The Dragon's Silver Flower

Summary: Deciding to take control of his life after discovering his true heritage and Dumbledore's betrayal. Without the machinations of Dumbledore and the overbearing Weasley family, Harry will make a name for himself and rise. Grey/Dark more dark than grey but still honorable. Powerful, Smarter! Mentor Flitwick. Good Snape.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter; this is property of J.K Rowling's

Pairing: Harry and Fleur

I would like to give a special thanks to the authors for giving me the inspiration for this story. Mori99: Power, Freedom, and a French Flower. Heatseeker007: Harry Potter: The Rise. You guys are awesome!

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Chapter 1: No more

After his encounter with Malfoy Sr, which resulted in the freedom of Dobby the house-elf, Harry went to one of the few places in the castle where he could find some peace. Contrary to what most people believed, he was very observant and intelligent. The only reason he decided to hide his true self was because of his upbringing at the hands of his so-called relatives. He loathed them with a passion as they made his life a living hell with the endless amount of chores, barely feeding him or rather starving him for days, the frequent beatings from his whale of a cousin and walrus uncle, and the amount of mental and emotional abuse had left a massive scar on his person. However, after discovering he was a wizard and when Hagrid came to 'liberate' him from his magic-hating relatives, he figured he could finally be free and amongst those who understood him.

But sadly, things did not go as planned. During his first year, the people had expected him to be some kind of hero for the light since he supposedly defeated the most dangerous wizard of all time. Almost immediately, they expected him to be a carbon copy of his father with his mother's eyes. He may resemble them in some aspects, but he was his own person. A person who wanted to be free. During that time, he met two distinct individuals, Ron and Hermione. Ron, he met on the Hogwarts Express, where the ginger asked if he could sit with him as everywhere else was full. Initially finding that hard to believe, he allowed the freckle-faced boy to join him. He was immediately bombarded with questions about who he was and if he had the scar. The time he spent around the youngest Weasley male, he found him to be extremely lazy with an appetite for an entire colony of Acromantula. But still, he found friendship with the boy and his older siblings.

The next person was Hermione, who was exceedingly smart and a stickler for obeying rules, and anyone who was a professor. The way she would flaunt her knowledge and regurgitate things out of a book would irritate most as it appeared like the girl had no social skills. So he did not befriend her until after the troll incident, where he and Ron found her about to be crushed by a troll, and they saved her.

Since then, the three have been as thick as thieves, with their peers dubbing them the 'Golden Trio'. However, there were times when Harry would become annoyed with them. Ron, with his laziness and constant desire to play around. Hermione's bossy and condescending nature, need to be right all the time, etc. Though, unbeknownst to them, after getting his invisibility cloak from Professor Dumbledore as a Christmas present, he'd either sneak into the library where he could study magic in peace and go explore the castle. At the end of their first year, where they prevented Voldemort, who attached himself to the back of Professor Quirrell's head, from gaining the resurrection stone, they received additional end-of-the-year points, thus earning them the House Cup. However, that did not make him happy to win that way. As much as he loathed Malfoy and his friends, he knew not to judge everybody by their house.

His grades were decent enough to earn him a spot in the top ten. Transfiguration: 95, Charms: 96, Defense Against the Dark Arts: 100, Herbology: 84, History of Magic: 75, Astronomy: 80, Potions: 85.

However, this year reminded him that most people were only out for themselves, often drifting where the tide flows. Their Defense instructor this year was nothing but a fraud who took credit for doing what other people have done. Big whoop there because after his first Defense class with the man, he automatically knew he wouldn't learn anything. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he snuck into the library after hours to find books about Defense Against the Dark Arts and a book about dueling. The latter was for personal reasons, as he wanted to grow stronger.

Checking his surroundings he knocked on the office door of his charms professor. "Come in," he heard before opening the door and walking in. "Dear me," the diminutive professor gasped at the state of his favorite pupil. Rounding his table, he bustled over to help the poor boy as he looked moments away from collapsing. "Mr. Potter, I heard you went into the Chamber of Secrets to rescue Ms. Weasley, but. . ."

"The crisis is over, Professor," was all Harry said before collapsing face-first on the couch.

Flicking his wand out Filius ran some diagnostic spells over the child and was shocked at the results. The boy should be dead for all intents and purposes, but he was somehow alive. Without a second thought, he rushed over to the fireplace to activate the floo network to contact someone for help. Throwing a pinch of powder into the fire said the name: "Gringotts, King Ragnok's office."

"What is it, Filius?" The face of an older goblin appeared in the green flames.

"Please, I need your help; it's urgent. I have a student who has been greatly injured and requires a healer," he said in a serious voice that made the goblin king raise an eyebrow. Unfortunately, goblins and wizards do not have the best relationship, with the latter viewing them as mere accountants and half-breed abominations. Only a handful of witches and wizards would show them true respect and decide to befriend them.

Ragnok was many things but never heartless; if his great nephew asked for help, he would at least humor him and listen to what he had to say. Filius might be part human, but he was still family. Prejudice aside, family was more important than money to him.

"All right, bring the child through; I'll have a healer within a moment or two."

Filius waved his wand again, levitating the boy in the air, dragging him into the floo network, and transporting them to his uncle's office. Not a second later, a female goblin entered the room with a stretcher. Slowly after levitating his student onto the bed, the woman took him away for treatment with both goblins following behind. Coming to the elevator, Ragnok wasted no time in demanding an explanation as to what was going on?

