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"Mr Palmer, I envy your chance to have a family." - Ducky, Under The Radar

There was a knock on the door. Ducky stood up and opened it, revealing Gibbs, Jenny, and Megan standing there. Ducky's eyes caught Megan's necklace. It was the one he'd given her that Christmas, and she always wore it whenever they came to his house for dinner. She was holding an ivory box, and Ducky couldn't help but smile when he saw them all there.

"Hi," Megan greeted, a smile filling her face.

"Hello, all of you. Come on in."

He stood to the side and let them all in; Megan hugged Ducky, and Jenny kissed his cheek as they came in. They took off their shoes and jackets and made their way to the lounge.

"This is dessert," Megan said, holding up the box. "You can't open it yet; it's a surprise for after dinner."

Ducky tilted his head to the side a little, unable to understand why it was a surprise.

"Put it in the kitchen then please," he requested and Megan nodded with a smile.

Ducky followed her to the kitchen and then the two of them went through to the living room with a bottle of wine, a jug of water and some glasses.

"Wine, Jethro? Jennifer?" He asked.

"I'd love some, Duck," Gibbs responded.

"Not for me, Ducky," Jenny declined. "I'm driving home. I'll take a glass of water though."

Ducky nodded, poured himself and Gibbs a glass of wine and then poured Jenny a glass of water. He then turned to Megan and poured her a glass of water.

"Thank you, Ducky," she told him and he smiled.

"Anytime, my darling."

They all chatted and laughed amongst themselves and then went to dinner.

"Here's the carbonara for us," Ducky said, putting plates of the dish in his, Gibbs and Jenny's places and then placing a bowl in front of Megan. "And here's your pasta, Megan."

Megan grinned as she looked at her pasta and pesto.

"You're the best, Duckman," she told him and he smiled at her.

"And you're the sweetest," he responded and she smiled in return.

The dinner was eaten quickly, and then Megan got up.

"I'll get the dessert," she informed the rest of them.

"You don't need to," Ducky said, beginning to get up.

"I want to," she assured him. "You don't need to get up."

Megan left the room with a bounce in her step, leaving Ducky bewildered as he stared at her retreating form.

"What's going on?" He asked Jenny and Gibbs who shared a look.

"You'll see," Gibbs informed him, making Ducky even more confused.

Megan came back through with the box, setting down on the table in front of Ducky.

"Open it," she said simply.

He gave her a puzzled look and then opened the box, gasping when he saw what was inside. There was a cake covered in white icing with Congratulations, Grandpa written in yellow letters. His eyes filled with tears as he looked at Jenny and Gibbs.

"You're having a baby?" He questioned.

Jenny nodded, and Ducky took her hands across the table.

"I'm overjoyed," he said before looking at Gibbs and Megan. "For all of you."

Megan smiled at him and he let go of one of Jenny's hands and took one of Megan's. Megan squeezed it tightly and then he squeezed hers in return. Jenny cut the cake and handed it out to everyone. They ate it while chatting and laughing, and then they went through to the living room. Jenny and Gibbs sat beside each other, and Megan sat with Ducky.

"How are you feeling about the baby?" He asked her quietly.

"Nervous and excited, I guess," she shrugged. "But Ducky..."

He looked right into her blue eyes that were so much like her father's, and saw the anxiety in them. The anxiety that he'd watched her deal with since she was 12 years old. He immediately took her hand and she sighed.

"What is it, my darling?" He questioned.

Megan's eyes filled with tears and she looked down at her knees. He just held on tighter to her, trying to ground her.

"What if I'm not a good big sister?"

His heart broke at this question and he took her other hand in his.

"Sweetheart, look at me," he said and she did, and the sight of her worried eyes broke his heart. "You are going to be the best big sister I've ever seen. The fact that you're asking if you are is proof of that."

She smiled at him, and he kissed her forehead. As he looked at her, he saw a glimpse of something he'd never thought he'd have. A single tear ran down his cheek and Megan placed her hand on his cheek and wiped it away with her thumb.

"What is it?" She whispered, placing her hand back in his.

"I always wanted children of my own," he confessed quietly. "It never happened, until I met your mother. She became like a daughter to me, and when you were born, you became my unofficial granddaughter, and your sibling... will be my other unofficial grandchild."

Megan's lip trembled.

"We love you, Ducky," she told him shakily. "Me, Mom, Dad, and all of the others. The baby is going to love you too."

Ducky smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

"You're my sunshine, my darling. I hope you know that."

She nodded, her eyes glistening with tears and her lip still trembling.

"And you're mine."

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