I decided to do a crossover between Harry Potter and ASOIAF. The owners of all the rights are JK Rowling and GRR Martin. Some rights have been sold to Warner Bros Discovery. I don't own any rights. I'm just playing in their universes. I do own this story and the OCs I create. It's going to be AU pretty much from the get go.

Harry James Potter was 187 years old. That wasn't what was significant. Harry was a Wizard. That was not it either. He had just celebrated his century as Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards and Grand Sorcerer, Order of Merlin, First Class. He had held the posts continuously for 100 years. Some Dumbledore fanatics averred that he'd held the titles for more than 50 years, so Harry had not held his titles for twice as long. They were so few and far between that nobody took them seriously. The significant thing was that he'd worked out how to send his consciousness back to a specific point in time and he was about to do just that.

Harry had been born 31 July 1980. He'd been orphaned aged 15 months on 31 October 1981 by Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort. The first of a baker's dozen of Dark Lords Harry had destroyed over his career. He had not completed his seventh year at Hogwarts. He had been part of The Golden Trio to whom a statue had been erected in 1998. Harry had seen to its removal in 2001. The Golden Trio had been wrecked, surprisingly, by the claim made by Ronald Weasley that he was the mainstay of the trio. That claim had been destroyed by Harry and Ron's wife, Hermione Granger.

Harry had become an Auror without finishing Hogwarts thanks to the Minister For Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Lord of a Noble and Most Ancient House, notable for being the first Minster of African extraction. A tall muscular man who just oozed competence. He was just what the Ministry needed after 30 years of non-entities and that designation favoured them. By 2001, Harry was Head Auror, taking over from Robards who retired. Harry had taken the opportunity to finish off his education, gaining 7 Outstanding NEWTS and then topping his class as a Trainee Auror. The Hogwarts contingent had followed his lead. All successfully, except for Ron Weasley. He'd been the third member of the Golden Trio. Ron had left the Auror Corps in 2001 and the statue had been removed soon after. His friendship with Harry had ended sometime earlier. Ron had been left Dumbledore's De-illuminator which had the additional function to allow Ron to eavesdrop on any conversation, even if he lacked the appropriate clearance. He could use it to communicate with people to force them to do what he wanted. Harry had made it his business to get the damned thing destroyed. Ron had tried and failed to get Harry fired and when that had not worked, he had ended their friendship.

Hermione had come to work in the Auror Corps after drawing up new treaties with other sentient intelligent species. She had failed to get the Goblins interested. She, along with Harry and Ron had broken into Gringotts and the Goblins had been thwarted in their revenge attempts. Harry had eventually threatened the Goblins with extinction. They had backed down. Harry had kept the threat in his back pocket. He had not appreciated being hit with a fine by the bank, when they had allowed the storage of a Horcrux. Gringotts had eventually rescinded the fine, which Harry had pointedly not paid.

In 2004, Harry had communicated with Merlin, using his families' time machines, asking him for a spell to destroy them. Merlin had obliged. He had left the spell where Harry had asked. Harry killed all the full born Goblins. There had been a lot of Goblins. Harry had married Ginny Weasley in 2003 and James Sirius Potter was born nine months after their wedding night. He was the only child Harry was certain was his. Albus Severus Potter was born two years later. Lily Luna followed on two years after that in 2008. Ginny Weasley was a seeker; Harry had never bothered getting his life time ban overturned. She had won England 4 successive quidditch world cups in 1998, whilst still at Hogwarts, 2002, 2006 (just after Albus' birth) and 2010. She was killed in 2018 as her head took a bludger to each side. Harry learnt that Ronald Weasley had arranged for her murder. Harry killed Dark Lord Ron-Ron, soon thereafter.

Albus Severus Potter changed his name in 2022 on finishing Hogwarts and vanished. Harry had tracked him down and sent him a letter, which had gone unanswered. Lily Luna had been killed by a Dark Lord.

Hermione Granger had married Ron Weasley in 2005 and had two children Rose, in 2006 and Hugo in 2008. Harry had never felt all that guilty about using Polyjuice potion to pretend to be Ron fathering those children. Hermione had become Head Auror in 2008 as Harry had been made Head of the DMLE. The children had used Weasley as their surname up to their entry to Hogwarts. They were Granger-Weasley until 2020, when Hermione was elected Minister, after which they were Grangers. George Weasley had never got over his brother Fred's death at the battle of Hogwarts on 1998. He committed suicide before Rose finished Hogwarts. At least that was how Harry remembered it.