Filling him on what he knew and the results from the diagnostic spells he looked to see the King of Goblins turn deathly pale. "You're positive he has basilisk's venom in his bloodstream?" Getting a nod. "It was neutralized by Dumbledore's phoenix?"

"Yes. Fawkes cried into where the basilisk bit him."

"Oh this is one hell of a mess," Ragnok groaned, rubbing his forehead as they arrived at one of the bottom floors and headed for the Healers' chamber. They watched as the healer and two others transferred the boy to a stone slab and started working.

A couple minutes later, the head healer shifted her gaze to her superior.

"The multiple blocks and dark leech in his scar make it difficult for us. We will have to remove them all before proceeding," she explained.

"Do it!" Filius and Ragnok ordered.

Taking a deep breath as this was not gonna be easy. She called in a couple of specialists to help. As soon as they arrived, she explained what they would be doing. Standing around the unconscious lad, they began performing a ritual while speaking in gobblegook. This splinter should have been removed a long time ago.

Thirty minutes of chanting later, the blocks were removed, but the soul fragment was putting up a fight. Utilizing their goblin brand magic to the best of their abilities, they removed the splinter; however, not before part of its magic merged with the child's core. "The ritual was a success," one of them said after falling to the ground, exhausted. "Though, it would appear that any residual traces of foreign magic has merged with his core," gesturing to the sleeping child.

"What does that mean?" Filius asked.

"Based on these readings. . .," one of the specialists waved his wand in an intricate pattern, ". . .the boy's magical core has tripled in power. However, he will need time to recover from malnutrition and the other health problems he incurred over the years."

Sucking in a breath, Filius turned to his uncle. "I must return to Hogwarts before the headmaster goes on a warpath searching for young Harry. Inform me immediately when he wakes up."

Ragnok grunted in agreement. "You might want to check the boy's belongings to make sure nothing has been tampered with, if you know what I mean," giving a knowing look. Filius nodded then turned to leave.

Arriving back in his office, Filius summoned one of the school's house elves and asked if he could quietly bring Mr. Potter's things to his office. The elf complied, bringing the child's trunk and broom. Thanking the elf, he told him to speak nothing of this to anyone before sending him off. Then, opening the trunk, he frowned at the limited number of things Harry had in his possession.

Among his findings, he discovered tracking, compulsion, and loyalty charms. Immediately he recognized who the signatures belonged to and removed them. Filled with anger, Filius swore in gobblegook.

"Damn you, Albus!" He finished in English.


The minute he opened his eyes, his vision became blurry; however, something was different as his glasses were still on. After removing them, his vision became a lot better. He looked around to take in his surroundings, only to find he was in an unfamiliar chamber. "Welcome back to the land of the living, Mr. Potter." The female voice made him turn to the right.

"Where am I? Who are you?" He asked the female goblin.

"Relax, child," she calmly said, "you're in the medical ward of Gringotts. I am the head healer, Tidalma."

"How did I get here?" Rubbing his head, he feels less heavy and more free than ever.

"You can thank my nephew for that," a second goblin came into the room but was much older. "After you collapsed, Filius brought you here for treatment."

"Filius? As in Professor Flitwick? He's your nephew?"

"That he is," the elder goblin smiled, showing his sharp pointed teeth. "Now, I'm sure you have a million questions, so allow me to fill you in on what I know, Heir Potter."

"Why did you call me 'heir Potter'? I'm no heir, just Harry." Ragnok frowned at the confused child.

"What do you know of your parentage? Your heritage?"

The confusion on Harry's face didn't waiver as he answered, "the only thing about my parents is what people have told me. Dad was a troublemaking prankster who played as a chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team—later became captain. He also became Head Boy in his final year and excelled at transfigurations. My mum was one of the best students of her generation, excelling in charms and potions and later becoming Head Girl."

"Is that all you know?" Ragnok narrowed his eyes like he was trying to see if the child was lying. Harry nodded his head. He then began to think as if something seemed wrong. The boy's knowledge could have been much better. How could he not know about his family or his House standings? Something was amiss as the Potters were considered one of the wealthiest clients in Europe. They were also one of the select few wizarding families that the Goblins considered allies. Yet here was the sole heir who appeared to know nothing about his ancestors. "Did you ever receive a bank statement? We owl them at the start of every month."

"I'm sorry, but I've never received anything from Gringotts," answered honestly. "The first time I entered Gringotts was shortly before my first year at Hogwarts when Hagrid brought me to get some money for my school supplies. Professor Dumbledore sent him with my key, and after—"

"Someone else had your key?" Ragnok snapped. His anger starts to rise.

Taken back by his anger, Harry gave a simple nod. "Is that a bad thing?"

"A Gringotts key is not supposed to leave its owner's side," Filius replied, coming into the chamber with an unhappy expression. "I told you something was wrong."

"It would seem you were correct in your assumptions." Ragnok looked at his nephew. "Mr. Potter doesn't know anything about his heritage and claims to never once received a letter regarding his vaults."

"Can I have some more details?" Then, finding his voice, "What do you mean by vaults? I only know of the one Griphook took me to."

Ragnok released an annoyed breath and rubbed his temples, "this is a hell of a mess. Mr. Potter, finish your examinations then come to my office. I believe it's time we have a much-needed discussion." Turning to leave.

