Isles beach, not far from The Owl House

After the demonic quest, Luz and Tyla settled back into working for Eda, this time with less issues without shenanigans from a puppeteer like Adegast to worry about. Tyla looked into the books she managed to take from the library, but so far, it seemed to only mention beast dragons, which Tyla didn't feel comfortable being. She had shown Luz the two magic books meant for both of them, and she hopes to read into the rest, some more than others.

A few days later, after the girls had gotten ready for the day, Eda had a different job in mind for them to do down on the beach. What they found, wasn't what the girls expected.

"Well, girls! Eda elbowed Luz. "Did you ever in your life think you'd see something as breathtaking as this?" She had gestured to the corpse of a trash slug that towered over them, surrounded by trash and muck. Flies audibly buzzed around the corpse.

"I don't like this".Luz shook her head and plugged her nose. "Yeah, glad I haven't developed a better sense of smell yet." Tyla did the same. Eda walked to the trash slug.

"Yes, it doesn't get much more inspiring than the trash slug. It makes a home, a life from what others have thrown by the wayside," She pulled a rubber chicken from the trash slug's mouth. "Until, blam, it gets blasted by a wave one day and croaks from all the salt. And then we get to sell the stuff it ate." She pulled out a pickaxe and threw one to each of them. Tyla grabbed both of them and handed Luz hers.

"Please don't make us." Luz begged

King Walked away. "Aw, come on, Luz. It's not every day you get to go to the dump and pick apart a garbage carcass." He said while unfurling a towel.

"That would be easier to stomach if the demon saying that wasn't lying away from the smell." Tyla countered

"Ah, nuts to you both." Eda scoffed then swung the pickaxe at the trash slug. Luz and Tyla awkwardly looked on.

"So, Eda…" some glass shattered. "What if we tried some new lessons for my apprenticeship? Like…" Something crashed "Read ancient scrolls or mix together potions, or—" Luz tried to ask, only for Eda to cut her off while tossing things from the trash slug's mouth.

"Ugh. That sounds like a bunch of magic school stuff." She dismissed it, but this got their attention.

"Wait. Is there a magic school here? Like, winding towers, cute uniforms, dark plots that threaten your life, kind of magic school?" Luz excitely asked.

"Even if it does exist, I feel like there's a catch to it all." Tyla noted, feeling a catch coming up from Eda's tone

"Mm-hmm. What's worse, they force you to learn magic the "proper" way. But magic isn't proper. It's wild and unpredictable. And that's why it's so beautiful. I didn't finish school, and look at me! Who wouldn't envy where I am right now?" Eda claimed, with Flies flying around the pile of trash Eda is currently standing in. Luz's expression fell, while Tyla raised an eyebrow.

"Uh... Hey, here's a lesson. Eda dropped her pick to salvage her respect. "A great witch is resourceful, "Sticks Luz's hand in a puddle of trash slug bile. "like this."

Eda dragged Luz's hand back and forth before she let go. Luz continued to dig until she pulled something out. "Oh, hey. Greasy slimeball." Luz said.

Tyla followed suit and pulled out.. An egg. King ran over "Ohhh boy Lunch" he ran quickly to grab the egg but Tyla moved it out of reach. "Nope! Nooo Touchy"

After getting weird glances from the others,l Eda closed Luz's hands around the slime ball. "Use your slime ball wisely, young witch." She stood up and headed right on back for the trash slug. "Back at it! We'll hit the stink nodes first."

Luz and Tyla looked at each other. "Actually, if it's okay, I think I'll head home and look at pictures of animals that are still... alive." She told her backing away.

"Yeah, I'd prefer to traverse the forest myself" Tyla followed but not before stopping by King and petting his belly. "Love you, King." King giggled. "You little beach peach." Luz commented before both of them walked into the woods. King sighed recovering from the patting.

Eda simply shrugged "More for me, then." She climbed into the trash slug, sending several things clattering. "There we go. Okay." She found several objects - like a cheese grater, an electric fan, and a tuba, and tossed them out, the last of which landed on King's head. "Ow!" He struggled to free himself. "This is awesome!" Eda screamed to no one.

