Chaos is Power: Sonic's Greatest Adventure

I forgot one thing; when Sonic and Shadow used chaos control on ARK, it caused a chain reaction that scattered the chaos emeralds around the earth.

Chapter 3



"Could you get me to station square?"

"Sure, but I will only be able to stay for a second, because Angel Island will fall if I am gone for too long"

Tikal began to chant something in a language Shadow had never heard before.

Suddenly, they were in station square!


"I must go now. Good luck, Shadow!"

Tikal disappeared.

Shadow looked around. He saw an elevator that led up to a door that said "Twinkle Park" above it.



Shadow turned and saw a black echidna. He looked like Knuckles, except he had a tuft of hair on his chest like Shadow, and he didn't have gloves or shoes. But he did have spikes on his knuckles.

The Black Echidna was chasing a frightened looking rabbit. She wore a red dress and was holding a chao with a bowtie and the purple chaos emerald.

"Hey, Creep!" Shadow yelled at the echidna. "Pick on someone your own size!"

"Sure; YOU!"

The echidna through a punch at Shadow, but Shadow blocked it.


The chaos spear hit the echidna, knocking him over.


The echidna held out his hands and a huge blast of power flew at Shadow.

Shadow grabbed the rabbit's emerald.

"CHAOS CONTROL!" Shadow disappeared right before the Chaos Blast hit him.

Shadow reappeared behind the echidna and shouted "CHAOS SPEAR!" With the power of the chaos emerald, the chaos spear was much more powerful than before. It hit the echidna, blasting him into a wall.

When the echidna crawled out of the wall, Shadow kicked him in the stomach, hitting him to the ground.

"Who are you?" Shadow asked.

"My name is Dusk, and I will be your death!"

"Strange, I feel very alive. Heh, heh, heh"

"I will kill you!"

"It's over, Dusk."

"Quite contraire! It is just the beginning! CHAOS BLAST!"

The chaos blast hit a wall and sent huge chunks of cement falling at the rabbit and the chao!

Shadow ran to the rabbit and the chao, picking them up, and running them to safety.

Shadow turned, but Dusk was no where to be found.

"DRAT!" Yelled Shadow. "HE GOT AWAY!" He looked at the rabbit. "Well, here's your emerald" he said as he gave her emerald back to her.

"Thanks for saving me! I'm Cream and this is Cheese" She said.

"Chao, Chao" Cheese said.

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