I'm finally feeling inspired and I went a couple hours without having internet at work so, chapter 2 is here! I wanted Ty and Kyle and to show how much they care for one another before I continue with the story.

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Chapter 2. "Of Pillows and Brothers."

The next morning, Ty woke up feeling light. He smiled almost to himself even as his eyes remained closed, his body perfectly comfy beneath his bed' covers.

He had forgotten to close the blinds the night before so a soft, dancing golden light was seeping through the closed window, falling directly on him but not in a harsh manner that would bother his eyes.

Ty blinked slowly and heavily, slowly gathering his bearings as he revelled in how peaceful he felt.

Then, he remembered why he felt so peaceful.

And then, he scrambled to his feet, fighting with his blankets in the process.

After a moment, he finally stood and looked around his room wildly. His arm was throbbing from the sudden movement but he paid it no mind as he finally remembered where he had left his phone. Diving for the bed again, he threw his pillow to the floor and breathed in relief when he laid eyes on his phone.

Unlocking the screen, Ty rushed to his most recent Instagram chat and stared at the last message.

anniesullivan: Goodnight, Ty. :)

Ty fell onto his bed again, staring at his phone as he thought of what to send.

'Hi? No, that was too little. Good morning? Wasn't that too formal? What if she didn't reply?'

Ty growled with frustration, wondering why was it so hard to be open with Annie? Was it because he was scared? Was it because he felt things for her that he had never felt before? It had been so easy with CeCe, after all, but that was probably because he felt completely different with her.

And with Annie...Ty sat on his bed, his unlocked phone hanging from one hand. There, in the quiet of his room, when the world hadn't yet affected his day, Ty could admit he was halfway in love with her.

That was downright terrifying.

His eyes flitting through the room for inspiration, Ty's thoughts went back on how he should start a new conversation. They had talked for hours on the phone the previous night but something about the next morning made things feel more real, more official.

He had promised Annie he would work his ass off to be deserving of her and he planned on keeping that promise.

Ty's gaze distractedly wandered over to a book Kyle had forgotten in his room the last time he had attempted of helping him with his literature class.

After a moment, Ty smiled. If this had been a cartoon, a lightbulb would have gone off above his head.

When looking for inspiration, Kyle was always the answer.


Kyle turned in his bed, his frame comfortable under his covers, his brunette waves falling across the pillow, his cheeks slightly flushed as he slept peacefully.

Or so he did, until a pillow fell on his head with gusto.

Kyle tried to cling to the remnants of his sleep, wanting to continue the dream he was having. When he couldn't, his eyes snapped open almost to his own accord.

And turned towards the culprit with a glare.

"What do you think you are doing!?" Kyle snapped, wanting to get up and cursing when his wounded leg throbbed in response.

Ty raised his hands in surrender. "You are going to like it, I promise."

Kyle frowned, his pillow ready to be thrown at his brother. "I have to like it very much to forget being woken up like this."

Ty sighed. He crossed the room to sit on his desk. "I need your help."

Suddenly, Kyle was wide awake. "You need my help."

Ty stared back at him, trying to gauge his reaction. "With a girl."

Kyle gasped, feeling in a much better mood than a moment before. "Never thought I would see this day."


"No, really, can I record this? So I can hear it on a bad day and laugh?"

"Oh my god, stop, don't make me throw you another pillow!" Ty moaned, smiling when Kyle laughed. "It's good to hear that. You laughing."

Kyle leaned his back against his bedframe, his expression thoughtful. "It's nice to see you happy."

Ty crossed his arms. "I look happy?"

Kyle shrugged. "Happier than you've been in a long time for sure."

Ty's gaze turned soft. He glanced at his phone before shrugging. "Well, good. I am happy."

Kyle couldn't help but smirk, his eyes recovering some of the brightness he once had. "You went to see this girl yesterday, huh?"

Ty rubbed the back of his neck. "Maybe."

Kyle's smirk turned bigger. "It's Annie, isn't it?"

Ty looked at his brother with wide eyes. "I never said that."

Kyle laughed outright. "You didn't have to. It's always been you and Annie."

Ty sat by the foot of the bed with, his shoulders dropping. "I hate that I'm the last to realize that."

Kyle rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I hate it too. Annie deserves better."

"Do you still like her?"