Forest next to The Owl House

Tyla and Luz trekked through, with Luz grimacing over Eda's lesson needing them to utilize a slimeball, and Tyla wondering about how to learn more of her spells.

"Ugh! If magic's all about digging for slime balls, maybe I don't have the stomach for it." She pockets the slime ball in slight disgust. She looks back at Tyla being careful about the egg. "Are you sure about taking the egg with you?"

"Yeah, I don't fully get it either, but maybe it might be worth seeing the school, just not sure how to." Tyla said to Luz, she only half answered Luz's question as she noticed a demon realm equivalent to a butterfly and tried to be sure it didn't get close.

Before luz could comment on her behaviour a female voice gained their attention. "You can do it! You can!""Mysterious voice of encouragement?" Luz wondered

"Hey! I think it's coming from the other side of this bush." Tyla whispered .They headed over to peek through the bushes and they gasped. "No! Little witch girl." Luz corrected herself, and Tyla nodded in kind.

On the other side they see a girl in a school uniform like clothing, of purple and grey next to a cauldron of something.

The Girl paced around. "You can do it. Even if you get a bad grade, it's not a reflection of you as a witch. And my parents are right." She stopped "There are better opportunities on this track. Now, get to school!" She's about to leave ,but got sad when she realised she stepped on a flower. "Oh, no! Oh, little friend! I'm sorry!" She apologised, kneeling down and repeatedly tracing a spell circle. The flower perked back up and fully bloomed.

Luz gasped and Tyla felt slightly safe. The girl's ear wiggles as something rumbles off screen. They thought it was themselves hiding, but instead turned a wagon as it, being moved by magic, rolls to a stop in front of her, carrying a pot and a girl reading a book. She was more popular material. I mean she looked like she felt everyone else was dirt!

"She looked away from her book. "Willow! Wow." She hopped off the pot. "You're so unnoticeable I almost rolled into ya." She chuckled.

The flower that Willow just healed wilted "Hi, Amity." She lamented standing up. Tyla remember she saw her earlier but shut her up to stay hidden

"Uh, shouldn't you get to class early to prep your…" Amity started asking before rattling cut her off. They turned to Willow's pot as it spilled, pouring out a purple substance and an eyeball that blinked and groaned. Tlya wondered what they were working with.

"Oh, Willow. You don't have anything to show, do you?" Amity told Willow which made her blush and pull up her hood. "Witch drama!" Luz calls out.

Amity sighed. "This is why people call you "Half-a-Witch Willow." That made Tyla wince. Then Amity's pot rattled, getting their attention. "Oh, looks like someone wants to say something to you." She took the cover off her ot. She then called for the Abomination along with a snap of her fingers with a command: "rise."

Her abomination rose, becoming more solid until it was humanoid in shape. It looked impressive right then. It bent out of the pot to poke Willow's forehead, leaving behind abomination matter in a star shape. "You're a... star." It groaned.

Amity thought it was cute "Aw. It's like mine." She got into a speech about her role as top student to help stragglers improve, but to Tyla it just felt like her showing off her position as top student off, besides the abomination seemed like a way to hold the egg- I mean help around the owl house. Where were these feelings coming from? Thankfully she gets to see Luz stick her tongue out at amity, wow she was two-faced from when she last saw her.

"I hate when she does that." Willow demeanour shifting grew dangerous which worried Tyla and made Luz flinch, both watching her turn the flower into a series of growing spiky vines with one snaking out and grabbing Luz by the ankle. Luz screamed and Tyla went from panicked to raged and the hand not holding the egg became dragon claws. she sliced away any nearby aside from Luz's as she'd been dropped on the ground a bit behind Willow by then, who turned and glared at her, her eyes glowing pure green. Tyla got in between Her and Luz and looked ready to strike with her claw.

"Hey, Willow! Stop the rage, or I'll end the slashes." She warned her while Luz watched in awe as the roots were still writing around Willow and Tyla facing her. She finally seems to snap out of it, leaning forward worriedly and letting the roots fall. Tyla used that bit to retract the claws. While she was distracted.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no! I'm so sorry!" Willow apologised, making the roots still wrapped around Luz's legs retreat.