Hermione became Headmistress of Hogwarts in 2040. She took over from Neville Longbottom who had taken over from Pomona Sprout in 2020. She had taken over in 2008 and pulled Neville and his wife Hannah Longbottom, nee Abbott, from the Auror Corps.

Hermione had died in 2087. She had left a note. She asked Harry to become Hogwarts' Headmaster. Harry finally left the Ministry position as Head of the DMLE. He became a "mini-Dumbledore", according to the Daily Prophet, taking on all the positions Dumbledore had once held.

Hermione had left Harry one of her letters going into great detail as though it were one her essays. The highlight was she had known Harry was the father of her children. His gentleness had been the tip off. She'd arranged for letters to be sent to both Rose and Hugo letting them know, once Ron was safely dead. If you didn't believe Harry had used the Resurrection Stone to rub that into Ron's dead face, well you didn't know Harry Potter that well.

Surrounded by the immensity that was Nurmengard, Harry Potter used the Stone to bring up Hermione and Dobby. They were the two he was closest to. Reading the books in Nurmengard was Hermione's idea of heaven. She explained one afternoon that Heaven was all about singing and harps. She didn't have a good singing voice and she had never liked harps. Harry had a good laugh with her over that one.

Hermione's letter had been full of details that they had talked about in these planning sessions. Uppermost was the idea of Harry sending his consciousness back in time to a point earlier in his life. The exact moment was pinpointed, over the years. The moment when Hagrid gave Harry his Hogwarts letter. This was the moment Harry should have brought up Obscurials and the fact he wasn't greeted by one of the House Heads, McGonagall or Dumbledore. Yes, McGonafail was on the list twice. She had allowed Dumbledore to leave him on that bloody doorstep. She had never visited him. She never helped him at Hogwarts. Snape was present more times he met with Dumbledore than she was. After she became Headmistress, she kept everything the way Dumbledore had it. Her decade in charge was just as bad result wise as Dumbledore and Dippet had managed. Harry had asked Trelawney to prophesy the date she would leave. Trelawney was spot on. Harry sent her 144 bottles of the best sherry he could find.

Pomona Sprout's first action on becoming Headmistress had been to fire Argus Filch. That made her very popular. Her second action secured her place in the Hogwarts Hagiography. She exorcised Cuthbert Binns. Myrttle Warren took over History of Magic to prove ghosts could actually teach. Pomona brought Neville in teach Herbology and his wife Hannah to teach Potions.

Pomona went mad on hiring Weasleys though. Bill came in to teach DADA. Fleur took over Charms. Flitwick decided he would focus on his Deputy Headmaster role. Charlie came in to teach Care and Percy took on Transfiguration. Justin Finch-Finchley was hired for Muggle Studies. They were no changes in Astronomy, Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. Narcissa Malfoy was hired to teach Wizarding Studies. Engelbert Dilhus, from Durmstrang came in to teach the Principles of Alchemy. Trelawney carried on teaching Divination, as she knew she would, according to her.

The four Head of Houses were Bill Weasley for Gryffindor, Neville Longbottom for Hufflepuff, Narcissa Malfoy for Slytherin and Filius Flitwick kept Ravenclaw. All subjects started in first year and were mandatory. Only Alchemy and Divination were optional. They still started in the third year. Divination was only taken by Muggleborn who needed skills for when they went back to the Muggle world. If a seer turned up, they'd get special treatment.

There were also three outside subjects offered: the flying certificate, the apparition certificate and the trace removal certificate. The national Quidditch League provided the flying instructor and referees for the House Quidditch matches. St Mungos provided the medi-witch on a rotating basis. Muggle athletics was offered. Swimming, too. Rugby Union was offered. Football, too. Other more cerebral activities were also offered: Printing the school paper, the Hogwarts Students Echo, Chess, Debating and Art. Competition with other, muggle, schools added to the sense of normalcy that Pomona Sprout wanted to imbue the Hogwarts students with.

There was the famous 2012 Incident when Friar Tuck told a group of visiting Nottingham schoolboys all about Robin Hood and His Merry Men and what they got up to. As it was Halloween, the visiting Boys thought it was a marvellous special effect. Friar Tuck became a feature for many years.