It was Kyle's turn to flush. "Was I so obvious?"

Ty laughed as he raised his hands in surrender. "Hey, I'm not one to judge, obviously. And I know that you like Nellie now but I was wondering-."

"It's different." Kyle's voice was soft, almost as if he was telling a secret. "I think I had a crush on Annie because she was the only girl I truly knew. Now that I have more friends other than you two, I know what it's like to truly like somebody and to be liked by somebody in return, you know?"

Ty nodded slowly. He glanced again at his phone. "Yeah. I do know that."

"So? What did you need help with?"

"I don't know what to say to her," Ty admitted begrudgingly. He glanced at his phone, confirming he had no new messages, before getting up from the bed. "We are not boyfriend and girlfriend officially but I really want to make things right, you know? Like you said, she deserves better."

"Well, as much as I live for a passionate delivery, sometimes actions speak louder than words." Kyle wet his lips, doing his best to contain the glee he felt at seeing his brother so smitten. "Are you seeing her today?"

Ty frowned at him. "We didn't make any plans."

Kyle sighed. "Well, make them. Annie is one of your best friends, Ty. Use that comfort and trust to speak freely. Tell her whatever you want and show her what you feel for her. I promise that's going to be enough for her and much more than what you've been giving her so far."

"That was harsh."

"Do you think I'm being unfair?"

Ty licked his lips before shaking his head slowly. "No."

Kyle nodded in return before throwing his pillow at his brother. "Go, then. Prove me wrong."

Ty ran a hand through his hair with a scoff before throwing the pillow back at Kyle and making it towards the door. Just before he opened it though, he turned towards his brother. "I'm glad you and I are friends again. You should work things out with Annie too."

Kyle grinned regretfully. He missed his friend, even if it was hard for him to admit it. "I know. I will. After you go a sweep her off her feet, of course."

"Oh my god, enough!" Ty moaned as he retreated back into his room, already opening his chat with Annie.

Kyle laughed at his retreat before looking out the window, feeling a peace he hadn't felt in a long time.

Maybe, just maybe, he was finally ready to make things right.


Annie was not a morning person.

Thankfully, her mom understood that…most of the time. On Sundays, she had to be ready for church but on the remaining days, unless she had a morning shift at Sullivan's, she was allowed to sleep in.

Oh, how she loved summer.

That morning though, Annie's sleep was not as deep as it usually was and so, when her phone beeped with an Instagram notification, her eyes snapped wide open.

tytownsend: Hey :). U up yet?

Annie smiled at her phone, her fingers already flying through the keyboard.

anniesullivan: Barely. How did you sleep?

The answer came immediately, which made Annie's smile widen.

tytownsend: Really, really good. U?

anniesullivan: Same. I had a beautiful dream.

tytownsend: Oh, yeah? Was I in it?

Annie rolled her eyes, covering her mouth as this giggle attempted to leave her lips.

Since when did she giggle?

anniesullivan: Are you flirting with me Townsend?

tytownsend: I most certainly am, Sullivan. Is it working?

Annie left her bed as she laughed at his last message. She never wanted him to know just how much it was working.

anniesullivan: I will never tell. What are you up to?

tytownsend: At home, hanging out with Kyle. What are your plans for today?

Annie frowned at that last text. She was glad things seemed better between the boys but she missed her friend, even if she knew the distance between them wasn't one she had created.

anniesullivan: I have to work at 3. I'm free for the rest of the day.

tytownsend: Can I pick you up? I want to show you something

Annie frantically opened her closet as she rushed a reply, trying to buy herself time.

anniesullivan: Asking me on a date Townsend?

tytownsend: I want it to be a date. It would be a date only if you want it to be too

Annie sat on the floor before her closet. It felt so weird speaking to Ty like this and it was so obvious the effort he was putting on…whatever it is that they had.

Annie looked up at her closet for a second with a smile, before she thought of a response. If Ty was ready to trust her enough to be open with her, then she could do the same.

And well, weird was also nice sometimes.

anniesullivan: Of course I want it to be, Ty :) Can I ask you to pick me up in an hour? I need to figure out an outfit.

tytownsend: Of course, Annie. See you soon :)

Annie liked the message, standing up again as she opened her chat Lily.

This was a situation worth of a female intervention.