"It's okay. The thorns only went through a few layers of skin." Luz assured Willow, while rubbing her leg.

Willow got close to luz, seeming to observe her like to be sure of something, Luz and Tyla giving looks as luz leaned back a little from the observations.

"So... circly." Willow spoke with intrigue. This makes Luz squeal and cover her ears and Tyla standed by in case she tried anything. Then she connected the dots, gasping.

"You're human! This is astounding!" She grabbed Luz's face, helped her stand up and walked around her." A human on the Boiling Isles! How'd you get here? What are you doing here?" She noticed Tyla and what she was holding. "And why do you have an egg?"Luz and Tyla looked at each other, Luz gave a knowing smug look, and Tyla glared like a mother. Before either could answer Willow, a faint ringing is heard where Amity went earlier, saddening Willow and making Willow flinch and let go.

"Uh, I'm sorry. I can't stay. I have to go disappoint my teacher. It was nice to meet you, humans." She began walking away, half-waving But Luz stopped her.

"Wait! I'm Luz.. And you're Willow, right? What you did with that flower and those plants, it was... wow." She awed. "Yeah, I'm Tyla, and we were wondering about what happened." Tyla continued.

"Thanks, but... I'm not even supposed to be doing plant magic. My parents put me in the abomination track at school." Willow half-admitted., This got their attention.

"Like, magic school?" Luz squealed to which Willow nodded "That's so cool! I'm so jealous." Tyla spoke up as Luz was a bit too excited. "Weee have a teacher, but her lessons are a bit... untraditional." She shuddered, with Luz now calmed down.. "Yeah, I bet she wouldn't even let us enrol. But I wish I could spend one day there.

"I wish I could get a passing grade for once. Then people would stop calling me "Half-a-Witch Willow." She responded and then kicked her spilled abomination, which groaned. Suddenly, Luz had a lightbulb moment

"Hey, wait. I know how we can both get what we want." She picks up abomination goo in both hands and splashes it on her hoodie. "Make me your abomination. I'll get you a good grade, and you can get me into magic school. It's fiendishly clever." This got looks from Willow and Tyla.

"What?" "Are you sure that's safe?" were their responses.

"I saw that girl's thing. It's just chunks of stuff that talks weird. I'm chunks of stuff, and I talk weird!" She explained. This earned giggles from both.

"That's true. Willow" "Okay. It's a deal. Luz." They then shook hands. "What about you, Tyla? I don't think you'd want to join me in the pot." Tyla's face showed her firmly not wanting to go along, along with thought and then her own idea.

"I could disguise myself as a student. Just need a uniform. What type of magic focuses on Fauna?" Tyla suggested. When Willow was confused, she quickly clarified she meant animals and creatures.

"Oh! That's beast keeping. And I think I know a friend who can help!" Willow agreed

"These are some great plans." Luz was happy they could get in, slightly dampened when she and Willow tried to pull their hands apart, but the abomination goo on Luz's left them stuck together. "Oops. Abomination goo."

Luz used her foot to free them, but the force sent her splashing in [the goo on the ground.

She wasn't deterred by this so they perked up and headed off once Luz got in.

Hexside School of Magic and Demonics

They make it after a few minutes of walking. Willow had asked about the egg, but Tyla claimed it was to help get her and stay in the Beast Keeping classroom, and Tyla was able to get a basic understanding as Willow had considered the track at one point.

"Welcome to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Remember to stay hidden, okay Luz?" Willow introduced and reminded Luz to which she nodded, squealing and giggling. "Tyla, We'll meet up with a friend of mine after I get some books from my locker to help with a uniform." Tyla

Accepted that.

Inside, it was interesting to see. It was familiar to her school at gravesfield, but with its own flair. For example, when Willow stopped at her locker, she tickled it to make it open its mouth and give her her books. 'Wonder if that's more secure than locker locks', she thought. A shorter witch reading a magazine bumps into Willow "Hmm?"