Pomona Sprout instituted a zero-tolerance policy on pranks and wand use on other students. She parlayed expulsions into things the school needed, like new flying brooms, for example.

Neville expanded the school numbers of pupils back up to the 1020, Hogwarts had once welcomed though its doors. Its greenhouses held the largest collection of rare and endangered plants in the magical world.

Hermione's forty years added muggle subjects to the curriculum. Under her leadership, Hogwarts once again became one of the top magical schools in the world. There were many Masters teaching at Hogwarts. It became a sought-after place to be.

Harry scrapped the Hogwarts Express. The country had gone mag-lev and there were no tracks left anymore. Hogwarts itself ran from age 11-18 and to 22 for Mastery. Harry opened up a muggle Hogwarts that took its pupils in at 3 and ensured they left with Degrees, PHDs, Doctorates and Research.

The Dwarves had taken over from the now extinct Goblins and made Gringotts into a proper Bank. Harry consolidated his Vaults into 1. The Potter time machines, Harry moved to Nurmengard. People forgot about the Potter Mastery of Time. Harry bought up every book he could find on the subject and also moved them to Nurmengard. His son and Heir James Sirius was not told about Nurmengard. There were things Harry did not want him to know. He died before Harry. He passed on what he knew.

Lucius Malfoy lived long enough to see Rose (Granger) Weasley marry Scorpius Malfoy. He'd not been alright with that. Harry Potter told him that Rose's surname was actually Potter and poor Lucius had a fatal heart attack.

Hugo was a very serious and studious young boy. He was what Harry Potter should have been.

"Hugo there is something I need to tell you," Harry had begun.

"Yes, Uncle Harry," Hugo was always polite.

"Truth is that I am your father," Harry said. Harry had no idea why he was letting a ten-year-old boy in on the secret, when he had planned to wait until Ron Weasley was dead.

"I know, father."

"You know? How?" Harry was concerned.

"I am nothing like Ron Weasley. I noticed that I was like mother, but she could not give me all my traits. I started working out whom I was most like. That was you. It was easy to work out." Hugo looked down at his shoes.

"That's very impressive, son. You're going to keep the Granger name are you not?"


"I am going to settle 100000 galleons on you when you turn 17, because you are establishing a new Wizarding House.

"I don't want your money, father." Hugo looked angry.

"I have very selfish reasons for wanting to give you this money. I do not want you taking a blood and inheritance test at the Ministry. I don't want any challenges to James, and his descendants, being my heirs. You're going to be a lot brighter than he and his heirs. If Bilious wants to gift you even more money, more fool him. I am settling that sum on you because your mother kept me alive. That will be the official reason. It does happen to be true."

"Very well, father."

Hugo kept his promise. He was 59, when Hermione died. He was very successful, in his field. He died aged 120, surrounded by his family. Harry was there when he passed. It was something Harry had got used to as Master of Death.

Harry went over the calculations thousands of times. Now aged 187, Harry ready to die here to go back to his childhood and change time, itself.

Harry dropped off the three Deathly Hallows and a repaired time turner that Dumbledore had stolen from Charlus Potter at Nurmengard. Harry left his trusty portkey and used a one-use portkey back to his study bedroom at Hogwarts. Tomorrow, he would wake up aged 11 years old. Hagrid arrived at I minute past 12 on 1 August 1991. He'd missed Harry's birthday. He was, as Draco Malfoy had once said, an oaf.

Harry Potter fell asleep.

He awoke. He could feel himself falling. He had yet to open his eyes. He could feel things with his fingers and toes. The calculations had been perfect. This was impossible. And therefore had to be happening because he was Harry James Potter. He opened his eyes. He was in his mother's womb. Well that was unexpected. He'd be a baby with all his knowledge. He smiled. That was going to give him a huge advantage. His father must be dropping in height with his mother on his broom.

Then his point of view changed, abruptly. He was in a small well-maintained office with white table and chairs and white wall. Even the door was white and blended in. At the desk, an individual sat. Tall, dressed in black, grasping a scythe in his right hand.

"Hello, Death," Harry said.

"What gave it away?" Death asked, sarcastically.

"Definitely the scythe," Harry deadpanned.

"You are not going to be going back to Hagrid's arrival at your holiday island chalet. I need you somewhere else. I'm not usually allowed to interfere, but you have given me the chance. That world is about to go to hell in a hamburger. There's no guarantee that the good guys are going to win. It is not exactly clear who the good guys actually are.