The head healer returned with a tray of potions, "you will need to take these potions over the next week; they'll help fix the damage done to your body." Handing him the first of many potions.

One by one, Harry downed them, trying to ignore their bitter tastes. Finishing the last one, he stood up, relieved and not like he was carrying a table. His magic felt normal, like it was under his control.

"How do you feel, Harry?" Filius asked.

"Strangely, Professor, I feel whole. It's like the pressure on my body and magic is gone. Thank you for bringing me here."

"You are most welcome," Filius squeaked. "If you're feeling strong enough, let's head to my uncle's office."

Harry followed behind, taking the bag of potions with him. Filius explained what he found in his trunk as they ventured to Ragnok's office. The anger within him grew substantially after listening to what his professor said about the headmaster putting tracking, loyalty, and compulsion charms on his cloak. Arriving at their destination Filius opened the door to see his red-faced uncle speaking with one of his fellow goblins.

"Griphook? Is that you?" The two goblins turned to the new occupants.

The expression on Griphook's face was one of surprise. "You remember me, Mr. Potter?"

"You brought me to my vault the first time I came to Gringotts," Harry replied.

"Yes, you were with one Rubeus Hagrid. What surprises me is that you remember me at all. Most wizards refuse to see the difference in us goblins. To them, we're nothing more than accountants who are obsessed with money."

"I never once thought of you as a mere accountant. Please forgive my lack of knowledge regarding your people, but we're taught by a ghost who only talks about Goblin wars and not in a positive light, mind you." Harry responded.

"Forgiven," said Griphook. Meanwhile, Filius and Ragnok angrily muttered how much they despised Binns for only speaking of goblins in a bad light.

Getting himself under control, the elder goblin directed them to the seats in front of his desk while Griphook went to close the door. Clearing his throat, Ragnok spoke, "Mr. Potter, I am sorry to say that we at Gringotts have done you a great disservice. From what you said in the healers' ward, it appears that someone has been screening your mail. It would make sense for you not to receive your monthly bank statements. We also found some irregularities with your accounts and will launch an investigation."

"I appreciate that, but first, please call me Harry. Mr. Potter makes me feel like I'm in trouble with Professor McGonagall," that earned a light chuckle from Filius. "Next, I wanted to clarify a few things starting with my vault and whatever my heritage is? Obviously, I am missing out on a lot of information."

"Then allow me to fill in the blanks," Ragnok replied. "You come from the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, one of Europe's wealthiest and most influential families. Your grandfather Lord Charlus Potter was an honorable man and a fierce warrior who was feared and revered; he worked as a battle mage and was one of their leaders. Your grandmother Lady Dorea Potter nee Black, was an accomplished woman who worked as an enchantress for the Department of Mysteries."

"I was very close to your grandparents and mother. Particularly your mother, as she was extremely adept at charms. She apprenticed under me for mastery in the subject and earned the title Charms Mistress. It appears the talent was transferred to you." Filius added.

Ragnok continued. "The vault you currently have access to is your trust vault set up by your parents after you were born and only holds a small amount of gold compared to the others. Therefore, per our law, you will be unable to access them until you are of age, have the consent of your guardian or magical guardian, or take the headship of your family."

It was Harry's turn to frown, "who is my magical guardian? Certainly not my relatives, as they hate anything to do with magic."

Pulling out a set of papers, "according to our records a, one Albus Dumbledore became your guardian on the 2nd of September in 1981."

"What?!" Harry shouted.

"I take it you never knew," Ragnok raised a single eyebrow.

"Of course, I didn't know," his temper rising. "I lived in a cupboard for ten years courtesy of my relatives, and after my first year, I was given Dudley's second bedroom."

That generated two different reactions. Both Ragnok and Griphook were shocked to stillness while Filius scowled angrily.

"Then that will make these transactions invalid," compiling a list of papers. "These contain the money in your vaults and the withdrawals." Handing the papers over.

Accepting the forms, he read through them.

Harry Potter (Vault 687): 81,350 galleons. Refill to 120,000 galleons in the second week every 2 months. (9,000 galleons are transferred to the vaults of Ronald Weasley, Molly Weasley nee Prewett, and Hermione Granger each month.)

James Potter (Vault 439): 10,327,539 galleons

Lily Potter (Vault 367): 12,563,211 galleons

Potter family (Vault 9): 479,852,894 galleons (27 million galleons were removed by James Potter and donated to the Order of Phoenix). (22 million galleons removed by Albus Dumbledore).

I, James Potter, hereby donate money from the Potter family vault to the Order of the Phoenix created by Albus Dumbledore on the condition that it only be used to defeat Voldemort. All donations are to stop the minute he is defeated. Any transactions after will be made invalid.

Signed, James Charlus Potter

Harry's anger skyrocketed as the people he trusted stole money from him. The magic within him was being released in waves as the pressure in the room became heavy, and the air grew thin. Then, unknown to him, his hands caught fire and started burning the papers.

"Harry, your magic is leaking out," Filius said, trying to calm his student. He understood the boy's anger as anyone would be angry with what they read. "Stay in control!" Using his own magic to keep the room from being destroyed.

Taking a deep breath, the magic he released settled, "sorry. I just want to know how this happened."

"As do we," Griphook replied. "Rest assured, we will look into this and punish the ones responsible. This is a serious offense that we goblins do not tolerate."