"Willow, you would not believe humans." the boy said not noticing Tyla, though she raised an eyebrow over this assumption

"Humans? Psh. I haven't seen any. What?" Willow tried to play off not meeting Luz earlier that day."Well, what's got your attention?" Tyla asked curious how well humans are understood To which he showed them the magazine.

"Well, did you know that humans nail barbed wire to their kids' teeth? But why? Maybe to make them magnetic." he theorised. Ok, she couldn't hold it in and she started laughing hard. Luz interjected as Tyla couldn't explain why she was laughing.

"Actually, it's for storing treats" She corrected the myth, getting an even harder laugh, with him simply looking confused. And Willow a little nervous

"Okay, Augustus. I'm gonna tell you something. But you have to be cool." Willow asked

"I can be spool. I mean, cool." Augustus stammered with Tyla being ok with a friend of Willow's knowing for now giving Willow the confidence to reveal Luz.

"Okay. Abomination, rise." She commanded with luz standing out of the pot. "Ta-da! I'm an

abomination." she said, earning surprise, laughter and cringe from each of the others.

"Luz, that's not how abominations act." Willow deadpanned. Tyla wondered how well Luz could act like an abomination suddenly remembering her performance in the school play. Augustus meanwhile had dropped his magazine. "No. No, it–" he played with his ears while staring at Luz's to be sure. "it couldn't be."

"He's the president of the Human Appreciation Society. Most witches wouldn't be able to recognize a human right away. But Augustus is an expert." Willow explained

"Where are your gills?" Gus wondered openly earning a look from Tyla. "Maybe me and Luz could help to fact check for it. I myself have lived in the human realm all this time before we got here, in exchange for a bit of help." Tyla offered

"I knew an Augustus back in the human world. We called him Gus." Luz said, with Tyla nodding to confirm her fact.

"Gus? Nickname? Human nickname? Gus? Call me it. Wow. Gus! This is the best day of my life!" Gus gushed.

"Actually, as Tyla said, we need a bit of help. She wanted to see the school by herself and apparently has a plan concerning beast-keeping." Willow explained, pointing to Tyla's egg. "Could you help with an illusion for her?"

"Sure". Gus agrees and casts an illusion over Tyla. Now, she looked like she was wearing a uniform similar to Gus and Willow, but the sleeves and leggings were red as opposed to the purple of Willow's or the light blue of Gus'. Before Tyla could thank gus, A bell screamed, spooking Tyla. "I don't think I'll get used to that."

"I've gotta get to spelling class. He grabbed his magazine and a wand before running off, waving at the three. "See you guys at lunch!"

Willow waved back. "All right. Into the darkness you go." Luz got back in and hissed as she sank down into the pot. "The beast keeping track is just down the hall from the plant track. You can come with us, Tyla." Willow said before Tyla could ask, and so the them headed off.

Beast keeping track classroom, Hexside

After 2 minutes of walking, Tyla had made it to the classroom, finding it after Willow and Luz split off from her. She took a breath, before walking in with her egg. The room itself was normal looking normal enough, say for a few things she chalked to this realm. It seems like the teacher was about to rein her students in - who ranged from witches to humanoid demons - when her entering had caught their attention. The teacher seemed to be a spider humanoid herself, with extra limbs batched between her arms and legs and all eight eyes.

"Ahh," She noted in curiosity "Didn't realise we'd have an extra student today". "Uhhh," Tyla stuttered in how she seemed to be in over her head. "Yeah, I'm Tyla crestheart. I ran a bit late helping an abomination friend to get her pot to Hexside and I'd been careful with an egg I found earlier". She made up a lie hoping the teacher would bite it rather than her. "And where was it found". The teacher pressed like she could've made a massive mistake. "Well, it was amongst the wreckage of a dead trash slug?" She explained.

The teacher seemed to calm down. "Well, I suppose it can't be helped that an egg was kept in one until it was big enough to not be easily eaten by ravenous demons. Anyway, take your seat over there." She pointed to an empty seat next to a witch with a fish hook in her ear like an earring. "And remember, if you need any help Tyla, I'm Miss Muffet". Tyla didn't stop to think about the name or that it could've been meant to be in there and she went to sit next to said witch.

