The Hogwarts Owl arrived much earlier than expected. Harry didn't think that the letter listing his new textbooks and supplies would come for weeks and weeks. And if he remembered right Fred and George hadn't got their OWL reports until late July. So why was there a Hogwarts letter coming to him now?

"Get that ruddy bird out of my house!" yelled Uncle Vernon, turning a strange shade of lavender as he tried to purple in anger and pale in fear all at once.

"Yeah, yeah."

Harry took the letter from the Barn owl, which ruffled it's feathers importantly and swooped out of the window. It was thicker than it looked at first, something bulging in the bottom, and when he opened it a silver sort of necklace tipped out onto the kitchen table. Harry gaped at it in surprise. It was a Time Turner!

"Who's sending you jewelry?" Dursley said derisively and poked at it with his Smelting Stick.

"Don't touch it, Duddykins, it's probably full of nasty magic."

Harry unfolded the letter. It read:

Dear Mr. Potter,

As you may have noticed in recent years we have had some difficulty in finding an effective Defence Against the Dark Arts professor for our school. In light of the extra-curricular group you created last school year we think you could make an excellent addition to our staff.

Of course teaching duties would conflict with your sixth year studies, but if you use the Provided Time Turner we anticipate no undue difficulties.

You will find additional information on expected course outlines and teaching duties enclosed. Please let us know if you are interested in this offer by owl as soon as possible.


Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Head Mistress

P.S. Serverus was a bit disappointed at first, but even he admits that anyone who can teach Mr. Longbottom such and effective Deflecting Charm in such a short time deserves the post.

Harry folded the letter and set it on the table, completely nonplussed. He picked up the Time Turner and just held it for a moment. Then a slow grin spread across his face. "The Slytherins are never going to know what hit them."

Author's Notes:

1. Oh please, I can't be the only one who figures Harry's the only man left for the job! He's time tested and Neville Approved! Sorry it's so short, but it's really more of a gag than anything. Hope you enjoyed.