Chaos is Power: Sonic's Greatest Adventure

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This takes place a few hours after Sonic Adventure 2

Chapter 1

"C'mon Sonic! It wasn't your fault!"

"Yes it was, now leave me alone."



Tails ran off whimpering.

Sonic had been very depressed about Shadow's death. He had been staring out the window in ARK's control room for hours. Everyone had tried to cheer Sonic up, but to no avail.

What have I done? Sonic thought. I shouldn't take my anger out on Tails!

He turned around to apologize, but the instant he saw the escape capsule, he felt a sharp pain on his forehead!

He began to scream!

Sonic fell to the ground.


Sonic saw himself inside an escape pod, just like earlier, when Eggman got the jump on him (in SA2). (for the full story, read my other fic, Aboard ARK)

Sonic turned and saw Shadow and a blonde girl who looked about 14.

A G.U.N. soldier ran in and shot the girl!

"Hey!" Sonic yelled. Sonic jumped at the guard and preformed a homing attack, but he went right through him!

"Maria!" Dream-Shadow yelled! He preformed a homing attack also and he knocked out the guard.

The girl named Maria stood up and pressed a button and Dream-Sonic was ejected inside the capsule.

"MARIA!" Sonic yelled his eyes snapping open.

"Who's Maria?" Knuckles asked.

"She's my cousin, you dolt!" Eggman said.

"Wh-What happened?" Sonic stammered.

"We heard you scream, and when we got here, you were lying on the floor." Amy said.

"Why did you scream?" Rouge inquired

"Oh, it's n-nothing, r-really."

"Uh-huh" said Amy. She obviously didn't believe him.


An orange echidna named Tikal looked up into the sky and saw a bright green flash.

"What is that?" she asked as something fell from where the green flash had been moments earlier.

Whatever was falling hit Angel Island moments later.

It took Tikal a while to get to where the thing landed (this is the Angel Island from Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Advance, and Sonic Advance 2, not from Sonic Adventure)

Inside the crater made by the thing that had been falling lay a black hedgehog with red stripes on his quills.

What is with Sonic's dream, how did Shadow survive, and what is Tikal doing back on Angel Island? These questions and more will be answered next chapter! (well, maybe not...)

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