"I say, Mr. Potter, you have some serious power in you," Ragnok chuckled, then looked at Filius. "I can see why you want to take him as your apprentice."

"Apprentice, sir?" Harry looked at Filius.

"Yes. That's if you will have me as your mentor," Filius looked hopeful. "If you recall our conversation during the end of term last semester, I said if you prove yourself, then I may have a request for you." Harry nodded his head, wondering where this conversation was going. "The day you came to Hogwarts filled me with happiness—happiness that wasn't felt for years as my favorite student was killed and her son was sent to live with his muggle relatives. I knew you were different from when I saw you during the sorting. However, there was something wrong as you were shorter, skinnier, and held a large amount of suffering that no child your age should have. Immediately I raised them with Albus. . .who barely acknowledged my concerns and told me to forget it. That was when I knew something must've happened while you were living with your relatives. Lily never got along with her sister after discovering she could perform magic."

"It pained me a lot to see the child of my friends look so alone and in pain. From then, I decided to keep an eye on you like what Charlus would have wanted," his voice began cracking. "Time and time again, I've asked Albus if I could visit or for you to stay at school during the break; he denied me, saying you were better off with your aunt and that he had someone watching you."

"She hates me. Her walrus of a husband and their whale of a son." Harry tried to keep his temper from rising, "I was treated like a slave, regularly beaten by my uncle and cousin, starved for days, getting a long list of chores," he continued talking about what he endured while living at his relative's house.

Filius's sorrows were replaced with anger and rage. "In the name of Morgana, I curse those people to the depths of hell for what they've done. They better hope they never run into me, or I swear to Merlin's name that I will have them begging for mercy. I can only imagine your parents and grandparents rolling in their graves."

"Oh, and here's some more news," handing a document to his professor. "They received 8,000 galleons a month for my upkeep after my parents died. I never saw any of it."

"Albus and your relatives have a lot to answer for," said a not-at-all-happy Filius.

"Is there any way to get any of this back?"

"We'll get on it right away. I suppose you want it done quietly so none of the people who have been stealing from you know?" Ragnok looked like a predator ready to descend on its prey after the boy nodded. "Very well. Griphook will discreetly make sure the funds are returned. Would you like to view your parents will and take the inheritance test?"

"My parents had a will? Why was I not informed of this sooner?" Harry exclaimed.

The goblins looked taken back, particularly Ragnok and Filius, who were moments away from shouting at the top of their lungs. By some miracle, Filius was able to keep his anger in check, "you should have been informed of their will after your eleventh birthday. It's goblin and wizarding law."

"Agreed. Griphook, bring me the file containing the will of James and Lily Potter," Ragnok ordered.

"At once, sir," Griphook raced out of the room to his office to retrieve the will. After a couple of minutes, he returned utterly breathless with the folder. Sucking in a breath, he handed it to his superior.

Ragnok announced. "The will reading of James and Lily Potter will now commence."

The Last Will and Testament of Lord James Charlus Potter and Lady Lily Jane Potter

Being we are of sound body and mind, I, James Charlus Potter, and I, Lily Jane Potter, do hereby declare this Will to be our final testament and declare all previous 'Wills' to be null and void. In the event of our death, we leave everything that includes money, property, and family heirlooms, to our son Harry and name him the main beneficiary. He is to have total control over who gets what from the Potter estate.

From James to Harry:

Harry, my son, I am so sorry to have to leave you. Had I known that our time together would have been limited, I would have sought an alternative route instead of hiding under the Fidelius charm suggested by Albus Dumbledore. Know that I will always be with you in your heart and dreams. Between you and me, find your own little fire as I did with your mother. Remember, we Potter men like our women who are strong, passionate, and dangerous. So go live life to the fullest use the Marauders Map and invisibility cloak to pull pranks, sneak out of the castle to go into Hogsmeade or out past curfew, and give Minerva a couple of gray hairs for me.

From Lily to Harry:

Harry, my baby, my pride and joy. Please know that I am sorry for not having enough time with you. The day you were born was one of the happiest days of my life. Know that I am always watching over you and will remain in your heart. Whatever you do, please do not end up like your father was back in school. Having fun is one thing, but excessive pranking is mean, wrong, and considered bullying. Focus on your studies and grow up to become the wizard I know you'll be. Also, please don't give Minerva any additional grey hairs, as your father and his friend did enough of a job of that when we were in school. And remember to be cautious of Albus Dumbledore as I never fully trusted him and always suspected him of hiding something. The times he would come by always concerned me as his eyes would light up and twinkle like you were some sort of key or instrument to whatever he was planning. Remember, I love you always. Be safe. Be strong.

To Sirius Black: We know you don't need the money, so save it for a rainy day. We leave you 5 million galleons and grant you custody over our greatest treasure. Harry. He will need his godfather.

From James:

Padfoot, even though we might have been distant cousins, you were my best friend. Please find someone to settle down with and look after Harry.

To Remus Lupin: Even though you might decline, we leave you a house in Dufftown, 4 million galleons, and some advice: do not let your 'furry' problem' get in the way of you being happy. You deserve to have a life. Go buy clothes that aren't torn, and remember to keep Sirius in check.

To Peter Pettigrew: We leave you nothing! You were our friend and secret keeper, yet you sold us out to Voldemort and robbed us of the chance to see our son grow up. We look forward to seeing you in the afterlife as we have something 'special' in mind for you.