"So, you not from around here", the witch asked after half a minute of the class happening

"Uhh, yeah." Tyla admitted so. "I haven't seen my parents for a while, and have been staying with the owl lady ever since" "Well, maybe I could help you to catch up. Besides, you seem like a nice friend. I'm Viney." Viney offered her hand under the table.

"Sure, you know my name anyway" Tyla shook her hands. And so, Tyla watched the lesson with intrigue with Viney and the class, intrigued to learn more. The most notable examples are for beast keeping witches could bond with their partner animals - something she wished she could do as she lacked such a partner, and the food chain of various animals - with dragon beasts considered the most powerful of them, which made her wonder why she hadn't encountered one yet.

During the class she vaguely heard Eda lamenting about school, with her crying on the ground. She'll probably ask about this later, but for now, she'll enjoy learning about how to handle the fauna of the boiling isles.

In the middle of the class, the egg started hatching. The other students were eager to see what would come out while the teacher looked curious but cautious, with a spell circle ready in case the baby tried anything dangerous against the students. A crack makes a hole in the egg, and once it grows big enough to poke through they see.. A red dragon head.

Most of the students were worried about the dragon lashing out, some murmuring about how the egg was found, and the teacher seemed just as cautious but pulling back a bit on the spell to keep it from panicking due to the spell circle aimed at it. Tyla though…

"Awwww! He's sooo cutee!" She exclaimed, getting it out of its egg, she hugged it like Luz hugged King. The baby dragon just looked cute, aloof of what was happening. By now there was talk about the dragon being far calmer then what they'd been told about baby dragon.

"I'm impressed, Tyla. Took me far longer to bond with puddles, my pet griffins." Viney praised.
Tyla blushed at this "Aww, it wasn't much, even if I do care for this little guy" Tyla responded.

"While I do agree with Tyla on how the dragon seems to have to bonded with you" Ms Muffet started, gaining all the students' attention. "It is still a dragon, so as long as you promise to keep it behaving throughout the day, I ask you to send it free at the end of the school day, as dragons aren't allowed to be kept as pets" She explained. "It's for your safety in case something happened." Tyla looked in sadness at the dragon who still looked back with a grin.

"Alright, I'll be sure the little dragon is safe and behaving." Tyla promised. The bell screamed then. There was both gushing and jesting about the dragon from other students, with glares from Tyla shutting down any negative comments.

Cafeteria, Hexside

Eventually, lunch time came around. Tyla asked Viney a question "You have a place where you sit in the cafeteria?" "Uh, no." Viney admitted, which Tyla jumped on "Well, I actually know a few who helped me get in, so we can head over there for the time being."

They head over to see Gus and Willow chatting with the abomination pot at the end of the table.
"Hey Gus, hey Willow" Tyla greeted with viney trying to recall who they were.

"Hey Tyla" Willow and Gus returned. "So, how did it go in Beastkeeping". Gus asked Tyla thought about going all the way for a second before remembering Viney already had seen through her illusional disguise before, so no worry about her ratting her out. They sat down at the table with Viney bringing out her lunch

"It was great! I managed to blend in after explaining where I got the egg, and it was a valid reason, along with helping Willow get the abomination pot." Gus and Willow were a little happy when they were mentioned. "Then right before things ended, the egg I brought in hatched into a baby dragon. Fortunately, it was calm and pretty cute, so as long as it behaves, I'm able to/ keep him at least until the day ends and release the little guy into the wild." She held up the dragon to show the others the baby dragon.

Though when she saw the lid about to move she put the dragon back on the ground so luz wouldn't jump out trying to hug the cuteness out of the dragon. And sure enough she poked her head so she could at least see out of the pot. "What baby dragon? I need to see, Now!" She exclaimed as loud as she could without attracting the attention of students in neighbouring tables, though she lowered herself a little in embarrassment. "Sorry, just having to hide in the pot smelled far worse than I thought it would, and I'm starting to get a little hungry" Luz admitted with a rumbling barely being hearable for those next to her

Gus then shows her something he'd packed earlier. "hey. Do humans eat PB&J's?" Luz looked grateful. "Oh my gosh, I haven't eaten real food in so long, please give me some." And so Gus broke the PB&J in half and gave Luz a piece. She takes the whole thing in her mouth and sinks back into the pot. Viney seemed speechless but decided to stay quiet

"I don't know, Gus. If Amity saw that…" Willow tried to warn but things were cut off when Amity suddenly jumped onto the table.