Here are the cliffe notes. Your mother has thrown herself off one. She is hurtling towards the ocean. As she is a full water mage, she's going to live. She'll be picked up by a ship heading for port and you'll be born. Ready to go?"

"I need more than that." Harry wondered what Death was doing.

"You mother finished stitching a letter to you in the clothing you'll be wearing until you are four. Today is literally your birthday and is 31 July 282 AC. I'm going to take the memory of this day and the information I am giving you away until your fourth birthday. You will inherit all the things you know as Harry James Potter.

You mother received news that your Uncle did something he's not very proud of. He got the Crown Prince's wife pregnant and she gave birth to a daughter. He attended a handfasting for a second marriage as a witness along with Petyr Baelish. Keep an ear out for that man. He's one of the men I am not very happy with. Your mother also received news that your father Brandon Stark was executed with his father. She fears that their enemies will come after her and you. So, she is killing both of you. Except she is not. Your mother is not going to be around. She'll be 'out there', somewhere. I don't advise looking for her. Your eyes are going to be lilac this time. You are going to have your father's hair. The unruly mop of hair strikes again. Magic does work. You'll have to work out how. You'll need to make your own wand. All those sessions to attended will come in handy. You'll be Harry Rickard Stark, known as Harys in the Citadel. Your mother is Ashara Dayne of Starfall. Your father had a motto: if I want it; I take it."

"Great! You've me a fucking Malfoy," Harry swore.

"Literally," Death howled with laughter. "I've given you a couple of gifts. One is an eidetic memory. The second is the ability to detect Death magic – you can already sense death and the approach of death.

"Now, off with you. Go get born!"

The room vanished to be replaced with Harry screaming his lungs out, as a newborn. Ashara named him. There were a couple of heads that flipped around hearing the surname. Harry's eyes fixed their faces in his mind. He no longer thought about what might have come before. A night or two later and Harry was left overnight outside the Citadel in a basket with a letter. He had a blanket. For some reason this felt familiar. Harry was hungry. His early months consisted of being fed by a woman outside of the Citadel. Women weren't allowed in. He had a loincloth and a simple black knee length tunic. As time went by, Harry was weaned and moved inside the Citadel. He joined about 20 other boys who had been left on the steps like him. He did keep his basket and original clothes.

Harry learnt common or Westerosi as it was called. He learnt Dornish, because that was what he was and the trader low Valyrian, because that was the language spoken on the boat that brought him in. Writing would be taught him later, if he survived.

Harry began to exercise his 'saving people thing' as he kept his group of 21 alive, fed and watered. His leadership had not gone unnoticed. Having a baby group go unscathed was unheard of. Seneschal Waller looked into the matter. Harys was unique.

Writing began following Harry's third birthday. His writing was very neat. He didn't think that it had always been neat. He had three languages to show fluency in. He did so. He did not let up helping his other 20 colleagues. He did not call them friends. Harry picked up early that the Citadel was not a friendly place. For all that it was intoned that knowledge was all, there were clear factions and cliques. Harrys was around him, though he did not understand it at the time.

Harry's fourth birthday had a standout moment. The time the Citadel or rather those in charge told him how much it cost to stay. Harry did some calculations for him to learn all 15 taught subjects to mask level. By the time he was twelve, it would be 48000 silver stags. He could earn that back by writing letters that ravens would take to others from Oldtown's wealthy.

That night, Harry dreamed as all the knowledge of who he had been or was that still was? It all came flooding back. The knowledge that his mother had left him a message burnt brightly in his skull. Harry marvelled at the structure of his brain. The Daynes were something else. Harry doubted any other mind could have coped with all the knowledge he had just received.

The following morn, Harry was set to work. He had a minute to write a letter for which he would receive a groat or 4 coppers from the sender. He wrote a letter each, for 480 people. He felt like his hand was going to drop off. Fortunately, his magic was working overtime. That night, by the light of a candle, Harry read the letter his mother had left with him. She called him, her sweet, her dear child. His father may have forced himself on her, but she loved her son. Brandon Stark had been the first trueborn son of Lord Rickard Stark. Ser Arthur Dayne had witnessed the handfasting of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, with Petyr Baelish and the Kingsguard Commander. The marriage was officiated by the High Septon Maynard. He'd taken the marriage document to the Citadel. He'd retired and was now living at 1, the Oldtown Bridge under the name Ranur. At least that is what he'd told Arthur Dayne. Rhaegar and Lyanna had eloped, leaving a letter explaining everything with Petyr Baelish, Master of Coins.