To Filius Flitwick: We leave you 4 million galleons and the notes Lily had while she apprenticed under you.

From Lily:

Filius, you were my friend and mentor. I thank you for everything you did for me while at school and after graduation. Apprenticing under you was difficult but rewarding as I learned much and earned a mastery. Please do me this one favor. I ask you not as your former apprentice, but as a friend and someone I trust. Please look after Harry and teach him everything you taught me.

To Minerva McGonagall: We leave you 4 million galleons, and thank you for your teachings and for putting up with the pranks James and his friends pulled.

From James:

Minerva, thank you for always putting up with me. I know it may have been difficult, but I want you to know that I am grateful for your teachings and greatly respected you. You may not know this, but we became Animagi during our fifth year to help a friend. So, with my dying breath, I leave you the journal we created on becoming Animagi much quicker.

To Severus Snape: We leave you 4 million galleons, a collection of rare potion ingredients, and a copy of the Dark Arts through the Ages.

From James:

Snape. I mean Severus. This is not easy for me to say and won't be easy for you to hear, but I want you to know that I am sorry. For everything. Truthfully, I was always jealous of how better you were at Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts and of your friendship with Lily. I didn't know how hard or bad your home life was until Lily told me after graduation. Looking back on it, I realized how cruel I was to you with the outrageous pranks and constant harassment. At the end of our fifth year, I realized I pushed you too far and caused you to lose your best friend. It still haunts me as I will never be able to atone for what I did. I know I have no right to ask this of you, but my son Harry means everything to me. Please look after and protect him. If Padfoot gives you grief about being involved in Harry's life, then you have my permission to curse him.

From Lily:

Severus, you were my best friend growing up. Both before and after we entered Hogwarts. I want you to know that I forgave you for what happened at the end of our fifth year. It was always my intention for us to patch things up and try to get back to the way we were, but I never knew how to approach you. To my shame, I never knew how things worked in Slytherin's house or what was expected of you. Even if you can never forgive yourself, please know that I will always remember you as my first best friend. I leave you my Potions Making book; it has all the notes we created together at school and a chest marked 'Red Snake'. Goodbye, Sev.

Guardianship will go to the following people:

Sirius Black (godfather)

Alice Longbottom (godmother) and Frank Longbottom

Amelia Bones

Nathaniel Freeman

Algernon Croaker

Andromeda and Edward Tonks

Under no circumstances is Harry to be placed with Vernon and Petunia. They hate magic with a passion and will likely abuse Harry while doting on their own son.

If none of the guardians listed can raise or care for Harry by the time he turns twelve, then he will have full access to the Potter family account and be able to choose his own guardian or have none at all. The forms have been signed and approved.

Again we were under Fidelius' charm for a week. Dumbledore set the wards himself and suggested we make Peter Pettigrew the secret keeper. Sirius was to act as a decoy.

Sealed and Witness by:

Albus Dumbledore

Tears fell down Harry's cheeks as so many emotions were running through him. But most of all anger. Dumbledore sealed his parents' Will, put him in an abusive house and colluded with Mrs. Weasley, Ron, and Hermione to steal money from him and who knows what else. On top of that, he was never supposed to go to the Dursleys. He would make him pay, make them all pay for what they did to him and his parents.

"I will become stronger and more powerful. I will not be a punching bag for anyone anymore." He made a mental vow to himself.

Filius was also sobbing as he silently promised to honor Lily's wish. The hell with Dumbledore and his greater good bullshit.

"Mr. Potter, would you like us to distribute the provisions of this will to the corresponding people?" Ragnok gave him a neutral look.

"No. Only give Professor Flitwick his portion and give me the things my parents left for Professor Snape. Please do not distribute any of the items to the others until I say otherwise."

"It will be done." Ragnok nodded. "Would you like to see your health records and take the inheritance test?"

"Yes, two both!" Harry answered with determination in his voice.

"Alright, first, your medical report." Giving the boy a scroll containing his health issues:

Bones need to be restructured (fixed)

Severely malnourished (needs fixing)

Blood contains basilisk venom buts has been neutralized by phoenix tears (fixed)

Horcrux embedded in scars inhibiting vision, preventing the body from normally growing, and feeding on 15% of his magical core (fixed)

"For the inheritance test, I will need you to pour five drops into this basin," bringing out a silver basin and knife. Harry offered his right hand, allowing Ragnok to create a small cut. After the five drops of blood fell into the basin, he waved the dagger over the area, which he cut and healed.

Inheritance of Harry James Potter

(Father) James Charlus Potter pureblood

(Mother) Lily Janine Potter muggleborn

Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of the Potters (by blood and magic)

Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Gryffindor (by blood and magic)

Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin (by blood and right of conquest)

Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black (by blood and magic)

Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Peverell (by blood and magic)


Potter Manor (Unplottable)

Godric's Hollow (destroyed; turned into a mausoleum)

Penthouse in (New York City)

House in (Tokyo, Japan)

House in (France)

*Owner of several muggle and magical businesses around the world.