"I saw that! Abominations don't eat! I know you're in there!" Amity demanded while she grabbed Luz by her shirtfront and shook her violently. "You can't hide from me. What are you? Who are you? I want answers!" Tyla looked like she was gonna treat her like Adegast, but then a firm voice got their attention. "Amity Blight.'' Most in the room turned to see Professor Hermonculus standing over the table he called out to. "Huh?" Amity stopped shaking Luz, in a mix of fear and confusion looking at what could be wrong.

"I suspected a twinge of jealousy, but this, this is just sad." Professor Hermonculus scolded her. She tries to call out how Luz wasn't actually an abomination, with her groaning and falling back into the pot head last, but he simply ordered her to Principal Bump's office, with him silencing any attempt for her to get him to reconsider. And she ran off pretty sad. As Professor Hermonculus left the rest to their lunch, Luz popped back out, sharing a concerned look with Willow. Viney decides to ask now that there weren't any teachers nearby.

"May I ask why you decided to pretend to be Willow's abomination?" The others worry for a second about what to say, but Tyla quickly comes up with an explanation for it again. "Well Luz herself can't do magic herself and Willow was struggling with working with abominations, so they figured this could kill two birds with one stone, as humans would put it." Viney seemed confused but Tyla whispered that she'd explain later, so she agreed to wait. Tyla decided to head off with Viney for more beast keeping classes and meet up after school ended as, if either Luz or Tyla got caught, the other group could come and help.

Few hours later

Shortly after the last class, the two beast keepers were set to head off and let the baby dragon free before meeting back up with luz willow and gus. Suddenly The red light patterns converge on the walls. On a nearby doorway, a red shield blocks it off. Several more doorways are blocked off, the patterns taking over the school. "Oh no, You think They caught Luz?" Tyla asked, having a feeling but not fully sure. "Well, Principal Bump only uses the School Seal Spell if there's a threat in or around the school, so we definitely need to find the others. I imagine they likely got away from him as he must've lost them for now." Slightly comforting but still urgent, so they ran off to find them.

Right as they make it to the Atrium of the school, vines blast out all across the room from a single point, pinning abominations, other students and even the principal against the nearby walls with Vines now cover the entire atrium, curled around pillars and reaching from the bottom most floor to the absolute ceiling. Pink petals fall from above, and several of the vines have flowers on them . It was all so mesmerising. Tyla heard him say 'Remarkable.' They turned over to the source of the plant to see luz and willow by what happened, Willow closer to it.

"How the hell did you grow a forest of vines out of nowhere?" Tyla exclaimed "Well, that slime ball I got from the trash slug turned out to be a seed, and Willow was able to grow it out to hold back principal bump and his abominations" Luz explained. Viney looked explained, seeing some truth to Tyla's explanation and figured they'd chat about it all later. The lights sealing off the hallways faded and got their attention.

"There's the exit!" Luz called out. Tyla, and Willow followed her to the exit, with the latter leaving the seed on the floor. However, they were blocked by a pissed off amity who was heavily breathing and getting a vine off of herself. "Not so fast!" She shouted, earning a gasp from the three. "I'm not letting you get away so easily. I want my badge! Abominations, seize!" She ordered an abomination she summoned.

Luz punched it through the chest, then grabbed Willow's wrist and ran with Tyla nearby. Amity merely reformed the abomination and sent it after them again. Luz and Willow now seem to have a clear path to freedom, but another abomination forms in front of them. Willow screamed, while Luz let off a 'whoa'.

The abomination staggered forward. In response, Willow casted vines to trap the abomination. "Get outta here!" She demanded of her friends who were hesitant "No! I'm not leaving you." "Yeah, this isn't something we feel comfortable leaving you to handle." Luz and Tyla retorted.

