naruto thought finishing his ramen getting on his feet and walked up to Rias. "I don't see why not. We've just meet but I can tell your good people." He smiled.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Rias screamed happily jumping at Naruto and hugging him tight.

"Hahaha! I see someone's happy!" Naruto laughed patting Rias on the head.

"Let's begin the ceremony!" Rias smiled.

Rias began the ceremony to integrate Naruto into her peerage, when the process was done they found out Naruto was worth 6 pawns which confused them until Naruto told them he lowered his power so Rias could make him a devil, but still have a few pieces left for her to use.

They all thought it was thoughtful.

The group was back(Now with Naruto) at their club, the Occult Research Club, in the school of Kuoh Academy to help Naruto get into the school while also deciding that Naruto would live with Rias.

"I have to say Naruto, it's pretty handy that you can make clones of yourselves." Yuuto chuckled from one of the couches seeing 20 Naruto's reading book materials of the underworld and Kuoh Academy all around the clubroom.

"I call it cheating." Koneko pouted in envy munching on a cookie on the other couch.

"Thanks, Yuuto. And sorry Koneko, I'm a ninja. We don't exactly play fair." Naruto snickered sitting on the next to her and rubbed her head making her flush a bit.

"How many clones can you make?" Rias asked while doing paperwork to help Naruto get in the school.

"About a thousand." Naruto shrugged nonchalantly.

The three gawked at this.

"A T-T-Thousand?!" Rias stuttered.

"Yep!" Naruto grinned.

"My my, that is impressive, Naruto." Akeno giggled. "Are they as real as you?"

"All that and more. It use to be where one hit would take them out, but I perfected a way for my clones to take multiple hits and still stay in the game." Naruto said.

"I see." Akeno smirked. "And have you ever thought of using your clones for other purposes?"

"Like what?" Naruto said confused.

"Oh, you know... sexual purposes." Akeno purred sexually.

That made everyone blush bright red.

"AKENO!" Rias shouted.

"What? Think about it, Rias. A bunch of handsome Naruto surrounding you and pleasuring you beyond imagination. Just the thought of it is enough to make me wet." Akeno moaned putting her hands on her face and she blushed.

Rias turned redder thinking about the possibility, so much that she gained a nosebleed.

Koneko's face got redder thinking of it too, but she tried(Failingly) to ignore it.

"You never did that before, right?" Yuuto asked Naruto.

"No. But if I did do that along with my massive stamina, something tells me I would ruin some women." Naruto said now that he thought of it.

"Hell yeah! I say do it. It would be glorious to see you turn women into a quivering mess!" Kurama cackled.

"I would like to see it, too. For research purposes of course." Ddraig said.

"Sad thing is, I just might try that in the future." Naruto sighed at being a bit of a pervert.

"So Tsunade, recently I saved someone from death using medical justu I learn from your notes. Only to be contracted with a dragon of all things. And then I meet some devil and join their group becoming a devil myself. I don't know why, but something tells me I'm going to shake things up in this world. Give everyone my best and I hope to see you all when I'm given the chance."

And that the first chapter. Here's the harem and pairings:

Harem: Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Asia, Xenovia, Rossweiss, Irina, Yasaka, Kuroka, Serafall, Sona, Tsubaki, Momo, Tomoe, Jeanne, Lint, Ravel, Isabella, Xuelan, Karlamine, Yubelluna, Valerie, Elmenhilde, Gabriel, Ophis, and Runeas.

Yuto x Reya

Gasper x Le Fay

I might add more women to the harem as well as more pairings, I just have to figure them out. Anyway, peace.