Elemental abilities: fire, water, and lightning (90% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore) removed

Intelligence (65% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore) removed

Animagus: Dragon (unknown breed)

Enhanced magical senses (80% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore) removed

Metamorphmagus: (95% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore) removed

Natural Occlumens (100% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore) removed

Parseltongue magic (80% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore) removed

Transfiguration (55% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore) removed

Charms (35% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore) removed

Potions (65% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore) removed

Battle magic, both offensive and defensive (85% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore), removed

Access to magical core (60% blocked; placed by Albus Dumbledore) removed. (15% was siphoned by Horcrux but has been corrected)

Harry was shocked by what he read: He was the Heir to Slytherin. How? Voldemort was supposed to be the heir, the way he bragged about it in the chamber. Another thing that concerned him was his relation to the House of Black.

"This must be a mistake, as I cannot be the heir to Slytherin. Voldemort said he alone was a descendant of Salazar Slytherin through his mother. Also, how am I related to the House of Black and the House of Peverell? Who were Peverells? I had never heard of them before? What is a Horcrux?" This was becoming overwhelming.

Ragnok cleared his throat, "in order, our tests are never wrong. The reason why you're named as the heir to Slytherin is twofold. One: would be because of your mother likely hails from a long line of squibs from the House, as the House of Gryffindor married into the House of Potter. Two: Voldemort or Tom Riddle may have been the heir at one point but ultimately lost it after you defeated him. Your relation to the House of Black relates to your grandmother Dorea Potter who was born Dorea Andromeda Black. The younger sister of Lord Arcturus Black. This will also coincide with your godfather Sirius Black, who named you his heir the day you were born."

"It might also have something to do with the fact that if he didn't, then family Lordship and money would go Draco Lucius Malfoy on his sixteenth birthday," Griphook added.

That made Harry feel like he'd been hit by a dozen rogue bludgers. "I'm related to the Malfoys. How?"

"That will be because Lady Narcissa Cassiopeia Malfoy was born as a Black before marrying Lord Malfoy."

Ragnok then went to continue as Harry was processing the information. "The Peverells were a trio of brothers rumored to have thwarted Death by combining their magic to cross a cursed ridge. They were rewarded with the Deathly Hallows for their bravery, magic talents, and avoiding death. Three highly powerful magical objects were created by Death himself, the Elder Wand, which was rumored to be the most powerful wand in all of existence and unbeatable; the Resurrection Stone, a stone capable of summoning people from the afterlife. And finally, the Cloak of Invisibility, a cloak so powerful that it could hide whoever wears it from their enemies. If brought together they would make one the master of death! You already have one in your possession."

"My cloak," Harry said in a matter of realization.

"Correct," giving a gentle nod. "Generally, invisibility cloaks only last a decade or so. Yours, however, has been in your family for generations. Hardly a surprise, really, considering the family married into the Potters."

"Wow," completely shocked.

"To your last question, a Horcrux is the vilest sort of magic ever brought into the world. It was conceptualized by a Greek wizard Herpo the Foul, and has long been considered forbidden!" The anger and disgust in his voice was abundant. Griphook looked on the verge of being sick as his face was green.

"I know I'm going to regret this. But why is it forbidden?" Harry decided to take a gamble, pushing the cold shiver down his back away.

Before Ragnok could answer, Filius cut in, "a Horcrux involves a person to forcibly tear his or her soul and putting it into a container of sorts. That way should their body be destroyed, they would still have an anchor to mortal plan, thereby keeping them alive. In other words, they would be considered immortal but at a curse!"

Harry instantly felt sick to his stomach as he had a part of Voldemort's soul in his scar. Thinking back to his conversation with Dumbledore after the Chamber of Secrets fiasco, he mentioned that Voldemort accidentally transferred some of his 'abilities' the night he tried to kill him. But in reality, he actually transferred a part of his soul. Suddenly that caused multiple memories to flash up. Whenever he would get too close or if Voldemort started projecting strong emotions his scar would burn. He then remembered what happened in the chamber when he stabbed Tom Riddle's diary with the basilisk tooth. Memories are not interactive, and they definitely do not create physical bodies.

"Oh my god," barely above a whisper, Harry paled.

"What is it?" Asked Filius.

"Voldemort's diary. The thing that possessed Ginny Weasley and caused her to unleash a basilisk on the school was a Horcrux." The three goblins went deathly pale with Griphook throwing up in the trash bin.

"Are you absolutely sure, Harry?" Ragnok leaned forward, narrowing his eyes, hoping what he was hearing wasn't true.

"I'm positive. When I was in the Chamber of Secrets, Voldemort said as Ginny grows weaker, I grow stronger. There's also the fact that memories are not interactive and are incapable of creating solid bodies. It all fits. The sixteen-year-old version of Voldemort I met in the Chamber wasn't really him; it was a piece of his soul. His Horcrux!"

"Merlin, save me," Filius groaned feeling like he would need a Firewhiskey today. "So, he created more than one. . .this just gets better and better. Do you think he created more?" Turning to his uncle.

"I do not know, but based on what I've heard, it's very likely he did." A wave of fear washed over him as Griphook looked equally as afraid after lifting his head from the bin where he was puking his guts out.

"Would it be possible for you to find out?" Harry knew Voldemort was alive after their encounter at Hogwarts at the end of his first year. Wherever he is, he'll likely return one day more powerful and dangerous than ever, and the only way to be rid of him would be to destroy his Horcruxes.

Shifting his head from side to side Ragnok answered, "it's possible. . .but it will take time, and we will need to examine a piece of his soul."