"I may get detention, but you'll get dissected." The girls wanted to argue, but the abominations from before melted through the vines, reforming and staggering toward them.

"So go!" She summoned two vines to carry Luz and Tyla over the abomination and out the door, picking up the dragon along with them by accident and dispelling the illusion Gus used earlier. The door slammed after the vines retreated.

"Willow! She tried to call out, but stopped when the doors closed. "I can't save you right now. But I know someone who can!" Luz runs off. Tyla was about to follow but then she heard her dragon partner bark out for her. She sees him wanting to follow.

"Sorry little guy, I can't take you home. Maybe you could scamper in the wild for now?" She told him, earning a whimper from it. "Look what if we could meet later, and I can call youuu…" she considered a compromise for a bit before deciding on a name. "Amber'' she offered which satisfied amber and led to Tyla petting her briefly

"Tyla! Cmon." Luz called out interrupting the moment. After a bit of grumbling tyla said one second and said goodbye to the dragon for now, running off with Luz. The dragon looked on sadly but a few witches followed Tyla and amber decided to see where her mother lived

The owl house, outside area.

As they head over Eda and King seem to be defending against a grown trash slug, with a barrel of salt, King celebrating the victory and Eda lamenting about something.

"Eda!" Luz screamed, running toward them and lunged to hug her and king, with tyla close behind. "Hey, hey, hey, hey! What is this? Ugh! I never understand when you do this." She complained trying to push her off.

"Your lesson worked! Keeping junk in my pocket saved my life!" She happily said before gasping when she remembered why she ran all the way. "But wait. My new friends. They're in danger." Then another voice called out.

"Luz!" "Tyla!" That came from Willow and Viney respectively. Willow and Gus hugged Luz and Viney hugged Tyla. Both happily returned the hugs. Eda meanwhile just seemed more perplexed "Seriously, what is that?"

"You won't believe it, Luz. Everything is perfect now!" Willow said after ending the hug."It's true. I don't believe it." Luz responded. "I assume the mega vines impressed the Principal?" Tyla guessed

"Yep! Principal Bump was so impressed by my plant work he's switching me to the plant magic track! Look!" She backed away and snapped her fingers. With a glow of green magic and a twirl, her sleeves and leggings switched from magenta to green, signifying her transition to the plant class (or as they called it, Track) This earned more excitement and hugs from luz. "Whoo!"

Then a thought came to Tyla "Oh. What about Amity?" "Last we saw, she was asking Bump if today could count as extra credit." Gus answered. That seemed fitting . "Well, I can't wait to see you in action next time I sneak in." Luz said. As much as Tyla thought about that happening, Willow and Viney wincing behind them told her there was a problem with that.

"Uh, about that. You're kinda, sorta... banned." He admitted, then pulled out and unfurled a poster reading "BANNED" with a picture of Luz covered in abomination goo under it.

"That's my girl!" Eda celebrated. Though this left a pretty obvious question. "Wait! What about me?" Tyla asked. "Well, from what I heard, no one seemed to have catch on with you. Hope you can take advantage". Viney hoped. Luz seemed sad by this so Tyla decided to say something. "Well, I think for now I'll stay away for now till we can get a more reliable method of magic". Tyla reassured

"Well, we could come here and teach you what we learned to help with that. Willow thought up with Gus and Viney agreeing with that idea "Aw. That would be nice. But... we have a pretty great teacher already." Luz turned it down for now, touched by Willow and Tyla's words "Yeah, that's right. Luz is my student." Eda boasted and stole the poster. Back off, academy twerps." Everyone laughed about that

Eda Looked fondly at it. "Ah, baby's first wanted poster. Good job, kid." She patted the top of Luz's head." Looks like I taught you something after all. Though maybe I could teach you to get one, Tyla" She pointed at the girl who happily rolled her eyes. "Honestly, I'd prefer to see how long I can last without one." "Uh, you high five with your hands, not your head." Gus pointed out which had the three widen their eyes. "You have a lot to learn about humanity" Tyla quietly groaned.

Just out of sight, that dragon watched from a branch, curious about the Owl Lady Tyla was under the care of, and if he could find a way to get in.