"What's up New York?!" - Talking

'You have a lovely mind.' - Telepathy/thinking

"Hello little Raven" - Demon/God/Monster Speech

"For the love of Hell"- Foreign Language/Magic

"I have had enough" - ?

[no] - Skill Activation or Speaking/Voice of the World.

A/N: Do I even need to put disclaimers? Nobody on this platform is that dumb to think I own anything except the OCs and the plot. Right? ...Right?

A/N: Also, since there's gonna be elements from comics and arguably stronger universes, I'm giving everyone power ups. Yes... Everyone. Cause no matter what I try, everything I write turns into a power fantasy with OP characters slugging ot out with Cthulu and Mephisto.

-oTemel PoVo-

The training room was actually a massive circular cavern, no doubt made by Green Lantern and Superman. The ceiling was almost a 100ft up and there were massive metal reinforcements and light fixtures. In the center was a high tech looking sparring ring, with a massive advanced spotlight more than 20ft off the ground. (For reference, I'm using guesstimate values based on photos and character height.) There were various pieces of training gear in orderly racks, with circular metal hallways leading to a weight room, a shower/locker, and a controlled environment room. At least according to the directory on the wall.

First we tested his physical capabilities. The weight room accounted for superhumans, so we could lift barbells with metric tons of weight. According to Connor he could lift 25 tons if he pushed himself before (guy had some frustration to vent) but now he could comfortably lift 80 tons, straining at 92. He was beyond elated, but it diminished when he realised his new x ray and heat vision would make controlling his senses that much harder.

His speed went from a bit below Kid Flash's lowest to about half his max, so well over supersonic. According to him his mind was clearer now, more open. Through a bit of reaction speed testing we learned that he had minor telekinesis. Velocity didn't pose a problem, but anything heavier than 2kg was out. If it was weak enough a material he'd tear a chunk out that was exactly 2kg. We measured it.

M'gann was ecstatic, when we tested that he had a budding telepathic ability. Nowhere as strong as the Martian's but we could work on that. He also had freeze breath and tactile telekinesis. All that was left was real combat.

We stepped into the ring, him nearly bouncing on his feet as he took off his shirt like promised, and me ticking an item off my bucket list: Goku stretching before a fight. Hey, if a planet-busting-in-base-form being stretches before a fight. You stretch before a fight.

After having he ring put up a force field to limit damage, Megan played referee from the control room. At the start signal, Connor rushed me, going full blitz-brawler as he swung fast and hard with no form or technique. After I showed I could literally walk circles around him without getting hit, he started boxing, then MMA, then Savate, trying to land a hit.

When he inevitably lost his temper, he lost control, and the punch was stronger than most living beings could survive. So I caught it. Th resulting shockwave and my carefree demeanor left him slack-jawed. Letting me counterattack. I grinned savagely at him, and pulled his extended fist forward, unbalancing him as I headbutted him. He grunted in pain as he clutched a bleeding nose, but I was merciless. I followed up with a liver shot, then an uppercut to his chin, a palm strike to his sternum, a jab into the floating ribs, a heel kick into his left kidney, before finally leg sweeping him.

He retaliated rationally, by trying to fry my face off with his eyes, literally. When he stopped to think he blinked his eyes shut, looking remorseful. But I noticed something, an odd texture contrasting against the rest of his skin. That couldn't be...

"Hey, Connor, it's ok. Might not want to do that against someone less durable but no harm, no foul", I reassured the brooding hybrid. He looked me in the eye, "I'm sorry. Even if you could take it, I took it too far." Well, that was a surprising amount of maturity from a 5 month old. As I pulled him up, the texture reappeared on his hand. My doubts dying, I went mad scientist, "Try flexing your skin".

Now Connor, for all his baked in knowledge, can be called a reasonable guy. So of course his response was, "The fuck?" Even Megan was looking at me like I was a loon. It was at times like this that I remember that they, despite being every bit as superhuman (or super alien) as me, they didn't have them to as an extreme degree as me. Case in point, visual acuity. I had several ocular abilities active and passive, and with [Great Sage] unburdening even more of my brainpower, I noticed things that were usually deemed irrelevant. "My senses are skewed to sight, so I notice more visual cues. Like a temporary mismatch of skin texture." That got a put-off look on Connor's face while Megan seemingly had an 'Ah-ha!' moment. Looking back at my guinea pi- I mean friend, "The genomorphs demonstrated shapeshifting and natural weapon generation. I think you have that skill to an extent, in this case hardening your skin for defense." You know that look a kid gets when they get a cool toy they never had before? Picture that on a Teen Superman. Megan looked ready to swoon.

We immediately got to testing it. Apparently Connor never thought of flexing as hard as he could because he could get decent power without much effort. Megan was one happy martian as she watched her crush going through various Mr Olympia flexing poses under my instruction, before just sticking to flexing his arms. It worked, and honestly looked like Kirishima's quirk in the early days. His skin turned craggy and stone like, and the lightest shade of grey on him. When he relaxed he collapsed onto the floor, breathing hard. "I feel like I just bench pressed New Jersey", came the genomorph's tired groan.

M'gann was already hovering like a troubled wife, hell she had hot towels and water bottles as well as snacks ready. Only for her beau though. None for the poor instructor she was currently giving the psychic finger to (she's still holding a grudge about the chocolate chips). But we managed to confirm that it costs him stamina; his blood sugar and O2 concentrations were way lower than even Kryptonian standards. Megan threatened us with a snacks embargo when we wanted to test it further, and neither of us wanted to risk losing her cooking. Didn't stop me from being an ass and teasing her telepathically though, 'Aww, is our dear Ms Martian worried her beau won't have enough stamina to keep her statisfied later?', I messaged with an unrepentant grin. The ensuing snack shortage was worth it. I had perfect recall, and an even more perfect memory of M'gann blushing down to her toes.