Chaos is Power: Sonic's Greatest Adventure

Chapter 18

? hours

Sonic felt the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds coursing through his veins. He was in a flooded Station Square, staring up at the huge water creature, Chaos. He should have felt fear or excitement, but in truth, he was calmer than he had been in days. Here, there wasn't the pressure of being the Ultimate Life Form; he was just Super Sonic the Hedgehog. He'd also forgotten how comfortable his old shoes were before he started advertising for Soap Shoes™

Sonic smiled broadly as soared through the air. It was amazing how fighting a giant water beast could relieve stress. And speaking of Chaos...

Sonic launched at Chaos, a blue aura surrounding him because of his lightning fast speed.

"Take this you big drip!" Sonic laughed, flying through Chaos' liquid scull, and punching his brain.

Chaos howled with pain, and merged with the water flooding the city and appeared far away from Sonic on completely the other side of Station Square.

"You can't run from me!" Sonic laughed launching at Chaos, reaching him in about a second (which was very impressive, considering how big Station Square was).

Chaos roared and fired a barrage of orange balls of energy at Super Sonic, all of which were dodged.

"Is that the best you've got!" Sonic taunted, and in the blink of an eye, he kicked Chaos' brain, causing the monster's head to explode in a huge blast of water, which unfortunately, reformed as Chaos popped up once again, far away. 'Pathetic' Sonic thought taking off towards the beast, but he stopped halfway, thinking, 'Hey, why should I beat him the same way as before? I think I'll add some style to this fight!' "Sonic Wind!"

Blue blades of energy swirled around Chaos, and flew at his brain, slicing it up (not to pieces, but still enough to cause great pain).

Chaos roared, firing a purple beam of energy out of his mouth.

Sonic met it head-on using one fist to slice through it like rice paper. Sonic traveled down the beam and into Chaos' head, in which Sonic kicked the brain.

Chaos retreated to the other side of Station Square, but Sonic easily caught up and saw Chaos wheezing, obviously tired out. One more attack would finally stop the beast. Now, Sonic should have finished Chaos off right then, just like before, but having already done that once, he decided to have some more fun. Super Sonic flew away from Chaos to power up for the final blow.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Super Sonic screamed for no real reason as his golden aura expanded to huge size. "Prepare for... my Ultra Super Mega Attack! Sonic invented the long name on the spot and did a bunch of stupid poses as he was saying the name. All in all, he looked like a typical anime character. Sonic shot towards Chaos at a huge speed, a gigantic aura surrounding him as his hands glowed bright blue, which were charging up energy.

But, for some reason, Sonic didn't reach Chaos. About halfway there, he seemed to run into some invisible barrier.

"Whoa, THAT didn't happen last time!" Sonic exclaimed. Suddenly, some unknown force forced him down into the water. He was pushed all the way down to the underwater street and was unable to fly/swim in any direction.

"What the-" Sonic meant to say but all that came out of his mouth was a 'glub' and some bubbles. Luckily, as long as he was Super Sonic, he could still breath, but he had expended most of his rings in his 'Ultra Super Mega Attack,' meaning he had a few minutes, tops before he would lose his Super form and drown. 'What will happen if I die in the past?' Sonic wondered, worried. 'I've seen enough movies to know that would be very bad! How am I supposed to get out of here? Waitaminute!' "CHAOS CONTROL!" Super Sonic shrieked desperately. Once again, all that escaped his mouth was some weird underwater noise, but it worked.

Instantly, Sonic appeared above the water, surprising the black, Chaos-dragon like creature chanting at the water.

"Havic?" Sonic asked surprised.

"I don't know who the hell you are, but I WILL fulfill my destiny of allowing Chaos free reign of this world!" A younger looking Havic said.

"Get out of my way, freak!" Super Sonic yelled, glaring at Havic. But this was no ordinary glare; Sonic added some of his Chaos energy to it. Havic was hit by an invisible wall of force, and was thrown into the wall of a nearby building, knocking him unconscious.

"Uh-oh!" Sonic said realizing he had only a few rings left. He blasted off like a rocket flying at Chaos while patches of his fur were turning blue. "Gotta go...faster!" Sonic said through gritted teeth.

Chaos fired a blast of energy at Sonic, but he dodged it quickly.

"Faster..." Sonic muttered. About 2/3 of his body had now lost its golden glow.

Sonic delivered a powerful punch to Chaos' brain, causing him to explode in a ball of energy. Immediately after, Sonic lost his super form and plummeted towards the water.

"Oh crap! I CAN'T SWIIIIIIIM!" Sonic yelled as he fell towards impending doom.

Suddenly, in a bright flash of light, Sonic was instantly back at Never Lake with all of his friends looking at him.

Shadow: Well, that was a bit anticlimactic. Also, what the heck was the 'Ultra Super Mega Attack' for? Me: Shut up!

Sonic: Yeah Shadow! I was just saved from a watery grave! Shut up! Besides, it liked the Ultra Super Mega Attack... trails off

Me: Looks at readers we're on the home stretch now! If things go according to plan, the next chapter will be the last 'talking' chapter in the story, which is leading up to the final battle! That's right! After that, everything will be filled with action, but just so you know, the final battle will span at least 3 (probably more) chapters. I have the final battle planned out, so it shouldn't be too long until the next chapter unless I hit a snag. Just to make sure you understand, the next chapter probably won't have anything too exciting, but then is the super climactic final battle(s) but that is all I'm saying. Make sure to review! Falls over for no reason