"I may have an idea for that. . ." everyone looked at Harry, making him swallow his tongue ". . .his diary. I still have it in my trunk. Though I feel Dumbledore will ask me for it when I return."

"Not to worry. I can bring it here tonight; that way, he can't say you lied about having it," Filius assured. "Also, avoid any eye contact with him. Albus is a master legilimens and will easily be able to see your thoughts."

"Well, that explains how he knows what I am thinking and what questions to ask," Harry's ire at Dumbledore began to rise. The old man had been poking around in his mind. "Is there a way to prevent him from looking into my mind?"

"Occlumency," Filius replied. "The mind arts are considered an old branch of magic with two different functions: Legilimency is the art of invading someone's mind, thereby gaining access to their mindscape to extract, manipulate and torture the victims. Occlumency is the art of protecting one's mind from any external intrusions. I am an Occlumens though not a master, but very proficient with it. I can teach it to you if that's what you want?"

Harry fervently nodded his head. If someone as powerful as Dumbledore could enter his mind without detection, there's a chance Voldemort was also capable of the same.

"I would like to be your apprentice professor," giving him a determined look. "I want to become stronger so I can better protect myself magically and mentally. I'm tired of being pushed around and used all the time. Teach me so I can protect what I have left and avenge my parents."

Composing himself Filius replied, "in the memory of my closest friends, I promise to make sure you are ready. This will not be an easy task. . ." his expression was neutral. ". . .if anything, it will be excruciatingly difficult and an interesting project. I know you've been secretly studying in the restricted section late at night and practicing spells in an unused classroom for quite a while now. Welcome to Filius's training program."

"Thank you, sir. I promise I won't disappoint you," Harry gave a small bow.

"Do not fail yourself," Filius corrected. "I still have friends and contacts from my time as a Battle Mage and in the Ministry and I.C.W. Some might be surprised as to why I decided to take you as an apprentice. Especially Nathanial—he will certainly get a kick out of this."

"Who is Nathanial?"

"Nathaniel is one of the organization's leading members and was a close friend to your grandfather," Filius informed. "I bet he would like nothing more than to help train the grandson of his former friend and partner. However, you should know that he is ruthless and does not tolerate any half-ass effort. If you fail to meet his expectations, he will not think twice about abandoning you."

"Bring it on," the determination in Harry's eyes said it all. The magic within him burned hotter than before. Since the blocks were removed, he felt more in control of his magic. . .more powerful.

"Then I will write to him," nodded Filius, who wanted to get back on track. "Griphook, I believe you have the heir rings with you. Please bring them out."

Doing as he was told, Griphook brought out a couple of boxes containing the rings. One by one, Harry put them on his fingers.

"An heir's ring often acts as emergency portkeys and will transport the wearer to any of the properties they may own," Griphook explained. "Since you're the heir to five Houses, you can absorb four of your rings into your primary ring or simply make them invisible. All you have to do is will them."

Concentrating a bit, he willed the Potter family ring to absorb the other four, which it did.

"Now, I believe we have a couple more things to discuss before concluding our business. Starting with the basilisk pieces. . ." Ragnok said in a neutral voice, though his eyes twinkled with hope.

The entire conversation took another three hours, with the goblins filling Harry in on everything he wanted to know. When enquired about the dead basilisk, Griphook explained that it was his by right of conquest since he killed it. After claiming it through magic and signing the paperwork, the beast was now legally his. They talked about getting him a full audit of his accounts and a new key and wallet linked to his vault. When asked to get a muggle credit card Griphook said it could be arranged, bringing the total to 480 galleons. Not to mention the fee to identify Voldemort's Horcruxes which cost 70,000. Harry paid them out of his trust vault and, within moments, received a wallet with his initials and a credit card. At long last, he could get rid of his cousin's cast-offs and buy some clothes that actually fit him.

Ragnok informed him about a couple shops in Knockturn alley that might have what he was looking for. Starting with Borgin and Burkes. Harry already knew the shop as he accidentally ended up there during the summer before school after trying to floo travel for the first time. Earning a small chuckle from Filius.


Using the floo network, Harry returned to school, but not before falling on his face and muttering how he hated wizarding travel. Filius chuckled, saying it takes time. Harry thanked his professor again, then left after they set up a date for him to be tested. Carefully making his way to Gryffindor tower, he gave the Fat Lady the password and walked in. Thankfully the common room was absent of any Gryffindor students. Going up to the boy's second-year dorm, he went to his bed, pulled out some fresh clothes, and went for a shower. He dried off, put on some fresh clothes, and exited the dorms and common room. Traveling through the corridors, he made his way to the library. The silence he briefly enjoyed was soon interrupted when someone called his name.

"Harry!" The familiar voice of the school's resident know-it-all came running over with the bottomless pit right behind. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "You and Ron managed to figure out the clue. Professor Dumbledore is back and told everyone how the two of you went down to the chamber to save Ginny." Pulling back, "that was reckless of you to go by yourselves." Little did she know that he no longer considered her a friend after finding out what she did. His irritation started growing as she demanded answers from him.

"Hermione," the sharp cold steel in his voice immediately shut her up. "Can you not wait ten minutes before jumping down my throat? I fought basilisk last night and am in no mood to hear any of your lectures."

Hermione was taken aback at how coldly he responded to her. He never did that before. On the other hand, maybe it wasn't the best idea to start asking questions as he did slay a basilisk not a couple hours ago.

