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Chapter 1: Man's Best Friend?

There was no ground beneath me.

It was only for a few seconds I felt this sensation, but I don't remember exactly how I ended up this way. What I know for sure is: I was falling.

Despite the dark void I found myself in, I eventually found light steadily approaching from underneath me! The light is getting closer, brighter actually! My eyes widened at the "exit" but before I could even try to scream, I blacked out.

Unknown to me, I'm now lying flat against my belly on what appears to be grass…in an unfamiliar place…in another world…

The next thing I hear is a loud, high-pitched, yelp ringing in my ear, "Bluey, Bluey! Someone fell from the sky!"

I slowly opened my eyes to find myself approached by a blurry figure. I shake my head to try and dispel my dizziness, but I remain in this state for some time.

"The sky, don't be silly, Bingo!"

"But Bluey, I saw it…I saw them fall!"

Both cloudy figures had voices matching that of very young children…they're both definitely younger than ten…

"A-are they okay?" the smaller one muttered shily, hiding behind the bigger child. I finally sat up, rubbing my head: my vision finally beginning to recover.

"Looks like they are!" The older one confirmed, "huh, they kind of look similar…looks like Gruber?" Soon, however, they discarded the thought altogether.

As soon as my sight sharpened. I seem to be in a tiny forest: light can barely come through the thick leaves above. I was immediately sent into a state of confusion thereafter. Standing across from me are two dogs…there's no mistaking it…no one else is around but them. C-could it be…the voices came from…w-wait I just realized…they're standing on two legs perfectly like people!

"Ooh, that's quite a bump on your head."

My eyes widened in shock, for the voice came from the bluish canine across from me. I yelled, falling on my back before the two strangers yelped a bit at what had just happened.

What is going on here!? This must be some kind of dream, no way this is happening right now!

"Y-you can talk!?" I responded, frozen in place. Amid my momentary panic, I didn't pay attention to what one of them said.

"Well of course I can, I'm seven!"

I would have responded back in kind, but I realized something strange about my voice…it sounds just as high as them for some reason! It sounds as if I'm their age! W-why does it sound so high!?

Sure enough, I finally noticed it: something protruding between my eyes…it's where my nose should be…IS THAT A SNOUT!? I tried grabbing it, but I see something else different about me…my hands…they have cream-colored fur on them! Not only that but if I had known better, they're now paws!

"I'm…I'm a dog now!?" I cried out.

The two creatures across from me looked at one another, confused momentarily by my outburst; however, their faces soon lit up as their tails began wagging excitedly.

"Is this some kind of game?" The blue one inquired enthusiastically.

"Can I be a bird?" The smaller one jumped up and down uncontrollably. I paid no attention, I instead continued examining myself: I have brown and cream fur all over. I look behind, and to my muted surprise I see a tail behind me…idly swaying back and forth.

"T-this can't be real…" I whined in my new high-pitched voice. I look up to see the two anthropomorphic dogs running around. The younger one was pretending to be a bird and the other was playing as a feline.

"Grr, I'll get you little birdie!" The blue one hissed, grinning impishly as she chased her companion with her arms out.

Between her excited screams and giggles, the five-year old shouted towards me, "help!"

"Maybe she likes cats" their partner responded, finally catching up to them.

"Not fair!" The latter groaned, "she should be chasing you…Bluey!"

Wait a minute…they said…

I look down to see and…yup.

I inhaled sharply and the next thing I knew I yelled, and the kids stopped what they were doing: "Bluey" puts down their companion and started getting worried.

I'm a girl now!? I thought to myself in despair, but I soon am approached by the blue dog, "uhh, are you alright?" They asked before I finally stood up.

"No, I'm not! I don't know where I am, or what happened to me…" I whined in my seven-year-old voice.

"Kids, lunch is ready!" Is what we heard in the distance…it was the sound of an adult female. The kids, now on alert, turned their attention to the call:

"Coming mum!" Both kids rang out: with the blue one running off. The orange-cream-colored canine soon followed; however, they stopped and turn to face me…seeing me in such distress. She approached me and we were eye to eye in that moment, "what's your name?" The little girl asked, with her head tilted to the side. All I could do was sigh softly before I finally answered in earnest, "Dustin."

She smiled back, "I'm Bingo, maybe we can play some other time!"

I remained silent just as we hear a voice at the end of the trail, "Bingo, come on!" Her companion yelled in the distance before the five-year-old began to leave again, "bye Dusty…" they finished before leaving.

Consequently, I am left alone, and I lie down against the grass. I examine myself: something I forgot to mention…the world around me is much more colorful as if I were in a cartoon! Not only that, but I realized that I too am a cartoon now like the dogs that I met not too long before.

I pinch myself with my new claws to wake myself; however, in doing so I yelp in pain. This can't be real; this HAS to be a dream! M-maybe…if-if I fall back asleep, I'll wake up in my bed again! I tried to fall asleep again, but I couldn't. Even so, I wouldn't move from my spot for a long time…until it started raining…

I am forced to find shelter elsewhere. Due to my (now) smaller body, I am having a hard time traversing the forested landscape. Thankfully, I found a fallen tree I can take shelter in for the time being. I curl up as I shiver from my new fur coat being drenched by the cold rain.

The same questions lingered: how did I end up here? Why was I turned into this…dog?

I had looked at my reflection in a puddle earlier before I got here…there's no mistaking it: I'm a German Shepherd now, but I'm also female now too. As a cherry on top, I've de-aged by about twenty-four years, so I'm about as old as that blue (Heeler?) dog.

I whined in despair: Julie…how am I going to explain this to you? How am I going to get out of this mess? What if I'm stuck here?

Before I could think anymore, I passed out inside the shelter.

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