Brandon and his father Rickard had been executed on the whim of a mad king, Aerys II Targaryen. Rhaegar clearly feared the man or why else would he have eloped? Ashara had included the names of a couple of men that House Dayne had sponsored within the Citadel. Harry would have to observe them before approaching. He could not make his interest known yet. One of the men was an Initiate, the other a Master. Harry was just a Novice. He knew Novices did not initiate meetings with those of higher rank. He'd watched beatings of those who had tried.

Harry's week was 5 days of letter writing – a total of 2400 people. He was the only one doing any writing. Harry did not know whether that was by design or had just happened. He'd be writing letters for those same people every week. They were the artisans who supplied products all over the known world. As the Citadel did not supply Maesters to places outside of Westeros, they were never able to respond. At least not quickly. Harry had two days of intense study; one hour for each of his 15 subjects. Learning about magic depended on Archmaester Marwyn's presence. He was frequently away. Harry was his first student in about a decade. The Archmaester did not know that he had a student until he returned and was informed. Harry found that the Archmaester queried him on everything he was learning, often in other languages. Marwyn explained the various magical systems and Harry dutifully noted them down.

Harry had an hour to himself, before Sunday evening meal. He visited Ranur and learnt about the Faith of the Seven. To the Citadel Maesters, Harry explained that Ranur was a defrocked prelate who had agreed to teach him as part of his penance. The Citadel did not have a good relationship with the Faith of the Seven. That ruled out his going to a school run by the Faith.

Ranur had invited Harry in.

"Who was that tall, Black woman with a longbow?"

"She's one of the crew of the Cinnamon Wind. They keep tabs on me. My mother passed away giving birth to me on board the ship. They keep an eye on me."

"Who was your mother?" Ranur asked.

"Ashara Dayne," Harry replied. Ranur flinched as if hit. "I'd like to know how my Uncle Kingsguard Ser Arthur Dayne is doing."

"Are you studying History?" Harry was asked.

"I am, but the subject starts in the past and not with recent history." Harry was less than pleased to still be ignorant of what had happened in the past four years. He'd learnt to distrust rumour.

"Your father was Ned Stark?"

"I don't know. Mother never got the chance to tell me."

Your Uncle and two other Kingsguard died at the Tower of Joy. They killed 5 of their attackers and only Ned Stark and Howland Reed survived. Ned was unable to save his sister Lyanna. Rhaegar had already died at the Battle of the Trident, killed by King Robert Baratheon. Aerys II was killed by Jaime Lannister., a Kingsguard who is still a Kingsguard." Harry allowed himself to be suitably shocked.

"Elia Martell and her two babies were also murdered by the Lannisters, with Robert looking on smiling. He married Cersei Lannister, Tywin's daughter."

"Aerys II had a posthumous daughter, 8 years younger than Viserys. She killed her mother, a fate bearing Targaryens has often demanded, even when they are Targaryen's themselves." Ranur sounded as though he didn't believe what he was saying.

"What is it that you doubt, Master Ranur?"

"Aerys II had nothing to do with his sister-wife, so her pregnancy is a mystery?"

"Could her son Rhaegar have been her father?" Ranur looked at 4-year-old Harry, sharply.

"Rhaegar was obsessed with the belief that prophecies had named him as the father of the three headed dragon and Azor Ahai/The Prince who was promised."

"I learnt about Azor Ahai, recently. He wasn't a prince, though. Supposedly killed his wife using his sword and came to a sticky end up in the Land of Always Winter. The stories are 6000 years old," Harry said. "They may just be folktales."

"Why have you come?"

"I'm Harys and I'd like you to teach me about the Faith of the Seven."

"Well, young Harys, I can do that and at no charge. I will also tell you what I know about your Uncle and the Targaryen Prince. Ned Stark came back with another child of Ashara Dayne, so men say, Jon Snow."

"How did Ned's wife take that?"

"She was furious," Ranur said.

"What was she like?" Harry asked.