"Easy mate, calm down," Ron stepped in, "we were only concerned for you. Also, Dumbledore awarded us four hundred and fifty points and gave you an award for special services to the school. I bet the school will start kissing our asses by dinner."

"Language, Ron," Hermione chided.

"We might even get some yummy food tonight," Ron continued as if he didn't hear Hermione.

Harry rolled his eyes as it was typical of Ron to only think about food and how to take credit for someone else's deeds. Frankly, the only thing he wanted to do was tell them to fuck off and beat them down until they were nothing but a broken mess. Mentally taking a breath, "look, I appreciate your concerns, but I would like some peace and quiet right now." Turning on his heels, he made a b-line for the library.

"Come on, Harry. Let's go back to the common room and play some chess," Ron persisted, much to Harry's annoyance, as he went into the library.

Walking through what was rumored to hold the largest collection of books in Britain, Harry finally stopped in the transfiguration section, where he scanned through the shelves. His eyes soon fell on a book about advanced transfiguration. The book was meant for those who were studying for their O.W.L.s. Finding a spot to read wasn't difficult as he sat down and started reading while ignoring Ron's complaints about wanting to do something fun. Hermione though kept insisting she wanted to read the book and lectured on how he shouldn't be reading such advanced materials without talking to Professor McGonagall first. Deciding to ignore the duo, he continued reading while silently hoping the floor would swallow them up.

An hour or so later, he managed to finish reading four chapters. Shifting his attention to his ex-best friends, he saw them having one of their many arguments. Figuring this was a blessing in disguise, he found some other books relating to advanced charms, potions, transfigurations, and silent casting; he took them to Madam Prince to check them out. The normally grouchy librarian shot him a curious look but otherwise stamped the books, clearing him to take them out.

Managing to find an unused classroom, he took his wand and cast a series of privacy wards around the door. Eventually, as time flew by, it became time for dinner. Canceling the wards, he went to the Great Hall for dinner. Seeing as neither Weasley nor Granger had arrived yet, he took a seat with some of his fellow teammates on the Quidditch team, all the while ignoring the stares and whispers from the other students both in and out of his house. Only a small handful of people seemed to think he was innocent.

The three female chasers viewed him as a little brother. They stood by him when everyone else abandoned him and made his life hell.

Katie was the first to break the silence between them, "we're so glad you're okay, Harry. What you did for Fred, and George's sister was. . ."

"Amazing," Alicia finished giving him a hug which he returned. "Hopefully, now things can get back to normal. Well, as normal as this place can get."

A small laugh erupted from his lips. "Trust me, Alicia, after this year, I want to focus on my studies and get some peace and quiet."

"You've earned it. More than anyone," Angelina agreed, throwing an arm around him. "If you ever need us, your big sisters will always be there to help you."

He felt a rush of pride and happiness as the other two nodded their heads. These three have always been good to him, and he will, in turn, help them. Before he could speak, the annoying voice of a ginger cut in.

"Harry. There you are. We've been looking for you for hours. You have got to stop disappearing off to who knows where," Ron tried to get Katie to move, but she didn't have it.

"I had better things to do than listen to you and Hermione bicker," he coolly replied. "Maybe if you stopped acting like a git all the time, you might be able to see the world around you." Then turning to Hermione, who stood next to him, "you need to work on how you talk to people. The constant nagging is getting old. Now, I would like to finish the conversation I was having with my sisters before the two of you interrupted." His tone let them know he was busy and not happy.

However, Hermione brushed it off, "it's considered rude to take out your anger on people who are only concerned for you," she chided him as if she was his mother.

Angelina stepped in when she saw his eyes flash angrily, "hey, Alicia. I seem to remember seeing a hornets' nest outside. You wouldn't perhaps remember the spell to change someone's scent, would you?"

Understanding what Angelina was getting at, she flashed the two younger lions a dark smile, "as a matter of fact, I do. Though haven't found the time to use it. What do you to say? Care to help?"

The evil glint in her eyes made Ron and Hermione pale heavily as they quickly went to sit at the end of the table.

"Thanks, guys," giving them a big smile.

"Oh, don't worry. It was our pleasure," Angelina savagely grinned. "I will never understand how you can put up with them."

"Believe me, I've asked myself that question since the end of my first term. Most of the time, I'd wish a bludger would come out of nowhere and knock me unconscious. Maybe then I wouldn't have to listen to them argue over trivial things so much," The three burst out laughing.

They continued talking and sharing jokes. By the time dessert came, Professor Flitwick had walked over to inform him that Dumbledore would like to speak with him tomorrow in his office before breakfast. Harry had to resist a powerful urge to groan.

"I take it you are not happy with Dumbledore," Alicia knowingly said.

"Let's just say that I have a lot of reasons to be angry with him and leave it at that," returning to his treacle tarts. When dinner was over, he and some of the others went to Gryffindor tower.

A/N: Harry finally learns about his true heritage, knows that Dumbledore cannot be trusted, and has read his parents will. Upon his parents final request he now has control over the Potter family fortune and can technically live without a guardian meaning no more Dursleys. Believe me when I say those idiots will get what's coming to them as I have ideas. All of them will get their just desserts that I promise you. It's just a matter of when?

He will make his own destiny and choose his own path in life. No longer will he be bound to the shackles Dumbledore and Voldemort put on him.

Next Chapter: After all these years. Trip to Knockturn Alley.