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Super Shadow the Hedgehog was facing the Finalhazard.

"Here I come, you creep!" Super Shadow yelled. He flew at top speed towards the orange lizard! The Finalhazard shot a beam at Super Shadow, but he dodged it.

"Shadow, at this rate, your super form won't last!" Super Sonic yelled from the other side of the monster.

The Finalhazard hit Super Shadow with a lot of pink eggs. Suddenly, Shadow discovered that he was out of rings! Shadow's glow began to fade...

"Maria, watch me, I will fulfill your wish!" Shadow yelled. He dug into his heart for enough power to win...

Shadow began to glow again! He flew at top speed, dodging all of the eggs and beams, and slammed headfirst into the red swelling on his enemy's neck!

The Finalhazard went limp. It was over.

"I must destroy all the evil the professor has created." Super Shadow said.

Super Sonic and Super Shadow were flying up towards ARK (which was falling to Earth)

"Shadow I beg of you..."


"Give them a chance to be happy"

"NOW SHADOW!" Super Sonic shouted.

"CHAOS CONTROL!" Both hedgehogs yelled.

"Maria, this is what you wanted, right? This is my promise I made to you..." Super Shadow thought as he began to fall to Earth.

"SHADOW!" Super Sonic yelled. He flew down to save Super Shadow. He grabbed Super Shadow's wrist, but Super Shadow slapped it away!

As Shadow fell, he heard a voice.



"Shadow, use your power"

"I don't deserve to live."

"Gerald modified your memory, it wasn't your fault!"

"You're right... CHAOS CONTROL!" Shadow yelled.

(Author's note: I know this happens a lot, but I thought this plot up before anyone wrote about Shadow using chaos control. In short, I did not steal this plot)

Shadow woke up with an orange ecidena staring at him.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Shadow yelled in surprise.

Shadow jumped up, and to his surprise, he was in prefect condition, not a scratch on him.


"When I found you, you were very hurt," she "so I healed you"

"How did you do that?"

"Like this:" her hands began to glow green.

"You know magic?"


"Where am I?"

"You are on Angel Island, home of the shrine of the Master Emerald."

"THE MASTER EMERALD?!" Shadow fell over in shock. "So, that must mean you know Knuckles." He continued.

"Yes, when he shattered the Master Emerald, I had to come back to the living world to keep Angel Island in the air." She said. "I'm Tikal, and you are...?

"My name is Shadow."


Sonic was walking around ARK, wondering about the dream.

"Sonic?" It was Eggman.

"Oh, hi Eggman"

"Please, call me Ivo, I hate the name Eggman"

"Sure thing Ivo."

"Sonic, I know something is bothering you. You can tell me; I'm a changed man now."

"Ok..." Sonic told Ivo the entire dream.

Ivo gasped "I remember reading something in my grandfather's diary! Come on!"

Ivo ran off and Sonic followed.

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