"Catelyn Tully, faithful to the Seven. She was going to marry Brandon Stark. Peytr Baelish wanted to marry her and challenged Brandon. Catelyn asked that he not hurt Petyr. Brandon beat the living tar out of Petyr, broke several bones. Jon Arryn who married Lysa Tully had make her drink a moon tea to abort the child she had conceived with Petyr Baelish. He has had stillbirths to contend with," So that made three men Baelish wanted to remove; Brandon, Ned and this Jon. Brandon was already dead. Harry grew a thoughtful look.

"Before you plan to avenge yourself, Harys, know that Baelish said he'd a letter from Rhaegar telling him that he was going to abduct Lyanna Stark. She'd been engaged to Robert Baratheon and Robert went up in flames. Baelish caused Robert's rebellion. Poor Rhaegar's great dream to father the three dragons went up in smoke. He only got one son and he was slain and Daenerys, if his, was no Prince."

"Is Catelyn the type of woman to take a bastard without taking revenge?"

"No. Sansa was born last year. She is said to already be talking and walking and showing signs of being uncommonly clever."

"That rules her out from being a Stark," Harry joked.

"Baelish is regarded as uncommonly clever," Ranur said. "Honourable Ned is said to be proud of his daughter." They both laughed. The former High Septon began to teach the Faith of the Seven to its newest devotee. Harry wasn't really a devotee, of course, but Ranur did not know that.

Harry now had two sets of clothing and two pairs of shoes. He thought this was a vast improvement over a loincloth and smock. The following week, Ranur complimented Harry on his answer to the Maesters about learning the Faith from him. Harry thanked Ranur for having someone have his back. Ranur frowned. Harys was just too trusting. Ranur did not remember himself being as forward and cocky as this Harys at 4.

Over the weeks that followed, Harry wrote a lot of one-minute letters and did his studies. He did press Ranur on Rhaegar and his mother. Ranur said the Targaryens did lots of sister-brother marriages and uncle-nieces. Harry wondered, if the Targaryens thought they could do anything and by extension, if the Doom of Valyria was caused by the Valyrians doing something that was forbidden.

Harry did ask Ranur what his opinion was. The man agreed that it was unlikely Daenerys Targaryen was Aerys' daughter, considering that he spent no time with his wife. Ranur gave Harry some unexpected information over the next few weeks. Rhaegar, he said, claimed, had sneaked aboard a ship sent to the Nine Daughters of Valyria to find him a wife. He had fathered a child, Rhaegar had said, but the family would not let the mother marry him. Ranur said that Rhaegar had told the girl to name their child Aegon. Ranur had no idea little Harys was in reality the 187 year old Harry Potter, who was quite capable of realising that Rhaegar was obsessed with prophecy. Harry had had his own run in with prophecy and knew how mentally unhealthy such things could be.

Ranur had been at the battle of the Trident and witnessed the single combat between Rhaegar and Robert Baratheon. Everyone said how Robert outmatched Rhaegar and would have won anyway had Rhaegar not slipped. Everyone was wrong. Rhaegar was winning until he slipped. Had Rhaegar accepted the offer of Barristan Selmy's Valyrian steel sword, he would have killed Robert. The Prophecy, and here Ranur grew bitter, said Rhaegar had to die to return mightier. Rhaegar had died, but he had not returned. Ranur said the Stranger took him. Harry had the feeling that had he been able to remove the piece of Moldy's soul he'd had in him, the Stranger would have taken him, aged 17. Harry had worked out the line in his prophecy. Had he lived to be 18, both he and Moldy would have died. At the same time. Two adult souls could not share the same body.

Ranur seemed to enjoy teaching Harys about the Faith of the Seven. It reminded Harry of some faith in some muggle role-playing game he had heard about. The three ages of woman were represented in the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Men were represented by the Smith, Father and Warrior. Harry was going to complete his set of skills by learning to be a smith, here. Amongst other things. And the Stranger, of course.

Harry took up carpentry and made himself a couple of sets of bookcases, one with cubicles for his papers and the other for his course work. He kept his other 20 colleagues on the straight and narrow. It was a source of strength to him and gave his saving people thing a work out. It also made him someone the higher ups in the Citadel were watching. Harry told them all that it did not matter how they did in forging their links, if they all qualified as Maesters, they would, each of them, be responsible for a lord and his demesne. They would all be working for the Citadel. Harry knew that would not be his fate. Those doing all 15 subjects never left the Citadel, when they qualified as Maesters. He'd be one of the Inner Circle of the Maesters, formulating policy for the Citadel. That was what his research was currently showing. It was only from material already made public.